Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Sofia in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS799
Class Economy
Seat 19A
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 21 Apr 21, 22:00
Arrival at 22 Apr 21, 00:30
OS   #33 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 259 reviews
By GOLD 831
Published on 24th April 2021


Well hello again, dear Flight-Report community, and a very warm welcome to my newest series! After being on the ground and confined to Austria for 222 days, it was finally time to take to the skies again on April 21st, 2021, for a quick trip to Bulgaria. Boring as the destination may be, I was still beyond excited to be flying again, and to leave my beloved adoptive country of Austria and see relatives in my country of heritage again. And little did I know it at the time of the flight, but I was eligible for a vaccine in Bulgaria, which I received, so this flight marked the end of a bleak year of uncertainty! 😃

trip information

I originally booked a basic VIE-SOF-VIE roundtrip for 16,000 United Miles. Upon booking, my routing looked like this:

OS799 | Vienna - Sofia | Embraer 195
OS798 | Sofia - Vienna | Airbus A319

However, I got my vaccine dose, my dad (who I was travelling with for this journey) and I decided to celebrate the occasion by changing the return to a very exciting routing, involving two extra flights, an airport that I have wanted to visit for quite some time, and a new aircraft type for me. Now that the second report has been published, I'll reveal the entire routing:

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-05-04-um-124701

In addition to the cool routing and being able to fly Turkish Airlines again, this trip was also special for two other reasons: it would include my first flight on an Airbus A321neo, and also, sadly, my very last flight on an Austrian Dash 8, which are being retired next month.

the evening of departure

After a very enjoyable day exploring Vienna, I headed to the airport at around 7:30 PM. I took the S7 from the Wien Mitte - Landstraße station.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151020photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151038-70966

The train as very empty and quite nice on the inside. Most of Vienna's S-Bahn trains are very new CityJet trains, which are very comfortable as well.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151054photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151122

After a 22 minute ride, my train pulled into the Vienna Airport station at 8:11 PM.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151137

vienna schwechat international airport (VIE)

After arriving at the airport, I followed the signs to Terminal 3, which in normal times is just the Star Alliance terminal, but during Covid times houses all operations.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151152photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151224

There were only 4 other airborne departures that night.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151213

I was shocked and saddened to see just how empty the airport was. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151237photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151252photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151307

I checked in my bag with a very friendly agent and made my way to security. I was once again shocked to see just how empty it was, as just a year and half earlier I misconnected due to massive lines at the exact same checkpoint

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151316-96360

Needless to say, it didn't take more than a minute to pass through security, and I made my way into an eerily empty concourse.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151325

Just like in the summer, the only lounge open was the SKY Lounge in the Schengen concourse. But I wouldn't be able to visit, as it has already closed.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151337

I had hoped that by 2021 airports wouldn't look like this anymore 😢

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151349

The sole flight from the Schengen pier that evening was OS913 to Innsbruck. With nothing to explore, I headed up to the non-Schengen pier…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151400

…which was just as empty.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151409photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151432photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151449

Only 4 non-Schengen flights including mine, all departing within 35 minutes of each other.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151422

I walked through the concourse a few times trying not to cry about the state of the airline industry before heading to my gate.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151505photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151515

boarding + initial impressions

From the next gate over, I caught a glimpse of my aircraft. Operating my first flight of 2021 would be OE-LWQ, Austrian's youngest Embraer, named 'Silent Night'. It was built in August 2012, making it 8.8-years old at the time of my flight. Before joining the Austrian fleet in 2017, it flew for Lufthansa CityLine for 4.5 years.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151524

Boarding was called on time, and I made my way down the jetbridge. While still feeling a little down after seeing the emptyness of the terminal, I was also thrilled to be experiencing that feeling again!

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151532

A look at the fuselage.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151542

Special sticking commemorating the Christmas carol for which the aircraft is named.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151603

I was greeted by a friendly purser who handed me a desinfecting wipe and made my way to my seat.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151615

Reaching 18A, my home for the next hour and a half.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151624

Cleaning the tray table.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151636

The legroom was quite good for my 5'8 (175cm) frame.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151646photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151654

In the seatback pocket were the safety instructions…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151705

…and the new buy-on-board menu, Austrian Melangerie.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151716

Standard Embraer PSU.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151725

Cabin during boarding.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151735-13627

Nice view of the wing and the A319 off to Yerevan.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151744

austrian 799 - vienna to sofia

As you may recall, I flew to Bulgaria in Business Class in the summer, as I was worried that the flights might be full and I wouldn't be able to distance well enough. Those flights ended up being empty, so I figured that I should be fine to fly in the back this time around. Well as it turns out, I was wrong, and the flight ended up being around 80% full. Luckily I was sitting next to my dad, so I didn't have to worry being next to a random stranger. Once boarding was completed, Captain Stefan made his welcome announcement and we pushed back a few moments later.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151943

The last remaining Dash 8s in the Austrian fleet, OE-LGI and OE-LGJ. Sad to see that awesome little airplane being retired from the skies of Austria, but that had been planned since before the pandemic.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151953

As we pushed back, I moved back one row because the guy in front of me kept lowering his mask to talk to his seatmate, and I wasn't interested in possibly getting infected 😜

Taxiing to Runway 29.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152001photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152009

departure from vienna

Lining up.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152017


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152025


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152038

Sharp left turn after departure, and a last look at Vienna Airport.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152048photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152055

Climbing out over Burgenland.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152103photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152121

Cabin after departure.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152113

Takeoff video:


Just a view minutes after takeoff, the lights were turned on and the crew began preparing for their service.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152130-10925

I took the time to look at the BoB menu.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151758

The menu is pretty expansive and consists of cold snacks…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151807photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151814

…hot meals…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151824photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151832

…traditional Austrian desserts…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151841photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151849

…quick snacks…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151924photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151932

…and beverages.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151857photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151906photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-151915

I found the menu offer a lot of good things, but a bit on the pricey side. I was looking forward to enjoying the Sachertorte, but unfortunately they didn't have any left, so I didn't consume anything while onboard.

On a night flight like the one I was one, it was a bit annoying to not have form of entertainment onboard. Austrian's Embraers don't have WiFi and I didn't download anything before hand to watch, so I most stared out the window but couldn't see much outside. Ultimately, on such a short flight it's not such a big deal that OS didn't provide any entertainment, but on a longer flight it could certainly be frustrating, and I hope they add some form of entertainment on their Embraer fleet.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152138

Passing Belgrade.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152148

While somewhere over Serbia, the crew handed out health declarations for entry into Bulgaria.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152156

arrival into sofia

Commencing our descent just north of Niš, Serbia.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152209

Cabin during descent.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152452-45395

With the introduction of Austrian Melangerie, OS also decided to copy SWISS and hand out chocolates on descent, which I thought was a nice and cute touch.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152507

Descending further over the suburbs of Sofia.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152515

Overflying the airport.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152525

Turning final.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152533

Established on the Runway 09 approach.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152544photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152552

Smooth touchdown at 12:17 AM, 13 minutes ahead of scheduled, after a flight time of 1 hour and 13 minutes.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152559

Slowing down.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152607photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152615

Vacating the runway.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152623

Landing video:

Pulling into the terminal…

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152630

…and into the gate next to a Lufthansa A319.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152642

One last look at my seat.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152649-42091


photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152659

And into the all too familiar Sofia Airport.

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-152708

routing of os799

photo bildschirmfoto-2021-04-22-um-142147

We left Vienna flying what I believe was the SOLLENAU RNAV depature then flew southeast, made a left turn near Osijek, Croatia, and flew more or less directly from there to Sofia. We cruised at an altitude of 39,000 feet.

The arrival procedure was easy enough, though it turned out that my negative Antigen test wasn't valid to enter the country, as Bulgaria only recognizes PCR tests. They told me that I needed to do a PCR test the next morning, which I did. My bag was already on the belt by the time I got there - a first for me in Sofia. Thanks for reading this report, and I'm very excited to continue the series in a few days on another, more exotic airline. Hope to see you there!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Vienna - VIE


Sofia - SOF



My first flight back in the air was very nice, but sad at the same time. Seeing Vienna Airport so empty really hit me, and I hope that soon enough, once more people are vaccinated, it will be back to normal operations. As for the flight itself, it was absolutely unremarkable.

+ Friendly crew.
+ Comfortable Embraer cabin with good legroom.
+- New expansive but pricey BoB menu.
- My choice of food was not available.
- No entertainment.

Like I said, I hope that Austrian will add some form of entertainment on the Embraer fleet, but even without any entertainment they are still a pretty comfortable ride.

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  • Comment 573470 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5759 Comments

    Hey NewYorker, thanks for sharing and welcome back to the skies!

    As we pushed back, I moved back one row because the guy in front of me kept lowering his mask to talk to his seatmate

    It's silly when people do the point of wearing a mask if for you NOT to spew your droplets all over the place hah. Good thing there was extra room on board...everything here in the US is full full full

    The new BOB menu is quite extensive and does look to have to nice options, but you have to be reeeally hungry at those prices! It is a shame the LH Group have begun introducing BOB where they were doing free sandwiches and snacks before. Still it's good to have the option to buy food on board where so many carriers have stopped it altogether.

    Like I said, I hope that Austrian will add some form of entertainment on the Embraer fleet

    I agree. There are so many good and cost effective streaming IFE options for carriers these days. IMO streaming IFE should be standard for legacy carriers on non-PTV equipped aircraft.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 573488 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment!

      It's silly when people do the point of wearing a mask if for you NOT to spew your droplets all over the place hah.

      My sentiment exactly. And rather annoyingly, the crew didn't seem to be particularly bothered by people like, as there were a few on the flight.
      It is a shame the LH Group have begun introducing BOB where they were doing free sandwiches and snacks before.

      A shame indeed, but unfortunately not entirely surprising either. I think that they were considering a switch to a BoB menu well before Covid.
      There are so many good and cost effective streaming IFE options for carriers these days

      Exactly. Just add that and some WiFi, and the experience would already be much more enjoyable.
      Thanks so stopping by, happy flying, and I hope to see you in the upcoming installments!

  • Comment 573542 by
    Matthevv GOLD 154 Comments

    Hi NewYorker!
    And I’m really glad you’re back to flying. I guess even though it was a pretty standard flight for you, it must’ve still been exciting!
    It’s a shame they didn’t have the food option you wanted, to be fair I’d also opt for a Sachertorte, I love it.
    I’m really curious what your flight back was - is it my national carrier LOT? ;-)

    PS. I’m happy you’ve already got the vaccine :)


    • Comment 573548 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Hey Mateusz, nice to see you here!

      I guess even though it was a pretty standard flight for you, it must’ve still been exciting!

      Yes it absolutely was! While I wish my first flight back was a bit more special, it was a thrill to feel a takeoff roll again.
      I’d also opt for a Sachertorte, I love it.

      Haha good choice. Sachertorte is my favorite dessert by far.
      I’m really curious what your flight back was - is it my national carrier LOT? ;-)

      Hmm good guess... but you'll have to wait and see! :-)
      PS. I’m happy you’ve already got the vaccine :)

      Thanks! All the best, and hope to see you at the reveal of the onward journey!

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