Review of Boutique Air flight Baltimore Norfolk in Economy

Airline Boutique Air
Flight BTQ735
Class Economy
Seat 2A
Aircraft Pilatus PC-12
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 09 Jan 21, 10:00
Arrival at 09 Jan 21, 10:50
4B 3 reviews
By 1231
Published on 10th January 2021

Greetings and welcome to another flight report! Today I will be flying Boutique Air for the first time from BWI to Norfolk, Virginia.  I booked this flight for $59 one way in a spur of the moment trip. I was very excited to try Boutique Air as they advertise themselves to the motto, 'fly private for the cost of commercial.' While this may not be exactly the case, it sure sounds attractive and it seems it'll be the closest I'll ever get to flying private so I sprung for the opportunity. I arrived at BWI about an hour before my flight and followed the signs to Boutique Air. Keep in mind even if you've checked in online and/or printed a boarding pass you'll have to stop by the counter for weight and balance reasons.

photo 2ce18030-d1d3-494a-8f08-0dad029a9f3c_1_105_cphoto b8482258-765a-46aa-b120-018b3013f050_1_105_c

 The friendly lady who would act as both the check in and gate agent was very efficient. She checked my ID, asked my weight and printed out my boarding pass and went above and beyond by writing a very detailed set of directions on the back of it. 

photo 4c956a87-d01a-4dcb-a0a7-1d01dd4d432d_1_105_c-16356

Funny thing was that the boarding pass was printed from a standard issue home printer rather than the usual ones for boarding passses. I walked to the security checkpoint and had cleared it within 10 minutes. I walked another 10 minutes to the gate are which had some nice, comfortable chairs as opposed to the normal airport seating. Our 2006 Pilatus PC-12 was in view, awaiting us on the ramp. 15 minutes later, boarding was called by the same lady. Me and the sole other passenger were called to board the plane. It's always fun to walk out on the tarmac!

photo 592aea31-ce2e-421c-9f73-1386348390de_1_105_cphoto 5a2143c3-023d-46e6-96e7-c37122517f20_1_105_c

 The first officer was waiting at the stairs of the plane to check our boarding passes. We were instructed not to sit in either the first or last rows (presumably due to weight and balance reasons) as we stooped to board the plane. 

photo bb38bb86-f048-4e5d-9cf7-c8755d36960e_1_105_c

The cabin is configured in an 8 seat layout with two rear facing seats at the front, and 3 rows of front facing seats. Keep in mind the back two seats aren't as nice as the forward 6 as they seem to be designed to be easily removable from the plane. My immediate impression of the cabin was that it was old and worn. The leather was showing its age as well as the interior panels. The seats are equipped with AC power plugs and lights and air vents (we were told the latter two were broken). I took a seat in the second row as did the other passenger onboard. 

photo 54b25843-ee20-447e-9c99-64feb7d27ce7_1_105_cphoto f2c8a117-97c7-4354-b781-b456722a84e7_1_105_c

The legroom was endless and you could use the seat across from you as a footrest. Immediately after we boarded, the main cabin door was shut and the first officer gave one of the quickest safety briefings I've ever heard. The engines were started as he was doing so. As soon as he took his seat back in the cockpit, we taxied out to the runway. We had a quick takeoff which gave us views of the airport. 

The takeoff was decently bumpy but not unmanageably so. 

photo a34858e2-27d6-4e94-bb09-b0144d66dcff_1_102_ophoto 7c0b8dd3-3060-48b0-af85-becc55f5bb7a_1_105_cphoto 8d544b0c-fc90-49cb-b2a1-494cfe0adcae_1_102_o

At cruising altitude, things smoothed out completely. Once we leveled off I opened up the large tray table between the two seats and did a bit of work. 

photo 9e8d342b-4848-4bb3-b997-2ccff14d1e03_1_105_c

I then proceeded to recline my seat, which went extremely far back, much more so than on US domestic first class. 

photo 4a71ee21-d85a-4763-b6f4-ca2172d92034_1_102_ophoto 6c3c655c-e446-4156-a583-fc29fc3490b4_1_105_c

There were also really cool window blinds. The seat padding was great and made them to be extremely comfortable, though a headrest would be welcomed improvement. The aisle armrests were retractable and housed the recline button and swivel feature of the seats. There is a beverage cabinet at the front of the cabin behind the cockpit with soft drinks and water for passengers to help themselves to throughout the flight. 

photo b99464a2-ca40-4712-ab52-cec80637ac53_1_102_o

The flight went by really quickly and before long we were descending into Norfolk. This was the part where things got a little scary. As we started descending over downtown Norfolk, the ride got extremely rough with sudden drops followed by a crosswind landing. 

I'm usually never scared when flying but this was one of the few times I felt concerned. Despite the rough approach, the landing itself was smooth. We had a short taxi to the gate and deplaned soon after arriving.

photo 9c47d160-fc4d-4b4e-b97b-581d7ca65849_1_102_o-86223photo f42dde55-d9d5-4eab-8e5e-ca26532635e6_1_102_ophoto 76377797-1336-4ec0-85fd-e5c6c17aa97e_1_102_o

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This flight will go into the records as a one time thing. While fun and cool for the photo ops, the unstableness of the small plane made me miss flying normal commercial airlines. I'd recommend flying them once just to experience it, but not anymore after that. The bottom line is that it's an adventure and if you like that sort of thing, go for it!



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  • Comment 569722 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 807 Comments

    I could get used to flying like this! lol It looks so much more comfortable than the newest airbus or boeing aircraft! And all that shaking comes as a bonus! :D Thanks for reporting on this most unusual flight/aircraft/airline!

  • Comment 569812 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5885 Comments

    Hi Jonathan, wow what a cool report! Reviews of Boutique Air are pretty rare as are reviews on the PC-12 in general so very cool to see, especially from one of my old home airports! The experience is very Private-jet-first-class-like, which seems nice...minus all the movement you feel in such a small aircraft, haha. When there's no one in the seat in front, the legroom is endless, but if there is someone I imagine it can be awkward to have a stranger facing you the whole flight. I've actually flown this very same route before multiple times, but on Southwest....way less fancy, haha!

    Thanks again for sharing this unique report!

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