Review of JetSmart flight Iquique Santiago in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA293
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 10 Oct 21, 11:10
Arrival at 10 Oct 21, 13:10
JA 14 reviews
Published on 21st November 2021

Going back home…

…one year older! 馃槶馃槶馃槶

sorry for the inconvenience - at IQQ

As is usual among LCCs, JetSmart has different fares depending on your amount of baggage, the seat you select, and other options. For today's flight I chose the cheapest fare, which allows for a 10kg bolso de mano (hand bag) and lets you choose your seat even though it's not included in the fare.

photo 2021-08-06-203625_1366x768_scrot

Originally I chose seat 12F, but since I'll be traveling south along the coast, all I see will be water. Silly me. There's no way to change the seat once you buy your ticket, except…

photo 2021-08-06-204127_1366x768_scrot

…if you contact JetSmart directly. I sent them a message via Messenger - Hello, I want to change my seat for one in row A on the return flight. They reply quickly!

photo scr

They say that seat 14A is available. I accept. They ask me to indicate that I accept the terms, and it's done! I have to pay an extra 2,000 CLP (2.5 USD)

photo scr2

The transfer picks me about 8 a.m. (they had said 7). IQQ has been turned into a building site!

photo img_20211010_084844

The entrance looks like my local street market!

photo img_20211010_084849

You should be given a helmet in case something falls. XD

photo img_20211010_084835photo img_20211010_084902

I'd like to see what's happening all around me beyond these walls.

photo img_20211010_084957

I can't say if this temporary hall was built on purpose…

photo img_20211010_085033

…or if it's a section of the original hall that was isolated from the rest of the dependencies.

photo img_20211010_085044

Whatever the case, it's been provided with…

photo img_20211010_090313

…most of the amenities you expect at an airport hall, like ATMs, a shop…

photo img_20211010_090318

…even a washbasin!

photo img_20211010_090331

And a cafeteria…

photo img_20211010_090423

Arrivals over there.

photo img_20211010_090427

And the way out.

photo img_20211010_090547

Someone had the idea of adding a nice touch of color to the mostly white hall.

photo img_20211010_090413

The toilets are equipped with a water saving system. But I had to flush it three times.

photo img_20211010_090046

And that's pretty much all you see around. There's no point in staying here much longer, so I proceed to safety check right away.

photo img_20211010_090615

And we're airside! The shop is open here.

photo img_20211010_090934

View on the left.

photo img_20211010_091013photo img_20211010_091012

The action seems to be on the right. Let's go that way.

photo img_20211010_091109

I don't think you can wash your hands "constantly" unless you have a portable washbasin. What a waste of water! I think they meant regularmente."

photo img_20211010_091153

My gate.

photo img_20211010_091210

Don't you dare saying that someone has a physical problem. It's reduced mobility now.

photo img_20211010_091224

I'm not going to wash my hands and I'm not going to buy anything from the shop. The best thing I can do is sit here and wait.

photo img_20211010_091301

chaotic boarding

So far, so good. IQQ has managed to do a good job in the midst of all this construction work.

JetSmart seems to be struggling, though. Nothing (and nobody) is showing where we should line up. In fact, I see one of the janitors asking one the airline staff to tell people to stop blocking the way (me among them)

There is no signage of any kind, and the only airline staff I can see around - a small lady- is overwhelmed checking the passengers' papers.

In the end I decide to go back to my seat and wait. When I stand up again the lady comes and scans my ticket and check my sanitary permits and stuff, and when I proceed to the gate, a fat guy in JetSmart uniform starts yelling at the top of his lungs "Se帽or! Se帽or! Ya lo revisaron?" Everyone is looking at me. It was very embarrassing.

photo img_20211010_101533

I grumble my way along the jetbridge but we get stuck in the middle. Good thing, anyway…

photo img_20211010_103530

…because I catch sight of CC-AWO, which had to perform an emergency landing at IQQ last September…

photo img_20211010_103521

…when one of its engines failed on their way to Colombia.

photo img_20211010_103614

Find a video of the landing HERE.

photo 2021-11-20-193222_1366x768_scrot

On my left, scaffolding around the building…

photo img_20211010_103536

…and the guys from Acciona getting everything ready.

photo img_20211010_103750

JetSmart's medals to outstanding service…

photo img_20211010_104042

…in the battle against covid-19.

photo img_20211010_104113

The seats are making JetSmart fall behind their two Chilean competitors, Sky and LATAM.

photo img_20211010_104535

JetSmart flies from Santiago to Bogot谩, Colombia. It's a 6-hour flight. The price would have to be very convincing to submit my back and buttocks to such torture.

photo img_20211010_104541

The BOB menu is available for download. I'll keep it HERE, too.

photo img_20211010_104554

I have a better view of CC-AWO from my seat. Hm. It must have been a scary experience.

photo img_20211010_104921

The flight

Some additional information about this flight.

photo bgfhfd

We say goodbye to disgraced CC-AWO…

photo img_20211010_105007

…and my fat, yelling friend…

photo img_20211010_105425

…once the chaotic boarding come to an end.

photo img_20211010_105734

I never saw such dark wheel marks on a runway before.

photo img_20211010_110543

As we take off I can see the extent…

photo img_20211010_110748

…of the building work.

photo img_20211010_110758photo img_20211010_110801

The desert around Iquique…

photo img_20211010_110813

…is inhospitable and infinitely flat.

photo img_20211010_111128

Only some mines here and there break the monotonous landscape.

photo img_20211010_111225

Only when we reach…

photo img_20211010_115647


photo img_20211010_120942

…in the valley of the same name…

photo img_20211010_121003

…the landscape becomes rugged…

photo img_20211010_121858

…and the different minerals…

photo img_20211010_122254

…seem to give each hill a different color.

photo img_20211010_122529

…from red and brown…

photo img_20211010_122944

…to yellow and, sometimes, even a bit of green.

photo img_20211010_122957

Some places in Peru and Argentina are famous for this, like Vinicunca, in Peru.

photo img_20211010_123000

Meanwhile, in the cabin…

photo img_20211010_122701

…the BOB service has started. I need my double choca moka.

photo img_20211010_123410

Some 15 or 20 minutes before our arrival…

photo img_20211010_124604

…we experience some strong turbulence.

photo img_20211010_124716

So much so…

photo img_20211010_124921

…that my neighbor gets scared to death and grasps the seat in front of him like his life depends on it. Well, now I see he's not the only one.

photo img_20211010_131104

Here you can hear the captain ordering the crew to take their seats - Tripulaci贸n, tomar asiento. There were some children onboard, too, but their parents wisely convinced them that it was all a game, so they found the turbulence very amusing, unlike my neighbor.

That's how we made it to Santiago a bit…

photo img_20211010_131031

…shaken, literally.

photo img_20211010_131226

The best thing about this flight is that I'm on my way to Concepci贸n. I didn't realize that we would make a stopover at SCL until I boarded the plane. Hah!

photo img_20211010_131252

And this is great because I just need one more flight to recover my silver status at hee hee.

photo img_20211010_131342

So I'll take the chance to visit the restroom (as soon as they finish loading fuel)

photo img_20211010_133327photo img_20211010_133330

Standard Spanish: Prohibido manipular. S贸lo tripulaci贸n. / English: No tampering. Crew only. / Chilean Spanish: Open this lid and see what's in here!

photo img_20211010_133337

As I go back to my seat the new passengers to CCP are embarking…

photo img_20211010_133431

…and those containers are being replaced. I thought tat was for the BOB service on the next leg…

photo img_20211010_134157

…but they didn't offer anything. Besides, it would be just a 45-minute hop.

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Iquique - IQQ


Santiago - SCL



I have no idea what happened to JetSmart this time. The boarding process was completely chaotic. Passengers didn't know where to stand, how groups were organized, nothing. There were no signs, and even a janitor has to ask the airline staff not to block the way. I had a very embarrassing experience because of this.

On the bright side, we made it to our destination on time. The airline has kept its BOB service, which is a plus compared to LATAM's service.

Those seats could be a bit more comfortable.

Information on the route Iquique (IQQ) Santiago (SCL)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 3 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Iquique (IQQ) → Santiago (SCL).


The airline with the best average rating is LATAM with 7.1/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 11 minutes.

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  • Comment 587085 by
    SIA380 SILVER 61 Comments

    Hello Pilpintu. Nicely written report with beautiful photos, as always. Chile looks beautiful ! The cabin looks a bit... uncomfortable. The seats are very, very, very thin. I wouldn't like sitting there for a flight longer than four hours...
    Thanks for the Flight-Report !

    • Comment 587117 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Hello SIA380

      Nicely written report

      Thank you very much! Actually, I was not feeling very creative this time. hahah

      I wouldn't like sitting there for a flight longer than four hours

      Me neither! JetSmart is about to add a lot of new planes to their fleet, they say. Hopefully they have considered some improvement in this respect for the new planes.

      Chile looks beautiful

      I agree, but the locals don鈥檛 appreciate it. There鈥檚 little respect for the environment here and the country is turning into a huge sacrifice zone. It鈥檚 very sad.

      Thanks fro dropping by! :)

  • Comment 587091 by
    ChrisB GOLD 727 Comments

    Muchissimas gracias por el report, con muchas lindas fotos como siempre!
    Me falta ver estes paisajes..
    Impressive turbulences and your neighbours didn't seem to laugh
    How much was the selection of your BOB?
    Thank you!

    • Comment 587118 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Hi Chris!

      Muchissimas gracias por el report

      Un placer! :D

      Me falta ver estes paisajes

      You鈥檇 better hurry. It doesn鈥檛 look like they will be here much longer for us to enjoy, particularly the glaciers in the south of the country. :(

      Impressive turbulences and your neighbours didn't seem to laugh

      But I laughed at them!! hahahah

      How much was the selection of your BOB?

      What you see there is the Easy Combo. You can choose one of several salty or sweet snacks (I chose the muffin) and something to drink for 3500 CLP (5 USD)

      Thanks for visiting! :)

  • Comment 587138 by
    K茅vinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

    Hola Nelson, great report as always.

    Aside from the chaotic boarding and seats, JetSmart seems to offer a good value. Certainly as good as the competition, and better than LATAM in that BOB is available

    JetSmart flies from Santiago to Bogot谩, Colombia. It's a 6-hour flight. The price would have to be very convincing to submit my back and buttocks to such torture.

    Ugh, the dreaded Recaro slim line ironing boards--I'd need a lot of alcohol to dull the back pain and numb butt for a SCL-BOG flight in those...I shudder just to think of it.

    Only some mines here and there break the monotonous landscape.

    Mine or alien starship base 馃浉

    鈥he BOB service has started. I need my double choca moka.

    And a carrot muffin? Interesting!

    鈥e experience some strong turbulence.

    Hope you didn't spill the doble choca moka!

    And this is great because I just need one more flight to recover my silver status at hee hee.


    Thanks for sharing! I always get my dose of great aerials :)

    • Comment 587194 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Mine or alien starship base

      hahaha there must be a few scattered throughout the desert! In fact, the valley of river Elqui is renowned for UFO sightings!


      I saved a lot! XD

      Thanks for stopping by, Kevin!

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