Review of Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) flight Madrid Toulouse in Business

Flight IB8740
Class Business
Seat --
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 27 Jun 21, 15:40
Arrival at 27 Jun 21, 17:00
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By GOLD 444
Published on 23rd September 2021


Hello Flight-Reporters and welcome to the 3rd and final review in this series of pandemic-era flights.

After being grounded for almost 10 months in 2020, I've slowly-but-surely been getting back to more regular flying again. After moving the family back to the U.S. at the beginning of the year, we had a few uneventful domestic flights in the spring–which I may post at a later time–and now it was time to fly back across the pond to spend the summer with family in Southwestern France.   

While in the previous 2 reviews, I covered my first ever flight in JetBlue Mint (Business) class and my first ride on an A350, this review will be a little less exciting, covering an Iberial Regional short-haul Business class flight on a CRJ1000 in the opposite direction of a flight I'd already reviewed in a previous series.


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photo route

transit hotel - air rooms madrid

With the 1-hour delay on our flight from New York, we had less time to spend at the Premium Traveller Air Rooms Madrid Hotel. Thankfully we had a long layover to begin with, leaving us with enough time to rest up and shower before our flight to Toulouse. 

The Air Rooms Hotel is conveniently located in the arrivals area of Terminal 4, making it a great option for long layovers. The current typical day-use room rates are 75 EUR for a 4-hour stay or 100 EUR for 6 hours. 

photo img_4191photo img_4186photo img_4184

The rooms are modern, simple, and of a decent size by European standards. 

photo img_4188photo img_4187

Note that there are no windows–as is the case for several other airport transit hotels I've visited in the past–but it's a perfectly comfortable experience for a few hours. For me personally, when flying with a young child, it's definitely preferable to spending 4+ hours in an airport lounge…or the Terminal!

There's even 24-hour room service and to-go snack boxes for sale.  

photo img_4189

pre-flight & lounge

After a pleasant and restful stay, it was time to head back airside to catch our flight to Toulouse. As the Air Rooms hotel is located right in the terminal and flights to the Schengen area depart from the same main Terminal 4 building, we didn't have to leave as early as we would have to go to the remote T4S gates. 

photo img_4192

Unlike our previous flights through MAD a few months earlier, the Fast Track lanes were open, which saved a lot of time as the regular security queues looked rather long. 

photo img_4193photo img_4194

Iberia operate two lounges in their MAD hub, the Velázquez Premium Lounge in the T4 Satellite, which I'd covered a few years ago here, and the Dalí Premium lounge in the main T4 building. 

The lounge is large, with several different seating areas and a large dining area.  

photo img_4195-26852

The design of the dining area, with walls between tables, is convenient in times of Covid as it provides some separation. 

photo img_4196

I assume the walls were previously there, but that the plexiglass is a recent Covid-era addition.

photo img_4197-85161

There is a pretty decent selection of drinks, snacks, and fresh food located at the central buffet area. 

Each item is individually wrapped and covered, pandemic-oblige 

photo img_4198

There was even a choice of several hot dishes, which was appreciated, as we hadn't eaten since the dinner service on the JFK-MAD flight.

photo img_4199


As the lounge is located in the central part of the main Terminal 4 building, it can be a very long walk if your gate is located on either end of the terminal, which was our case. 

photo img_4201photo img_4200

In my experience, Iberia regional flights depart from the far end of the terminal. 

It was quite crowded in this area as there were many flights departing around the same time. 

photo img_4202

Our gate was located in a corner with no view of the aircraft, which was parked to the right of this Airbus. 

photo img_4203

As with the previous flight, Business class would be boarding last due to Iberia's temporary Covid-era protocols with strict back-to-front boarding. 

As we waited, I checked the live seat map on, which showed the cabin was now up to 4 rows and about 2/3 full.

photo img_4190

There were only 3 rows of business class when we originally booked the flight so it's nice to see there's some decent premium demand on this route. 

photo seatmap-mad-tls-ib8740

Boarding moved surprisingly fast compared to the JFK-MAD leg. Gate agents managed to keep the queue moving steadily while simultaneously verifying passengers' Covid-test results and vaccination certificates. 

Before we knew it, Boarding was wrapping up and we were among the last to go down to the aircraft. It was a short walk to our CRJ-1000 as it was parked close to the terminal building. It was a beautiful day for tarmac boarding!

photo img_4204

Larger carry-on bags were dropped off with the ramp staff.

That's one long regional jet! 

photo img_4205

Seats in the Business class cabin are the exact same as in Economy, though with slightly more legroom. With the exception of Lufthansa group carriers and a few others, most European carriers, including Iberia, don't block adjacent seats on regional jets. 

As the cabin wasn't full, I ended up having a free seat next to me once again, which made for a much more comfortable experience. I've been lucky on my 2 previous Iberia Regional flights to have an empty adjacent seat. Being crammed next to a stranger in Business class wouldn't feel very premium.  

photo img_4206

Seats 2A/C have the best legroom in the J cabin.

photo img_4207

There is no row 1 on the left side, as there's a coat closet there. 

photo img_4208

Seat pitch is pretty decent in the standard J cabin rows–between 31 and 32 inches of seat pitch vs 30-31 in standard Economy rows. This is above average for intra-European Business class. For comparison, British Airways Club Europe seats on their A320 family aircraft have 30" seat pitch in most rows. 

photo img_4210

The seats themselves are comfortable as they have thick padding, which is increasingly rare in these days of high-density cabins and ultra-slimline seats. 
Cabin crew distributed sanitising wipes as boarding wrapped up–seemingly standard protocol for most airlines in the pandemic-era. 

photo img_4211photo img_4212

A major sign of the times with onboard Covid-19 guidelines posted on the back of each passenger seat. 

photo img_4214

The placard holder also confirms that this aircraft is equipped with a streaming in-flight entertainment system  👍

And it works from gate-to-gate–not bad for a regional aircraft!

photo img_4216photo img_4218

It knows my name 🤣

photo img_4219

There's a decent amount of content, especially considering these aircraft mostly do short 1-2 hour hops. 

photo img_4220photo img_4221

There's even Covid-19 content

photo img_4235

My 2-year-old, exhausted from  long two-days of travelling, was asleep before the aircraft door was even closed. 

photo img_4215-44781

Unlike the JFK-MAD flight, boarding was completed close to on-time despite the additional Covid checks at the gate.

Doors were closed and we pushed back from the gate as the cabin crew did their safety briefing.  

photo img_4213photo img_4222

Although the terminal seems lively on the inside, outside there was very little movement at we taxied to the runway.

photo img_4225photo img_4227

It's difficult to get the entire length of the gigantic Terminal 4 in one frame. 

photo img_4228photo img_4229

Though they're still around, I don't hear much about LEVEL anymore, especially since they shrunk so much after closing the Paris hub and Austrian subsidiary last year. 

photo img_4230

The parked BA A380s were still there–and will be for a while longer. 

photo img_4231photo img_4232photo img_4233

Next in line for departure after an Iberia A350.

photo img_4234

Lining up…

photo img_4236photo img_4237

And we're off for our quick 1h hop across the Pyrénées to Toulouse.

photo img_4238

European carriers were clearly not recovering as fast as US carriers with so many aircraft still parked at the beginning of the summer season.

photo img_4239

All those beautiful A340-600s that will never fly for Iberia again 😢

photo img_4240

It was a beautiful clear day for flying…at least on the Spanish side of the mountains!

photo img_4241photo img_4243

The climb was smooth and cabin crew were able to jumped into action just minutes after takeoff. With only an hour of flight time, the earlier they were able to begin the service, the better.

Meals were fresh and served with plastic wrap intact per special pandemic-era sanitary protocols.

photo img_4245photo img_4244photo img_4246

Once again, a very impressive meal service on Iberia Regional for such a short flight! A proper 3-course fresh meal on a 1-hour flight is unheard of in North America, where the typical fare in domestic First/Business is a packaged snack, if that. 

They even managed to serve warm bread.  

photo img_4247

I had a Cava to go with my meal, which paired well with seafood.

photo img_4249

The terrain got more mountainous as we approached the Pyrénées.

photo img_4248photo img_4251

Bubbles with a view, Salud!

photo img_4254

There was even a snack served after the meal! I assume on a longer flight, this would have been part of an apéritif service. 

photo img_4250

There was still quite a bit of snow on the mountaintops for late June, as summer had gotten off to a cool and wet start in much of Europe.

photo img_4256photo img_4257

The French side was covered in a sea of clouds–what a difference from the clear skies over Spain!

photo img_4258photo img_4259

We made our descent into a rainy Toulouse.

photo img_4260photo img_4261photo img_4263

But still had some great views of the city despite the rain and low clouds. 

photo img_4264photo img_4265photo img_4266

We landed on time. 

photo img_4267

The massive Airbus factory in the distance.

photo img_4268

We parked on the far end of Terminal D, previously reserved for non-Schengen flights, as we would have to go through passport control to verify Covid-tests or Vaccination certificates. 

Some LCC birds on the other end of the terminal.  

photo img_4269photo img_4270

Luckily there was a break in the rain, which allowed us to deplane and wait for our gate-checked bags without getting wet. 

photo img_4271-55623

Since we were among the last to board, I expected that our bags were closest to the door and would be among the first to come out, but nope! They were among the last to come out. 

Once we got our bags we headed towards the terminal.  

photo img_4272photo img_4273photo img_4274

One last look at our CRJ-1000

photo img_4275

Queues for passport checks were quite long despite there being at least 4 lanes open. Verification of Covid-tests or vaccination cards was a longer process at that time, just a few weeks before the wider introduction of the EU Digital Covid certificate.

photo img_4276

On the bright side, because passport controls took so long, our baggage was already out by the time we got to the belt. 

Caught a glimpse of this Air Corsica A320 on the way out, which automatically brings images of blue skies, gorgeous mountainous scenery, and clear azure seas. Such a beautiful island–we spent our summer vacation in Corsica last year, but took the ferry–hopefully next time we can fly Air Corsica!

photo img_4277

Thanks for reading!

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Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum)

Cabin crew9.0

Iberia Sala Dalí - 4


Madrid - MAD


Toulouse - TLS



Once again, Iberia Regional have exceeded expectations on such a short flight. From the streaming entertainment to full fresh meal and attentive service in Spanish, French, and English, it was about as good of an experience as one can have on a 1-hour RJ flight within Europe! Living in the U.S. where larger regional jets have true Business class Recliner seats in premium cabins, this is the only area where there could be some improvement, along with in-seat power. Business class Recliner seats just aren't a thing in Europe, but at least the adjacent seat could be blocked to better differentiate the seat itself from Economy. Luckily, once again, I had an empty seat next to me as there were several open in the cabin.



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  • Comment 581546 by
    ChrisB GOLD 804 Comments

    Hi Kevin
    thanks for the report, I wasn't aware of the streaming service on Air Nostrum - I guess a good thing in lieu of wifi - I have never seen a CRJ with wifi dome not sure whether it is a doable.
    You're right Europe seems to be the only continent without propper business seats, howere the catering you had for such a short flight is amazing.

    One note though: the cadboard plates in the lounge is a bit "meh" right?

    • Comment 581558 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5607 Comments

      Hey Chris, thanks for your comments!

      I wasn't aware of the streaming service on Air Nostrum - I guess a good thing in lieu of wifi

      I believe most Air Nostrum aircraft have the streaming IFE, it was inop on my previous flight with them though

      I have never seen a CRJ with wifi dome not sure whether it is a doable.

      AA/DL/UA have Wi-Fi on most CRJ-700/900, but very uncommon outside of North America

      You're right Europe seems to be the only continent without propper business seats, howere the catering you had for such a short flight is amazing.

      I understand the reasoning for it--flexible cabin size to adjust to demand--and that most flights within Europe are shorter than North America, but still would be nice to have! But you're right, where European carriers fall short on seat comfort, then make up for with catering.

      One note though: the cadboard plates in the lounge is a bit "meh" right?

      Definitely meh! Another temporary pandemic-era measure, I suppose, since I remember there being real plates in the past.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by!

  • Comment 581703 by
    757Fan 610 Comments

    Looks like a great flight to Toulouse! I'm impressed by the high quality of the meal you received - very nice for a 1 hour flight. As you said, that is unheard of in the USA.

    Looking forward to your next report!

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