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Airline Air France
Flight AF655
Class Economy
Seat 40A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 07:20
Take-off 06 Jul 21, 00:40
Arrival at 06 Jul 21, 06:00
AF   #23 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5141 reviews
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Published on 30th October 2021

Finally here comes the return part of my July's trip to Dubaï. The first long haul one I did since the covid crisis.

You can find the report on the KL flight that brought me there.

To fly back to Paris, I chose the direct AF flight that departed after midnight, I had a whole day to enjoy the heat and the pool, and went back to the airport with the metro.

The departing flights, with so many flights at horrible hours.

The airport wasn't crowded at all, except at the AFKL counters, but with Skypriority checkin, I was through in 5 minutes after a careful inspection of my PCR test and an oral offer of the upgrade opportunities (220€ for Y+ and 500€ for Business Class)

photo 20210705_212510-copy

Immigration was a real hassle, the automatic passport reader did not work for me, and I was sent from counter to counter until some Emirati agent finally stamped my passport without telling me what the issue was.

Then, on to the the shuttle that took us to the non-Emirates terminal

photo 20210705_220244-copy

Right after exiting the shuttle the escalator makes you go through the Duty Free which was deserted, and so was the terminal, only a few passenger here and there.

photo 20210705_235455-copyphoto 20210705_220701-copy

I went to my gate and passed the Swiss A330 I almost flew on before deciding to fly with AFKL instead.

photo 20210706_000159-copy

Now if the aiport was deserted, the gates for the CDG and AMS flights, departing within 10 minutes of each other, certainly weren't!

The queues for the 2 flights were not really clearly separated and the identic zone signs for both airlines did not help.

Boarding started on time and priorities were enforced.

photo 20210706_000637-copy

Tonight I'd be flying on the gorgeous Skyteam livery 777-300ER F-GZNE.
With the 2 jetways and the reflections, it was hard to get a good shot though :-(

photo 20210706_023448-copyphoto 20210706_000955-copyphoto 20210706_023524-copy

The greeting onboard was friendly, I passed the Business and Premium Economy sections on the way to my seat.

photo 20210706_001101-copyphoto 20210706_001122-copy

My seat was 40A, the row immediately behind the emergency exit.
Seats had a blanket, pillow and headphones. KL discontinued the pillow for some reason.

Loads in Business and Y+ seem pretty low, hence the upgrade offers, but economy class ended up being almost completely full.
Dubaï being one of the only open destination for tourism clearly showed!

photo 20210706_001206-copy

Our blue neighbour, as often AF and KL are parked together at outstations.

photo 20210706_001654-copy

Pitch was ok, certainly not great. and there was no magazine taking uo space in the seat pocket.

photo 20210706_002031-copy

The IFE was the latest version, with a great moving map with several views to choose from and perfectly detailed aircraft.

photo 20210706_002617-copy

The safety video was the newest one, highlighting French culture, Paris, the Opera, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, the French Riviera and so on.
I found it very nice, even if a bit cliché.

photo 20210706_005109-copy

We pushed back on time, traffic was still limited, at what used to be a peak hour at DXB.

Our mighty engines groaned and screamed as they were started in the usual 77W fashion.

photo 20210706_010035-copy

After a quick taxi, we took off

photo 20210706_010255-copy

Unfortunately I was on the wrong side to see Dubaï downtown, but as we turned north, I was able to clearly see the Burj al Arab hotel and the Palm.

photo 20210706_010734-copyphoto 20210708_133932-copy

A hygiene kit as well as the entry form for France were handed out first. The kit contained a mask and some sanitizing wipes.

photo 20210706_012327-copy

We passed the city of Damman in Saudi Arabia

photo 20210706_014435-copy

A snack was served and came in this cute little bag that passenger can easily take with them if they don't eat the content during the flight.

The cheese sandwich and carrot cake were good, only the strawberry smoothie wasn't really to my taste.
I had tomato juice to go with it.

photo 20210706_015816-copy

The cabin was darkened after they collected the rubbish.
I was tired after this short trip and didn't find any movie that caught my attention.
So I slept for about 2 hours, but being near the emergency exits and the bathroom meant the light form the bahtroom kept disturbing me each time someone used it.

I woke up as we were flying over Alexandria in Egypt, and the moving map showed we'd be flying over nice areas to observe on this cloudless night. I found some relaxing music and started looking out the window, something I love doing at night on long haul flights, and which I had missed.

photo 20210706_042240-copyphoto 20210706_050748-copy

No good picture came out, but it was to fly over the exact spots in Italywhere  we'd spent our vacation a month later, Lecce and Taranto in the beautiful Puglia region.

photo 20210706_060421-copy

As we were flying near Rome the cabin lights were turned on and breakfast service started.
The were 2 options, one sweet one and one salty one, they were out of the latter which I wanted and I had to wait for 10 minutes to get it and it was lukewarm by that time. The FA did not even apologize for that.

I wasn't really hungry, so just ate the hot entree and the fruits and kept the yoghurt and bread for later.

photo 20210706_063937-copyphoto 20210706_064012-copy

Sun slowly started to rise

photo 20210706_073214-copy

And we were treated to beautiful views of the Alps near Geneva

photo 20210706_071130-copy

We were about 40 minutes away from Paris and started our descent through the clouds

photo 20210706_074855-copy

In final

photo 20210706_075539-copy

Touchdown !

photo 20210706_075736-copy

We had landed on the south runway and taxied along the busy Terminal 2E where many long haul flights had already arrived from North America and Africa in spite of the early hour

photo 20210706_060215-copyphoto 20210706_060752-copyphoto 20210706_061203-copy

We finally parked next to this 789

photo 20210706_061939-copy

It took a while to get off the aircraft and by the looks of the mess in the Business Cabin, they probably sold some upgrades after all, as most seats seemed to have been used.

A last view at that beautiful aircraft

photo 20210706_061740-copyphoto 20210706_062511-copy

Then it was on to the shuttle to get to the mail terminal and exit, immigration was a joke with passengers being sorted according to their departing countries, but somehow the lines ended up being mixed up and it took more than one hour for me to get through, all the wile being mixed with people coming from regions with variants such as Reunion Island and South Africa.

Overall a nice flight, with tasty meals, a great IFE and a decent seat. The crew was okay, they did their job politely but nothing personnalized or overly friendly.

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Cabin crew7.0

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Overall a nice flight, with tasty meals, a great IFE and a decent seat. The crew was okay, they did their job politely but nothing personnalized or overly friendly.

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    500 EUR for an upgrade is a bit high on such a short flight, especially if there was a lot of room. The timing of this flight is rough with a departure at almost 1AM. Considering that schedule the catering is about as good as one could expect for Economy, especially since it's under 7h in the air. Great views of the Alps in the morning! So much snow for July...but then again having spent all summer in France, I remember late June and early July being unseasonably cold and rainy (so I guess snowy in the mountains). Thanks for sharing!

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