Review of Loganair flight Edinburgh Southampton in Economy

Airline Loganair
Flight LM327
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Embraer ERJ145
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 27 May 21, 18:00
Arrival at 27 May 21, 19:20
LM 24 reviews
Jett Tyler
By SILVER 1439
Published on 27th June 2021

Meet Loganair!

Time to fly back to the Deep South of England. As easyJet only has two flights a week to BOH, I found myself flying back to Southampton, with a new(ish) airline to my flight log- LOGANAIR.

My last flight of 2020 was my first flight on Loganair and I knew they'd be a good shout for any Scottish flights I need to Southampton, and sure enough, I wasn't to be disappointed.

photo 201909794_4443360192353706_6968196751442659457_n

Last time I flew with them from Newcastle to Southampton, I was on an ERJ-135 regional jet, this time would be the larger cousin- the Embraer ERJ-145, a new aircraft for my log. Loganair is starting to warm to me, but I really am looking forward to enjoying a flight experience without CV-19 restrictions in place.

Loganair LM327 (EDI-SOU)

Edinburgh was really quiet most of the day, only a good 10 flights departed or arrived during my 4 hours there. Only four of them were going outside the UK, the rest were all Domestic to England or Scottish islands. I've slept overnight in Edinburgh Airport a few times in the past, and even then there was more activity at 2am than there was on this trip!

photo 206356504_4470936712929387_7353391456672800631_nphoto 208400127_4470936709596054_8650712529548460960_nphoto 208909630_4470936696262722_5225310301659205626_n

My flight was operated by the ERJ-145 "Clan McRichie" G-SAJD. This aircraft was built in 2001 and served with BMI Regional as G-RJXI from its delivery until February 2019 when the airline went bankrupt, barring a short stint with Brussels Airlines operated by BMI Regional. Loganair acquired this aircraft in September 2019 with a new (and current) livery, name and registration.

photo 209714733_4470936062929452_3551916931288256086_n

Boarding was commenced about 45 minutes before our scheduled departure. I chose to board near the end, the gate staff boarded us at a jet way next to a FRA bound Lufthansa CRJ-900. Us Loganair passengers went halfway through the jet-bridge and then descended out onto the tarmac to our Embraer ERJ which was boarding from the front door. 

photo 208629935_4470935946262797_6378421082049217784_nphoto 208984581_4470936079596117_7140943167544899414_n

Our flight boarded on time and was ready to push back. The flight appeared to be about 60-65% full as the rear cabin was pretty sparse and the front of the plane was quite well loaded. The cabin (as with my earlier ERJ-135 flight in August) was still decorated as if we were still flying on a BMI Regional aircraft. Mask wearing for the flight was still mandatory at the time.

photo 205215176_4470936489596076_6380922899413012572_nphoto 206788388_4470935609596164_4669110957682371523_n

We taxied to Runway 06 and with a quick take off roll, the small pocket rocket was roaring out of Edinburgh for our 1 hour flight south to Southampton.

photo 204345331_4470935706262821_415487636950043630_nphoto 209800310_4470935649596160_5257846362007664449_n

As with the flight to Edinburgh earlier in the day, this flight was smooth and had clear views as we darted across the UK.

photo 207453472_4470935556262836_4193291299209457829_nphoto 207671132_4470935712929487_8762111991683440791_n

No inflight service is provided on Loganair still, but you are still able to request a bottle of water. Which is a necessity when flying, always a good idea to have a drink to keep hydrated on a flight of most lengths. 

photo 204926600_4470936199596105_9079747975783913025_nphoto 205592147_4470936469596078_2728850897129617738_n

As we descended at the end of the flight, there was some amazing views of rural Hampshire countryside as we circled around. 

photo 206922288_4470936049596120_7975687282919591465_nphoto 206818990_4470936609596064_3329652155700626234_n

We landed pretty much on time, and taxied to our stand, parking next to a trio of Eastern Airways aircraft (ERJ-190, ATR 72 and Jetsteam 41), Loganair and Eastern Airways have sewn up the Southampton domestic routes since Flybe went.
KLM Cityhopper has taken the popular SOU-AMS service. My guess is most the seasonal or less popular routes won't return, though I remain keen to see if Air France Regional (HOP!) eventually picks up a Paris/Southampton (another ex-Flybe service) route if KLM continues in popularity.

photo 208629935_4470936202929438_3762120997159099084_nphoto 204439266_4470935852929473_2005616623082268071_n

After leaving the Embraer I went to the end of the Terminal where they contain domestic arrivals into SOU, and went through into the main arrivals hall, the two restaurants there still both closed till further notice. I took the famed 99 steps to the train station to get a one-way ticket back to Bournemouth (using Pokesdown station as my stop) for a good £15.

Thus ending my short but first trip of 2021, and I got more intra-UK trips booked which I'm looking forward to documenting, so watch this space!

photo 203403717_4470936496262742_6586936608483217621_nphoto 207408099_4470936492929409_8283380298769153344_n
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Cabin crew8.5

Edinburgh - EDI


Southampton - SOU



Great regional service from Loganair, will hopefully get a chance to try them with a full on board service soon.

Southampton Airport is a great regional airport for servicing in the South of England, makes a great alternative to London Heathrow or London Gatwick. Fantastic for getting to for UK holiday spots like Brighton, Bournemouth or Portsmouth.

Edinburgh Airport not much to report on as most things are shut airside, except for three cafes. But I'm excited to see the Airport return to its former self as the months of 2021 progress!



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