Review of Air France flight Paris Lyon in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF7643
Class Economy
Seat 5A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 06 Sep 21, 21:55
Arrival at 06 Sep 21, 23:05
AF   #37 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4745 reviews
By GOLD 180
Published on 10th September 2021


If you are here to read about the lounge, you need to scroll down a few pictures ;-)

καλημέρα from Κρήτη!

You might be surprised but besides aviation, I am also in love with my +1 and I could be romantic..! I organised a nice trip to where we spent our first holidays about 5 years ago, I thought it would be nice to refresh our memories and going back on the roots of what we became :-)

Flying blue Miles earned with this flight: 161
Status earned: 2 XP
Air France doubling the XP status in 2021: 2 additional XP

We flew on the way out with Transavia, so it had to be two seperate bookings because Air France doesn't allow you to have one leg operated by TO.

photo screenshot_20210908-164738

Even though the majority of the Air France medium haul fleet is made of A320s, I must say this was one of the rare occasions for me to fly onboard one of these since covid. As an elite skyteam member, I was able to choose for free, from the time of booking my seat on this A320.

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We left you from our previous flight from Heraklion… And here is the excitement of the trip!!

photo 20210906_194039

Really love this open lounge, where there are no gates..


You can only enter the lounge if you scan your boarding pass, and even though this is not new (like the old 2F lounges), what is new is that you can only talk to an AF staff once passed the gates.  
Once this is done, the lady was really warm and gave us such a nice welcome, describing the features of the lounge and essentially she said that
Ground floor is for people with short connections
First floor for people awaiting for a few hours. 

photo 20210906_194215-60255

and of course I couldn't not take a picture of this beautiful staircase..

photo 20210906_203218-57202photo 20210906_203148photo 20210906_194745

The steps are not very high, which is good I guess for elderly passengers, a bit less cool if you are excited like I was to go upstairs! The view though is stunning; on both inside and outside the lounge. I must say also that even though this was the evening you can tell how bright the lounge is.

It doesn't feel like a big hall but it is actuall very spacious enough to combine both old 2F lounges and still not be overcrowded like these two used to be before.

photo 20210906_201630

We started off by having diner and we saw a lot more free tables on the 1st floor..

photo 20210906_194556

There is a lot of bars for refreshments, a lot more than the other lounges at CDG I feel…

photo 20210906_194606-95257

The view is stunning… Especially with the natural yellow colours of the evening.

photo 20210906_194626

Another new element: there are water fountains for both sparkling and still water, so a lot less cans - I was told for "green" reasons. Well this particular one didn't seem to be dealing anything at all, but I tried on the others and the AF staff told me sparkling water was of Perrier.

photo 20210906_194643

Another bar - near the stairs this time… There is a choice of light snacks as well as very usually champagne Laurent Perrier, two choices of white wine: Crozes Hermitages and Pouilly in Burgondy, and as of red: one Bordeaux and Saint-Joseph. 

Morality: apart from Champagne and Bordeaux, Air France seems to offer the majority of booze from my region: GOOD! 

photo 20210906_194703-95141

There are some elements that are similar to the other and former lounges like this salad for example but the food is much better than our last experience at 2E hall K where it was sausages and green beans! Here it is a bit more elaborated. As for the dessert, exit the usual flan, there were chocolate cake and this passionfruit cake.

photo 20210906_195826

I tried to find the macarons buffet that I famously read of this review from Christophe but couldn't find it.
After diner we wont on waiting on this comfy seats overlooking the first half of the F terminal. 

 The seats are screwed onto the floor, which is a bit of a negative as you can't really organise your space as you wish.. 

photo 20210906_201432

And I went downstairs again to explore a bit further. Really love these curves!

photo 20210906_201617

First up: this refreshments and snacks bar, just like the one found upstairs.

photo 20210906_201722-74331

Next up: another food and drinks point next to a nap area… Look at this "prawn" of AF..

photo 20210906_201728

Next: the little patio behind the staircase, with same furnitures but different design of space.

photo 20210906_201823

The boutique: a nice new element… With still the presence of the Iconic A380..

photo 20210906_201919

Next: the bar area and also where you can order food to go, that is different from the buffet…

photo 20210906_202009-87473

And where you can either help yourself or order a cocktail! You know me, there is always time for a cocktail!!

photo 20210906_202058

Heading back up with my cocktails

photo 20210906_202200-39236

Did you notice how the lights against the windows are regularly changing colours? Is it randomly? Or following the colour tones of the sky?

photo 20210906_203031photo 20210906_203051

Next: picture of the upstairs buffet

photo 20210906_205418

The Clarins Spa corner… unfortunately closed at this time - damn I need to come back!

photo 20210906_205648

I never take pictures of toilets but the mirror is really nice so for once here are the toilets!

photo 20210906_205559

Next up: one of the two resting areas, properly split into personal sections… unlike some other lounges…

photo 20210906_211145

And finally the spaceous showers! You need to scan the QR code on the leaflet held onto the bar to get in and keep it with you. This way the cleaning staff knows when you leave and when they can operate.

photo 20210906_211114

Really spacious from the inside…

photo 20210906_205750

With brand new furniture of course

photo 20210906_210830

And a good selections of toileteries.

photo 20210906_210049

Once I was refreshed, I felt it was time for me to do a quick reveal! There you go!
 Hello everyone!! 

photo 20210906_205910

Finally back up there for a detox tea (found on the bar on the ground floor)

photo 20210906_205313-83408

And it was time to go… I had no idea if priorities were called and respected - they usually are at CDG - we boarded almost last!

photo 20210906_212723

onboard the a320

Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Registration: F-HEPE
Engines: 2x CFM56
Age: 11 Years
Layout: Y174
Observations: One of the A320 used on European destinations.

Someone didn't like me taking pictures!

photo 20210906_213048

With the lounge behind this A319 tail….

photo 20210906_213027

With a newer cabin this time, but still with the well known Smart and Beyound seats.

photo 20210906_213345-11525

I gave up my seat to my travel companion… See how Kind I can be? :p

photo 20210906_213717photo 20210906_214928

Taxiing nearby terminal 2B… The hub for orange planes..

photo 20210906_215346

And the service started as soon as the seat belts sing was turned off, I apologise I realised afterwards I didn't take a picture. so just of this galette left.

photo 20210906_223432

Wifi was working perfectly from the moment you step in the plane till reaching the gate at arrival. The basic option to send and receive messages is free, that can also send pictures on whatsapp if there are not too large…

photo screenshot_20210906-220616_duckduckgo

There are still no paper magasines on board and so I read it on the app. 

photo mag1photo mag2

Air France does much better pictures of the lounge than I do!

photo mag3

A quick word on welcoming the A220…

photo mag4

And it was the time to approach and fly over Lyon Presqu'Ile - aka the capital of France. Yes did you know that Lyon was the capital of France under the Roman Empire? Well not sure why they chose this little village called Paris afterwards but they made a mistake!

photo signal-2021-09-06-224404


We arrived at terminal 2 as usual, gate Q06.

photo 20210906_230045

The only thing regarding luggages, mine are always tagged with the yellow label "priority" but every time I have a connecting flight, they always arrive last… There are some mysteries here.

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Air France

Cabin crew9.0

Air France Lounge - 2F


Paris - CDG


Lyon - LYS



Air France: hard product satisfying for the price and soft product to the standards (with the smart and beyound seats).
Entertainment is 7.5, I guess the next thing to reach 10 is the IFE... But so far with WiFi, magazine, Play app, and Live TV this is not too bad.

New 2F lounge:
Really well designed, bright, with warm and welcoming staff very pround of this new lounge.
The meal services have been improved in both proportion and quality, there are some basics there are still here (like the flan but instead of the crepe there are more cakes for instance), the Clarins spa and showers are amazing. I have only ranked 8.5 for the entertainment as there is no Playstation or VR rooms like at Bogota El Dorado or Skyteam lounge T4 at LHR or even the AF lounge at Terminal 2E Hall L.. I guess they think the connecting time is typically less than halls K L and M that are dedicated to longer flights.

In conclusion with the lounge I found it really good, AF made a substential effort... Now hopefully Hall K lounge is next because it is as bad as comparing A380 seats to the new A350 seats!

LYS : As effecient as always

CDG: Very easy to transfert when the two planes are at 2F terminals, however I imagine it is rather much harder for Parisians to come and leave from there.

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Lyon (LYS)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 57 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Paris (CDG) → Lyon (LYS).


The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 10 minutes.

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  • Comment 580469 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5124 Comments

    Nice report again, it's great seeing that we are also hosting reviews of the new AF 2F Lounge in English language.
    It's indeed a very nice place where I don't mind arriving a bit early for my flight :p
    You got lucky with the cabin with this "smart" cabin ("best" is only used for 777/787), domestic flights (even to/from CDG) are mostly operated with the non reclining Recaro ironing board seats aircraft.

    • Comment 580488 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 190 Comments

      hello Boss!
      Thanks for stopping by and for your words, I hope my review of the lounge will be helpful to our international community ;-)

      Yep corrected in the text, you are right this is a "smart and beyound" cabin, I found that you can encounter these cabin from CDG in the domestic market at a significant few occasions (at least for me bound to LYS), however no chance from ORY or any other town you're right.
      Hope the ironing board are leaving soon with the A318/319 retirement, there will be these of the A320 and A321 fleet, but if AF equips its A220 with Smart and Beyound too, that means less of a chance to even see these ironing boards in the future.
      On a side note and tacle, these ironing boards are standards on BA...


  • Comment 580842 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5500 Comments

    Wow, 2 reports with the new AF lounge in one week! It really is a beautiful new lounge--I always like lounges that have multiple levels and the views are great with those huge windows.


    LOL I can't even imagine how that's pronounced XD

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 580845 by
    ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 190 Comments

    Hi Kevin, thanks for stopping by!
    Yes tgis new lounge is truely amazing, even better than the new Orly 3 lounge and I the Hall K lounge really feels outdated compares to it.
    Really spacious hope you can go and try it soon.

    Thats ΚΡΗΤΗ or in lower case Κρητη or in latin alphabet te sound would be Criti in french or Crete in english.. There you go you can read some greek now! :)

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