Review of Singapore Airlines flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ222
Class Economy
Seat 60K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:15
Take-off 19 May 08, 15:35
Arrival at 19 May 08, 20:50
SQ   #5 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 630 reviews
By GOLD 793
Published on 22nd May 2021

Trip Report: Sydney - Singapore on Singapore Airlines

Flight Details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 222 SYD-SIN
Reg : 9V-SKB
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841 
Departure Sydney: 15.35
Arrival Singapore: 21.50
Flight time : 8h 25m
Distance : 6,305 kilometers or 3,404 nautical miles.


This report is from a trip to Singapore in 2008. I had booked the flight online. It was still early days of smartphones, check-in was done through website and printing on paper. This was my first trip on Airbus A380,

Trip Report Video: Singapore Airlines SQ222 Sydney To Singapore

Arriving at Airport AND CHECK-IN

Arrived at the airport by taxi early for this flight. Check-in was done online, baggage was dropped at the internet check-in desk. Got the immigration form and boarding pass from the ground agent.

Immigration and Security

Immigration was first, which didn't take long, Officer stamped the passport and next was security. Security queue was short being afternoon off-peak . Entered the duty free area soon.


Being early for the flight, walked around and plane-spotted.

British Airways Boeing 777

photo img_6214

British Airways Boeing 747

photo img_6217

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330

photo img_6219

Pacific Blue - subsidiary of Virgin Australia

photo img_6221


photo img_6222

Virgin Atlantic

photo img_6226

Miss Behavin to Hong Kong

photo img_6228photo img_6229

Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur

photo img_6236


photo img_6238photo img_6239

Singapore Airliners A380 9V-SKB loading

photo img_6242

Qantas Boeing 747

photo img_6243

Airport under construction

photo img_6245

Walking towards gate

photo img_6247

Boeing heaven

photo img_6248photo img_6249

One World members

photo img_6250

Waiting for boarding call

photo img_6251

Qantas Boeing 767-300

photo img_6254

Airbus A380 engine

photo img_6256

Tug ready for pushback

photo img_6258-51325

BOarding Call

Boarding call was made soon.

photo img_6260

Boarding call was made by seating area. Seated in the rear, was called first. Passport and boarding pass was checked.  Crew was waiting to check boarding pass and directing passengers to their seats. Reached my seat, got organised.

Qantas Boeing 767-300

photo img_6265photo img_6266

British Airways  BA16 to Singapore

photo img_6272

Window on Airbus A380

photo img_6273

Wing view

photo img_6274

Cabin Service

Boarding completed, crew closed the overhead lockers.

photo img_6276

Warm towels were distributed along with menu cards

photo img_6283

Ready for pushback

photo img_6284

Window view of Qantas Boeing 747

photo img_6288


Pushback commenced on time, Aircraft taxied to runway 16R.

photo img_6289

View of Jetstar Airways

photo img_6290

Qantaslink Dash 400 holding for incoming aircraft

photo img_6291

Jetstar Airways holding

photo img_6295

Charter A330

photo img_6297

Qantas Terminal

photo img_6298

BA 16 to Singapore following the SQ

photo img_6300photo img_6302

Qantas Boeing 747

photo img_6305

Jetstar Airways A330

photo img_6306

Holding for Singapore Airlines to depart

photo img_6310

MASKargo Boeing 747-200

photo img_6311

Watch video for Sydney departure

photo img_6312

The Beach in view

photo img_6313

Suburb of Brighton le sands

photo img_6314photo img_6315

Heading South

photo img_6316


photo img_6317

South East suburb of Cronulla

photo img_6318

View of Royal National Park

photo img_6320

Sydney Airport in view

photo img_6323photo img_6324

Sydney Airport as aircraft heads North

photo img_6328

Sydney City and Opera House

photo img_6337

Inflight Entertainment

Inflight entertainment remote on new aircraft

photo img_6340photo img_6341

Movie menu

photo img_6349

Flight information

photo img_6353photo img_6354

Windows on Airbus A380, difficult to take photos due to gap in glass.

photo img_6361-61036

Current location of flight

photo img_6360

Flight route

photo img_6362

Seat view

photo img_6364

Just passed the Blue mountains

photo img_6365

Cabin Service


photo img_6343


photo img_6346


photo img_6345

Cabin service started with drinks.

photo img_6373

Singapore sling, coke and sprite.

photo img_6367

food tray has a mirror and cup holders

photo img_6382


Word processor software, had to write a few notes, plugged usb and used the staroffice 8 writer.

photo img_6385

Crew conducting the dinner service

photo img_6388


photo img_6389

Chicken option

photo img_6391

Somewhere between Queensland and NT dinner was served.

photo img_6393

Window view of Evening light

photo img_6394

Night fall as flight heads North

photo img_6397

Upper Deck

After dinner, took stair to upper deck.

photo img_6401

Upper deck

photo img_6398

Chatted with crew, got a writing pad and postcards of A380. Seting was 2-4-2

photo img_6405

Walked back after sometime.

photo img_6410-35696photo img_6413-90036

Economy Cabin

View of the  lower deck economy cabin.

photo img_6429

Seating was 3-4-3

photo img_6430

Flying as night falls

photo img_6431photo img_6433

Flight location

photo img_6434photo img_6437

Another 4 hrs to arrival

photo img_6438photo img_6447

Inflight magazine containing fleet information

photo img_6452-47115photo img_6453


An hour and half before arrival, refreshment was served.

photo img_6460photo img_6454

Chicken pie

photo img_6457

Crew clearing the trays.

photo img_6485

Cabin lights were dimmed during the flight.

photo img_6462

Close to Singapore.

photo img_6467

Crew preparing for arrival

photo img_6482photo img_6484

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Safety card

photo img_6494photo img_6493

Arrival in Singapore

Captain came on mic and announced flight would commence descend. Crew began cabin inspection. Landed smoothly and taxied towards Terminal 3.

photo img_6501

Disembarkation was orderly, thanked the crew and disembarked in warm Singapore.

photo img_6504

View of aircraft after disembarking

photo img_6505

Front view of Airbus A380

photo img_6506photo img_6509

Proceeded towards immigration

photo img_6511photo img_6513

Terminal 3 was newly constructed.

photo img_6514

After completing immigration, went to collect bags.

photo img_6515photo img_6516

Baggage claim information screen

photo img_6517

Singapore Airlines SQ222 bags arriving on belt 43

photo img_6518photo img_6519

Exiting the Airport

Exited the airport and took taxi to city.

photo img_6522

Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Singapore Airlines service was excellent, flight departed and arrived on time, crew was friendly. A very satisfactory flight.

Information on the route Sydney (SYD) Singapore (SIN)


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