Review of China Southern flight Beijing Ürümqi in Economy

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ6918
Class Economy
Seat 39K
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 04:15
Take-off 26 May 12, 19:40
Arrival at 26 May 12, 23:55
CZ 137 reviews
By GOLD 4384
Published on 23rd October 2013
Marathon in the Chinese Far-West, Book 2

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This FR begins in the subway which links the terminus of Dongzhimen, at the north-east corner of the Second Ring Road (the first ring road is purely symbolic, being only the avenues bordering the Forbidden City) with the airport

photo P1150213a

It first serves Terminal 3 below, which was opened in 2007, before backtracking to go around the runways and reach Terminal 2, where the international flights are that of Skyteam and of a ramshackle of other airlines like Air Koryo, the North Korean airline.

photo P1150217a

A China Eastern A330 seen from the subway

photo P1150215a

I arrived at the international arrivals of Terminal 2, where the entire team of Marathon Travel International (i.e. me) welcomes all its customers (i.e. my wife) arriving on Flight AF382, which was nearly on time at 15:17.

photo P1150221a

And then we go down to the Departure level, at the domestic end of the terminal. These are four of the five displays of departing flights.

photo P1150222a

We had all the more time to check in for the next flight that I had received the following message a week earlier:

Regarding the flight you reserved going from Beijing to Wulumuqi, the airline has informed us that the original flight CZ6910, leaving at 19:25 has been cancelled and replaced with flight CZ6918, leaving at 19:40, arriving at 23:55, May 26. Please let us know if this change is acceptable to you.

We did not have much choice, did we? Once I had checked that AF was aware of the change, and had already changed her CDG-PEK-URC reservation on that new domestic flight, the only option was to kill four hours, first landside.

photo P1150223a

But then I discovered a CZ lounge for checking in Elite FB PAX, and yes, our FB silver cards made us eligible to wait more comfortably until we could check in no earlier than à ETD-2h.

photo P1150225a

Checking in was an interesting stage which showed that the Chinese airlines still have a long way to go until reaching international standards. My wife and her luggage had been checked in CDG all the way to URC, which in Chinese parlance meant going through the Chinese immigration, recover here luggage which despite its URC tag was not going to change plane by itself, go through customs, and check in at the domestic counters, where I recovered that French luggage tag from the waste paper basket. And receive a boarding pass, not available in CDG.

photo P1160235a

A foreign PAX in J, on going in Y on CZ, meeting a foreign PAX in Y who came from nowhere was definitely a novelty to the check in staff who spoke only Mandarin (it is a lot more fun to use Mandarin for this explanation, a lengthy one since this situation was definitely not in her book). But once we had confirmed that my wife did not mind to forfeit her right to the Premium Economy seating (that was not accessible to me), we did receive our boarding passes.

photo P1150228a

After the usual security checks, I reconnoitered the area while my wife waited on a seat. An automaton delivering a free wifi access code: you must scan your passport, because the police wants to know who tries to surf on evil websites, like Flight Report which is blocked in China.

photo P1150233a

There are here and there corridors which create double glass walls, but altogether, a plane spotting addict can find his usual drug, even though Terminal 2's domestic section is used mainly by CZ and MU.

photo P1150231a

At the end of the terminal, an essential children playground.
photo P1150236a

Jetbridges are sponsored by a bank from Guangzhou (Canton) here.

photo P1150237a

A Xiamen Airlines aircraft passes by

photo P1150238a

And another pier side

photo P1150239aphoto P1150242a

CZ A330

photo P1150241aphoto P1150235aphoto P1150248a

Arrival of a CZ whale

photo P1150243aphoto P1150245a

Another kids' playground at the other end of the terminal

photo P1150247a

Next stage was interesting, because my wife is supposed to have access to a CZ lounge (since she just landed from a Skyteam in J and continues on a domestic Skyteam flight), but not I, and my wife's Silver status is not enough for her to invite me in. I try to bluff it, and show our to PEK-URC BPs, two FB Silver membership cards and an AF CDG-PEK BP in J. The first lounge where I tried was actually first class only (it was hard to tell, from the outside), but after some discussion, the staff of the other lounge lets us in. Of course, they could not imagine the situation where a foreigner on a domestic flight would join his wife landing from abroad, and I did not bother to clarify that. Of course too, the staff spoke Mandarin only: that was part of the trip. Good luck to connecting foreign passengers on the biggest airline of the biggest country in the world, if they only speak English.

CZ's lounge in PEK? In the Skyteam selection, it is decent – of course, do not try to compare it to more prestigious alliances in other countries. Quite quiet and comfortable.

photo P1150251aphoto P1150252a

The choice of food is rather limited: the only hot meals are rice and noodles.

photo P1150265aphoto P1150266a

If chopsticks are a problem for you, you will have to do with a spoon only: forks and knives are unknown here. There again, the hypothesis of foreign passengers in a domestic CZ lounge does not seem to be taken into consideration.

photo P1150282a

Coffee (with milk, because black coffee is too exotic), tea of course, and two kinds of fruit juice. There are also fresh beer cans.

photo P1150267a

What is often missing in other lounges is a play area for kids

photo P1150268a

And for older kids, there is a good view on the tarmac, with Terminal 3 in the background behind a runway, which provides a good sample of the traffic.

photo P1150249a

This is the international extremity of Terminal 3, and to the right the intermediate section which has never been used so far and collects dust since 2007. The domestic extremity is symmetrical, beyond the limit of the picture on the right.

photo P1150288a

I gathered the aircraft by airline – overwhelmingly Chinese. Granted, this is no time for European and American flights, but where are the aircraft from other Asian countries ?

Let's start by China Eastern (MU)

photo P1150250a

MU 737 behind a CZ tail

photo P1150259aphoto P1150270a

Hainan Airlines (HU)

photo P1150253aphoto P1150254a

Air China, in flower livery

photo P1150255a

An American ! United Airlines (UA)

photo P1150256a

He's flying home

photo P1150279a

Xiamen Airlines in the distance

photo P1150258a

And in the foreground, a PAXbus which stopped for a long time

photo P1150257a

Shandong Airlines 737

photo P1150271a

Two Hainan Airlines A330s

photo P1150272aphoto P1150276a

And a 738

photo P1150294a

Gulfstream G550, probably for Chinese high ranking officials, because private jets are extremely rare in China, due to extremely restrictive flight plan regulations.

photo P1150275aphoto P1150277aphoto P1150278a

In the distance, a somewhat blurry Air Macau aircraft

photo P1150284a

Sichuan Airlines A320

photo P1150286aphoto P1150287a

And an A321

photo P1150292a

Landing of a Fedex MD11

photo P1150293a

And last, China Southern (CZ), plentiful since it operates from Terminal 2.


photo P1150262aphoto P1150269a

This is not the whale that I saw landing

photo P1150263a

Pushback of an A330

photo P1150281aphoto P1150285a

Arrival pier side of a CZ A330 CZ which will block my view.

photo P1150291a

It does not really matter, because it is time to reach Gate 25D, which is in front of the CZ lounge. If you did not guess it form the view of that stern looking annex, Gates 25x serve the aircraft which are parked away from the terminal.

photo P1150295a

Another kid playground on the way. These three children will be in our flight to Urumqi.

photo P1150296a

Beyond this point, it is a rest area for airport staff. A bronze reading woman settled on this bench (the Chinese love life size statues in realistic poses in public places)

photo P1150297a

We reach this wide hall with bus boarding gates on all sides.

photo P1150298a

These are the flights boarded by bus

photo P1150299a

A few dozen passengers gather at the gate at the theoretical boarding time, then disperse. Actual boarding eventually starts.

photo P1150300a

This signs announces that the flight to Guangzhou is late due to the late arrival of the aircraft, but ours is late too.

photo P1150302a

As usual, part of the boarding pas is torn off, but the staff gives to each passenger a non nominative plastic card which will be collected at the aircraft stairs. I never saw that anywhere else in China.

photo P1150303a

The aircraft is this 757

Two rows of J class, in 2+2 layout, as always in China.

photo P1150321a

The seat pitch before the arrival of the second passenger bus – the aircraft will be full.

photo P1150322a

The cabin, still quite empty

photo P1150323a

This flight will give me the most spectacular night view of Beijing that I ever saw. We reach the north-east of the fourth ring road.

photo P1150326a

The lightly more shiny spot, close the reactor, is the Olympic Park, and we can see the cut corner of the second ring road which rune diagonally to the left…

photo P1150328aphoto P1150329a

We are turning clockwise around the heart of Beijing, east of it here. The leftmost avenue is Chang'An Avenue, leading to a flood lit place, which is … ?

photo P1150332a

We are now at the south –east corner of the fourth ring road, and the aircraft turns again, heading now due west.

photo P1150336a

Again this flood lit square in the distance

photo P1150340a

This square around which the plane has made a full half circle clockwise is of course Tian'Anmen Square, beyond which lies the Forbidden City.

photo P1150343a

We are here due south of Tian'Anmen Square

photo P1150345a

This is more difficult to recognize for those who do not know Beijing well: the lake of the Summer Palace, with the bridge which splits it in two in the foreground.

photo P1150349a

A friendly gesture towards the two foreigners on board: a flight attendant brings us an English language newspaper. In China, we have the choice the China Daily (politically very correct) and the Global Times (a lot more xenophobic, although toned down compared to its hardline Chinese version). This issue machine guns the US on a visa problem of the Chinese language professors of the Confucius Institute (the Chinese cultural center aboard, part of China's soft power).

photo P1150351a

The safety card

photo P1150354aphoto P1150355a

According to the flight time, I guess this is Datong

photo P1150358a

On a four hour flight in China, you can expect to have dinner, even we dealt a serious blow to the lounge's supplies. It does arrive, in the shape of a cardboard box and a a choice of two hot meals: fish+rice on the left and beef+noodles on the right.

photo P1150362a

The same, unwrapped

photo P1150367a

This is the time that I ever have fish on a Chinese aircraft: it is nondescript, with drenched bread crumbs, and the rice is badly overcooked. My wife is equally severe with regards to the beef. The rest is a small piece of bread, some salad, fruit salad and dried apple chips.

photo P1150363a

And all that is guaranteed to be halal, because we are flying to Xinjiang, which is an autonomous province, or more accurately an autonomous territory with a Muslim majority.

photo P1150365-366aphoto P1150368a

All that with mile coffee with sugar, which was not bad, but watered down (there was also fruit juice, tea, mineral water, as usual).
Lights out to allow the passengers to get some sleep, and a brutal switch on of the lights (there is no mood lighting on 757s) for a relaxation on the collective IFEs, as also usual on long domestic Chinese flights, like PEK-KMG.

photo P1150373aphoto P1150373aphoto P1150372a

Arrival in Urumqi, where the tarmac is wet

photo P1150377aphoto P1150378aphoto P1150382a

All the signage is trilingual in the airport, like on the poster of a travel agency.

photo P1300171a

The top line uses the Arabic alphabet, but that language is unrelated to Arabic: Uighur, spoken by the vast majority of the population is an Altaic language, related to Turkish and Mongolian.

photo P1150381a

Note that there is Russian too, here

photo P1150383a

We only need to recover the luggage now

photo P1150384a

We waited forever, and only when the delivery was nearly over did I discover that our luggage bearing priority tags had been delivered on a specific chute where thay had been waiting for at least half an hour.

photo P1150385a

Now we only need to take a taxi to reach our hotel at 1:30am. We are in Urumqi, the city the furthest way from any open sea: the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Bengal are both 2,250km away. It is also the hub of all transportation in Xinjiang, where there are no transverse flights, which means that we'"/>photo P1150373a

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China Southern

Cabin crew8.0

BGS Premier Lounge - 2


Beijing - PEK


Ürümqi - URC



No matter if it was Beijing time or Xinjiang time, we reached our hotel horrendously late for the first night of our vacation, because our initial flight was cancelled and it was unclear that our luggage was delivered in a specific chute. The fact that check-in started only at ETD-2h was detrimental to our comfort.
The flight attendants were OK. The meal on board was below Chinese standard, but we had eaten at the lounge, and food on late evening flights are usually minimal in China.



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