Review of Air France Hop flight Mulhouse / Bâle Paris in Economy

Airline Air France Hop
Flight AF7337
Class Economy
Seat 03A
Aircraft Embraer ERJ145
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 06 Mar 20, 10:15
Arrival at 06 Mar 20, 11:25
AF   #50 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 951 reviews
By GOLD 171
Published on 7th December 2020

Welcome to this series that will bring me to Marseille for a week-end with my family.

This routing is pretty special to me since it was the last before COVID and a that time, if someone would have told me that it would be my last flights with an HOP! Embraer 145 and that the route between Basel and Orly will be cut the same month for good, I would never have believed it…

the routing


  • EAP - ORY / HOP / ER4 - Y You are here
  • Orly - Marseille / HOP / CRK - Y Coming soon
  • Marseille - Orly / Air France / A319 - Y Coming soon
  • Orly - Mulhouse / HOP / ER4 - Y Coming soon

eap - bale mulhouse fribourg

Marseille might be our final airport destination, but we are actually heading to the beautiful city of Aix en Provence. We could have travelled by high speed train but the plane was by far cheaper. And we love to fly :)

photo img_5064_resultatphoto img_5065_resultat

The weather was absolutely awful, lots  of rain and wind that morning.

photo img_5066_resultat

We used the self service kiosks to print our boarding passes:

photo img_5067_resultat

The terminal is pretty quiet this morning:

photo img_5068_resultatphoto img_5069_resultat

Security was a breeze.

photo img_5073_resultat

We would board from gate 1:

photo img_5070_resultat

The white A300 operates for DHL while the white E-190 belongs to WDL and operated a charter flight the day before:

photo img_5071_resultatphoto img_5072_resultat

There is a really strong wind and OS needs to do a go around:

photo img_5076_resultat

Cityhopper as well (you will have to believe me ^^)

photo img_5078_resultat

But our baby ERJ-145 lands without much troubles.

photo img_5079_resultat

We boarded on time through the tarmac:

photo img_5080_resultatphoto img_5081_resultat

the flight

A nice welcome and this is the small but cosy cabin of the ER4:

photo img_5083_resultatphoto img_5084_resultat

I really like this jet, the 1-2 seating makes it nice if you travel solo:

photo img_5085_resultatphoto img_5086_resultat

My god-daughter not only loves to fly but also loved that plane!

photo img_5092_resultat-54756

After a second try, KL Cityhopper managed to land:

photo img_5090_resultatphoto img_5093_resultat

CHAIR - A319 and TK 739:

photo img_5094_resultatphoto img_5095_resultat

A short taxi later:

photo img_5096_resultat

We gave way to this EasyJet A320:

photo img_5097_resultat

Our turn:

photo img_5098_resultatphoto img_5099_resultat

OS also managed to land and is already departing:

photo img_5101_resultat

Quick and fast take off, as usual with the ER4:

photo img_5102_resultatphoto img_5103_resultat

Some nice views over the airport:

photo img_5104_resultatphoto img_5105_resultat

Saint Louis and then Basle:

photo img_5107_resultatphoto img_5108_resultatphoto img_5109_resultat

The seat pitch is good:

photo img_5111_resultat

So is the recline:

photo img_5114_resultat

Flying between two layers of clouds:

photo img_5112_resultat

The catering:

photo img_5115_resultat

Snacking with a view:

photo img_5116_resultat

Cloud surfing:

photo img_5117_resultatphoto img_5118_resultat

Below the clouds isn't as nice as above :(

photo img_5119_resultatphoto img_5120_resultat


photo img_5121_resultat

A330 Level:

photo img_5123_resultat


photo img_5124_resultat

A350 French Bee:

photo img_5125_resultat

TAP A320neo:

photo img_5126_resultatphoto img_5127_resultat

A321 IB:

photo img_5128_resultat

While deboarding, a quick galley shoot:

photo img_5129_resultat

Stairs to the tarmac:

photo img_5130_resultat

And our plane. At this time the ground agent shooted a big: "NO PHOTOS!"

photo img_5131_resultat

And my god-daugther, 10 years old, answered the same way he shouted: "NO PHOTOS, PLEASE!"

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Air France Hop

Cabin crew8.0

Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Paris - ORY



I really like the ER4 and sadly that plane has now left the HOP! fleet.

That flight was really nice, nothing to write a home about it but it made the point.

Thanks for reading!

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