Review of Alaska Airlines flight Los Angeles Washington in Domestic First

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS6
Seat 04F
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 04:59
Take-off 12 Apr 21, 13:00
Arrival at 12 Apr 21, 20:59
AS   #23 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 76 reviews
By GOLD 1165
Published on 19th June 2021

Report No: 2021-402

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this brand new series where I would present Alaska Airlines for the first time. Alaska Airlines has recently joined the oneworld alliance and had a 30% off sale that was valid on all their flights in December 2020 so I decided to try them on one of my US domestic trips.

So, in the second and last episode of this series, I would try the Alaska Airlines Domestic First product from Los Angeles to Washington National on their A321neo with recliner seats. Before this flight, I had the opportunity to visit the Alaska Airlines Lounge in Los Angeles Terminal 6 and you would be able to see a brief review of that in this report.

Here is the routing for this series;


Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 100%
Premium Class: 95-100%
Main Cabin: 95-100% 


I have checked-in to this flight about 24 hours before departure and I kept my pre-assigned seat which was seat 4F

photo screenshot_20210411-130840_alaska

Los Angeles AIRPORT - LAX

About 1h40 minutes before departure, I have arrived at Los Angeles Airport's Terminal 6 where Alaska Airlines flight operate from

photo 20210412_112223jpg-min

There were only one Priority check-in desk open at that time, although the wait was minimal so I was quickly checked-in by a friendly agent and dropped my checked baggage.

photo 20210412_112300jpg-min

Here are the FIDS for Terminal 6 departures, the majority of the flights operating from this terminal are Alaska Airlines flights

photo 20210412_112622jpg-min

There wasn't any priority security lane offered by Alaska so I needed to use the regular lane which meant that I waited 5-10 minutes to be screened. TSA Pre and Clear passengers had a dedicated lane if they have the respective memberships.

photo 20210412_112658jpg-19559

Hand sanitizers were widely available throughout the terminal

photo 20210412_112937jpg


As I had time before boarding I decided to visit the Alaska Lounge at Terminal 6. Unlike other US domestic carriers an Alaska Airlines Domestic First ticket would give you free lounge access, however, you must be on a revenue First Class ticket and upgrades/non-revenue passengers still require a membership.

However, if Alaska didn't offer free lounge access to their Domestic First passengers, I would have able to access the lounge by my British Airways Executive Club Gold status as non-AAdvantage and non-MileagePlan oneworld elites could still access oneworld lounges before oneworld flights even if they are flying on a US domestic flight despite their travel class.

photo 20210412_113751jpg-min

After being welcomed by one of the lounge agents at the entry, I glimpsed around and realized the lounge was very crowded and it was difficult to find a seat due to social distancing requirements and blocked seats. However, there was a circulation going on with passengers leaving and entering so I was able to find an open seat in a minute.

photo 20210412_121754jpg-min-49049

So, due to local restrictions at Los Angeles, all food and beverages must be served by someone so the self-service buffet was closed. Here is the menu for the day.

photo 20210412_113936jpg-min

I have opted for the soup and the pancakes which were served with real silverware.

photo 20210412_114723jpg-min-57442

The lounge also has a bar where you could get alcoholic beverages and tea/coffee. There are some complimentary drinks, however, you must pay for most of the alcoholic beverages. 

photo 20210412_114039jpg-min

Closer to boarding I have left the lounge and headed to the boarding gate.

photo 20210412_114727jpg-37185


The gate area was crowded even 1h30 minutes before departure ( I took this photo before heading to the lounge ). It was going to be a full flight this day.

photo 20210412_113513jpg-min-16133

Photos of N921VA would be the bird operating today's flight. This bird was the first A321neo that was delivered for Virgin America and after the merger, it was obviously transferred to the Alaska Airline fleet.

photo 20210412_113528jpg-minphoto 20210412_113605jpg-min

Before boarding, the gate area was crowded.

photo 20210412_121936jpg-92001

Boarding started on time, however, with a few active US military members and passengers requiring extra assistance, it took a while for First Class passengers to be invited.

photo 20210412_122000jpg-min-63183

Also, the barcode reader tablet was slow at scanning boarding passes and that was another reason that the boarding process was a bit slow.

photo 20210412_122621jpg-min


After being welcomed by the crew, I have headed to my seat 4F. ( As my neighbor in 4D has boarded before me, I took this photo after our arrival at DCA in order not to disturb him )

photo 20210412_204217jpg-min-38892

Here is the legroom which is decent

photo 20210412_122914jpg-min

The seats were familiar to me as they were the same exact seats that you could find on a Turkish Airlines A321neo or Boeing 737MAX in Business Class.

As you might realize, there wasn't any written literature other than the inflight guide and the safety card.

photo 20210412_122917jpg-min

Our neighbor was this SkyWest Embraer

photo 20210412_122953jpg

The overhead panel

photo 20210412_123031jpg

All seats in the Domestic First Cabin already had a bottle of water and an hand sanitizer wipe in the armrest ready.

photo 20210412_122928jpg-min

Each seat in the Domestic First cabin had USB ports and power outlets

photo 20210412_123220jpg

While boarding was going on, our neighbor had changed as another Alaska SkyWest Embraer had parked at gate 65A.

photo 20210412_130616jpg

After boarding was completed, the cabin crew performed the safety demo and we have started our pushback.

photo 20210412_130635jpg

On the way to the runway, I did a decent amount of spotting starting with this American Airlines A321neo

photo 20210412_130721jpg

JetBlue A321

photo 20210412_131238jpg

Kalitta Air 747F

photo 20210412_131314jpg

Viva Aerobus A320 which had recently landed ( presumably from Mexico )

photo 20210412_131342jpg

Emirates SkyCargo 777F

photo 20210412_131408jpgphoto 20210412_131511jpg

DHL aircraft at the freight terminal

photo 20210412_131637jpg

And after a 5-10 minute taxi, it was our time to takeoff and here is a JetBlue A321 taxiing

photo 20210412_131741jpg

Japan Airlines 777-300ER in front of Terminal 4

photo 20210412_131744jpg

Tom Bradley International Terminal where it's possible to spot European and Asian carriers

photo 20210412_131747jpg

The Midfield Satellite Concourse that should be opening in the next few months

photo 20210412_131752jpg

Some wide-bodies at remote stands

photo 20210412_131804jpg

Some Qantas A380's at remote stands

photo 20210412_131810jpg-min

And we were over the Pacific Ocean

photo 20210412_131829jpg

After a slight turn towards the east, the lead cabin crew introduced herself and verified my pre-ordered food option. She also asked my drink choice and shortly later the service had begun.

photo 20210412_132233jpg

As a beverage, I have opted for some red-wine which was drinkable but not that perfect.

photo 20210412_134234jpg

Today's meal options were the Ham & Cheese sandwich and the Fruit&Cheese Plate. As the latter wouldn't count as a lunch option, I had pre-ordered the sandwich.

By the way, Alaska Airlines have already restored hot meals on their transcontinental flights, and I missed the return of the hot meals on these routes by a few days.

photo 20210412_135005jpg-min

The sandwich was served with some sauce which I don't remember and a small chocolate. Although, I am not a fan of pre-packaged food on premium cabins, the sandwich was tasty and decent. Compared to American's Turkey & Havarti sandwich that I had multiple times, this sandwich is certainly much better.

photo 20210412_135057jpg-min

This flight was also equipped with Wi-Fi and personal device entertainment.
Here are the package options for this flight. 

photo screenshot_20210412-131957_samsung-internet

The mobile IFE menu

photo screenshot_20210412-132021_samsung-internet

Route map

photo screenshot_20210412-132046_samsung-internet

On this flight, I have watched a movie to entertain myself and midway on the flight, the lead flight attendant appeared with the snack basket and offered drinks as well.

photo 20210412_145736jpg

A view at that time

photo 20210412_162039jpg

If we look at the seatback pocket content, as I mentioned before, it is limited to the inflight guide and the safety card

photo 20210412_162444jpg

Information about the drink choices and entertainment options was available at the inflight guide.

photo 20210412_162503jpg

On the back, there was a credit card advertisement.

photo 20210412_162508jpg-min

Somewhere where I was enjoying my movie, I have hit the call button to request some mint tea, however, one of the FA's that was mostly serving Economy Class ignored the call button even when I came face to face with her, however, another FA came seconds later and shortly, my mint tea was served. Other than the weird action ( ignoring my call button signal ) by that specific crew, all the crew were totally perfect and that is the reason why I wouldn't give 10/10 for the crew in the ratings.

photo 20210412_152111jpg-min

After I finished my movie, I have checked the route map and we had about 1h13 minutes to landing

photo screenshot_20210412-162535_samsung-internet

I decided to visit the lavatory which was clean at that time

photo 20210412_164721jpg-minphoto 20210412_164728jpg-43105

On the way back to my seat, I have grabbed some candy and a bottle of water from the snack basket which was available at the front galley. At that time, the lead FA asked how was the flight going so far and I thanked her for the excellent service at that time.

photo 20210412_165242jpg

About 45 minutes before landing, the cabin crew appeared one more time, this time for the cookie service.

photo 20210412_165552jpg

The cookie was a Chocolate Chip cookie and was delicious.

photo 20210412_165724jpg

The cabin crew, also asked if the passengers would like any drinks and I have opted for a mint tea.

photo 20210412_165959jpg

Later on, the preparations for landing has started and trash was collected

National Harbor, MD

photo 20210412_173519jpg

MGM Casino at National Harbor, MD

photo 20210412_173540jpg

Shortly later, we have landed at DCA

photo 20210412_173713jpgphoto 20210412_173731jpg

After a short taxi, we were going to park at gate 18.

photo 20210412_203929jpg-min

Shortly later the seatbelt signs have been switched off and after gathering my belongings and saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft.

photo 20210412_204020jpg-min


Last shot of N921VA from the terminal

photo 20210412_204422jpg-min

That evening, the terminal was deserted and the only passengers were those arriving from our flight

photo 20210412_204447jpg-min

Arrival FIDS

photo 20210412_204728jpg-min

Bags were going to arrive at Carousel 3. After a 10-15 minute wait, bags have arrived with the respect of priorities and my bags were one of the first ones to arrive.

photo 20210412_204757jpg-min

After picking up my checked baggage, I have headed to the metro station and luckily the train was arriving at that time so I didn't wait over there.

photo 20210412_210040jpg-min

And this journey has come to an end.
A more exclusive series would be coming up soon so stay tuned with Flight-Report.
Once again, thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Alaska Lounge - 6


Los Angeles - LAX


Washington - DCA



So, my first Alaska Domestic First flight was great especially compared to the price I paid for this segment. Although their hard-product is not the best hard-product within the US, the seats are comfortable and the amenities were sufficient for a domestic transcontinental flight. The service level from the crew was fantastic onboard and if one of the crew members didn't ignore my call button sign, I would have rated them 10/10. The Wi-Fi and entertainment options were sufficient, although, it was a bit bad to have pre-packaged food on this flight as a main meal, however, Alaska has restored hot meals on their transcontinental flights and I hope that I'll get a better meal on my next AS F flight. However, the quality of the sandwich was good and the cookie that was served prior to landing was delicious. The ground experience at LAX was also pleasant, other than no priority lane being available at security everything was OK. The lounge was above my expectations and at the time I travelled, I could easily say that the Alaska Lounge had the best offerings among all the lounges open in the entire airport. Also, I would not forget the excellent lounge team which were friendly and helpful.

To conclude this report and series, I could tell that I was very content with Alaska Airlines and I would definitely consider flying them in future travels. I don't want to give a hint on which route I'll fly them in the future but more AS reports would be coming later during the year if my plans don't change. Yes, they might not be part of the legacy US3, although they are not worse than the US3 and they are definitely a flyable airline within the USA.

(+) Efficient check-in process
(+) Acceptable wait for security
(+) Priorities respected throughout boarding
(-) No priority lane available for security
Alaska Lounge T6
(+) Decent food offerings compared to other US airline clubs
(+) Beverage selection including the availability of handcrafted espresso based beverages
(+) Friendly lounge staff
AS 6
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) Wi-Fi and entertainment options
(+) Presence of power outlets and USB ports
(+) Excellent crew
(+) Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight
(-) Only pre-packaged food being available on this flight
(+) Bags arrived within a reasonable time and with the respect of priority

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Washington (DCA)


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  • Comment 574980 by
    Plainfreak 46 Comments

    Thanks for a nice report! Quite poor the main food service, good to read they have restored hot meals in the meantime.

  • Comment 574999 by
    wop SILVER 343 Comments

    Thanks for this report! I didn't know that Alaska operates such transcontinental flights.
    I am a little puzzled by the canned red wine, served with ice!

    • Comment 575001 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi Wop and thanks for your comment,

      I didn't know that Alaska operates such transcontinental flights.

      - If I'm not wrong, this was a former Virgin America route and after the merger AS decided to continue operating it.
      I am a little puzzled by the canned red wine, served with ice!

      - It's the reality in the USA where all cold drinks are served with ice. I also don't get the logic but that's how it is :)

  • Comment 575030 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5847 Comments

    Hi ISTFlyer, thanks for sharing this report on a familiar route for me, which I'd flown many times in the past on AA, AS, and US and VX when they were around.

    Though the new Alaska cabins are an improvement over previous Alaska interiors, they are a downgrade for the former Virgin A320 family fleet, which lost PTVs throughout the cabin. The First class cabin is also a big downgrade over the previous Cradle Recliner sleeper seats which had 55" pitch compared to the new 40" pitch.

    Yes, the meal wasn't great for a 5h flight, this was pretty standard throughout the pandemic for most US carriers. Alaska have since brought back full hot meals on longer flights so it's back to the normal experience, at least on flights of similar length to this one.

    I wish they had kept a subfleet of VX cabins for transcons like this. Nevertheless, AS is my favourite US carrier because their service is friendly and consistently good. I've never really had a bad experience with AS and I'm so glad that the AA/AS/B6 partnership now allows you to fly on any of the 3 and earn miles + status! I'll be taking advantage of that this week as I fly JetBlue Mint for the first time, believe it or not.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 575059 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi Kévin and thanks for your comment,

      Though the new Alaska cabins are an improvement over previous Alaska interiors, they are a downgrade for the former Virgin A320 family fleet, which lost PTVs throughout the cabin. The First class cabin is also a big downgrade over the previous Cradle Recliner sleeper seats which had 55" pitch compared to the new 40" pitch.

      - I didn't know that the VX F seats at 55" pitch, thanks for letting me know. Based on what I see on the internet, obviously VX's former hard product is much superior to what AS is offering at this moment. I wish I had the opportunity to try them in the past but no luck.

      Yes, the meal wasn't great for a 5h flight, this was pretty standard throughout the pandemic for most US carriers. Alaska have since brought back full hot meals on longer flights so it's back to the normal experience, at least on flights of similar length to this one.

      - At least they did the right thing restoring meals and I'm still a bit sad that I missed the hot meals by a few days. Whilst, I am still excited to fly AS F in the future and enjoy their full hot meals in F for the first time.

      I'm so glad that the AA/AS/B6 partnership now allows you to fly on any of the 3 and earn miles + status!

      - With AAdvantage, you have the opportunity to do that. If they didn't had that their EQD requirement, I might have considered building status on AAdvantage but definitely not worth it for someone like my flying pattern with the current scheme.

      I'll be taking advantage of that this week as I fly JetBlue Mint for the first time, believe it or not.

      - Wow! I am definitely waiting the report for that flight :)

      Once again take care and hope to see you around!

  • Comment 575297 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 570 Comments

    Red wine in a can, served with ice and a plastic cup? That is really really a disgrace!
    Catering wise I would have expected much more for a 5 hour flight, yet you can't expect it to be decent either in the US.
    Thanks for sharing tho!

    • Comment 575298 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Hi Thomas and thanks for stopping by,

      As you mentioned red wine in a can and in a plastic cup is a disgrace and if I'm not wrong they are still serving the same wine on their flights with plastic cups.
      Although, catering was improved and hot meals are now served on this route.


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