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Airline British Airways
Flight BA304
Class Economy
Seat 34A
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 30 Sep 14, 07:10
Arrival at 30 Sep 14, 09:40
BA   #56 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 816 reviews
By GOLD 275
Published on 22nd July 2021

welcome to this air fran… british airways flight!

Hello all,

I am posting a report on an old flight today, that lead me to discover the island of Madagascar.

I was going there a few weeks and the plan was to volunteer at my friend's charity to build up a new school but also to enjoy whilst we are there and do some sightseeing.
We were 3 going from the UK and booked together with Air France, as Air Madagascar at the time was blacklisted by the European Union (Yes I am a risk averse person!) 
My two friends could afford a bit more holidays than me so they left about 5 days before me. Here is the routing: 

photo memo1


Everything went fine up until this 15th of september, when Air France staff decided to go on strike… I am not sure if you remember, but AF used to strike a LOT. And the strike was really popular as at least 60% of the flights were cancelled! You can follow this link to read more about the extend of the strike.. 

My flight being on 30th of september, 15 days later I felt "safe". I Still called every week AF customer service to make sure my flight was still scheduled.

and here is the drama!

Let's just say my level of stress slightly raised when I received this email. Usually you are told don't worry we rebooked you on another flight… Usually..

photo annulation

I remember calling the call centre for a good hour, awaiting for some time.. The lady on the phone was professionnal but she couldn't find any other flight.. The best option was another AF flight departing from London 3 days before..

Two things I must say:
1. I didn't want to change my long haul flights, as they were confirmed and she advised me to do so.
2. My friends were there and we agreed that someone (!) they know will pick me at the airport and I will see them the following day in a nearby town. And there wasn't much of data nor coverage and I didn't manage to let them know about the drama.. 

I pushed the lady on the phone to book me with BAW and she agreed to do so. 

Avios Miles earned with this flight: 175

photo memo2

If you notice well, not only did I change airline, but my flight was scheduled to arrive 15min later than originally…

I did checkin properly with British Airways. For memory this was the time when you had complientary pieces of luggage checked in the hull.

photo checking

What did stress me out however, is that I could not check in my second leg, CDG to TNR, neither
on the app
online on the AF website
on the phone with an agent

Because the first leg wasn't an AF flight (!). 

I was told to manually check-in at the counter in CDG. What I did back then was to book an emergency seat and pay for it, to make sure my spot was safe. 

at london - heathrow

I arrived at the airport earlier on at Terminal 5 to make sure my luggage was checked in properly. Which gave me the opportunity to do some spotting at terminal 5 hall B.

photo cimg5033

This is my biggest regret by far: living in the UK and never flown on the BA queen of the skies..

At the time there was not such thing as boarding by zones, just Business class ticket holders and gold members were allowed to board first.

photo 767

Here is my bird of the day!

onboard the b767

Aircraft: Boeing 767-336ER
Registration: G-BNWV
Engines: 2x RR RB211
Age: 22 Years
Layout: C24 W24 Y141
Observation: first used across the Atlantic, the B767s of BAW were used later on European busy destinations. 

The crew assigned to the cabin today felt professional and friendly.

My seat, equipped with some good old fashion and thick leather cover.

photo img_1580-2

and we were wiating for the pushback…

photo wing

another drama

Until the captain told us there was a heavy fog in Paris and that all flights were delayed of 45min - 1 hour…

So now my connecting time was at most 45 min.. 

photo taxii

The crew was really aware of the situation and taxied super fast.

A little souvenir of the B767 safety card. 

photo 9230181192_3f9ee5fbb2_bphoto tokff

and we took off very shortly after.

The cabin felt actually confortable, although there were no IFE nor movies broadcasted. 
I was really imgining the B767 to be an old, outdated bird and I must say I was pleasantely surprised. 

photo img_1611-2

Serviced started with a complimentary drink and snack. I did my best to remain calm and have a tea.

photo 20190915_101947

I couldn't believe there was a massive fog in CDG with this sky…

photo 20190915_101916

Still time for some magazine review..
The dossier of the month was about Peru 

photo 20210721_153356

Looking at the corporate pages, you could see that BA was proundly announcing that refreshment and snacks were offered with compliments… The good old times of legacies!

photo 20210721_153434

The maps of the hubs for speed bird..

photo 20210721_153441

The domestic network that now shrunk to very little..

photo 20210721_153455

European destinations 

photo 20210721_153505

And can you tell that BA focuses on North America? ;-)

photo 20210721_153514

at paris - charles de gaulle airport

We landed safely despite the fog and arrived at terminal 2 hall D, next to this old American Airlines B767.

photo cdg
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British Airways

Cabin crew8.5

London - LHR


Paris - CDG



A very stressful morning. I think I left my place to catch the first tube at 5.30 am, with this idea stuck in the back of my mind that I would perhaps not make it!
Air France customer service tried to make it up for the strike but really they had(have?) a long way to go to manage strikes. I really felt like I was on my own managing this.

British AIrways, on the other side, was at its peak of customer service. This were truely the time of To Fly To Serve, before it all went downhill to the nowadays To Fly To Charge.

LHR T5. Very efficient as always

CDG. Ok. 2D was really old.

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