Review of Sun Express flight Mulhouse / Bâle Antalya in Economy

Airline Sun Express
Flight XQ111
Class Economy
Seat 25C
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 05 Aug 21, 09:45
Arrival at 05 Aug 21, 14:05
XQ 11 reviews
By GOLD 558
Published on 30th August 2021

petite intro

My brother flew to Antalya this summer and for the sake of the database, I asked him to take as many pictures as he could for me to write a review on how charter flights look like in Europe.
Outbound they flew with Sun Express and back with Corendon. Both flights were semi-chartered it means, tour operators had booked seats but the airlines also sold some seats.
The reports are not as perfect as they should be since he was travelling with two kids and you know how challenging this could be. Nevertheless, he tried his best :)


Me and my mother took them to the airport, one car wasn't enough for the whole family. At that time it was a pretty nice morning:

photo 1aphoto 1bphoto 1c

The airport was quiet:

photo 1d

The Covid testing center was empty:

photo 1e

a bit of spotting

After leaving them at the airport I went to spot their aircraft arriving from Antalya. I couldn't stay for their departure since I had an appointment later in the morning, so here we are with TK arriving from Istanbul, 737-MAX8:

photo dsc_0154photo dsc_0155photo dsc_0156


photo dsc_0160photo dsc_0162photo dsc_0163

Here is their bird, Sun Express 737-800:

photo dsc_0196photo dsc_0197


photo dsc_0199photo dsc_0200photo dsc_0201

A few minutes later a big thunderstorm arrived and you'll see it from my brother's pictures, the weather is no more the same :)

the flight

In the meantime their bird got soaked:

photo 1

Boarding was slightly delayed due to the weather, they took their seats at the rear of the plane:

photo 3

Enter Air:

photo 4

Down the jetbridge:

photo 5

The door:

photo 6photo 7

The sky interior was stunning on this leasure plane:

photo 8

The seats were nice and comfortable, they even reclined:

photo 10

The flight is only half full, they were able to move around pretty freely.

photo 11

The tray table:

photo 13

Safety card:

photo 9

They took off 15 minutes late and had a few bumps while climbing. My brother liked the fact that the aircraft had wifi onboard. The wole BOB menu is available via your own device. Movies can be streamed but at a charge: 2.50€
There was also a moving map, free of charge.

the bob menu:

Here's the menu available on the web:

photo 2021-08-14-1


photo 2021-08-14-2photo 2021-08-14-3photo 2021-08-14-5

Snack deals:

photo 2021-08-14-6photo 2021-08-14-10

Sweet snacks:

photo 2021-08-14-8photo 2021-08-14-9


photo 2021-08-14-7photo 2021-08-14-11photo 2021-08-14-12

To make the flight more comfortable:

photo 2021-08-14-13

They only took a lemonade each that was pretty good:

photo 14

An outside view during the cruise:

photo 15

arriving in ayt

They arrived almost on time in Antalya, here they are leaving the plane:

photo 12

The immigration was a bit messy since russian charters arrived at the same time and they needed a good 30 minutes to get their passeport stamped. Their luggage were already on the carroussels and the busses to the hotels were waiting outside.
My family was happy with this flight and could start their long time overdue vacation :)

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Sun Express

Cabin crew5.0

Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Antalya - AYT



Given the plane was only half full, they could spread out and really enjoy it, sadly the crew did just the bare minimum and wasn't so friendly.
The wi-fi was a big plus.

Thanks for reading!



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