Review of Air France flight Toulouse Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF6129
Class Economy
Seat 07A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 22 Jul 21, 14:00
Arrival at 22 Jul 21, 15:20
AF   #32 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4723 reviews
By GOLD 252
Published on 9th August 2021

Report No: 2021-702

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this report where I would cover my first ever Air France flight from Toulouse to Paris Orly. Originally, I was going to take the TGV from Toulouse to Paris but when my onwards flight to Newark on a separate ticket had a schedule change of 1 hour, it was really risky to take a TGV to Gare de Montparnasse due to the self-connection and as I didn't want to leave Toulouse at 8am, I decided to try this airline, about a month before I was originally planning to fly them.

So, this report would consist a brief report of the Air France A319 from Toulouse Blagnac to Paris Orly on their La Navette shuttle.

Here is the routing for this trip;


Loads for this flight

Economy: 90-95%


The online check-in process was painless and was easy. Despite checking-in a bit later than the T-30 hour mark, I was able to select a decent window seat for my flight.

photo ekran-resmi-2021-07-21-080115

At a later stage, the aircraft type was changed to an A319 so I was able to move a bit forward. On today's flight, I haven't opted for an emergency exit row seat which was about €15 according to the exchange rates that day.

photo ekran-resmi-2021-07-21-080144

Also at the time of this flight, as I didn't have SkyTeam status and as this was a HBO fare, I was assigned boarding Group 5 which boards the last.


That morning, I have taken the Navette Aéroport from the city to the airport which took about 30 minutes.

photo 20210722_115714-min

After a comfortable bus ride, I have headed to the COVID testing center, as my final destination ( USA ) requires a COVID test despite vaccination status. The process was easy and painless; after paying €42 ( non-EU citizen ), I got the results in 15 minutes and I was also issued a passe sanitaire valid for the next 48 hours, even though I didn't need one.

photo 20210722_120417-min

While waiting for my test results, I have went to Starbucks at the arrivals level and had a cold drink. Unlike other airports in Europe, there was no check at Toulouse Airport and everyone ( including greeters ) were able to enter the terminal. 

photo 20210722_120745-min

After picking up my COVID test results in a printout format, I have headed to the departures hall.

photo 20210722_122552-min

Here are the FIDS for the day. To be honest, there weren't many flights during the afternoon hours but it was going to be a busy day during the evening.

photo 20210722_122720-min

I'm glad that I didn't need to stop by the check-in counters as they were a bit busy and there was a wait.

photo 20210722_122803-min-38276

Security was painless with minimal wait and after clearing security it's mandatory to walk through the duty-free store to reach the gate areas.

photo 20210722_123441-min

Most of the stores/concessions were open that day

photo 20210722_123559-min-73334

FIDS again

photo 20210722_123604-min

While hanging around airside, I have realized that the incoming aircraft is delayed thus subsequently our flight would be delayed as well. Although the delay wasn't something major.

photo screenshot_20210722-122304_flightradar24photo screenshot_20210722-122313_flightradar24

The gate was empty about 1h30mins before scheduled departure time. As there weren't enough seating areas enough, I decided to do some spotting.

photo 20210722_123853-min

As Toulouse is not an ordinary airport, it's possible to spot aircrafts of many different carriers. Guess why?

photo 20210722_123944

Some more wide-bodies

photo 20210722_124002

Ryanair Malta 737-800

photo 20210722_125008

Some more wide-bodies

photo 20210722_125030

Some narrow-bodies this time

photo 20210722_125047

If we return to passenger flights, at that time, this Air Dolomiti Embraer had arrived from Munich

photo 20210722_131939photo 20210722_132009

And shortly later the A319 that would take me to Orly had arrived from its previous flight

photo 20210722_132350

F-GRXB would be the aircraft that would be taking me to Paris Orly that afternoon.

photo 20210722_132358-minphoto 20210722_132359

Some more photos

photo 20210722_132625-minphoto 20210722_132627-min

And within a few minutes, the aircraft has parked at jetbridge E52 which corresponds to gate 31.

photo 20210722_132645photo 20210722_132807-min

At that time this China Eastern A350 was getting prepared for a test flight

photo 20210722_132743-min

As well as this Tigerair A320neo was being towed somewhere

photo 20210722_134018


Despite the short delay, after passengers from the previous flight has disembarked, boarding had started with UM passengers and passengers requiring extra assistance. Later on boarding was announced by groups from 1 to 5 by order. Also as a sidenote , boarding announcements were only made in French.

photo 20210722_134047-min-64678

As the aircraft was not ready yet when boarding started, there was a long queue at the jetbridge.

photo 20210722_135140-min-36718

Another photo of F-GRXB from the terminal

photo 20210722_135729-min


After being welcomed by the crew, I have headed to my seat 07A for this flight. Despite being one of the last people to board, I was able to find overhead space for my carry-on near my seat and avoided gate checking my carry-on.

photo 20210722_152616-min

Although the seats doesn't recline, they were comfortable for a domestic hop and the legroom was decent. Probably due to COVID, Air France doesn't provide any written literature onboard their flights.

photo 20210722_140401-min

A view from the window

photo 20210722_140412

Upon boarding at the aircraft, the crew offered hand sanitizing wipes and a regular hand sanitizer was also present near the aircraft door.

photo 20210722_140447-min

The overhead panel

photo 20210722_140421

It's also a nice touch that all seats were equipped with USB ports which is a nice touch.

photo 20210722_140947

After boarding was finished, the doors were shut and we have pushed back with a minimal delay.

photo 20210722_141520

At that time the safety demo was demonstrated by the cabin crew and after that, the captain has apologized for the delay due to the late arrival of the incoming flight. 

photo 20210722_141548

While we were pushing back, this A320 from CDG was taxiing to the terminal. The Air France flight to Charles de Gaulle was delayed 50 minutes that afternoon.

photo 20210722_141924

After a short taxi, we were at the runway

photo 20210722_142335

And shortly later, we took off

photo 20210722_142340

Some photos after takeoff

photo 20210722_142400

Toulouse from the air

photo 20210722_142422photo 20210722_142502

After taking off, I decided to check the Air France Connect personal device entertainment system

photo screenshot_20210722-142545_samsung-internet

Here are the Wi-Fi options for the day. It's a nice touch that messaging apps are free of charge.

photo screenshot_20210722-142834_samsung-internet

Live TV was also available but it was limited to France 24 in French and English.
There were some games available as well. 

photo screenshot_20210722-142558_samsung-internet

There is also a route map feature

photo screenshot_20210722-142914_samsung-internet

Shortly after the seatbelt sign has been turned off, the snack service had started. Today's offerings were a pastry with berries and a choice of soft drink. I have opted for a tomato juice which was served with celery salt.

photo 20210722_145618-min

Shortly later, the cabin crew came for trash collection and the captain has made an announcement prior to landing

photo 20210722_150025

Route map at that time

photo screenshot_20210722-150409_samsung-internet

After descent preparations were completed, we were close to Paris

photo 20210722_151502photo 20210722_151511

And shortly later, we have landed at Paris Orly Airport.

photo 20210722_151708

Easyjet and Vueling aircraft at Orly 1

photo 20210722_151852

Air France A321 at Orly 2

photo 20210722_151932

Some more Air France aircraft

photo 20210722_152001

And after a short taxi, we were going to park next to this A318 at a remote stand

photo 20210722_152012

Shortly later the seatbelt signs were switched off and after the buses arrived at our parking position, the front door has opened and disembarkation had commenced.

photo 20210722_152042

Paris Orly Airport - ORY

After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft from the front door and took this fuselage shot

photo 20210722_152656

And after a 1h flight on an Airbus made in France, it was time for a 5 minute bus ride on an Iveco bus made in Turkey to the terminal.

photo 20210722_152735-min-57498

Last shot of F-GRXB

photo 20210722_152737-37536

After a 5 minute bus ride, we have arrived at Orly 2

photo 20210722_153225-80583

At somewhere which used to be international arrivals in the past.

photo 20210722_153317-min

And this report has come to an end.
The journey would continue in the next and the last report of the series.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Air France

Cabin crew8.5

Toulouse - TLS


Paris - ORY



To conclude this Flight-Report, I could say that my first ever Air France flight was pleasant and enjoyable. The seats were decent, the crew was friendly and smiling, the service was decent and the inflight entertainment options is great for the length of the flight.

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  • Comment 577656 by
    Plainfreak 40 Comments

    Hi, this seems like a standard, but good flight.

    Must say, I have never heard of 'celery salt' before :-)

    And those aircraft steps @ORY: looks like some sort of broken covering on top?!

    Bye, Daniel

    • Comment 577660 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 365 Comments

      Hi Plainfreak and thanks for your comment,

      Must say, I have never heard of 'celery salt' before :-)

      - I don't know about the rest of the world but some gourmet markets in Turkey sell it; to be honest, it's not a popular product here in Turkey so probably it's not normal that you're hearing it for the first time.
      And those aircraft steps @ORY: looks like some sort of broken covering on top?!

      - I have realized the same thing, probably the ground staff didn't care as it wasn't raining that day.


  • Comment 577658 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 766 Comments

    Hello IST! How’s it going?

    it's possible to spot aircrafts of many different carriers. Guess why?

    Er... They all fit in TLS because it’s “too - loose”? hahahahah

    It's a nice touch that messaging apps are free of charge.

    This is when I remember I live in the third world. :/

    a 5 minute bus ride on an Iveco bus made in Turkey to the terminal.

    The grand finale, eh? :D

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Stay safe!

    • Comment 577661 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 365 Comments

      Hi Pilpintu and I hope everything is going well for you; thanks for asking.

      Er... They all fit in TLS because it’s “too - loose”? hahahahah

      - Yes, TLS is a big airport :)
      This is when I remember I live in the third world. :/

      - Don't worry about this, every part of the world has different charms. To be honest, we all could live without messaging for an hour.
      The grand finale, eh? :D

      - Yes, this was the grand finale :D

      Once again thanks for stopping by,

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