Review of Alaska Airlines flight Washington Los Angeles in Economy

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS1097
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 05:40
Take-off 09 Apr 21, 17:20
Arrival at 09 Apr 21, 20:00
AS   #20 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 69 reviews
By GOLD 765
Published on 8th June 2021

Report No: 2021-401

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this brand new series where I would present Alaska Airlines for the first time. Alaska Airlines has recently joined the oneworld alliance and had a 30% off sale that was valid on all their flights in December 2020 so I decided to try them on one of my US domestic trips.

In this report, I would cover my first ever Alaska Airlines flight from Washington Dulles Airport to Los Angeles Airport on their Boeing 737-900ER in their Main Cabin. Unfortunately, as there are no open oneworld lounges in IAD, this report would not cover any lounge reviews.

Here is the routing for this series;


  • AS1097 Washington Dulles to Los Angeles ( Main Cabin ), Boeing 737-900ER You are here
  • AS6 Los Angeles to Washington Reagan ( Domestic First ), Airbus A321neo, Alaska Lounge LAX Coming soon

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 90-95%
Premium Class: 85-90%
Main Cabin: 90-95% 


I have checked-in online to this flight, the day before and the first thing I got was this upgrade offer for $213.93 to Domestic First.

photo screenshot_20210408-173138_alaska

As I politely declined the offer, then the seat map popped up. The upgrade rate for Premium Class was $89. Unfortunately, partner oneworld Emerald's does not get Premium Class access for free, however, we do get free Preferred seating which also covers exit rows. I previously assigned myself seat 17A and sticked with that seat.

photo screenshot_20210408-173159_alaska

The day of the flight, I have taken the bus 5A from central Washington, DC to Dulles Airport. The ride takes about 50-55 minutes and a single ride would cost $7.50. We were only 3 passengers that day heading to the airport at that time.

photo 20210409_143433jpg-min

While on the way to the airport, I spotted the incoming aircraft which was this Boeing 737-900ER with the oneworld livery.

photo screenshot_20210409-143409_flightradar24photo screenshot_20210409-143414_flightradar24


About 2 hours before the flight, the bus had arrived to Washington Dulles Airport and I was inside the terminal.

photo 20210409_152249jpg-min

Here is the layout of the airport. The Alaska Airlines check-in desks are located at check-in island #3.

photo 20210409_152349jpg-min

As I was going to check a bag, I needed to stop by the counter. All the counters were empty and I was able to drop my bag really quickly. However, the agents weren't familiar with attaching a priority tag on baggages belonging to partner elites, I needed to alert the agent that she forgot the priority tag; after reminding her, she said she'll attach one and in the end, at LAX my bag had the "Priority tag" and was one the first bags to arrive.

photo 20210409_152814jpg-min

FIDS for the day. Compared to my previous travel in the last few months, the airport is getting crowded every day with more flights. However, the number of international flights are still 25-30% of the pre-COVID era.

photo 20210409_152528jpg-min

After checking-in, it was time to head towards security. There wasn't any line downstairs at the security checkpoint, thus without a wait, I was at the airside.

photo 20210409_152847jpg-min

As I didn't have lunch that day and I knew that no proper food would be served onboard, I just checked the list of open concessions at the airport website and decided to go to the United terminal to have lunch as there were significantly more restaurants/cafés open over there compared to the A/B terminal where the only open food concessions were Dunkin Donuts and Wendy's.

photo 20210409_153429jpg-min

I took the AirTrain to concourse C,

photo 20210409_153722jpg-min

And, decided to have a pizza at &pizza for a late lunch.

photo 20210409_155640jpg-min

After having my lunch, it was time to return back to the A/B terminal where Alaska Airlines flights depart and arrive at. This time, I decided to take the moon buggy to Concourse A.

photo 20210409_161333jpg-min

On the way, I did some spotting starting with this United Express Embraer

photo 20210409_161505jpg

SAS A330

photo 20210409_161550jpg

Air France 777-300ER which had recently landed after a flight from Paris CDG.

photo 20210409_161620jpg

After a ride on the moon buggy, I was inside the A/B concourse and decided to have coffee before the flight.

photo 20210409_161858jpg-min

So, I have purchased a Matcha Latte and some treats from Dunkin Donuts while waiting for my flight.

photo 20210409_163518jpg-min

As I mentioned earlier in the report, I wasn't able to access any lounges before this trip as the only oneworld lounge in this airport, which is the British Airways Galleries Lounge is closed due to COVID. Unfortunately, I don't have a PriorityPass membership, otherwise I would be able to visit the Air France or the Turkish Airlines Lounge which were open that day.

photo 20210409_163255jpg-min


While I arrived at the gate, N487AS was already there and the passengers from the incoming flight from Seattle were still deplaning. At that time, the gate agents were gate-checking heavy carry-ons and those bags of volunteers.

photo 20210409_163532jpg-min

A few minutes later than our scheduled boarding time, boarding had started with the respect of boarding groups. Alaska's boarding process starts with passengers requiring extra assistance and those with infants, continues with active US military members which is followed by First Class passengers and then groups A to E are individually called. As I hold British Airways Executive Gold status ( oneworld Emerald ), I was automatically assigned "group A" on my boarding pass.

photo 20210409_163757jpg-min-52477

I'm glad that Alaska Airlines has joined the oneworld alliance.

photo 20210409_165833jpg-min


After being welcomed by the crew, I have headed to my seat 17A which is located in the second emergency exit row of the aircraft. This Alaska Airlines 737-900ER was equipped with the Recaro slimline seats which I quite enjoy flying with. Plus, the AS version of these seats has headrests.

photo 20210409_165919jpg-min

As you could imagine, the legroom at the exit row is quite generous

photo 20210409_170006jpg

The seat back also has a USB port and a power outlet

photo 20210409_170547jpg

The aircraft was equipped with the Sky Interior cabin design.

photo 20210409_170038jpg

While boarding was going on, it was still raining; our neighbor was this Austrian 767-300ER which would be replaced by 787's in the future.

photo 20210409_170000jpg

The seat back pocket had the safety card and an inflight guide. Alaska Airlines doesn't offer any written literature onboard, although, personal device entertainment and WiFi is available onboard.

photo 20210409_170111jpg

The drink options that were available on today's flight and entertainment options were clearly listed on the inflight guide. By the way, Alaska Airlines also offers free texting onboard their flights.

photo 20210409_170217jpg-min

The back of the inflight guide has an advertisement.

photo 20210409_170224jpg-min

After boarding was completed, I felt lucky that the middle seat next to mine was empty on a close to full flight. As we were pushing back, I already though that I was going to have an enjoyable flight.

By the way, on this flight there weren't that many business travelers and the majority of the passengers were leisure travelers, thus some of the other passengers who were seating in a "Preferred" seat also got empty middle seats.

photo 20210409_172941jpg

Austrian 767-300ER

photo 20210409_172959jpg

Lufthansa A330-300 and Qatar Airways 777-300ER

photo 20210409_173025jpg

Some UnitedExpress jets parked at Concourse Z

photo 20210409_173723jpg

We are taxiing to the runway

photo 20210409_173917jpg

After a 10 minute taxi, we have took off towards the south and our journey has commenced.

photo 20210409_174346jpg

Some beautiful views after takeoff

After takeoff, I decided to discover the personal device entertainment system.
Starting with the Wi-Fi options:

photo screenshot_20210409-174635_samsung-internet

The route map

photo screenshot_20210409-175518_samsung-internet

And the IFE menu

photo screenshot_20210409-174857_samsung-internet

During the flight, I have decided to watch a movie to entertain myself and while enjoying my movie the service had started. First, one member of the cabin crew handed a snack mix and a disinfectant wipe; and shortly later another cabin crew member asked my choice of drink, I opted for an orange juice and a few moments later, the cabin crew thanked me for being a oneworld Emerald member and asked me if I would also like any beer or wine. I have asked for some red-wine which was handed to me with Alaskan chocolate so I decided to drink the orange juice later in the flight.

Also as a sidenote, passengers could pre-order a Fruit & Cheese Plate in advance if they wish by paying through the Alaska website or the mobile app.

photo 20210409_181438jpg

During the flight, I have watched two movies and the cabin crew appeared about every 20-30 minutes to collect trash.

photo 20210409_213517jpg

While I finished my second movie for the flight, we were over Utah.

photo ekran-resmi-2021-04-09-213458

Shortly after that moment, I have decided to visit the lavatory which was clean during my visit.

photo 20210409_223248jpg-minphoto 20210409_223304jpg-min

At that time, at the last row of the aircraft which was empty, bottles of water and additional snack mix packages were available for those who were hungry or thirsty. I have helped myself with a bottle of water.

photo 20210409_224133jpg-min

A while later, the captain has turned on the seatbelt signs and we have started our descent.

photo 20210409_224351jpg

Shortly later, we have landed at LAX

photo 20210409_225128jpg

As we have landed into one of the runways at the north of the airport, it took a while to taxi to the gate.

photo 20210409_195649jpg

American Airlines 787 at a remote stand

photo 20210409_195811jpg-min

Tom Bradley International Terminal with mostly aircraft of Asian carriers.
It's surprising to see all these Asian carriers, especially the China Southern A380, where travel restrictions and strict quarantines are enforced in that part of world.

photo 20210409_195835jpg-min

Another Asiana aircraft, alongside with this Philippines Airlines 777-300ER.

photo 20210409_195855jpg-min

JetBlue A321 at Terminal 5

photo 20210409_195947jpg-min

Another JetBlue A321

photo 20210409_195957jpg-min

Alaska aircraft at Terminal 6

photo 20210409_200023jpg-min

Another Alaska 737

photo 20210409_200123jpg-min

We were going to park at gate 60

photo 20210409_200133jpg-min

And, we have parked at the gate on time.
There were no row by row deboarding enforced by the crew, although passengers were requested to maintain social distance and wait for those in the front to disembark first before standing up.

photo 20210409_200215jpg-min

Los Angeles AIRPORT - LAX

After saying goodbye to the crew, it was time to take this fuselage shot of this oneworld livery aircraft

photo 20210409_200747jpg-min

And then, I headed to the terminal. As you could realize from the FIDS 95% of the flights departing and arriving at Terminal 6 are operated by Alaska Airlines.

photo 20210409_200832jpg-min

At LAX, probably due to the construction going on, Alaska Airlines has only one baggage carousel for all their flights and with multiple arrivals at the same time; the belt area was pretty crowded and become more crowded while time was passing by. It was a bit chaotic and there were occasions were passengers didn't maintain social distancing procedures; however, my bag arrived within 15 minutes and I was ready to leave the terminal.

photo 20210409_201029jpg-48181

And, my first experience with Alaska Airlines has come to an end.

photo 20210409_201842jpg-min-63011

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.
The series would continue with the next report where I would cover the Domestic First product of Alaska Airlines.

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Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Washington - IAD


Los Angeles - LAX



To conclude this report, I could tell that my first flight on Alaska Airlines was pretty pleasant and I enjoyed flying them. Both the ground staff and the cabin crew were friendly, the seats were comfortable, the IFE and power options were great; although with some slight improvements on the BoB menu ( not only selling cheese plates by pre-order ) and a better arrival experience at LAX this journey could have made the journey better.

(+) No wait for check-in and security
(+) Priorities respected throughout the boarding process
(-) Limited food options at the A/B concourse
(-) No lounge open for AS passengers
AS 1097
(+) Comfortable seats and generous legroom at the exit row
(+) Presence of power outlets and USB ports at each seat
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Toilets were kept clean throughout the flight
(+) Presence of Wi-Fi and IFE options
(-) No proper meal option on this flight
(-) Disorganized and chaotic baggage claim process

Information on the route Washington (IAD) Los Angeles (LAX)


  • Comment 574669 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5426 Comments

    Hey ISTFlyer, nice surprise to see an AS report from you! And how appropriate that you got a oneworld livery a/c so soon after AS officially entering oneworld.

    partner oneworld Emerald's does not get Premium Class access for free

    Hopefully that will change in the future. For the time being, I believe AA Elites can request space-available upgrades to First class and vice-versa, though I believe your status is BAEC so that doesn't help. The upgrade offer to First was really good IMO...$213 for a transcon is a great price (depending on the original fare paid for Y of course).

    Plus, the AS version of these seats has headrests.

    Though I'm not a fan of Recaro slimlines, I will say that AS's feel better padded than most and the headrests make them much more tolerable.

    the cabin crew thanked me for being a oneworld Emerald member and asked me if I would also like any beer or wine

    Great to hear that they're doing this with partner airline Emeralds, similar to AA.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 574670 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 342 Comments

      Hi Kévin and thanks for your comment,

      Hopefully that will change in the future. For the time being, I believe AA Elites can request space-available upgrades to First class and vice-versa, though I believe your status is BAEC so that doesn't help.

      - If I'm not wrong AAdvantage elites could get Premium Class seating but I don't think other partner elites wouldn't be eligible in the future and yes my status is through BAEC.
      The upgrade offer to First was really good IMO...$213 for a transcon is a great price (depending on the original fare paid for Y of course).

      - Indeed, it was a great offer but was definitely worth for this occasion as I already scored an exit-row seat with the middle seat empty. Although, the upgrade is definitely worth if someone doesn't have status and doesn't have any privileges on AS.
      Great to hear that they're doing this with partner airline Emeralds, similar to AA.

      - Exactly this was a really nice touch.

      Thanks for sharing!

      - Thanks for reading :)

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