Review of Turkish Airlines flight Lyon Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1810
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 29 Jul 21, 18:20
Arrival at 29 Jul 21, 22:35
TK   #9 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 665 reviews
By GOLD 713
Published on 30th July 2021

Constantinople and istanbul

Hello dear flight readers! Today I will post a flight I was on yesterday, to took us to visit for the second time Istanbul. 
This time around we will rather focus on the remains of Constantinople. 

We book this return trip with Turkish Airlines, about 80 euros more expensive than with Air France. We choose this over AF, even though I am a Skyteam gold member, and it was more expensive, the flight was direct and AF had just one flight landing at 3am in Istanbul, which isn't the best way to start a weekend away!

The only thing with miles and more is that - they expire after 12 months.

Miles & More miles earned with this flight: 125
Miles Status earned: 32

We checked in online using the app… that is reall well built.

photo screenshot_20210729-123310_turkish-airlines

at lyon - saint exupéry airport

From the beginning of the Covid Crisis, the airport shrunk to operate only from Terminal 2, up until last week when Terminal 1 re-opened with the airlines previously operating from there.

photo 20210729_170739

Check in hall was really busy, we only had 2 cabin luggages so we skipped this part.. 

photo 20210729_170808

Just like on Terminal 2, boarding passes should be scanned prior to access security.

photo 20210729_171154-66835

Having flown with Air France during all the difference phases of lock down from Terminal 2, I got used to a population mainly made of professionnal and this was a shock… It took for ever with families, babies, people not ready to open their suitcases, declare their laptops….

photo 20210729_171456

Passed this point ze rushed through the duty-free zone and this iconic "place des lumières" - a bit dark on my picture!

photo 20210729_172311

We went upstairs at the Passport control, where they were one policeman and a policewoman checking passports; the Lady was exceptionnally grumpy. She called a Lady to check her passports and this one turned her back to her as her husband was also calling her, the Policewoman took this as an incredible offence and a 15 min long argument started… worrying me a bit as the boarding limit time was just 15 min away.

photo 20210729_173958

Finally we were able to reach C09 boarding hall.

photo 20210729_173857-68454

This boarding lounges are really more spacious and comfortable comapres to Terminal 2.

photo 20210729_174108

our bird of the day next to TO

photo 20210729_174059photo 20210729_174031

onboard the a321neo

photo 20210729_174812

Aircraft: Airbus A321-271 Neo
Registration: TC-LFT
Engines: 2x PW1134
Age: 1 month old
Layout: C20 Y162
Observation: Brand new A321Neo, amongst 30 others.

My first time onboard an A321Neo.

Turlisk Airlines doesn't seem to have figured out a boarding procedure… Everyone just boarded without order. 

photo 20210729_175035photo 20210729_175145

And when I go for my seat 7A, i discover that an old lady was on it... I told her I bought my seat and asked if she can move.. The old lady told me her knees were hurting and then she pretented not to speak english anymore. 

A cabin crew was nearby and I told her that was my seat and I like taking pictures when I flew… The answer was something like I am sorry but she is old and she will let you take pictures… I tried @Pititom's strategy, to book seats at A and C but it didn't work for me..

My other half told me to drop it otherwise people will look at us like some sort of petty person.
I am sure you FR people share my frustration!! 

The plane being brand new, so was the cabin… The pitch is actually average, but the IFE, thickness of the seat, hearplugs given, USB plugs are a nice plus, especially in economy.
You couldn't recline the seats though. 

photo 20210729_182510

Safety video…

photo 20210729_181352photo 20210729_184624

Taxiing to 35L

photo 20210729_182404

And take off

photo 20210729_182838

Scenes over the Alps…

Cruise mood lights… I am actually really impressed by the A321Neo, it is super quiet..

photo 20210729_185624

And again, the food is impressive for a J class.. 
Bread and butter, Salad, cake, 

photo 20210729_190924

Wine of course, I might as well start to try the local specialities!

photo 20210729_190354

The main meal was a tad small in portions i found.

photo 20210729_191603

Mood lighting changed whist we were over Greece.

photo 20210729_195838photo 20210729_195903

I wish I could had a better picture of the winglet but you that woman didn't even go to the toilets once!

photo 20210729_200843

I wish I could make a magazine review as usual but there wasn't any, not even on the app. However there was Wi-Fi onboard, but it was quite dear so I didn't use it.

photo screenshot_20210729-184907_duckduckgo

Turkish Airlines proudly says they are the best with Covid measures… I am not sure if it is true but they do give a mask and cleaning towel just like AF.

photo 20210729_204108

On final to the new IST airport.

photo 20210729_205445

After landing, we taxied for some time and reached a gate at the terminal, where we unboarded by a jetway; I took advantage of being in the queue to show the Business seats that really seem interesting. Really a big plus compares to European legacy short haul business class.

photo 20210729_221229

at istanbul airport

Not sure if the new Airport will be renamed after Ataturk just like the old one.. The airport is indeed brand new, very high ceilings.

photo 20210729_221443photo 20210729_221455

Unlike what I have read, it was fluid, not so many people even at passport control. 

photo 20210729_221821

To finish, a nice view from Galata Tower where our hotel is

photo 20210730_001327

The stamp on arrival.

photo 20211110_170809
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew5.0

Lyon - LYS


Istanbul - IST



TK: My first flight with them, overall a good impression for a 2,5 hours flight in economy - better than European legacy carriers.
Hard product is overall better - IFE, plugs, WiFi, but no magazine.
Soft Product - a complimentary propper meal with free booze
Staff didn't handle the problem with my seat according to what you pay for - minus for that.

LYS: Efficient, although you can tell the staff at T1 hasn't worked for a very long time - really lack of patience and habits.

ISL: Brand new indeed, spacious could be cleaner and is really far from the city.

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  • Comment 577204 by
    ISTFlyer GOLD 368 Comments

    Hi Chris and thanks for sharing this Flight-Report with us.

    Turlisk Airlines doesn't seem to have figured out a boarding procedure… Everyone just boarded without order.

    - Unfortunately, that's a problem that we see a lot with TK even pre-COVID; they do have boarding groups on their boarding passes but the enforcement is generally weak. They just did a COVID show for a year boarding from the back to the front and ditching priority boarding for status and J class pax and now as it seems, it looks like a mess.

    I am sure you FR people share my frustration!!

    - I do share your frustration, I am also a person that enjoys the window seat. I hope that you'll able to enjoy the window on your return.

    Wine of course, I might as well start to try the local specialities!

    - Wow! TK restored wine and presumably beer on international flights in Y. They previously didn't served alcohol. This is a positive improvement that I'm learning from your Flight-Report. For reference, TK doesn't share these small updates in a publicly available channel.

    Not sure if the new Airport will be renamed after Ataturk just like the old one..

    - Also just to let you know that the new airport is coded IST and not ISL. As Atatürk Airport is still operational for general aviation and cargo flights, the new airport would not be named under Atatürk.

    I hope that you're having a great time in my hometown at the moment and enjoy the rest of your stay!

    • Comment 577333 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 1987 Comments

      Merhaba ISTFlyer
      Tesekkurler for stopping by and for your comment :)
      Yes the boarding is quite pre 2010's fashion, I don't know if it is a bad or a good thing.

      Yes on the return flight I first made sure not to board last but also jumping on my seat!
      Yes and I was pleased to even have the choice: one white bottles or 2 reds, amongst which 1 was one french, the other one turkish. When I chose the latter the hostess told me it was the good choice ah!!
      I thing this really makes TK standing out: the meal and the drinks - an era that is almost in the past for some other legacy carriers.

      Duely noted, I will change that to IST. Yes and on a side note, I have the feeling that the current president isn't the number one fan of Ataturk anyway ;-)

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