Review of Lufthansa flight Palma De Mallorca Munich in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2729
Class Business
Seat 2F
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 21 May 21, 14:00
Arrival at 21 May 21, 15:50
LH   #72 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1193 reviews
Published on 31st May 2021


After a great & very sunny holiday on the beautiful island of Majorca it was time to head back home to Germany. The Lufthansa Group Check In area at Palma de Mallorca was quite bug and there was no queue at the dedicated Business Class desks. So I was quickly on the way to the security check which also went fast and without any huge queues.

photo img_5209

Once airside quite ahuge range of shops, bars and restaurants was open and provided a nice waiting time until boarding.
Unfortunately Lufthansa Group due to Covid has cancelled almots all partnerships & payments for external third party airport lounges and consequentyl I also had no access to the general Executive Lounge of the airport although it was open and still accessible for passengers of many other airlines - really a bad cost cutting measure of Lufthansa!

On the way to my boarding gate I did some spotting. 

photo img_5210

My nice looking Lufthansa A320neo was already waiting in the sun when I ready the gate on C pier.

photo img_5213photo img_5216

Boarding started on time with priority boarding first. Quickly I was on board and welcomed by a rather cold cabin crew with a basket of sanitizer towelettes in their hands.

I reached my seat 2F and also this Airbus already featured the new Lufthansa narrowbody seat model.

photo img_5218photo img_5219

Buiness Class consisted of 5 rows this afternoon and was almost completely full.

photo img_5233

The seat offers a nice pitch and comfort and also features USB power outlets now - a good improvement to the older model.

photo img_5224photo img_5234

Once boarding was finished, a flight time of 1 hour 50 minutes was announced and a LH group sister airline SWISS Airbus was pulling having just arrived from Zurich.

photo img_5222photo img_5223

We departed direction South into sunny clear skies barking away over the bay of Palma de Mallorca with some nice scenic views.

photo img_5227photo img_5229photo img_5231

Curtains to Economy Class were closed and soon service started by trolley from the back of the cabin making its way up front to the cabin.

Now came the first huge disappointment: Exactly the same cold meal was served that I have already received 10 days before on the inbound flight to Palma de Mallorca! Come on Lufthansa: serving the same meal on both  in and outbound flights on exactly the same route is a really bad service and wrong cost saving. 

photo img_5235photo img_5236

The second disappointment came when the drinks trolley reached my row: Only tea and white wine were served in proper glass ware. My water was served in plastic cups as the ran out of any real glasses. 

photo img_5237

I asked the crew about this bad service and the told me answer in a cold and unsatisfying way: Lufthansa does not take any catering on foreign destination airports like Palma and therefore brings in the meals, glasses and drinks from Germany. Those days Business Class cabins are that huge that glasses very frequently run out even on the outbound flight from Germany. So no more glasses are available on the flight back to Germany. They miss more stowage for clean glassware as the rear Economy Class cabin currently is no longer filled with trolleys as they stopped serving food and drinks in Economy Class due to Covid.
At least an open answer but what a bad cost saving is that!! Lufthansa manages to sell 9 rows of Business Class tickets to passengers willing to pay high prices but cannot afford to load enough clean glasses for their flights. It think this is really a shame for Lufthansa pretending to be a 5* airline. 

photo img_5238

The rest of the flight was calm reching more and more cloudy skies over the Alps.

photo img_5240

Descend started soon and we landed on time at a rainy Munich Airport.

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Thanks for reading,

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This was a really disappointing Business Class experience: cold crew, exactly the same meal as on the inbound flight and not enough real glasses leading to drinks served in plastic cups.



  • Comment 574356 by
    airberlin GOLD 966 Comments

    Thanks for the second report. What a disappointment. I find as well the removal of third party a bad joke for BC passengers or the one spending several 10k euros per year to reach the SEN level. Another reason for me next to the very long delay for reimbursement of non performed flights to avoid that airline when choice is present. Hope though you had a good weather in Mallorca :)

  • Comment 574367 by
    flyLars 29 Comments

    Hey! After reading this and your last report of the PMI-Return I do think that we already know each other from the VFT "Bordessen-Foto Thread" haha. I totally agree that cancelling the contracts with third-party lounge operators is just a really really bad joke as they do still advertise the lounge access on every Business Class flight in the booking system. Especially for me, often flying from Porto where there is only the ANA Airport Contract and no Star Alliance Lounge, it is quite disappointing. It must also be quite devastating when booking Business and then getting the same service on both flights even when Lufthansa has 4 cold menues to chose from. Jetzt nochmal kurz auf Deutsch: Wie auch schon so oft bei mir (mit Absicht ?!) zu wenige Gläser für die Business Class zu beladen, bei mir hatten sie neulich sogar gar keine, da war, sorry für den Ausdruck, für die Purserin die Kacke richtig am Dampfen, da sich wirklich die halbe BC beschwert hat und es dann auf die LSG zu schieben ist wirklich unter aller Kanone. Spohr-Spahr-Wahnsinn. Summa sumarum thanks for your report, looking forward to reading more from you!

  • Comment 574460 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 530 Comments

    Hi Alex,
    It seems that Lufthansa is doing it's best to become a second Ryanair given the conditions. It takes away the passion for flight attendants to be actually serving passengers, but instead gives them more clean up jobs to do so... I've noticed it over the past years that the cabin crew of LH tends to become ruder over the past years and it of course is ridiculous for it to be even considered to be a 5* airline.
    I think LH may need to pay a visit to OS and LX in terms of service though!
    Thanks for reporting!

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