Review of easyJet flight Bournemouth Edinburgh in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U20292
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 27 May 21, 12:45
Arrival at 27 May 21, 14:05
U2   #6 out of 9 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 674 reviews
Jett Tyler
Published on 30th May 2021


Covid-19 has caused us to say good bye to many services, aircraft, airlines and airline personal.

But it has also brought some new routes and services that would have gone unnoticed prior to the pandemic. This new service from easyJet aptly fits in this description.

Bournemouth has had easyJet services for over a decade now, they've served Geneva during the winter as a seasonal service targeting the ski holiday packages. This has been a safe bet for easyJet whilst BOH summer routes are dominated by Ryanair and TUI uk.

photo 190916592_1899243040223259_674089788184691989_n

G-UZHZ, an Airbus A320-neo operating the inaugural Bournemouth/Belfast service for easyJet on May 26th 2021.

Back in 2010, a Ryanair service between Bournemouth and Edinburgh existed alongside a rival service by Flybe from Southampton. Ryanair cancelled the route during the early 2010's and the route wasn't served during 2015-2016 when Flybe started a small BOH base for 12 months. With Flybe going bankrupt in 2020, and Loganair covering the SOU-EDI service at a substantial cost, the lack of international travel opportunities led to easyJet seeking new domestic services, and they found Bournemouth!

May 26th 2021 saw the launch of the seasonal BOH-UK domestic services by easyJet which were covering two locations: Belfast International (launched on May 26th) and Edinburgh- launched on May 27th 2021- featured here!

photo 192243209_4391183447571381_5589684672402881629_n

Welcome to Bournemouth/Hurn

I arrived at Bournemouth Hurn about 70 minutes ahead of my flight departing. Living local to this airport, I know it quite well and was able to be dropped off a short walk from the main entrance, avoiding the £3 drop off fee. The terminal building is split into two buildings- a main facility for departures and a smaller arrivals hall.

photo 192969753_4391183354238057_8432557251200476355_n

The only place open at the Terminal was a small café in the public side of the Terminal. The sole shop (WH Smith) and a restaurant were still shut on May 27th 2021. The usual Customer Service desks, bag drops were open and in use. I went straight through security and was over and done with in less than five minutes, only two passengers were ahead of me.

photo 192215422_4391183084238084_4301597429409194829_n

Despite the store and restaurant being shut, a trio of vending machines were in operation for staff and customers. I picked up a bottle of cola for £1.50p (not the cheapest but quite reasonable compare to some on-board offerings) simply for use if it was needed throughout the day in Edinburgh.

photo 192695788_4391183580904701_5812026059762861571_nphoto 194298429_4391183597571366_1753104046027397152_n

My plane was already arrived and on stand, the boarding started shortly after I arrived airside. As I didn't have priority boarding- I did my usual tactic and waited for mostly everyone to have lined up for ages to board, and joined towards the end of the que. 

photo 192195896_4391183350904724_2238025044677274332_n

easyJet EZ292: Inaugural BOH-EDI!

easyJet went to town on this inaugural flight by sending the rather young Airbus A320-neo G-UZLB, delivered brand new to EZY in September 2019, just as the very first cases of CV-19 began to raise its ugly head in the far east. It was an Edinburgh based aircraft which (according to FR24) hadn't flown since May 23rd when it returned from a Bristol service, making this aircrafts first flight.

photo 192913134_4391183097571416_5972201085653324424_n

I was to be sat in Row 11, Seat F- so it was up the front boarding steps for me. Most airports in the UK use traditional boarding stairs, but at Bournemouth (possibly due to the majority aging demographic) they use ramp stairs similar to the ones you see in the USA. 

photo 193398066_4391183330904726_2450198816228391850_n

My flight had a slightly different interior to the 2017 delivered easyJet A320-neo (G-UZHA) which I flew on back in May 2019 on my last easyJet flight. This A32N had black leather seat covers, where as the original A32N had fabric black/orange seating. There was plenty of legroom for myself personally at this particular row. After boarding was completed I was pleased to see I had an entire row to myself on this hour long shuttle flight to Scotland.

photo 192417478_4391183497571376_4734238883166565056_n

And now for the snag! We had a twenty minute delay to our departure as there was an administration issue, I assume the passenger head count didn't tally with the figures from the company. But it cost us 20 minutes and the four cabin crew went up and down the plane multiple times doing counts. The captain had to get in touch with easyJet HQ as well, I am not sure what the exact issue was- but it was an interesting start to this service!

photo 193852864_4391182910904768_600154270065386970_n

Once the crew dealt with the matter, the plane was closed up and pushed back from the Terminal, we went to the Runway 26 passing the sight of the old Bournemouth Aviation Museum which was forced out in 2008, the only remaining part of it being a now somewhat manky red Hawker Hunter left neglected on a concrete plinth, two of the old hangers now used for small business jets. The site had been meant to become a multi-storey car park, but the 2008 recession scuppered the idea.

photo 192249973_4383483515008041_1294765711250849747_n

We lined up on Runway 26 and after a very short wait the Airbus A320-neo was powered up and off we went, buzzing out of Bournemouth and climbing up into the clear skies over Dorset. We did a U-turn as the plane climbed out and headed east along the South coast before making a turn North towards Scotland.

photo 193022412_4383483681674691_8233254967887177580_nphoto 193517358_4391183170904742_1111374932674270121_n

easyJet still offered a buy on board bistro service, though the menu was scaled back from what it was back in 2019. Hot foods were the main cut from this, but they still offered various savoury snacks, sweets and drinks of all three varieties. I spent £9.15p on an orange twirl, pringles, cola and vodka… I know this will have some of you boiling blood- but I like to provide content and feature some items you can buy with various airline bistros- and easyJet is not an exception!

photo 191011434_4383483991674660_2600539383269309235_n

Snack time anyone? This selection cost me £9.15p

photo 193017567_4391182940904765_2506706053901544881_n

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful as the plane closed in on Edinburgh. The cabin crew went around twice collecting rubbish during the final few minutes as we descended towards Edinburgh.

Our arrival brought us in over the Forth Estuary and in sight of the famous bridge its named after before arriving onto Runway 24 at Edinburgh Airport. Our total flight time in the air was 1hr 5min.

photo 191271280_4383483311674728_5349368119803139642_nphoto 191245545_4383484231674636_7659186801574860079_n

The pandemic's affect on aviation was clear to see at Edinburgh still as various easyJet and Jet2 planes were parked up in covers for storage. 

photo 192415795_4383483248341401_4174389174678421263_n

Another sobering sight was a now retired Boeing 737-8MAX in Norwegian livery. having likely being stored there since March 2019 after the 737-MAX disasters and unlikely to fly for a long time as Norwegian has retired the type alongside the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

photo 192583289_4384431038246622_2093679593719821091_n

The aircraft parked up and everyone disembarked promptly, being on my own by the window, I simply waited for everyone to stamped off. We were on a stand, but not using the jet way- so it was an open disembarkation.

photo 191791816_4392985867391139_3048443971068420508_nphoto 192481157_4392986037391122_599525113786757952_n

One bit I do enjoy about an open board or departure is the great photo opportunities, including this one which I will end this report with!

photo 194565745_4392985947391131_6844082523325989478_n
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Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Bournemouth - BOH


Edinburgh - EDI



easyJet- Still keeping up their usual EZY service despite the pandemic. If you can get a flight at a reasonable fare, they are a good airline to fly with especially if you have a base near by!

BOH- Pretty bare bones service at the moment due to the low passenger numbers, but hopefully things will get a bit more normal once the travel restrictions ease off and people start flying again. Can't fault security service and its a really good regional airport if you want to fly to a destination but fancy going local or avoiding London's main airports.



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  • Comment 575518 by
    Matthevv GOLD 154 Comments

    Hi and thanks a lot for this report!

    EasyJet indeed had to search for new route opportunities due to decisions of the British Government to pretty much forbid all travel. I know they also opened a few new routes from BRS (my local airport), including Jersey which I’d love to visit.

    Seems like you had a great and enjoyable inaugural flight to Edinburgh. Hopefully the service will remain and there will be passengers interested in that route.

    I should be trying out EasyJet domestic next month.

    High flying and take care!

    • Comment 575578 by
      Jett Tyler SILVER AUTHOR 239 Comments

      Thank you Matt! A few days after I flew this route, they announced a BOH/LPL service. I'm doing that in August. I got a few other domestic trips coming, meaning some reviews are coming. Watch this space!!!

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