Review of Tiger Airways flight Singapore Penang in Economy

Airline Tiger Airways
Flight TR 2426
Class Economy
Seat 13C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 25 May 12, 09:05
Arrival at 25 May 12, 10:35
TR 39 reviews
By 2337
Published on 13th October 2013
The flights were bought just slightly more than a month before departure and I was surprised that Tiger was only offering the fares for S$96 return all-in, really a steal for departure on a friday morning and return on sunday afternoon. With such great fares, it was of course a no-brainer to book it! The flights might be the normal Tiger LCC experience, but these 2 flights would be more significant for me as they could well-probable be my last departure and arrival into Changi's Budget Terminal. As such, I was prepared to take lots of photos before its closure on Sept 24.

25 May 2012
Tiger Airways
Singapore(SIN) - Penang(PEN)
9V-TAO turbotiger
Budget Class

Checked it an hour before departure and it was fuss-free with only hand-carry luggage. I was surprised to be offered the emex row without me even requesting for it! Seemed that Tiger allocates seats in the emex rows even when the flights are not full. On my last 3 departures on Tiger out of SIN, I was allocated the emex row on all times!!

Through immigration and security in a jiffy and lets take a look at the departure hall of Budget Terminal.

Lounging area.
photo 7287149838_0afeefef60_b

Shopping in budget terminal.
photo 7287150260_27c1ef879b_b

Quite a busy morning.
photo 7287150642_bea7114b20_b

Last ever departure through here?
photo 7287150986_c8b2ca16e4_b

Sterile walkway to the gates. My flight would be departing from Gate 1.
photo 7287153782_a57e0e4196_b

Tiger Airways paper boarding receipt.
photo 7287153118_7aeac2751f_b

Waiting for a buyer?
photo 7287151434_b45713613f_b

Lots of SQ birdies at T2!
photo 7287151956_a4512920ee_b

Another SQ bird at the remote stand.
photo 7287152496_c30fb15710_b

CX taking off.
photo 7287153474_e0a89e3591_b

Turbotiger would be flying me to Penang!
photo 7287152886_b5f6e2b37b_b

Boarding was started very early at around 0830hrs for a 0905hrs departure. No photos on the tarmac due to a security personnel staring sternly at all passengers. Some other pax were stopped from taking photos too! However I grabbed a photo just before entering the plane.
photo 7287155192_f34f0ac4fd_b

Was greeted by the crew and directed to my seat at row 13. The best emex row as the seats have extra legroom and do recline.
photo 7287157028_46aa3c8725_b

Snapped a photo from the window before my 2 seat mates arrived. I was seated at the aisle and so not many window-view photos from now. Another Tiger getting ready to depart for Taipei.
photo 7287154280_9cfa6ed013_b

Great legroom!
photo 7287156484_048f69384d_b

Seat pocket contents. No used tissues/wrappers/cookie crumbs this time round. Guess the plane was freshly cleaned.
photo 7287155916_0fe5f1f149_b

The flight was almost full! Flight time was announced to be 1hr. All passengers had boarded by 0855hrs and doors were closed. However, the captain came on, thanking all passengers for the speedy boarding, but however due to morning congestion at Changi with us scheduled at number 12 for departure, ATC had advised pushback only at 0912hrs. Whats new…. And so we waited for almost 20min for pushback, then spent almost another 20min taxiing to Rwy20C, finally taking off at 0935hrs, 30min behind schedule. On the way to the runway, I also spotted 5 Tiger planes parked at remote stands. Not very efficient utilization of planes by Tiger, or Tiger currently has too many aircrafts?

Shortly after takeoff, the usual Tiger buy-on-board service started, with not many takers.
photo 7287157418_6716019fdc_b

This was followed by a duty-free sales service.
photo 7287158298_26076d1ef2_b

Generally, service by the crew on this flight is rather fine, but being such a short flight, it was rather hard to fault the service too. Also, no regrets with not having a window seat as we were in the clouds almost the entire flight, with some slight turbulence.

Landed at Penang Rwy04 right on schedule at 1035hrs (Tiger padded their Penang flights at 1hr30min when the flying time is normally about 55min-1hr).

Disembarking turbotiger.
photo 7287157894_2b0334b123_b

Preparing for the return trip. Lots of cargo on the flight!
photo 7287158780_a20682207b_b

Penang International Airport terminal building. The interior is currently undergoing a major renovation.
photo 7287149258_12f469999e_b

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Tiger Airways

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Singapore - SIN


Penang - PEN



Short and no-frills flight again by Tiger, had an on-time arrival even though with a late departure (no fault of Tiger though).

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