Review of LATAM flight Sao Paulo Rio De Janeiro in Premium Eco

Airline LATAM
Flight LA3205
Class Premium Eco
Seat 3A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 26 Feb 21, 08:20
Arrival at 26 Feb 21, 09:20
LA   #52 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 148 reviews
By 703
Published on 1st March 2021


Hey there! Welcome back to this flight series. After arriving in GRU from ASU the previous day, I continued my journey to Rio by flying on LATAM's Premium Economy to SDU. I was curious about how different the product was when compared to Economy in such a short domestic hop. This was the routing, as shown in the previous report:



As I explained on the previous report, I booked the flights throught the LA website. Despite initially having the intention of booking Economy, I went with Premium Economy because of the amount of baggage included and unusually affordable fares.

at the airport

After sleeping a couple of hours, I had breakfast at the hotel and took a cab to GRU's Terminal 2, where LA's domestic flights operate from. I arrived at 06:15, some 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure. Unlike in ASU, there were no sinks at the entrance.

photo img_20210226_061513072

As this whole section of T2 is exclusively used by LA, there were several check-in counters available. As I already had done online check-in and had my boarding pass on my phone, I only needed to dispatch my baggage.

photo img_20210226_061539656photo img_20210226_062252579

Some views of Terminal 2.

photo img_20210226_062323174photo img_20210226_062403271photo img_20210226_062804644

As I went through security quite fast, I was airside 15 minutes after arriving in the airport.

photo img_20210226_063148292

View of the apron. It was nice to see it as busy as during pre-pandemic times. Note that the majority of LA planes pictured here already wore the new livery.

photo img_20210226_063210883photo img_20210226_063330897

Making my way to Gate 235, from which my flight was scheduled to depart.

Departures hall. My flight's gate was changed to 233.

photo img_20210226_064335295


- Airline: LATAM (LA)
- Aircraft:
Airbus A319
- Registration:
- Age:
10 years (2011)
- Scheduled time of departure:
08:20 (ATD 08:19)
- Scheduled time of arrival:
- Flight duration:
01:00 (Actual duration: 00:41)
- Take-off from runway:
- Landing on runway:

Boarding started around 07:30, and passengers were divided in 4 groups. As I travelled in W, I was on group 1. The plane taking us to SDU was an A319 registered PR-MYM, which made its first flight in 2011 and was delivered to TAM Airlines. At the front door, we were received by a single flight attendant. Turns out there were only two of them for the whole plane.

My seat, 3A. In this flight, the W and Y cabins were not separated by a partition. The cabin was not yet refurbished with the new signature LA seats and finishes.

photo img_20210226_074038960

View from my window. A Gol 737-800 was next to us.

photo img_20210226_075452384_hdr

As in the previous flight, there was no flight magazine, and the only thing in the front seat pocket was the safety card.

photo img_20210226_074120631

The pitch was 30 inches, the same as Y.

photo img_20210226_074338303


Some 9 minutes before the scheduled time of departure, we started pushback. The FAs performed a manual safety demonstration.

Afterwards, we started taxiing towards runway 09L. A lot of G3 738s and one LA A321 could be seen.

Inmediatly after getting into position at runway 09L, the CFM56 engines roared and, seconds later, the plane rotated at 08:19, one minute ahead of schedule.

While beginning the climb to FL250, we flew over several residential areas of Greater Sao Paulo.

photo img_20210226_082000430_hdrphoto img_20210226_082011999_hdrphoto img_20210226_082036215_hdr

As we climbed higher, we broke through several clouds, producing periods of total whiteness.

photo img_20210226_082300644_hdrphoto img_20210226_082417684

Minutes later, a beautiful blue sky made its appearance.

At FL250. Because this is a such a brief flight, we mantained cruise altitude for only 5 minutes before already starting descent. 

photo img_20210226_083109340_hdr

View of the cabin from my seat mid-flight. As ordered by the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the context of the pandemic, there is currently no meal service aboard domestic flights in Brazil. For a short flight like this one, there isn't much of a difference, however, passengers in +3 hour domestic Brazilian flights (take routes like GRU-MAO as an example) might suffer as a result of such measures.

photo img_20210226_083220260

We started descending towards SDU just 15 minutes after leaving GRU.

After we broke through the clouds again, the coast and several islands could be seen.

The Cidade Maravilhosa began to appear along the horizon.

We made a tight turn to the left to align ourselves with SDU runway 02R.

photo img_20210226_085528740

As we neared the coast for final approach, we overflown several islands.

photo img_20210226_085614424_hdrphoto img_20210226_085634917_hdr

There are Copacabana and Ipanema!

Then, in what I consider to be of the best and most awesome sights I have ever witnessed from a plane, we passed literally meters away from the Sugarloaf!

photo img_20210226_085857785photo img_20210226_085903481photo img_20210226_085912338_hdr

Views of Botafogo and Flamengo neighborhoods just seconds from touchdown. My future apartment could be seen from here!

We touched down at runway 02R at 09:00, after 41 minutes of flight. As expected, brakes were used to the max.

Vacating the runway and taxiing to gate.

photo img_20210226_090102600_hdrphoto img_20210226_090121174_hdrphoto img_20210226_090142871

Apparently, this is the executive jet apron. Note the Phenoms and the Learjet.

photo img_20210226_090216481_hdr

More sights as we came close to the gate 2.

<b style="">Interesting fact: I flew this very same Gol 738, PR-GUT, on the same ASU-GRU-SDU route back in 2017, which was my very first report in this site:

photo img_20210226_090424475

We came to a full stop at 09:04.

photo img_20210226_090620290_hdr


Those of us in W deplaned first. The arrival process was quite simple as baggage claim was just a couple of minutes away.

photo img_20210226_090813200photo img_20210226_090850593

Sights of our A319.

photo img_20210226_090820764_hdrphoto img_20210226_090944186_hdr

SDU's beautiful crystal terminal.

photo img_20210226_091037937

Baggage claim.

photo img_20210226_091242061photo img_20210226_091752859

Arrivals hall.

photo img_20210226_092540210

Check-in hall and terminal exterior.

photo img_20210226_092700334photo img_20210226_092753542photo img_20210226_092841076_hdr

From there, I took a remise to my temporary new apartment. I have four promising years ahead on this beautiful city. Until the next report!

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Cabin crew8.0

Sao Paulo - GRU


Rio De Janeiro - SDU



As there was no meal service because of the pandemic, there isn't really much difference between Premium Economy and Economy in a short flight like this, except for the preferential treatment, blocked middle seat, and baggage allowance. Unless you're carrying a lot of baggage, I would recommend to save your money by flying Y. On the other hand, SDU is beautiful and practical as always, with beautiful sights during approach and central location. That makes it by far one of my favourite airports in the whole world.

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    Thanks for that short hop to the mythic airport of SDU :) Too bad the weather was not the best but I understood you'll have 4 years to repeat the experience ;)
    I haven't really understood the W class on LATAM. If it's to continue the business long-haul service they should market it as business domectic and add a divider... Curious to see the service once the pandemic is hopefully over.
    See you soon in the air.

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