Review of easyJet flight Zurich London in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U22046
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 15 May 19, 16:35
Arrival at 15 May 19, 17:30
U2   #8 out of 13 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 610 reviews
Jett Tyler
Published on 26th January 2021

Zurich, May 2019

Wow a lot has changed since my last flight on easyJet!

So I had gone back to Zurich for the first time in a good 2 years to do a much desired and sought after spotting trip. Having done lots of BA flights, and not able to afford a flight with Swiss, I chose to mix things up by returning to easyJet as I hadn't flown them for well over a year and I hadn't flown from Luton since 2016!

The outbound flight was not much to write about except for the note of getting a flight on the first easyJet Airbus A320-NEO! I decided to report this flight as it was a NEO, and I do so many of the out-bound flights, I thought I'd do the return for a change.

photo 142170288_4024239144265815_1107692309957374420_ophoto 143270922_4024239424265787_3390293015418595007_o

Spotting at the Zurich viewing deck in May was as amazing as ever. Its arguably one of the best airports for photography. One thing I was pleased with was the discounted entry I got as I had a flight out that afternoon, saving me a good 50% off for me and my dad, who I took as I wanted to show him the viewing deck as he is into aviation photography as well.

photo 142288706_4024239417599121_4525293959227131364_ophoto 142881700_4024239494265780_6769704437319161291_o

These three aircraft bellow were the main highlights of the trip!

photo 143218402_4024239270932469_4956039405132548497_ophoto 142224137_4024239297599133_6773567917475563248_ophoto 142998923_4024237344265995_8674410148848948162_o

easyJet A320-NEO, G-UZHF

Zurich wasn't too busy when we went to get our flight. We were 2 1/2 hours ahead of boarding time. My dad isn't as quick as me so we left extra time just in case. Boy that was a good call!

photo 143256035_4024236350932761_3111907358407358581_o

Passing security was easy going. It took about 5-10 minutes from entering the que to being finished. We were going from the non-Schengen Area, so it included passing an airside passport check, which didn't take long as we were heading there quite ahead of our flight, and we missed the rush from some Middle-East flights which were leaving around that time.

photo 142337638_4024236464266083_9131469226084610189_o

easyJet, being as Low Cost as the Budget carrier comes, uses a dedicated bus ramp at Zurich, so it was a familiar sight to go down to where I had done previous flights back to London City in 2016 & 2017 respectively. I knew the bus ramp area quite well. As you can see in the picture, our flight to London Luton was to board at Gate D55/D56.

photo 142344287_4024236414266088_6861389431751560753_o

As we didn't have "Speedy Boarding" we decided to board at the end of the que for the second bus that was going to get us. A short drive around the Airport took us to the remote stand, dropping us off by another 2016 delivered Airbus A320-neo (G-UZHF). First time I had a return trip on A320-neo aircraft, having done only one-way flights with them in the past, obviously this will be a more common thing as 2020-2029 progresses.

photo 141076433_4024235957599467_1050894480229193396_ophoto 143202618_4024236047599458_8603255713366161725_o

I had pre-reserved seating in Row 10, by the window having flown up in the rear end of the previous A320, I fancied a different view- and sitting by an A320-NEO engine for the first time felt rather satisfying!!!

photo 142306846_4024235904266139_6487736561883833217_ophoto 138068548_393729638577762_3613322870944441768_n

The easyjet expereince!

Pushing off the stand, we taxied past the main Terminal complex and the Viewing Deck before making a left turn to head for Runway 10, before heading eastward as we climbed out of Zurich before turning to face North-West for the flight back to London. Overall a very standard take off, but for someone used to the Airbus A320-ceo, feeling the power of the new NEO engines felt pretty impressive for a first time!

photo 142277646_4024235750932821_6206185398828134530_o

The Airbus A320-NEO, like the A321-neo and most Airbus A320-ceo in the easyJet fleet had the brand new interior with the black-orange slimline seats. To my knowledge the Airbus A319 fleet won't get these new seats as they slowly phase off to new owners during the 2020's.

photo 142228843_4024235980932798_409612996600053378_o

The easyJet Bistro service was provided. I chose a three item meal deal with an extra Johnny Walker black-label to enjoy with my Cola. Not bad for £11. I tried the funnily pink falafel and hummus wrap with a box of crisps.

I know buy on board's get slated a lot- but £7.50 for a wrap or sandwich (which they have a good selection) with a soft drink and chocolate/crisps, I don't think its too bad.

photo 142226615_4024236257599437_5535371958532616060_ophoto 142223119_4024235967599466_8960239372315740545_o

The rest of the flight ran rather smoothly, unfortunately at this time, easyJet wasn't selling their usual double pack premier planes model kits, they appear to have been absent on and off since 2019.

photo 142213484_4024235867599476_4176032084147378728_o

Shameless as it sounds, I went to the back of the plane to use the facilities and save the crew a job of getting rid of my rubbish. I took the time to also buy a can of Heineken… I wasn't driving back in the UK, so it seemed like a good way to mark the end of an amazing Zurich spotting trip!

photo 142845051_4024236194266110_1357942731290677412_o

We started descending into the London area as we headed for Luton, we had some great clear skies as we flew over the English countryside before landing at London Luton. We taxied to the main area pulling in beside an A320-ceo of Wizzair.

photo 143110686_4024235870932809_5213933551413997820_ophoto 142231466_4024236564266073_4534876905139228637_ophoto 142335242_4024236457599417_2764640378006638661_o

At this point- I asked for a flight deck visit, and it was warmly welcomed!

photo 142260175_4024236447599418_9114632794155246000_ophoto 143270922_4024236584266071_8647122685662421286_o

I didn't keep the crew long as they had to get off to Nice, but it was nice to talk to the pilots, get my pictures and wish them a good day whilst thanking them for a good flight! The captain was an ex-B737 pilot for easyJet (the last EZY 737-700s were based at LTN until late 2011).

photo 143077021_4024236180932778_4104306782381828299_o
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Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Zurich - ZRH


London - LTN



Zurich Airport- Great modern airport complex with plenty to do airside and landside during any visit, Highly suggest this airport for a day's spotting on a day trip from within Europe, one of Europe's best Airport Viewing Decks!

easyJet- Good product and great flight experience. Shame I don't fly them as much now I live in Bournemouth, but I'll be back post Covid soon enough!



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