Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Singapore in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL835
Class Economy
Seat 56C
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:20
Take-off 06 Jan 19, 21:00
Arrival at 07 Jan 19, 16:20
KL   #29 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 952 reviews
By GOLD 2974
Published on 21st December 2020

Hi everybody!

I usually publish reports only in French but under these special times, I decided to translate some interesting reports I have :) From January to May 2019, I had the opportunity to spend 5 months in Singapore, a city and country I really appreciate especially thanks to the almost unlimited number of destinations to travel to on week-ends and holidays.

I choose Air France - KLM for 3 reasons:
- Youth fare. For the same price of the standard fare, you get a full flex ticket, very useful for a 5-month trip
- Air Europa Elite status, allowing me to bring a second suitcase for free
- Earning miles on my FFP

I will be leaving from Brussels and not Paris, since ex-BRU tickets were cheaper than CDG. Thalys will bring me from Paris-Gare du Nord to downtown Brussels in only 1h25, for the decent price of €29. BRU is usually a budget friendly starting point when flying on Air France, and easy to reach.


After a short but enjoyable 30-min flight from BRU, the bus drop-me near Holland Boulevard. At that time, Schiphol was busy. I can't imagine how empty it is today…

photo kl835-1

Immigration was cleared in less than 2 minutes, with the officer wishing me a "bon voyage!"

photo kl835-2

Kenya Airways B787-8

photo kl835-3

B777-200ER KLM with a white nose

photo kl835-4

B787-9 KLM

photo kl835-5

Boarding will be held in gate E22.

photo kl835-6

B787-9 KLM

photo kl835-7

I don't like this concourse. Depending on where you are boarding, the experience at Schiphol is not the same…

photo kl835-8photo kl835-9

A B777-300ER will bring me to Singapore, PH-BVN. Our flight will be full today, with 425 passengers to Singapore or Denpasar-Bali. PH-BVN will make a 2h stopover before continuing its journey with another crew to Bali. KLM has the right to sell tickets between SIN and DPS, and is know as one of the best deals to join Bali from Singapore.

photo kl835-10photo kl835-11

Time to board via the Sky Priority lane.

photo kl835-12photo kl835-13photo kl835-14

Since my seat was in the last economy cabin, I boarded by the second jet bridge.

photo kl835-15

Warm welcome by our crew :)

photo kl835-16

Moving to seat 56C. 

photo kl835-19

Our captain announced a 11h45 flight to Singapore and a 10-min delay due to airport congestion.

photo kl835-23photo kl835-22

Pushback at 9h13PM and take-off at 9h25PM ! 

photo kl835-20

Dinner was served 45 minutes after take-off, starting with a bottle of water and a refreshing towel.

photo kl835-24photo kl835-25

Beef or pasta for the main dish.

photo kl835-26

Starter was very disappointing, not tasty at all!

photo kl835-27

The main dish remembered me my experience at the school canteen… 

photo kl835-28


photo kl835-29

And a small carrot cake to finish this disappointing dinner.

photo kl835-30

Time to try to sleep. I slept 5 hours which is an astonishing performance for me!

photo kl835-31

Some pictures of the seats taken once boarding. KLM new seats are comfortable but remember you are flying a 777, so don't expect a wide seat.

photo kl835-17photo kl835-18photo kl835-21

IFE quality and content were fine, with a large number of movies.

photo kl835-32

Breakfast was served 2h30 before landing, which is too early.

photo kl835-33

Omelette and potatoes.

photo kl835-34

Some fruits

photo kl835-35

And a yogurt. Unlike dinner, breakfast was satisfactory and copious.

photo kl835-36

Somewhere above Malaysia :)

photo kl835-37photo kl835-38

Let's start our descent with a look at our long journey !

photo kl835-39

Landing and disembarkment 8 minutes ahead of time at SIN. Happy to be back at Changi Airport :)

photo kl835-40photo kl835-41

Immigration was cleared in 20 minutes, unusually long for SIN.

photo kl835-42

Luggage were already there, Singapore is the most efficient airport I have ever seen :) 

photo kl835-43

Christmas time at Changi Airport

photo kl835-44

Easy commuting to downtown Singapore via the East-West MRT Line.

photo kl835-45

Thanks for your reading and feel free to comment :)

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Cabin crew9.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Singapore - SIN



Cabin: Modern and comfortable seats, legroom could be improved.
Cabin crew: Smiley as well as very professional. 9/10
Entertainment/Wifi: Quality of the screen was fine, there was enough content in terms of movies. No Wifi on board. 8/10
Meal/Catering: The only disappointing point of this flight with a dinner of poor quality. 3/10

Amsterdam-Schiphol: Quick and easy transit, the overall experience could be improved in the concourses.

Singapore-Changi T1: Unusual line for immigration, otherwise everything was perfect.

Conclusion: Flying KLM is a safe bet, with comfortable seats and friendly crews. However, don't expect any "gastronomy" on board, or a brand new aircraft.

See you soon!

Information on the route Amsterdam (AMS) Singapore (SIN)


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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5850 Comments

    Hey Nico, thanks for sharing this nice pre-Covid report on the KLM 777 experience. I really like the look of the new KLM cabins. The seats look chic and nice to hear they’re least as comfortable as a 777 in 3-4-3 can be considering the narrow seats, but sadly that’s the norm these days with only a handful of carriers left with 3-3-3.

    Thanks for sharing!

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