Review of LATAM flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA45
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 31 Jul 21, 15:00
Arrival at 31 Jul 21, 16:30
LA   #56 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 158 reviews
Published on 12th November 2021

There are days when you'd better stay in bed, don't you agree?

It feels like august. It must be august.

It's Saturday, August 1st, 2021 today, right? I know this because only two days ago - Thursday 29 - I flew up here for some important paperwork.

That's great, because I have a ticket to fly back home today, August 1st. Saturday.

photo bp-skya

I'm a careful man, so I'll double check this is the correct date.

photo bp-skyb

Yes! It's there. August 1st, 2021. Fantástico!

So I get up early and take the bus to the airport. It's a cool August morning in Santiago today.

photo img_20210731_093447

I used to complain that TurBus buses had a funny way to stow baggage inside the cabin, forcing passengers to wait for their bags until everyone had gotten off. That has changed. TurBus renewed their fleet…

photo img_20210731_100050

…and their service is as efficient now as that of Centropuerto, the other bus line connecting Santiago and the airport. As usual, they drop us at International Departures.

photo img_20210731_102906

With my 50th birthday barely two months away it's no surprise that my visits to the restroom have become more frequent. Or is it just that I had too much coffee this morning? Whatever, I know there's a restroom around here.

Much to my dismay, it's being sanitized at the moment. I intend to wait, but something in my face seems to stir feelings of deep compassion in a passing janitor, who kindly hints me about another restroom right above this one… on the fourth floor. On the fourth floor?! I didn't know SCL had a fourth floor. 

Not a soul on the fourth floor!

photo img_20210731_104746

Enter eerie music here…

photo img_20210731_104720

The silence is broken by the humming of a young man who's playing a video game on his cellphone in one of the booths. I can guess he's one of the cleaning staff by his orange pants!

photo img_20210731_104700

Oh, I see. The fourth floor…

photo img_20210731_104812

…is that little corner over there. There used to be a restaurant called Gatsby up there. It's changed it's name.

photo img_20210731_105029

This end of the hall is very quiet today. There's more movement…

photo img_20210731_105021

…at the other end, at domestic departures.

photo img_20210731_105316

Even there, some Health Ministry officials have time to check their cellphones once in a while.

photo img_20210731_105412

After checking your vaccination certificate and your declaration that you have no Covid symptoms, they allow you to proceed to…

photo img_20210731_105447

…safety check, which is always a speedy process at SCL.

photo img_20210731_105530photo img_20210731_105534

Ahhh… this is great. Just let me put my belt back on (which has been mysteriously shortening during the pandemic)…

photo img_20210731_110136

…before I check the FIDS to know what gate I have to go to. Let's see. 13:19 Sky Airline to Valdivia…

photo img_20210731_110357

Hm! Hahah. Naughty FIDS. You wanna play a trick on me, don't you? I'm sure the information is coming any time. I stand there staring at the monitor with a frown and my index finger under my lower lip.  "Sky Airline to Valdivia… Valdivia… Valdiviaaa…."

photo img_20210731_110357

Nothing! That's weird. The information should be onscreen by now. What could be the problem on such a nice Aug…

Aug…ust morning?



It can't be true.

It just CAN'T be true!!!

I grab my head with both hands and want to crush my brains with them.


TODAY IS THE 31ST OF JULY!!!! My plane won't leave until tomorrow!!!

You might want to cover your ears (or skip the following lines)


Of course, I scream all that inside my head only, but my face must have turned some bright shade of red because people around look at me with a worried face.

I have to sit for a minute and think of a solution. There MUST be something I can do! Lots of ideas come to mind, from coming back the next day to… to jumping off the control tower.

But I can't think clearly now.

I know. I will face this predicament like an adult.

photo img_20210731_112858

Mmm!! Yummy. Let's sort this out together, Big Mac!

photo img_20210731_113711

Much better. Now, let's think.

Of course, I could come back the next day. The problem is, I'm not staying in Santiago, but over 100km south, with my family. To get back there I would have to take more public transport and expose myself to the virus much more than I intended. I'm vaccinated, but I could still carry the virus with me and infect my aunties and uncles, who are in old age and poor health.

If I stay overnight in Santiago I'll still have to take the crowded Metro and move around a crowded city… and the risk of taking the virus home to my mom is there. Again, no.

Staying at the airport  for about 28 hous? I don't like airports THAT much!

I could return the ticket and buy a new one. The problem is, I have already checked in and it's just one day before the flight. I wonder if Sky will refund me.

So, there's only one possible solution to get home quickly - just forget about tomorrow's flight and risk losing the money.

And I'm scared to think of the price of any other flight to Valdivia departing today!

Let's see.

Ouch. The only available flight for this afternoon is with LATAM, and I will have to buy the Light fare because of the baggage I'm carrying. I end up paying more than 110 USD. Boo - hoo….

photo screenshot_2021-07-31-11-13-19-852_comandroidchrome

I check in right away.

photo screenshot_2021-07-31-11-23-23-681_mobilelatamcomlatamapp

A window seat, at least. I'm probably the last passenger to check in for this flight, so SEQ 94 must be an indication that it is only half-full.

photo screenshot_2021-07-31-11-23-55-700_mobilelatamcomlatamapp

I don't think Sky Airline will refund me, but I still enter my request. Who knows. The special arrangements during the pandemic might be of help.

photo screenshot_2021-07-31-12-16-19-873_comskyairline

Request submitted. Thanks for contacting us!

photo screenshot_2021-07-31-12-37-20-878_orgmozillafirefox

And it works! Exactly one month later - on August 30 - I am informed that my request was accepted. Sky Airline rocks!

But I don't know that at the moment, so I just mourn my 110 USD and drag my feet to my (new) gate…

photo img_20210731_133717

…unaware that I'm in for an av-geek treat!

photo img_20210731_143146


Gate 20B has no jetbridge…

photo img_20210731_143434photo img_20210731_143440

…and we'll walk on the apron.

photo img_20210731_143640

Nice views!

photo img_20210731_143950

CC-BAB is 11 years old…

photo img_20210731_144012

…and has spent…

photo img_20210731_144041

…his entire life in LAN/LATAM.

photo img_20210731_144055

Safety measures such as wearing masks…

photo img_20210731_144120

…and disinfection are commonplace down here, too.

photo img_20210731_144134

Ah! The soft seats! Another treat.

photo img_20210731_144232

Even though the seat seems to have been cleaned recently…

photo img_20210731_144343

…I give it a good rub with some disinfectant towels. Is that dirt, or is it the blue of the seat??

photo img_20210731_144742

I sit there feeling stupid… and poorer.

photo img_20210731_144829

Time has been rough on CC-BAB.

photo img_20210731_145103

define food, please

Some additional information about this flight.

photo 2021-08-16-214446_1366x768_scrot

We leave SCL and CC-BAB's brethren on time.

photo img_20210731_145748

This old building hosting domestic and international flights…

photo img_20210731_145857

…will be the domestic terminal…

photo img_20210731_145903

….once all the new piers are in service.

photo img_20210731_150339

On our way to the runway we pass…

photo img_20210731_150456

…this somewhat heart wrenching view…

photo img_20210731_150507

…of LATAM planes that had to be…

photo img_20210731_150535

…mothballed because of the pandemic.

photo img_20210731_151246


photo img_20210731_151249

The construction of the new terminal seems to be in its final stages.

photo img_20210731_151302

Both west piers are in service already, as you can see here.

photo img_20210731_151306

I grew up in this area. Everything used to be green and beautiful this time of year. It's brown now.

photo img_20210731_151620

It's really sad. With every flight I see how drought brings this lagoon closer to its demise.

photo img_20210731_151904

Very soon after takeoff, our male FA merrily announces "El servicio de alimentación comenzará en un momento."

It sounds promising! The choice of words must mean something. Alimentación comes from alimento, which means food. So there WAS something to eat in Y, after all! I was wondering ever since I flew W some weeks ago. So you see, LATAM is concerned about its image of leading Chilean airline and wants to improve its onboard service. Let's see…

photo img_20210731_152215

Let's see what the servicio de alimentación brings.

photo img_20210731_153237

I stare at my alimentación in disbelief for a minute.

I eventually decide that something is wrong. My Spanish might be getting rusty. But I'm sure everyone understands me at home these days. Or so I thought. Just in case, let's look up alimentación in the dictionary.

According to

Alimentación: diet, food, feeding, energy source… It can also mean supply as in power supply.

photo 2021-08-19-224332_1366x768_scrot

My conclusion: LATAM is redefining food, and wants to convince us that ten cubic centimeters of water make for a good energy source/power supply.

[sigh] I'd better lay back and enjoy the rest of this (painfully expensive) trip. On the bright side, the middle seat is empty.

photo img_20210731_153813

The 90-something passengers.

photo img_20210731_155925

Very soon we are descending above Nueva Imperial and river Chol Chol. Auntie Nieves is down there.

photo img_20210731_160833

I was lucky to see one of the very last patches of nothofagus forests in the midst of pine plantations right north of Valdivia.

photo img_20210731_161735

A very pleasant flight, but…

photo img_20210731_162317

…don't forget to bring…

photo img_20210731_162406

…some cookies or anything…

photo img_20210731_162409

…that will save you from LATAM's…

photo img_20210731_162415

…servicio de alimentación.

photo img_20210731_162649

More av-geek treats??

photo img_20210731_162900

Yes! Another stroll around the apron.

photo img_20210731_163348

I still dislike the new livery, compared to the old star and red ribbon. But it's not the worst.

photo img_20210731_163415

I wonder when the work will start…

photo img_20210731_163427

…in order to enlarge ZAL.

photo img_20210731_163438

Though some things should be kept in a museum…

photo img_20210731_163450

…like this old board…

photo img_20210731_163504

…depicting the catastrophic landing of a 747 at ZAL. Something that never happened.

photo img_20210731_163504b

No baggage to claim today…

photo img_20210731_163513

…and nobody is waiting for me. Aw. This arrival always makes me feel lonely. Snif.

photo img_20210731_163530

Luckily, the transfers service at ZAL…

photo img_20210731_163546

…whose vans are parked right outside, to the left…

photo img_20210731_163716

…is still one of the cheapest in Chile. About 5 bucks for a 30km ride.

photo img_20210731_163852

The driver turns out to be…

photo img_20210731_164937

…a great talker…

photo img_20210731_165000

…and he confirms what that lady told me…

photo img_20210731_165035

…when I taking the outbound flight. That there are plans…

photo img_20210731_165941

…to enlarge Valdivia's airport, and that it will look like those of Puerto Montt or Temuco.

As we enter the city, I am transferred to another van that will spare me a tour of the whole city. And as the van doors get closed…

photo img_20210731_171811

…so is this report.

Thanks for reading!!

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Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



They say you may look thinner in photos if you surround yourself with fat people. LATAM is trying to do exactly the same with its bad W service. They're trying to make it look good by placing it next to an even worse Y service.

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  • Comment 586088 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

    Hola Nelson, nice to see a new report!

    …mothballed because of the pandemic.

    Very sad indeed. Much more common in 2020 in North America and Europe where now much of the fleets have been reactivated as traffic builds back up to normal with borders finally reopening!

    I stare at my alimentación in disbelief for a minute.

    HAH! LATAM decided to re-define the words for their purposes. Obviously they couldn't say "comida" since that would be a blatant lie, so I guess alimentación is now being used by LA as the Spanish equivalent of "Refreshments" in English, which means precisely nothing! "Refreshments can mean a cup of water, to choice of full bar WITH snacks or even sandwiches depending on the airline! So I guess alimentación here is like "ahorita" you know, depending on the country or region ahorita could mean "right now," "already happened," "some time in the near future," or "never gonna happen, I'm actually just blowing you off" hah! Yay, language is fun

    Ok, but here's the REAL explanation. Since alimentacion also means fed by electric current/power...the word is TOTALLY appropriate...because only serving a tiny cup of water and calling in alimentacion is SHOCKING ⚡ ...I'll see myself out ^^

    I still dislike the new livery, compared to the old star and red ribbon. But it's not the worst.

    The old LAN livery was one of the nicer livery out there. I haven't yet seem enough of the new LATAM livery in real life to determine how much I like it, but it looked good the few times I saw it...maybe not as nice as LAN, but better tham TAM...somewhere in between.

    • Comment 586153 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Kevin! Tanto tiempo! How's it going?

      calling in alimentacion is SHOCKING

      You have a point there. hahah LATAM has managed to deliver a shocking experience, no doubt.

      So I guess alimentación here is like "ahorita"

      So you know about "ahorita"! Yeah, that Mexican word seems to have become popular among procrastinators. XD In Chile we say "altiro", though we usually mean it and do stuff right away. :D

      Do you have any idea what LATAM's approach can be? I don't understand it. I don't understand how they intend to attract more passengers by doing away with a decent inflight service. Not even a BOB! Our other two main domestic airlines - JetSmart and Sky - still have a BOB and I see people buying like crazy on each flight! I don't see the attractive of paying W just to get a bag of chips you can buy for less from a BOB. It doesn't make sense to me.

      • Comment 586154 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

        Do you have any idea what LATAM's approach can be?

        No idea, they’ve reintroduced and stopped the BOB on several occasions. They’ve officially said it’s at the request of local governments due to Covid, but I don’t believe that’s accurate anymore since other airlines are able to provide BOB as you’ve mentioned. It may be supply chain issues, which is impacting larger carriers who can’t seem to get all the materials they need for consistency across a large operation. It’s probably a bit if this mixed with cost cutting. AVIANCA’s current strategy is equally confusing with the move to LCC model-but-not-quite

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