Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Montreal in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL671
Class Business
Seat 02K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:30
Take-off 02 May 18, 15:20
Arrival at 02 May 18, 16:50
KL   #29 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 950 reviews
By GOLD 2046
Published on 14th December 2020

Welcome to the second part of this routing, we are now heading to Montreal, Quebec. This is not our final destination yet :)

Transit AMS

We used the automated kiosks to enter the Non Schengen departures. It took us less than 2 minutes, as we arrived half of the kiosks were closed but they suddently opened one after the others. We just had to chose which one we wanted to use :)

photo dsc_0417


photo dsc_0418

The transfer check point was more or less empty. We could by pass it since we were arriving from a Schengen flight.

photo dsc_0419

Crown Lounge KLM Non Schengen

The lounge was still under full renovation so lots of parts were either closed or curtained off. There were lots of people but we were able to get two seats in a small renovated area. I noticed that most of the seats have no power nor USB plugs. This is something I can't understand nowadays as every traveller is always, at some point, looking for charging his laptop or phone.

For exemple, those seats have absolutely no plugs around:

photo dsc_0420

And the view isn't spectacular:

photo dsc_0421

Dinning zone:

photo dsc_0423

But this is the only buffet there:

photo dsc_0422

You need to go to another part of the lounge if you want to eat something more substantial. Here the salad bar:

photo dsc_0424photo dsc_0427

Processed cheese and cold cuts:

photo dsc_0426

As hot dish, pasta with tomato sauce.

photo dsc_0425

In the meantime the new lounge opened but remember, we are here in 2018 in the flagship lounge of the airline. All they were able to offer was some salads and pasta with tomato sauce. Thanks god this is over, but that lounge was a real disgrace.

I forgot to mention the "desserts":

photo dsc_0428

My brother was able to find meat balls somewhere :)

photo dsc_0430

He wasn't thrilled about his selection at all :)
For me apple juice and that's it:

photo dsc_0429

The only good thing was the WIFI that worked fast and well.

before the flight

With no regrets we left the lounge and went to our gate. As my brother wanted to smoke, I make a quick spotting spot. Our plane is here:

photo dsc_0433photo dsc_0434

Usually a 332 is sent to YUL but AF is on strike since a while and KL has upgraded the equipment to cope with the additional demand. On that specific flight they were looking for 10 volunteers to fly the day after against 600€ cash or 800€ vouchers. They were found quickly.

Atrals Jet A321, another one long gone.

photo dsc_0435photo dsc_0436

Heading to our gate:

photo dsc_0438

It was supposed to be here:

photo dsc_0439


photo dsc_0440

It was in fact just a bit further:

photo dsc_0441

the flight

Boarding started with business class and SP passengers:

photo dsc_0442

Left for us:

photo dsc_0443

The aircraft door:

photo dsc_0445photo dsc_0446

The purser welcomed us warmly, here  is the business cabin, no full flat seats but it wasn't a surprise. At that time only two of the 33S received the flat beds cabin.

photo dsc_0447photo dsc_0448

The seat:

photo dsc_0449

The toilets:

photo dsc_0450photo dsc_0451photo dsc_0452

Champagne as welcome drink:

photo dsc_0454

Welcome kit:

photo dsc_0455

The content is very poor, no pen, no hand lotion, no lip balm, just the strict basics:

photo dsc_0457

Forward view:

photo dsc_0456

The pitch:

photo dsc_0458photo dsc_0459photo dsc_0460

Seat controls:

photo dsc_0461


photo dsc_0462photo dsc_0465photo dsc_0466

If needed there is a small privacy screen that can be pulled out but it is not really useful:

photo dsc_0463photo dsc_0464

We flew aboard PH-AFK, the last of the KL 333, delivered only 3 years ago but the product is so outdated. I don't know why KL chose to equip their 333 with that seat instead of full access seats.

Menus are handed out:

photo dsc_0467

The meals (sorry only in French)

photo dsc_0468photo dsc_0469


photo dsc_0470


photo dsc_0473photo dsc_0474photo dsc_0475

The welcome page for our flight to YUL:

photo dsc_0476

A queen of the skies, also gone now … :(

photo dsc_0477photo dsc_0482

Safety card:

photo dsc_0478photo dsc_0479photo dsc_0480

The tray table:

photo dsc_0481

On time push back with this 777 SkyTeam Livery:

photo dsc_0483photo dsc_0485

Another 773:

photo dsc_0486


photo dsc_0487

TUI leased this 738 from Canada:

photo dsc_0488

Transavia from Gol:

photo dsc_0489

KL 738:

photo dsc_0490

and 739:

photo dsc_0491photo dsc_0492

BA 320 and 319:

photo dsc_0493photo dsc_0494

The beautiful F100:

photo dsc_0501

More aircrafts:

photo dsc_0495

Leaving soon:

photo dsc_0496

But giving way to DL:

photo dsc_0497photo dsc_0498photo dsc_0499

Bye AMS!

photo dsc_0502photo dsc_0503photo dsc_0504

The IFE worked until the second meal service then broke and couldn't be fixed.

photo dsc_0505photo dsc_0506

Bye Europe!

photo dsc_0507

Service starts with a wet luke warm towel:

photo dsc_0508

To start with I had dutch cheese with a sweet wine:

photo dsc_0509photo dsc_0510

As starters both my brother and I choose the smoked beef carpaccio vs the tomato soup. The beef came with mushrooms on top:

photo dsc_0511photo dsc_0512

It looked nice and it was good.

My brother took the beef dish, for me it was chicken

photo dsc_0513

It was minced beef on a curry sauce with potatoes. He liked it but it doesn't look good :)
That's my chicken:

photo dsc_0514

The meat was good but overall the dish was not that great. The sauce was tasteless, the spinach thing in the middle was missing salt and the rice wasn't good at all.

For the dessert it was an apple mousse that was good. We took some fruits to go with:

photo dsc_0515photo dsc_0516

Followed by a chocolate and a coffee:

photo dsc_0517

Apart from the starter, the rest of the meal was just ok.

Then the mood lighting is turned on and I will take a nap.

photo dsc_0518

But suddenly the lights are turned on full bright and stay like that. As the crew asked the window blinds to be lowered, I didn't get the point why closing the windows and turning on the lights. Here the seat in "bed" mode, where you see how much bright the cabin was:

photo dsc_0519photo dsc_0520

I pushed the call button twice without anyone coming, then I went to the galley and asked the crew if it would be possible to switch off the lights, the cabin attendant looked surprised since she thought she did it. She checks the cabin and realized that instead of turning it completely off, she turned it completely on :)

We are here before my nap:

photo dsc_0521

Two hours before landing, the lights are slowly turned on again:

photo dsc_0523

Outside view:

photo dsc_0522

Hot towel to start with:

photo dsc_0524

For the second meal the choice was either burger or beetroot salad, we went for the burger.

photo dsc_0525photo dsc_0526

We could eat it, but I will not say this was a good burger.
The dessert was ok but ways to sweet:

photo dsc_0527

The meal reached its end and we still had 01H15 to go. This is a common problem with KL, they always serve the second meal too early. The service could easily have been delayed by 30' at least.

Outside view:

photo dsc_0528photo dsc_0529photo dsc_0530

Approaching Montréal:

photo dsc_0531

This isn't a place I want to visit:

photo dsc_0532

Almost there!

photo dsc_0533

738 Max:

photo dsc_0534photo dsc_0535

A310 and A330:

photo dsc_0536photo dsc_0537photo dsc_0538


photo dsc_0539

Another Max:

photo dsc_0540photo dsc_0541

We didn't lose time to head to immigration;

photo dsc_0542

It was almost empty, we used the kiosks and then an agent checks the papers and the passport but … no more stamp to enter Canada. Sad as I am a stamp fan :)

Luggage delivery hall:

photo dsc_0544photo dsc_0545

We went to the Marriott as Montreal was only a layover of around 12H for us:

photo dsc_0546photo dsc_0547

First cigarette for my brother on Canadian soil:

photo dsc_0548

LX flies back to Zurich:

photo dsc_0549photo dsc_0550

Here the Marriott with some nice views over the tarmac:

photo dsc_0551photo dsc_0552

787 AC:

photo dsc_0553


photo dsc_0554

A 330-300:

photo dsc_0555


photo dsc_0556

More Dreamliners:

photo dsc_0558
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Cabin crew8.5

KLM Crown Lounge 5 - Non Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Montreal - YUL



The cabin is clearly outdated, a shame when you think the plane is 3 years old.

Only the starter was very good, the rest of the meal was average or below average.

Great that the Crown Lounge has been remodeled because at that time it was really a tired looking place with poor food offering.

Next flight is coming soon, stay tuned!

Thank you for reading :)

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