Review of Corendon Airlines flight Antalya Mulhouse / Bâle in Economy

Airline Corendon Airlines
Flight XC4703
Class Economy
Seat 25D
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 12 Aug 21, 16:00
Arrival at 12 Aug 21, 18:40
XC 2 reviews
By GOLD 215
Published on 30th August 2021

This is the return leg of my brother's vacations in Antalya. For the return they opted to fly with Corendon since their flight was in the afternoon and avoided an early wake up, never easy when you travel with kids.

No pictures from AYT airport since it was crowded and the little one was a bit demanding. Everything went pretty straight forward as they were travelling as a family, they had more or less priority at the check in, security and passport control.

pax bus boarding ayt

They boarded via bus to the aircraft:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-23photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-22

Down to it:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-201photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-20

The bus:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-19

Social distancing was asked and fully enforced:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-181

737-800 Pegasus:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-16

737-700 Tarom:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-14photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-13

Corendon 738:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-121

Ural Airlines  A321:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-12


photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-11

Sun Express:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-10

The tarmac is huge:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-34-09

Pegasus 320neo:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-43

the flight

Boarding under the wings is, usually, strictly forbidden:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-42photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-411photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-41

Azur Air Ukraine 763:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-40

Fuselage shoot:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-391

Waiting to board:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-39

Azur air again:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-381

Sun Express:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-38

Almost there:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-37

Door shoot:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-361photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-36photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-35

The cabin looks nice:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-341photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-34photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-311

Left view:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-33

Flight was full and this time, the legroom was an issue:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-332

Tray table:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-331

The BOB:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-31photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-30

Much less than Sun Express, prices are the same. No wifi on board, which is a bit odd since the plane is brand new and Sun Express has it on its older 738.

My brother took a coke and some pringles to go with:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-281photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-28

And what his wife and the kids took:

photo photo-2021-08-12-19-33-29

The flight was smooth and they landed 20 minutes early. They were out of the airport in a bit less than 30 minutes, which is more than ok given that they had to clear immigration, customs and collect their bags.

spotting at eap

Their plane spotted as they arrived:

photo dsc_0257photo dsc_0258photo dsc_0261


photo dsc_0267photo dsc_0268photo dsc_0269

The appron at the EAP with a Carpatair F100 chartered for a soccer match in Basel and Helvetic's E195 E-2 that seats the wole week here before doing a flight to Santorini on Saturdays and a flight to Larnaca on Sundays:

photo dsc_0122photo dsc_0123


photo dsc_0125photo dsc_0127photo dsc_0130

Pegasus 320neo to SAW:

FEDEX 757 to CDG :

photo dsc_0166photo dsc_0167

Line up :

photo dsc_0169photo dsc_0174

And take off:

photo dsc_0175photo dsc_0177photo dsc_0178

CRJ900 LH Cityline:

photo dsc_0184photo dsc_0187photo dsc_0190

Enter Air 738 to PRN:

photo dsc_0233photo dsc_0234photo dsc_0235

LH to FRA:

photo dsc_0252photo dsc_0280

Take off:

photo dsc_0281photo dsc_0283photo dsc_0285
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Corendon Airlines

Cabin crew6.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Antalya - AYT


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP



The flight did its job but the seat pitch was really tight. No onboard wifi not entertainement.
Antalya was crowded but things went well and straight forward.
EAP was top notch, nothing to say about it.

Thank you for reading this mini - series :)



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