Review of Finnair flight Helsinki Munich in Business

Airline Finnair
Flight AY1405
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 01 Jun 21, 16:15
Arrival at 01 Jun 21, 17:40
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By GOLD 986
Published on 4th June 2021

Hi everybody,

On a sunny afternoon I reached Helsinki Airport which was very quiet due to Covid 19. Only Terminal 2 is currently open there. Although I only had hand luggage I had to visit the check in counter in order to get my boarding pass after a check of all Covid 19 test results relevat for entry into Germany. This however was very quick and no problem with the help of a friendly agent at the Priority desk. 

photo img_5344

Security check only took 5 minutes and once airside I walked around some shops which were open. Most retail & food outlets however were still closed due to Covid. I also enjoyed some nice views of different Finnair aircraft waiting on the sunny apron. In my opinion Finnair's livery looks nice, clean and modern.

photo img_5348photo img_5349

The Finnair Lounge unfortunately was still completely closed due to Covid 19 - no alternative was available for Finnair's premium passengers.

photo img_5350

I reached my boarding gate and had a short look on the Embraer 190 that was scheduled for the flight to Munch today - being operated by NORRA Nordic Regional Airlines in full Finnair branding.

photo img_5351photo img_5345

Due to Covid 19 boarding procedure with Finnair still is the other way round starting with the cabin's rear end and no priority boarding was available. Business Class being at the front of the cabin was boarded last consequently.

At the aircraft door I was greeted by a very friendly male flight attendant offering hygiene packages to every passenger. The Package was nicely branded in Finnair design and offered some helpful sanitizer wipes.

photo img_5356photo img_5366photo img_5367

A blanket designed by Finnish company Marimekko was already waiting on my seat.

photo img_5352

Once boarding was finished I noticed I would remain the only passenger in Business Class today.

photo img_5355

The seats looked nice and clean. In their grey cloth covering they provided a cosy atmosphere and also had excellent seat pitch.

photo img_5376

Flight time was announced to be 2 hours 15 minutes and a manual safety demonstration started to be conducted. Many announcements inclusing the safety instructions were pre-recorded and by this did sound very professional and good to to understand. I always think that is the more professional way compared to manual annoncements done by the cabin crew (especially for safety demonstration).

During pushback we passed some waiting ATR turboprops and more Finnair Embraers.

photo img_5357photo img_5358photo img_5359

Soon we left Helsinki Vantaa Airport into clear sunny skies banking away over the greater Helsinki Metropolitan area.

photo img_5360photo img_5361

Baltic Sea coast was soon reached which provided some nice views in that clear day.

photo img_5362photo img_5363

Some minutes later the curtains to Economy Class were closed and the small Business Class cabin felt extremely cosy.

photo img_5364photo img_5365

About 20 minutes into the flight the pursed approached me and asked if I wanted something to eat and drink on this flight. I confirmed this and soon I was handed this full size meal tray with a hot lunch. There was no choice for main dish - it was a fish & shrimp dish automatically.

photo img_5369

It looks of course nicer with all the covers removed.

photo img_5371

At the same moment I was asked for my drink choices and I ordered some Champagne and water which were promptly served from a nice small silver tray like in a restaurant.

photo img_5370

The meal tasted fine, especially the main dish. It was very nice to see that Finnair's Business Class is almost like before Covid only the aperitif service with nuts has disappeared unfortunately.

Once I had finished my meal the friendly flight attendant asked for more drink choices like coffee etc. I ordered some tea and an Amarula liqueur on ice. They were served in those very nice looking Finnish design cup & glasses.

photo img_5372photo img_5373

The rest of the flight passed by very smoothly and I was asked for more drink choices frequently. So I also tried a glass of the signature Finnair blueberry juice.

photo img_5375photo img_5368

We reached Bavaria and started our descend into sunny Munich airport.

photo img_5377photo img_5378

On our way to the parking position we passed a row of Lufthansa & Tuifly aircraft before reaching our parking position. This was just getting ready as a Condor A320 started its journey to another holiday destination in South Europe.

photo img_5380photo img_5382

Thanks a lot for reading,

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Cabin crew9.0

Helsinki - HEL


Munich - MUC



A very nice and calm Business Class flight within Europe. The crew was very friendly and a nice meal was served using cool looking and fancy Finnair porcelain and glasses made by Finnish manufacturer Iittala and Marimekko. Hopefully the aperitif service before the meal also comes back soon again because a 2 hour 15 minutes flight would definitely allow it.



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