Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Washington in Business

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR707
Class Business
Seat 03A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 14:35
Take-off 22 Nov 20, 08:20
Arrival at 22 Nov 20, 14:55
QR   #3 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 566 reviews
By GOLD 3840
Published on 7th January 2021

Report No: 2020-1104

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As I needed to head back to the USA due to multiple events in December, I decided to fly Qatar Airways again on this route as they were both offering competitive prices and an ongoing x5 Qmiles promotion ( 4 times more miles than usual ) so I booked my ticket with Qatar Airways. Although this mini-series would be different as I used my Qcredits ( free upgrade vouchers ) on this trip as there were availability and the outbound leg of this trip would be in Business Class and for the first time, I was able to experience the Qsuites. However, the return leg to Turkey is planned to be in Economy Class unless things change.

The second report of the series would be my first flight on the QSuites and my longest Business Class flight ever in history. This report would feature the Qatar Airways A350-900 onboard a 14h25min flight from Doha Hamad Airport to Washington Dulles Airport, including a brief review of the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha.

Here is the routing for this series;


Load for this flight

Business Class: 60-65%
Economy Class: 30-35%

There were a total of 100 passengers and 2 infants onboard this flight. 

DOHA Hamad Airport - DOH

After arriving from my previous flight, I've headed to transfer security where there was no wait. After that I took the elevator short-cut to the Al Mourjan Lounge.

photo img_5761

At the entrance, one of the agents recognized me as a Platinum member and welcomed me as"Merhaba sir" and escorted me to a closed desk at the entry-podium where his colleague checked me in and informed me about the gate number without any wait as there were people waiting at the line.

Just after I entered the lounge, the first thing I did was to take a shower.

photo img_5762

The shower room amenities are from Rituals.

photo img_5764

The bath

photo img_5765

Toilet at the shower room

photo img_5766

I also requested an hairdryer which was promptly served by the shower attendant.

photo img_5763-56652

Shortly after the shower, I decided to tour the duty-free area

photo img_5767

The duty free area was not crowded but not empty as well.

photo img_5768-18037

The food court

photo img_5769

Shortly later, I returned to the lounge, put my duty free shopping bags to the lockers downstairs and headed upstairs to the restaurant

photo img_5771-89650

There is an a la carte menu which mainly has egg options, although today, as I also want to enjoy the Business Class dining on the flight, I sticked with the buffet and lighter options.

photo img_5770a

My breakfast selection for the day

photo img_5772

As a drink, I opted for the mango smoothie and some tea as well.

photo img_5773

After finishing my breakfast, I've headed downstairs to a quiet corner until my flight and spent time on my computer.

photo img_5774

The lounge wasn't crowded that morning and there were less passengers compared to the same time ( Sunday morning ) the previous week.

photo img_5775-85139

FIDS before leaving the lounge

photo img_5778


About 1h-1h5mins before scheduled departure time, I left the lounge and started heading to my boarding gate.

photo img_5779

At the gate, there was no wait for the document check and the additional security control for USA flights.

photo img_5780-20810

Later on, my boarding pass was scanned and I was asked to take a seat until boarding was announced.

photo img_5781

About 30-35 minutes before scheduled boarding time, boarding started with passengers requiring assistance followed by Business Class passengers and status passengers.

photo img_5782-41169

A7-ALY would be the aircraft operating this flight. It would be my first time on this specific airframe.

photo img_5783


After being welcomed by the cabin supervisor at the aircraft door, I headed to my suite 3A for this flight.

photo img_5786

Here is the seat of the suite

photo img_5784

The screen and the legroom area

photo img_5785

The legroom

photo img_5787

The seat functions, including a USB port, power outlet, touchscreen remote, NFC reader and an headphone socket.

photo img_5788

This aircraft was equipped with the Thales IFE system. By the way, there is another USB port and an HDMI socket under the monitor.

photo img_5789

Amenities for todays flight.

photo img_5790

Bric's amenity kit, "Travel with Confidence" protective kit and an hand sanitizer

photo img_5793

A photo from the window while waiting for boarding to be completed

photo img_5791

The overhead panel

photo img_5792

The touchscreen remote

photo img_5794

The IFE menu. By the way, the 9h51min is a glitch as the flight duration was announced as 14h25mins.

photo img_5795

Our route today

photo img_5796

About a few minutes later, I was welcomed by one of the crew members and was asked for my choice for a pre-departure beverage. I opted for the signature lemon-mint juice.

photo img_5797

At that time, a video regarding the amenities of the QSuite was monitored.

photo img_5798

Shortly later, pajamas were distributed; there were multiple sizes available 

photo img_5799

As well as the menus

photo img_5800-28343

A few minutes later, the cabin supervisor came to me and introduced herself, gave information about the flight and offered me a refill for my pre-departure beverage.

photo img_5801

At that time, the captain has introduced himself and announced that we would be waiting an additional 10 minutes due to ATC restrictions.

photo img_5802

And, the safety video featuring Cafu and some other celebrities was played

photo img_5803

About a few minutes later than our scheduled departure time, we've started to push back.

photo img_5804

Our neighbor was A7-BEQ which was going to head to London Heathrow that morning.

photo img_5805

At that time, a video about COVID-19 precautions were shown.

photo img_5806

During our taxi, there wasn't anything special other than Qatar Airways aircraft. The A320 that took me from Istanbul to Doha was still at the same remote stand.

photo img_5807

More Qatar Airways aircraft

photo img_5808

During our taxi, one of the cabin crew members approached me and asked me about my meal and drink choices. He also offered me to reserve meals for the pre-arrival meal and asked about when to be waken up for the lunch service before arrival.

photo img_5809

The ATC tower

photo img_5810

At that time, I checked the seat console which had a bottle of water and a pair of headphones.

photo img_5812photo img_5811

Qatar Airways 787-8 waiting for his flight to Manchester that afternoon

photo img_5813

More Qatar Airways wide-bodies at remote stands

photo img_5814

Qatar Airways hangar

photo img_5815

The city of Doha

photo img_5816photo img_5817

And after a taxi for 10 minutes, it was our time to take off from runway 16L.

photo img_5821

A freight ship at the Gulf

photo img_5823

Hamad Airport was visible after we made a sharp turn after take-off.

photo img_5824

Some flight information

photo img_5825photo img_5826photo img_5827


photo img_5828

At that time, the video about the charity program was monitored

photo img_5829

Followed by the video promoting the Free onboard Super Wi-Fi. I really appreciate Qatar Airways offering free high speed Wi-Fi to their customers.

photo img_5831

At that time, my suite door was closed for privacy reasons.

photo img_5830

Shortly after the seatbelt signs have been turned off, I visited the lavatory. 

photo img_5832

Like the previous flight, Rituals amenities were present

photo img_5833photo img_5834-72655

The lavatory also had a view

photo img_5835

And I was able to spot the Al Khor stadium which is one of the host stadiums of the 2022 World Cup.

photo img_5836

Shortly later, my drink order had arrived.
I have opted for a strawberry banana smoothie. 

photo img_5837

Here is the menu for today's flight

Food options

photo img_5889

Non alcoholic beverage options

photo img_5890-79715

Champagne options

photo img_5891-94044

Three different red and white wines were being served on this flight

photo img_5892photo img_5893photo img_5895

Dessert and port wine options

photo img_5896

Other alcoholic options

photo img_5897


photo img_5839

After departure I was able to connect to the free Super Wi-Fi service. The Wi-Fi worked brilliantly for the majority of the flight.

photo img_5840photo img_5841

About 25-30 minutes later I wondered where my breakfast was and hit the call button. The friendly cabin supervisor responded me that it would come within 5 minutes as it's still being heated and I was offered a refill for my smoothie at that time.

5 minutes later, as promised, my breakfast had arrived.

The tray contained my main course selection, appetizer selection, fruits, a croissant, butter, jam and a glass of still water.

Shish tabuk and lamb kofta
Sumac bread, grilled tomato and herb roasted potatoes 

photo img_5842-28854

A more deeper look to my starter selections
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Greek yoghurt with pineapple compote, berries, and toasted pistachio granola 

photo img_5843-89484

At the moment I finished my breakfast, the crew served a cup of hot chocolate as I ordered before takeoff.

photo img_5844

After a few minutes, the cabin supervisor came one more time to offer to prepare my bed. At that time, I headed to the lavatory to wear my White Company pajamas and a refreshing towel and two Smint's were placed to the seat console by the cabin crew.

photo img_5845-70099

For the majority of the flight, I slept and I only woke up once for lavatory needs. At that time, one of the cabin crew insisted to offer me something so I didn't reject her and asked for an orange juice. Then I slept one more time.

photo img_5846

And I woke up with a surprise, it was already 2 hours before landing and I slept for almost 10 hours on this flight. Shortly after I woke up, I prepared myself for the lunch service and shortly later my appetizer was served alongside with the tray. 

This time I chose the scallop option as I already had the Arabic mezze on my previous SAW-DOH flight and previously multiple times in the Al Mourjan Lounge.

The tray also had the dessert, a glass of still water, bread and butter.

photo img_5848

Pan seared scallops
Green tomatoes, compressed watermelon, pickled beetroot and feta cheese

photo img_5849-46238

For the service, I also ordered the tomato chili olive oil and a glass of the Leyda Lot 8 Syrah red wine which was also served with my condiments of choice.

photo img_5850

After I finished enjoying my appetizer, my main course was served. At that time, drink refills were offered.

Braised lamb shank
Baby Mediterranean vegetables, grilled polenta and raspberry vital jus

photo img_5851

After enjoying my main course, I headed to enjoy my dessert which was delicious like the rest of the meals

Mandarin Mousse
Apricot Crumble 

photo img_5852-19799

A photo at that time

photo img_5853

When the crew came to clear my table, I opted for a café latte which was promptly served.

photo img_5854

And a couple of minutes later, the crew appeared one more time for the thank you gift: Godiva chocolate

photo img_5855-45499

Shortly later, the cabin supervisor came to say goodbye and thank me for choosing Qatar Airways.

Route map at that time

photo img_5856photo img_5857photo img_5858

Entering Virginia airspace

photo img_5859

And we've landed a few minutes later than our scheduled arrival time

photo img_5860

Tower of IAD

photo img_5861

United aircraft at Terminal C

photo img_5862

United 787-10 which had arrived from Frankfurt about an hour ago

photo img_5863

SAS A330, British Airways A350 at the background

photo img_5864

The Saarinen building

photo img_5865

United Express aircraft and a Saudia 777

photo img_5866

A United Express Mitsubshi CRJ200 which would head to Greensboro that evening

photo img_5867

Another one, this time heading to Rochester,NY

photo img_5868

And we would be parking at gate A23/25

photo img_5869photo img_5870

A final shot from the window

photo img_5871


After saying goodbye to the crew, I've headed towards the moon buggy which would take us to immigration. Although it is an unique experience to ride a moon buggy, I don't like the moon buggy arrival concept as it wastes 15-20 minutes including the wait to be occupied at a certain level, plus passengers from other flights are able to skip you at immigration depending on the deboarding pace of the other passengers onboard this flight.

photo img_5874

Final two shots of A7-ALY from the moon buggy.

photo img_5872photo img_5873

20-25 minutes after the aircraft doors opened, we were at the immigration hall. The wait at immigration was not that bad as they were prepared for the numerous arrivals at that time. After clearing immigration, my bag was already at carousel 21 so I picked it up and headed towards the exit.

I don't know the reason but at the exit of the immigration hall, there were about 75-100 people trying to greet people which was an interesting view to see without any social distancing among them.

photo img_5876

Also I spotted this Turkish Airlines advertisement at IAD while heading to the bus stop.

photo img_5875

After a short walk, I was at the bus stop for bus line 5A which goes to Washington, DC.

photo img_5877-63856

A photo of the terminal

photo img_5878

While waiting for the bus, I spotted a metro car which was performing a test drive. The metro to the airport was scheduled to open in 2020 but was postponed to 2021 so the only option from the city to the airport remains the 5A bus.

photo img_5879

The bus wasn't full and within 50-55 minutes, I was in Washington, DC.

Also a reminder that the bus was free of charge at that time due to COVID precautions but after 3 January 2021, the transportation authority has announced that buses in the DC area would not be free of charge anymore so the $7.50 fare would be collected after this date.

photo img_5880

The journey has now come to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge


Doha - DOH


Washington - IAD



My first experience with the QSuites was absolutely great. The airport experience in DOH wasn't that different compared to my past trips in Y as I am a QRPC Platinum member and I also get the same perks as a Business Class passenger with my status. However, onboard was a different level of service. The seats were really comfortable and I was able to get a solid sleep on this flight without interruption. The meals and the service on this flight were great and delicious, the crew was perfect as most of my previous QR flights, and they were really attentive, asked me constantly if I would like anything, woke me up at the time-frame I requested, and promptly delivered everything which I've ordered before the flight. One of the perks of flying QR is definitely the free Super Wi-Fi service as it's fast and a lifesaver on longer flights. The IFE system content is generous but still, it could be improved to match what other carriers are offering. Throughout the flight, I would also admit that the lavatories were clean on every occasion that I visited. The arrival experience in IAD was not that perfect as usual but the immigration wait times and the baggage pick-up time were reasonable compared to US standards.

To conclude this mini-series, I could tell that I really enjoyed the QSuites and Qatar Airways Business Class and I am eagerly awaiting the day which I'll fly their premium product again in the future. I am really happy that I switched part of my loyalty to Qatar Airways and most likely, I would also fly QR on several occasions in 2021.

(+) Wait for transit security
(+) Boarding was made with priorities being respected
Al Mourjan Lounge
(+) Comfortable seating at the lounge
(+) Friendly lounge staff
(+) Breakfast options at the main restaurant
(+) Showers and shower amenities
QR 707
(+) Comfortable seats
(+) Bedding amenities ( mattress, blanket, White Company pajamas )
(+) Delicious meals
(+) Fantastic cabin crew
(+) Free high-speed Wi-Fi onboard
(+) Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight
(+) The amenity kit content
(-) Content in the IFE screen could be improved
(+) Bags were already there when I arrived



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  • Comment 569654 by
    pokcay 68 Comments

    Great report!

    I had the privilege for flying the Q-suite from Doha to Jakarta last March. I had to say, Q-suite is a solid product. The privacy it offers is great. However, i find moving inside the suite, especially with the seat laid flat, to be troublesome. Nevertheless, it was still impressive, and I would love to fly in one again someday.

    • Comment 569662 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi Pockay and thanks for stopping by,

      Q-suite is a solid product. The privacy it offers is great. However, i find moving inside the suite, especially with the seat laid flat, to be troublesome.

      - I am not that long so the seat was a perfect fit for me, however, I have realized that someone taller might not fit perfectly when it comes to sleeping in the lie-flat position.

      Once again thanks for your comment, take care.

  • Comment 569918 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5308 Comments

    Hi, thank you for this great report I was looking for and I am not disappointed except maybe for your low alcohol consumption especially those poor Laurent Perrier Rosé bottles left alone ^^
    Great flight unsurprisingly, 10hrs sleep is almost too much to fully enjoy the flight and service.
    Catering is fine but main course options are on the tiny side and I miss the cheese board and more elaborated dessert options (incl ice cream)
    QR aircraft are always maintained at such an impeccable condition, it’s very reassuring both for maintenance and sanitary reasons.
    Thank you again and I definitely want to fly QR by your fault now!

    • Comment 569925 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi, thank you for this great report I was looking for and I am not disappointed except maybe for your low alcohol consumption especially those poor Laurent Perrier Rosé bottles left alone ^^

      - You're very welcome. Drinking about 10+ glasses of alcohol in total before heading US immigration is not a good idea.
      Great flight unsurprisingly, 10hrs sleep is almost too much to fully enjoy the flight and service.

      - Yes, I was planning to enjoy one of the mid-flight snack selections but I couldn't wake up.
      Catering is fine but main course options are on the tiny side and I miss the cheese board and more elaborated dessert options (incl ice cream)

      - If I'm not wrong, it's something COVID-related. I hope that their old service returns at some point but the current service standards are also fine.
      QR aircraft are always maintained at such an impeccable condition, it’s very reassuring both for maintenance and sanitary reasons.

      - You are definitely correct about this point.
      Thank you again and I definitely want to fly QR by your fault now!

      - I'm glad that you enjoyed this Flight-Report and be prepared for another report on QR soon. :)

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