Review of Sky Airline flight Calama Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 243
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 20 Jul 21, 14:30
Arrival at 20 Jul 21, 16:35
H2   #63 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 44 reviews
Published on 11th August 2021

Welcome to the third leg of this post(?)-Covid series of flights.

Actually, I'm not sure this is a "post" Covid flight. The thing is, today we're going to fly back to Santiago on Sky, one of the three main Chilean airlines trying to recover now that most of the Chilean population is vaccinated and infection rates are falling.

But - before we board - let me share some examples of what you can see around San Pedro de Atacama.

Boiled European anyone? - Pre-flight bonus

Baltinache is a group of seven lagoons few kilometers from San Pedro. Two of them are available for swimmers.

photo img_20210714_145618

The funny thing of swimming in these pools is that you float easily…

photo img_20210714_145924

…because of their high salinity, just like in the Dead Sea.

photo img_20210714_155835photo img_20210714_155904

Another tour - called Ruta de los Salares - will take you along the international road connecting Chile and Argentina via the Jama pass.

At the start of our trip we meet this man herding a flock of llamas, sheep and goats.

photo img_20210715_092901

By the way, in a previous trip to this area I learned that the main difference between llamas and alpacas are their ears. Alpacas have short ears. Llama ears are long and banana-shaped. 

So these here are… 

photo img_20210715_092908

Correct! Llamas.

And this man… no, he's not from Paris. Paris is the name of a department store. And those goats are not social distancing!

photo img_20210715_092922photo img_20210715_095650

You can see Licancabur volcano from San Pedro, but I'm particularly excited to see it this close. It's one of those landmarks I used to read about in my primary school Geography books.

photo img_20210715_100307

The altiplano landscape is overwhelming. The vast flatland and extinct volcanoes scattered all around… Everything looks so… otherworldly.

photo img_20210715_101247

We stop for a necessary cup of coca leaves tea. We are about 4,500 meters high now!

photo img_20210715_101323

The Queen has Earl Grey. Chileans love their Nescafé. (Ew!) Inca kings relied on their Herbi coca bags to stay competent and rule their high dominions.

photo img_20210715_101933

But - as I confirmed later - an infusion is not the same as chewing the stuff.

We know we are close to Argentina when we see the Chilean border facilities. We'll still go a bit beyond.

photo img_20210715_104837

We arrive at the Monjes de la Pacana, a plain dotted with these rocks of volcanic origin. Worth a shot with yours truly.

photo img_20210715_123410

But the main attraction in the area is - hands down - the Tatio geysers, the third largest geyser field after Yellowstone in the US, and Kronotski in Russia.

photo img_20210718_072700

We leave very early one morning (about 5 a.m.) because the vents look their best when the cold morning air condenses the vapor.

photo img_20210718_081742

It's a surreal experience. You see - and hear! - water boiling all around you.

Apart from the price of the trip, you pay for the admission (15,000 CLP = 20 USD for Chileans). I wonder where all that money goes, because the site is badly kept. In fact, there was nothing showing how close you could get to the vents until some years ago. Only after a series of deadly accidents someone decided to trace some paths around the vents and cauldrons…

photo img_20210718_080921

…using stones!!

photo img_20210718_072705

And yes. Quite a lot of tourists have died because they got too close to the boiling cauldrons, slipped, and fell to their death… boiled alive! And the geysers seem to have a special appetite for European cuisine, as shown by the tragic accidents of this Belgian lady in 2015, a Spanish doctor in 2002, a French tourist in 1997, and a German one in 1998.

photo img_20210718_084900

See and hear how it boils.

The road back to San Pedro from the geysers is also an enjoyable part of the tour. We stop for a refreshment.

photo img_20210718_092229

See how the grass seems to grow in the shape of horseshoes. It's because vicuñas and other camelids chomp on grass clumps on one side only, giving the plants the chance to grow again. Isn't it amazing?

photo img_20210718_091823

Small rivers bring life to the desert.

photo img_20210718_104645

Adding to the magic, the road suddenly starts winding in what seems like a sea of rock that came from nowhere.

photo img_20210718_110142

It's just rocks and rocks on either side of the road, and clumps of rock that look like droppings of an oversized dinosaur.

photo img_20210718_110554

That volcano is to blame. A huge explosion sent part of its cone downhill in a river of lava and part high in the air in the form of incandescent missiles.

photo img_20210718_110832

Those violent times seem far behind. Now these cardón cacti grow peacefully, providing building material and firewood. You can also buy beautiful trays, photo frames and other objects made with their wood.

photo img_20210718_112506

As we reach San Pedro, river Puritama bids us farewell with a nice view to mark the end of this trip.

photo img_20210718_112845

As I mentioned in my previous report, tourism is the main industry in San Pedro de Atacama, which means that you'll find plenty of hostels, hotels and travel agencies all over the place, for all tastes and budgets. But just in case you are interested, here's a link to Turismo Layana, the travel agency that took me to all these places. I promised I would mention them, so here it is.

Now it's time to go back to reality.

You can wait in the shade

As described in my SCL > CJC flight, there were no serious changes to my itinerary in the six months previous to this flight. The following is the only message I got from Sky Airline informing a small change in the departure time and the flight number. A welcome change, actually, because this prevented me from having to take the transfer at 5 in the morning!

photo 2021-08-01-120229_1366x768_scrot

Monopolizing Transvip picks me up at my Arbnb at 9:30.

photo img_20210720_092742

Our driver seems to be in a hurry because we race past the Cordillera de la Sal…

photo img_20210720_092759photo img_20210720_092907

…and the Plains of Patience…

photo img_20210720_093134

…and make it to Calama…

photo img_20210720_101405

…in record time.

photo img_20210720_101415photo img_20210720_102038

Here we take the next exit…

photo img_20210720_102131

… and keep driving west around the southern suburbs of the city.

photo img_20210720_102315photo img_20210720_102408

We make it to CJC at 10:25.

photo img_20210720_102524

That's four hours before the flight.

photo img_20210720_102541

Fantastic! I suppose I'll have plenty of time…

photo img_20210720_102545

…for a long session of photos of the airport.

photo img_20210720_102550

Think again.

Two people are waiting at the entrance. One is a negligible carabinero (in dark green). The other is a soldier… a tall, strong soldier, perfectly tanned by the desert sun. He tells me that I can't be admitted into the hall until two hours before my flight. But he also tells me about a place around the corner of the building where I can sit and wait in the shade for these two long hours. Awww… he's cares for my well-being. I can feel the chemistry here! XD

photo img_20210720_102601

So CJC has provided a special refuge for those passengers who must wait outside? Amazing! Let's see… Ugh!

photo img_20210720_103419

Actually, no. Just a bench that happens to be there, used by the airport staff for a break, and that's been turned into a pigsty.

photo img_20210720_103437

But I don't have many choices…

photo img_20210720_103515

…so I accept my fate and spend these two hours watching people come and go, and workers loading and unloading stuff.

photo img_20210720_103816

2:30. Time for a second attempt.

photo img_20210720_122733

Nooo!! The tall, strong, perfectly-tanned-by-the-sun-of-the-desert soldier has been replaced with a more modest version. Boo hoo. Well, a soldier carrying an assault rifle is not exactly the kind welcoming committee that you expect at an airport, but the Army has been helping with the enforcement of sanitary protocols.

photo img_20210720_122806

In the hall, three airlines are checking their passengers at the same time, which explains why you can't just enter the building anytime. There's a little crowd in here.

photo img_20210720_123037

Before you can check your baggage…

photo img_20210720_123040

…you go through the aduana sanitaria (lit. sanitary customs)…

photo img_20210720_123519

…where you are required to produce your pasaporte sanitario - which shows where in the country you're coming from and where you are heading to, and the pandemic conditions at each point - and your pase de movilidad certifying that you have got both doses of the vaccine.

photo img_20210720_123748

I must have been about 10 minutes in the queue. Let's go straight to the second floor…

photo img_20210720_124205

…and through safety check. Oh, now I remember that a safety check official came and noisily threw a considerable number of stones into that black trash bin by the plant under the big yellow sign. A tourist was carrying them as a souvenir.

photo img_20210720_124304

To pee or not to pee - The boarding room

Ubiquitous BrittShop and their typical airport prices. But the sandwich + bebida offer is quite good. Too bad I didn't see it then.

photo img_20210720_125058

They went a step further at CJC (further than ZAL and SCL, at least) to ensure social distancing in the boarding room…

photo img_20210720_130140

…and eliminated all the middle seats altogether.

photo img_20210720_130642photo img_20210720_131058

The signs are in Spanish, English, and Ckunza. I had never heard about that language before this trip. I used to think that this area was originally inhabited by the Incas, who spoke Quechua…

photo img_20210720_130234

…but it turns out that the people living around the Atacama salt flat were different and had their own language. They called themselves Likan Antai. The Spanish invaders called them Atacameños. You live, you learn.

photo img_20210720_133224

Being a Linux enthusiast I can't help grinning with schadenfreude when I see that the Windows-operated information kiosk…

photo img_20210720_130547

…is broken. Ha.

photo img_20210720_130508

The far end of the room hosts a souvenir shop and…

photo img_20210720_130912

…oh Dios! Glorious Maxi K!

photo img_20210720_131038

Some minutes later - after a nice Maxi K sandwich - I head for the restroom, where… GASP! The message is loud and clear. Not to pee.

photo img_20210720_133603

13:45. The moment to board has come. On what looks like a quiet apron outside, a fierce fight is taking place. Two Chilean airlines struggle to recover after the worst of the pandemic. LATAM, the largest, seems to have been hit the worst. A transfer driver tells me later that LATAM "fired everyone," and outsourced all services. They are working with the Spanish Acciona now, the same as JetSmart. Sky Airline, on the right…

photo img_20210720_134406

…was displaced by JetSmart as the second largest airline in the domestic market.

photo img_20210720_134340

The flight

Some additional information about the flight before we board.

photo 2021-08-08-153711_1366x768_scrot

As the staff prepares the gate…

photo img_20210720_134641

…I prepare myself and move to the farthest corner where…

photo img_20210720_135850

…I can wait for my turn without being too close to the crowd. We are boarding by groups, and you are asked to remain seated until your group is called.

photo img_20210720_135934

"Whatever happened to women? you may ask. Well, remember that copper mining is by far the main activity here, so 90% of passengers are miners.

photo img_20210720_140012

How did he manage to bring that backpack into the cabin??

photo img_20210720_141134

Newer seats, and not the creaking type!!

photo img_20210720_141342

Gasp! USB charger and international electrical outlet! Sky, u tryin' to win my heart?

photo img_20210720_141315

Acceptable legroom.

photo img_20210720_141355photo img_20210720_141416

Safety instructions card. I'm not touching it.

photo img_20210720_141434

JetSmart in the distance.

photo img_20210720_142105

That lady is one of the few Sky Airline FAs that have impressed me with their good pronunciation and intonation of their own language. Sky and JetSmart usually hire people of humble extraction (of the AMIGUITA!! kind that I mentioned in my previous report), who have a tendency to "whine" as they speak. It sounds as if they were always asking questions instead of giving information. "Ladies and gentlemen??? Thanks for flying Sky Airline???" This gets on my nerves.

photo img_20210720_142127

At 14:35 we say goodbye to CJC…

photo img_20210720_143706

…with a view on the wind farm we drove through this morning…

photo img_20210720_144115

…then hit the pedal to the metal…

photo img_20210720_144129

…and soar above the driest desert in the world.

photo img_20210720_144235

Yeah, dry as a bone.

photo img_20210720_144326

Only the most polluted river in the world winds down from the Andes…

photo img_20210720_144345

…giving some plants the chance to grow if they can resist its toxicity. I wouldn't eat a tomato grown there.

photo img_20210720_144415

We fly past the Salar de Atacama, so I can see Licancabur volcano one more time, and the group of oasis where San Pedro de Atacama lies, north of the salt flat. Let's see if my cellphone zoom is enough to get a closer look.

photo img_20210720_144457

Here it is! I had to enhance the contrast a little, but you can see the pointy cone of Licancabur volcano on the left and some long greenish spots at its foot. The largest spot is San Pedro and the smaller ones are "ayllus", smaller oasis originally inhabited by different clans or families. They sit on the north edge of the Salar de Atacama (the whitish plain)

photo img_20210720_145038

For the rest of the flight I just marvel at the countless volcanoes…

photo img_20210720_145849

…copper mines…

photo img_20210720_145932photo img_20210720_145954

…and salares (salt flats) scattered all over the desert. Here on the right, Salar de Punta Negra.

photo img_20210720_150126

Not less interesting is the landscape inside. Look at that appetizing carrot muffin.

photo img_20210720_150946

I never imagined that zanahoria

photo img_20210720_150950

…would need a whole YouTube lesson! 😂 The guy at the end of the video makes me think of an angry rabbit asking to get his carrot back!

A cappuccino. Serving all the stuff in a cup is a great idea to avoid the mess and to reduce contact during the pandemic. Not a great idea for the environment, though.

photo img_20210720_150954

Add a hot cheese ham croissant.

photo img_20210720_151021

Yummy. And all for 7,000 CLP (9.5 USD) Can you believe it? All this is tipping my balance in favor of Sky Airline's BOB rather than LATAM's cereal bar and crisps in Premium Eco.

photo img_20210720_151147

Besides, no blocked middle seat was needed today. Hm. I should have removed the crumbs before the photo.

photo img_20210720_155133

The rocky, colorful ground shows that we are flying above the Norte Chico, closer to Santiago.

photo img_20210720_153239

Correct! We descend over the valley of Santiago…

photo img_20210720_161640

…past some toxic tailings dams. Santiago is on the verge of a serious water crisis. No major investment in dams in order to ensure the availability of drinking water, but they have built lots of very fine tailings dams. Drink that.

photo img_20210720_162059

We are in the middle of winter and I can barely see any green around here.

photo img_20210720_162323

In fact, some crops are already dying.

photo img_20210720_162346

16:26. A very soft landing.

photo img_20210720_162651

Thank goodness I won't have to stay in Santiago for long. Smog gets thick in winter.

photo img_20210720_162909photo img_20210720_162936_1

Something I learned in this trip: If you are taking an Uber, wait on the third floor, at gate 6.

photo img_20210720_165351

Thanks for reading! :D

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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Calama - CJC


Santiago - SCL



LATAM being the yardstick for measuring other domestic flights in my country, I have top say that Sky Airline is taking over in many aspects. Their BOB is great, and is available for all passengers for less than what you pay for Premium Eco in LATAM, which is available only for a chosen few. And a cereal bar and a bag of chips are no match for Sky Airline's hot sandwiches and muffins. As for seats and legroom, the main difference with LATAM is that Sky's seats can not be reclined. But guess what! I was told that that will change very soon!

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The average flight time is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

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  • Comment 578214 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5607 Comments

    Wow, beautiful bonus. Unreal landscapes! Reminds me a bit of Iceland, but more desert-like.

    Actually, I'm not sure this is a "post" Covid flight.

    Yeah, we're still in Covid unfortunately--I tend to call this never-ending nightmare the "Covid-era" or "Pandemic times"...we're not in "post" yet, sadly. Hopefully soon! 🤞

    It looks like this flight was operated by an A320neo based on the cabin shots and tail number (, rather than an A320 CEO. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe SKY are only flying NEOs anymore since the beginning of the pandemic.

    The BOB looks really good and it's nice to see actual real food available for purchase these days. SKY definitely have a leg up over LATAM with the BOB/catering on domestic sectors anyway.

    As for seats and legroom, the main difference with LATAM is that Sky's seats can not be reclined. But guess what! I was told that that will change very soon!

    Yikes, that might not be so good with 186 seats on an A320neo--not much room to play with there already at max pax and minimum seat pitch for most rows 😳

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 578218 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 767 Comments

      that might not be so good with 186 seats on an A320neo

      Hm! I didn't think of that. I might find myself chewing on the front seat's headrest next year. :O We'll see. I'll go for the emergency exit row whenever possible. Thanks for the warning!

  • Comment 578233 by
    CAP974 409 Comments

    Thanks for sharing ! wonderful bonus and breathtaking landscapes

    • Comment 578241 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 767 Comments

      Thank you, Cap974! Glad to hear you liked the landscapes. I hope you can come and enjoy them yourself, but don't forget your coca leaves, or you will get the worst headache of all times!! :D

      • Comment 578303 by
        CAP974 409 Comments

        Hi Pilpintu, I've been to Chile in 2018 (Santiago, Calama, Puerto natales, and even.. Valdivia ! my flight reports in the French section of the site) that's why your wonderful pictures remind me of this beautiful trip...
        I didn't try coca leaves, but thanks for the advice (for the next time?) :)

        • Comment 578305 by
          CAP974 409 Comments

          and unfortunately for us, the road to El Tatio was closed... so thank you for the pictures :)

        • Comment 578319 by
          Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 767 Comments

          and even.. Valdivia !

          No kidding??? You were in the land of Pilpintu???? You should have told me!!! I would have shown you around!! Did you try the crudos at Kunstmann?? Not many people dare. :D I’ll check those reports at once!!

          unfortunately for us, the road to El Tatio was closed

          Now that’s terrible!!! Well, that’s a good excuse for a second visit, don’t you think??

          Take care!

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