Review of Air France flight Paris Milan in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1732
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Aircraft Airbus A318
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 03 Sep 21, 21:00
Arrival at 03 Sep 21, 22:25
AF   #21 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5266 reviews
Published on 6th September 2021

A quick intro: I fly a lot between France and Italy and have done so for the past 25 years. I've seen many different airlines and aircraft operate on this busy route. Crisis after crisis, things have changed but somehow managed to remain the same. I tend to prefer Air France and Alitalia for FFP membership reasons but I sometimes don't mind trying something different.
Today, I fly with Air France which offered the perfect mix of schedules and fares. On top of that, the French national carrier has just inaugurated a long-expected brand new lounge. Let's go!

A brand new lounge and a super crew on board this flight. What else could I expect for this shuttle flight to Milan?

I arrived at CDG quite late. Air France recently introduced a simplified check-in experience where one may upload all the extra travelling documents upon checking in online. A real time-saver, boarding pass in my phone.

photo 9ead2ad4-08d7-4b25-ab65-f1a38e99fb70

The terminal was not crowded at all for a Friday evening. Security checks were completed in a breeze, even though I used the Sky Priority lane.

photo 0c9977a8-c205-4d4d-a417-7543cebddcde

I still had about 20 minutes before boarding time, I couldn't possibly skip the new lounge.

photo img-8990

On top of all Skyteam Alliance members, some other passengers are allowed in.

photo 6892fb9d-d781-4b56-bfa2-3fc2f61d661d

The new air france lounge

Let’s get in. First, register a guest on these machines if you bring one.

photo 28c27fde-40f6-4a64-90de-611280657095

Then, flash your boarding pass and you're in. Couldn't be any simpler. I miss the human contact although a very nice lady in full AF colours welcomed me. We had a nice chat about this new lounge. I confirmed it was my first time here and she was happy to show me around or simply explain where the main features are located. I can't find the words to describe how enthusiastic she was about her job. Meeting her really made my day, thank you so much Véronique!

photo d2755edf-0e51-43f3-9a08-94cf06e459a6

The place was busy but absolutely not crowded. A real improvement over the previous two lounges.

photo 1d7fa609-33b3-43a5-b4bb-8ebf285ac3c5

Isn’t that a great view? 

photo c8287a93-9fd6-49aa-aa1b-f7479132d9e7

Heading upstairs.

photo c84f64f9-1c65-4866-8eef-02997cb17ea7

Food and beverages spots everywhere and the whole area is equipped with plenty of seating options. 

photo c9f89fcf-825f-4419-9657-78f9345a34c5-91415

So, whether you came for a drink…

photo 501096db-b341-4251-b549-0d2860282a2a

Or for the view…

photo 4254ccc1-cbd0-4d22-a388-169736cc57e7

You’ll be satisfied 😃! 

photo 65f187b0-0e26-423c-b7d5-36945db90cbe

Fresh food on offer. There should have been a warm dishes option as well but that was no longer available on the top floor this evening. Too many hungry guests? 

photo c435daf2-ee8a-4c30-8a9c-3206987bc83fphoto ba04dd1d-23d8-42de-9486-e722454dc73c

My salty choice.

photo 3a750efe-9d04-49dc-a7ad-daba2e469bd1

I skipped the hard booze this time but there's a good choice for those looking for something stronger.

photo 4cc2d885-2f23-4790-bdf3-707b4ab8e507

Fance being France, some very good wines were available too.

photo 023e9e4a-c1e0-475a-92d1-01cf5efe1524

Two types of red, French of course plus white wine too.

photo 12eb0315-4c46-49e6-83e2-3778a7c79b77

Looking for a different kind of alcohol? Well, let's go down.

photo 5df2fdd8-f532-4648-b1b0-4f43acd803ec

Here you go! The world famous Covid cocktail.

photo 14be4b7b-732e-4a9d-93d4-57fc6234ba9a

OK, this one's definitely much better!

photo ba54ce0c-af76-4fc3-ac76-b8dd41a3f679

A fellow passenger offered to fill my glass so that I could take a picture. Cheers Mate!

photo fb5e165f-89b0-4753-ad2c-b2d0e817a32a

And cheers to all of you! The sky is definitely the limit tonight.

photo a6cd4862-d220-4738-a9bb-7cbecbd2bb02

time to fly the babybus

photo e4331ce6-6272-4fe3-b22d-33a8122c469a

Boarding's already started, it was time to leave the premises. Sweet treats? Well, I skipped that one but was happy to say goodbye to the very nice lady who welcomed me earlier on and to her colleague at the entrance.

photo 79dc9b6f-1dc2-4694-95e5-e1cab1759f6f

Next time, I'll have more time to explore and enjoy all the perks.

photo 359a5f47-05ad-4ff5-8ceb-9b87b13e5b2c

Now, the only thing I don't like about this new lounge is the lack of direct access to the boarding gates. I was set for a good walk through a rather empty building. The gate for tonight's flight was "F43" at the lower level, those gates with a free bus ride.

photo 738ff931-cf90-444a-a3ce-cf87d6a1d7ea

I got there just in time, amongst the last passengers. Why rush when you'll be on a bus anyway? Last in, first out.

photo 0d4261c1-7344-4760-813c-1c4956edffdf-96521

And for those who enjoy fresh water, please help yourself

photo a9c9d86a-c3d9-48a6-b7a5-cd42476f400f

The gate agents were particularly cheerful, with no stress at all, just smiles and a nice chat. Shared a good mood before a flight, could not be any better. Let's go. 

photo a3ccd7c1-cdc2-46a0-ace1-a675013a8abbphoto 3e081190-d01b-4169-b669-102d48490e8a

The bus ride was quick and soon, we were all cleared to board. Refuelling completed. 

photo fc2fdb80-2056-467e-a01b-eedeb7c87816

Engine view with the new lounge in the back.

photo ad5ef854-77e3-4fe9-8e17-343394f52033

How often do you get a chance to fly on a BabyBus?

photo cb574a58-a942-4267-b3f1-a4d25d8ec22cphoto 7c3c4905-f18c-4559-b818-120edbfe8512

A very warm welcome upon entering and oh, wait, I know the male flight attendant! I have flown with him last month. We end up chatting a bit and I head to the rear of the cabin in an ever better mood than a little while ago. Looks like I'll enjoy this flight a lot.

photo 14a9223d-ad8f-4876-9e89-5c451d22777f-24643

I chose to sit at the back of the plane but upon arrival at my seat, someone was already there. The cabin crew kindly helped the gentleman move one row behind (the dreadful no-window duo seats) and I was soon set for the ride. Shortly after, the captain came on the mic announces 20 minutes of delay as they were fixing a minor tech issue. I could hear the hydraulic pumps barking below repeatedly.

photo 51c88f26-fe7b-47f5-b96f-64d225918d10

Minutes later, I asked for some water which was promptly delivered. How nice!

photo 2777b102-327f-4d25-b1da-d9d9bb03c22f

The female crew member working at the rear came again a few minutes later from the front of the aircraft with another paper cup and sayd "de la part de l'équipage, courtesy of the whole crew!"
Wow, thank you so much. 

photo db6a7a06-482a-47bc-85a6-32c7bc1cb022

With some spare time before take-off, let me show you what will soon be a sight of the past. The A318 are set to leave the fleet to be replaced by brand new A220s. An almost collector safety card!

photo d891d4b5-2b06-49dc-ae52-f1307e45fc0e

As promised, the delay was not very long and we were soon heading towards the southern-most runway for a powerful takeoff heading east.

photo a10e26fb-9555-4dd4-872c-c25a8b9dd420

Bye bye CDG, see you again in two days.

photo 5e05ff12-230a-4110-9454-d814b08d1b89

Once the cruising altitude was reached, service began with a french buttery cookie from Brittany and drinks were offered, free of charge.

photo 38b44345-4078-4c81-b357-552b3fc1189c

Unfortunately, no wine had been loaded on the Y trolleys. I opted for a beer.

photo 91d3f736-8890-445f-8a54-10bc52ed5101

Did I mention I brought my own catering for this flight?

photo b043638e-a040-4ac7-8359-2776fc2cedac

Guess what, this great crew stroke again! A nice bottle of wine was brought to me from the front. Could I ever complain? 

photo b6eaed64-68d2-4bf8-8967-ba0dbd7a129e

In such great conditions, times flew even faster.
Dessert made of two sweet crepes and soon enough, it was time for the captain to announce the top of descent. 

photo 45b5a3a3-9311-4591-bd6d-553f0d26f6c4

With the lights of the city in sight, we were blessed with a kiss landing, a real treat when you consider the A318 can be a rather stubborn aircraft to handle, a bit like the A321 according to many pilots I've spoken with.

photo 0f40fa78-13c5-43c0-9afb-0f955860c5b9

Engines stopped as we parked near a "sister" ship. Both aircraft being scheduled to depart Milan at the very early hours next day.

photo a71f7e4f-9826-47c0-8b46-8e66293579f3

I left the aeroplane last, taking the time to thank the crew for the fantastic service. Couldn't have dreamt of any better experience. I also commented on the fact I was glad to see a female pilot in the cockpit - #girlpower !!!

photo 1b0f1528-7b94-4dba-9b54-2b6f6617ac31

Too bad for the delay but hey, better safe than sorry!

photo f4480c84-d6be-4e54-83b6-8c623c80a005

No controls or checks whatsoever, I was on the bus heading downtown in a swift.
You can buy your €2 ticket by swiping your credit card on these contactless machines.

photo 1a739e41-adc3-450e-895a-8b75ef39fe37

20 minutes later, I enjoyed my favourite sight downtown.

photo 3c166366-5a2e-464e-a200-778393251b0d

That's all Folks! Until next time, of course ;-)
Thanks for reading, please like if you like, leave a comment if you feel like, it will be much appreciated.
See you soon, up in the sky!

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Another excellent short flight with all the extras linked to a Skyteam status. Every step of the way, pure satisfaction, really. The new lounge is such an improvement over what we've known until now, the only complaint being the relatively long walk to your boarding gate. Let's pretend Champagne is good compensation.
Once aboard, the crew was just excellent, from our Captain explaining the reason behind the late departure and giving extended information throughout the flight to the cabin crew, absolutely divine. Well done Air France!

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  • Comment 580356 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5851 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! The new 2F lounge is gorgeous. It sure took a while to update all of the lounges at CDG, but the results have been really nice. Honestly, looking from the US, AF short-haul Y service seems quite good compared to other airlines, especially as AF is the only major airline still offering free alcohol on short-haul routes and self-serve champagne in J lounges is becoming more and more rare, so kudos to AF! It's definitely cool to have the opportunity to fly the BabyBus these days. It's also nice that AF began adding power/USB to these birds recently, even though they won't be around much longer.

    • Comment 584091 by
      okapi BRONZE AUTHOR 4024 Comments

      Thanks Kevin for the nice comment. Apologies for the very late reply!
      This new lounge is indeed a very much appreciated upgrade in respect of what existed before. The only caveat is the lack of direct access to the boarding gates.
      I hope you'll be able to enjoy this lounge on a future trip through France.
      You're absolutely right regarding the AF service, the airline is often a very good alternative to LCC especially when you enjoy a frequent flyer status.
      Overall, I always prefer AF over the competitors on this and other routes.

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