Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Calama in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H22250
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 14 Jul 21, 06:10
Arrival at 14 Jul 21, 08:20
H2 40 reviews
By 358
Published on 3rd August 2021


Welcome to the second leg of this trip to picturesque San Pedro de Atacama, in the north of Chile.

To get there we first need to land at CJC, in Calama, which is the very heart of the Chilean copper mining industry, and the most critically polluted city in this country.

Luckily, we won't have to stay at CJC very long, and a transfer van will take us away before our skin falls to pieces and our blood gets poisoned.

I have been planing this trip since as early as…

…December 2021…

…when I purchased my tickets in the hope that the pandemic would be a thing of the past by the following winter (July)

photo cjc01

Qué maravilla! Prices are low and there are plenty of flights every day. Being the heart of the Chilean copper mining industry, Calama is very well connected to Santiago and other cities. Sky's price is 14,990 CLP (19 USD) + airport fee

photo cjc02

For this trip I'll need warm and light clothes, and I'll still need some room for souvenirs in my bag. I wonder if a single personal item and a small 10kg piece of cabbing luggage will do. Hm. I'll put myself to the test and try the Zero fare.

photo cjc03

I add the cabin baggage for 10,900 CLP (14 USD)

photo cjc04

It looks like I have the whole plane for myself! ^^

photo cjc05

You know you're getting old when you have to enter your year of birth and you have to scroll down and down and down…

photo cjc07

And that would be all. Buen viaje!! ^^

photo cjc08

Unlike the experience with LATAM, Sky didn't have to change the flight schedule many times. Just this change on July 9…

photo 2021-08-01-115429_1366x768_scrot

…and once more the day after my arrival in San Pedro.

This trip goes like this:

LATAM • Valdivia > Santiago • Premium Eco
Sky Airline • Santiago > Calama • Economy (You are here)
Sky Airline • Calama > Santiago • Economy
LATAM • Santiago > Valdivia • Premium Eco

Amiguita… amiguitaaaaaa…!!!! - messy Boarding

Some additional information about this flight.

photo 2021-08-02-160503_1366x768_scrot

I spent the night at SCL after arriving there the previous evening. There was no point in finding accommodation in Santiago if I had to be at 4 at the gate.

My intention was to sleep a couple of hours in my favorite corner of the domestic boarding room, on this comfy couch…

photo img_20210713_191655

…but the guy in the baseball cap on the left made it impossible! He was supposed to be a teenager traveling with his dad, but it was more like a police officer in charge of a young, noisy, foul-mouthed delinquent! It was 1 a.m. and this young man wouldn't stop yelling and swearing while playing a video game online with a cousin. Even when asking for something to eat he just yelled and swore. Fed up, I took my stuff and moved away to the third floor, where I tried to sleep on those blue seats.

At about 3.30 I headed for gate 21.

What the…?? You would think that the cleaning staff at SCL can turn a simple vacuum cleaner into a weapon of mass destruction! :O

photo img_20210714_050419

Boarding starts on time. I can't help shaking my head when I hear one of Sky Airline's ground staff (over there, in the purple jacket and black mask) trying to solve a problem with some passengers. She is not kind at all, giving orders instead of asking politely, and blaming the passengers for some check-in inaccuracy. Moments later she has to recognize that it was the airline's fault. But the worst thing came when she wanted to ask something from one of the other ladies whose name she didn't know. She tried to call her attention by yelling "Amiguita! Amiguitaaaa!!" at her colleague. "Amiguito" is a formula used mainly by prison inmates and young delinquents or drug addicts in the poorest neighborhoods.

photo img_20210714_052750

I'm very happy to see that Sky Airline do not discriminate people based on their socioeconomic background, but they still have a long way to go in training their staff.

These gates are not directly connected with a jetbridge. We have to walk down to a lower floor, with a great view of our plane.

photo img_20210714_053615

Sleek interior. Sky never gave up its mouse-gray color for the seats, even after the change to their livery. Not a bad choice, anyway. I think that grey matches all other colors.

photo img_20210714_054007

Enter text here…

Creaking and cracking - The flight

My seat. Looks like it was tidied up during the night. I don't care. I take my disinfectant towels and start cleaning the seat, the wall and the window anyway.

photo img_20210714_054119

Sky got rid of the safety information cards and plastered them onto the back of the seats. Much like Ryanair, right? But it looks better than Ryanair, I think.

photo img_20210714_054608photo img_20210714_054640

And look at this! A USB charger! Sky, you surprise me! :D

photo img_20210714_054957

I make myself as comfortable as possible on my ironing board waiting for pushback, but I suddenly see the cabin crew scrambling to get something right about the passenger list.

photo img_20210714_055916_1

It looks like someone boarded without being checked at the gate. They eventually decide to re-check everyone's boarding cards until they find out that a miner seating behind me was the guy they were looking for. His miner friends make lots of jokes about it.

photo img_20210714_060209

I'm very lucky today.

photo img_20210714_060946

Legroom is acceptable.

photo img_20210714_060959

The only thing that calls my attention is a continuous creaking and cracking sound coming from all over the cabin, but particularly from the seats behind me. Every time someone moves or switches their weight in their seat, you hear a lot of creaks and cracks. And I can't believe it when I happen to see the armrest of my seat! It's cracked! I look to the other side…

photo img_20210714_061115

…and the other armrest is cracked, too!

photo img_20210714_061128

And so is the next one in the middle seat! And so is the one by the aisle! All the armrests are cracked! The worst thing is that the creaking and cracking seems to come from beneath our seats, too. My mind starts wandering: "What if my seat breaks loose from the cabin floor?", "Will the cracks keep growing until the plane splits in two?"… And that's how - after an almost sleepless night - I quickly fall asleep…

photo img_20210714_061136

…and wake up about 30 minutes before landing.

photo img_20210714_075842

Those mines are scattered all over the desert. The largest - in the world, actually - is Chuquicamata.

photo img_20210714_075950

Wow! Look at that! That shiny thing down there is our first photovoltaic plant, Cerro Dominador. I saw its official opening in the news a couple weeks ago, but I wasn't expecting to see it today.

photo img_20210714_080045

River Loa took millions of years to carve the rock and create an oasis of life down there. Now it's the most polluted river in Chile.

photo img_20210714_080647

Energy production for the mining industry is big business here, but I have read that a large percentage of Calama's population doesn't have electricity at home!! Unbelievable.

photo img_20210714_080702

River El Salvador.

photo img_20210714_080731

That should be Avenida Circunvalación…

photo img_20210714_081004

…and here we are.

photo img_20210714_081017photo img_20210714_081023

Welcome to Calama's El Loa Airport,

photo img_20210714_081030

I was surprised to find out that the current terminal building…

photo img_20210714_081033

…is quite new.

photo img_20210714_081042

Until as recently as 2014, CJC was even more humble than Valdivia's ZAL. See a photo here.

photo img_20210714_081500

I wonder if the architects that designed CJC are the same ones that designed the new SCL buildings.

photo img_20210714_081503

They seem to be obsessed with wavy roofs!

photo img_20210714_081507photo img_20210714_081533

We have to remain seated while disembarking takes place in groups of three rows.

photo img_20210714_081802

You won't get bored. You have plenty of reading materials on the walls.

photo img_20210714_081808

The FA had to ask this guy to go back to his seat. He apologized because he had just woken up!

photo img_20210714_081842

My turn comes. Crack - creak - creak - crack… A last shot of my seat with my BOB breakfast, which came too late due to turbulence.

photo img_20210714_082038

Nice ride, CC-AZE!

photo img_20210714_082332

No baggage to claim…

photo img_20210714_082542

…so I head straight…

photo img_20210714_082621

…landside in search for a transfer.

photo img_20210714_082654

Hm. They don't seem to value the importance of transport to and from the airport at CJC. Where are the transfer offices?? I ask a guy holding a card with a passenger's name and he mumbles something I don't understand. Later - after some walking around the hall - I learn that…

photo img_20210714_082840

…Transvip - in whose waiting room I'm sitting now - is the only transfer service at CJC.  Even at ZAL we have two competing transfer services! The thing is, they charge 12,000 CLP (16 USD) for the ride to San Pedro de Atacama, which is not bad at all considering that it's a 100km ride.

photo img_20210714_085156

If you pay for the round trip, you get a 10% discount.

photo img_20210714_083556

So far, so good. But the next morning Sky Airline lets me know that "the plans have changed, but we are still with you." They changed the departure time for my flight back, so I have to phone Transvip. Luckily, their phone number is in the tickets.

photo 2021-08-01-115839_1366x768_scrot

We'll see more of CJC on the way back.

photo img_20210714_085811

As for now, I board the van and hit the road to…

photo img_20210714_085817

san pedro de atacama

As I mentioned in my previous report, you seldom fly to CJC with the perspective of visiting Calama.

But if you're feeling adventurous, here's a comprehensive list of what you can find in Chile's most polluted city:

- Critical levels of environmental contamination by heavy metals
- Brothels

As you see, this is not a place for a decent pilpintu.

Our van races along a road surrounding the southern suburbs, so it never enters the city. We turn south east across this wind farm…

photo img_20210714_091116

…and the vast desert for some 100km…

photo img_20210714_093717

…across the black hills of the Cordón Barros Arana…

photo img_20210714_093847

…and the Llano de la Paciencia (Plains of Patience)…

photo img_20210714_094253

I sit by the driver whenever I can. This time…

photo img_20210714_094457

…the driver turns out to be a Colombian immigrant…

photo img_20210714_094726

…who tried his luck in several countries…

photo img_20210714_095034

…but eventually stayed in Chile.

photo img_20210714_095202

He tells me lots of things about Colombia…

photo img_20210714_095211

…and how guerrillas abound because it's the only way people have found to bring a little order in the midst of so much corruption.

photo img_20210714_095829

He's a very good talker. Before I can notice…

photo img_20210714_100117

…we are crossing the Cordillera de la Sal…

photo img_20210714_100226

…which is an indicator…

photo img_20210714_100234

…that we're reaching…

photo img_20210714_100303

…San Pedro de Atacama.

photo img_20210716_103010

This town has existed for centuries…

photo img_20210716_103634

…but it has become an important tourist destination…

photo img_20210716_103844

…because it's the place from where tours leave to a range of natural attractions like geysers and salt lakes.

photo img_20210716_104155

So they have decided to make it look like the town it was in colonial times.

photo img_20210716_104232

Even the Cruz Verde chain of drugstores has a "colonial" look here…

photo img_20210716_104517

…and banks like BancoEstado.

photo img_20210716_112246

I took these photos on Friday, July 16. It was a holiday in Chile and all shops should have been closed in San Pedro because it was in a weekend and holiday lockdown, but as you see…

photo img_20210716_104611

…the lockdown was not really effective here because we were in the midst of our winter holidays and locals depend on tourism. In fact, it was early morning when I went for a stroll around the town. A couple of hours later, the streets were crowded, even though 99% of tourists were Chilean, since the borders were closed.

photo img_20210716_104906

Even though the facades may look old and run down, things are quite different inside. You can find chic boutiques, expensive gourmet restaurants and even five-star hotels around the town. An example would be the Nayara Alto Atacama.

photo img_20210716_104933

Actually, there are all kinds of experiences for everyone. For me - always traveling on a budget - an Airbnb room with a private bathroom is enough. That, and simple pleasures of life…

photo img_20210716_105649

…like this superb strawberry/rica-rica and algarrobo cone of ice-cream. I love trying new flavors wherever I go. And hey! Look at that! A relaxing massage anyone??

photo dxtrthserth

Thanks for reading! Don't miss the Tatio geysers in the next report! ^^

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Santiago - SCL


Calama - CJC



After flying the previous leg of this trip with LATAM I'm having a difficult time deciding which one I prefer. LATAM offers their new Premium Eco cabin, with a locked middle seat and more legroom, and a snack of coffee and crisps. Sky doesn't have a Premium Eco cabin, but you can get a much better snack for a lower price. You can also have an empty middle seat if you're lucky. Seats are not as comfortable as in LATAM, though. Argh... Decisions, decisions!!!

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