Review of TransAsia Airways flight Taipei City Hualien in Economy

Airline TransAsia Airways
Flight GE009
Class Economy
Seat 17D
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 22 Jun 13, 09:00
Arrival at 22 Jun 13, 09:35
GE 21 reviews
By GOLD 2782
Published on 31st October 2013
This was a last minute day trip to visit the places that I had missed in Hualien before leaving Taiwan for good. The other options (renting a car in Taipei or reaching Hualien by train) were too slow, wasting precious time in my last available day.

This day trip was already posted in my native French here
with the return flight in French here, in English there.

I took the subway on Saturday morning to TSA. Taipei is a city where the flag carrier prides itself in being a Skyteam member, all the way to an ad in the main station's corridors

photo P1070802a

It is unrelated to Skyteam's putative prestige. The main point is that it is one of the three main airlines alliances. That the flag carrier entered it is one of these tiny victories in Taiwan's daily battle for international recognition.

photo P1070803a

By the way, Eva Air, its privately owned rival, symmetrically entered Star Alliance.
The last stretch of the subway ride to TSA is above ground, in a medium sized driverless line.

photo P1080298a

There is a sharp curve just before reaching TSA, a reminder that the Taiwanese realized at the last minute that serving the domestic airport might be a good idea.

photo P1080299a

At the exit of that curve, which is so tight that the civil speed limit is very low, passengers have a too fleeting view of the tarmac with two Dauphin fire department helicopters here.

photo P1080300a

This is a close up

photo P1080304a

A few Uni-Air Dash 8, a Mandarin Airlines E190, a Gulfstream (I think)

photo P1080301a

And the aircraft parked next to the international terminal (JL 767, CI A330, BR MD-90, FE MD82)

photo P1080303a

You need to be quick to snap a picture of this hardware which reminds that TSA would be a strategic location, in case the relation degraded with the mainland.

photo P1080306a

Zero wait at Transasia's counter, where I obtained a window seat on the right to my request.

photo P1080311aphoto P1080310a

The flight is booked full, which is quite usual on a Saturday morning.

photo P1080312a

It is hardly more crowded at the check in counters of the other airline in the domestic terminal.

photo P1080313a

On the other hand, the comfortable landside sofas are quite crowded with groups waiting for the signal of their leader to go through the security check.

photo P1080314a

It is 8 am, which is too early for the plane models shop

photo P1080317a

But you can nevertheless have your morning dose of Hello Kitty

photo P1080315a

It is also unfortunately too early for the observation platform which opens only at 9am. The sofas located between the international and domestic landside zones are empty.

photo P1080318a

It is just as quiet at the check in counters of the international terminal

photo P1080319aphoto P1080320a

In all fairness, TSA's international traffic is not intense

photo P1080321a

I go through the security check here, which will be slightly more crowded later.

photo P1080323a

This is at last the overall domestic departures display, which is quite interesting. There is an extra flight to KNH (because of the group I saw?), and – more noteworthy – all flights to Beigan (MFK) and Nangan (LZN) are Close, which means that these tiny airports are closed to traffic due to the seasonal fog. Better not try to fly to these islands in spring: they are regularly fogged out days in a row at that season.

photo P1080324a

It is not crowded airside. In the back, there is a lounge that I cannot visit despite my many Taiwanese flights, because domestic flights to not cumulate anything, and two self serve internet access computers.

photo P1080325a

The traditional corporate screen shot of the day

photo P1080330a

The passengers for flight GE009 keep coming in and crowd around Gate 13.

photo P1080332a

There is no rush, actually, so I can go to the upper level, used for flights using jetbridges, to see the tarmac. I got the message: the escalator is under repair.

photo P1080339a

Note that here, the strollers are pushed by a man.

photo P1080341a

Nothing really fascinating: always the same Uni-Air Dash-8 and TransAsia Airways ATR-72

What does the rooftop of a passenger transfer bus look like? This is the answer:

photo P1080338a

It is actually time to board it, and that is announced by a synthetic voice in Mandarin, Japanese, English, Taiwanese, and Hakka, in that order. How many airports have such announcements in five languages?

photo P1080343a

Again these front and side access buses

photo P1080345a

There are two curiosities in this picture:

photo P1080346a

Not only Daily Air does not have flights out of TSA (its DO-228s are based in the south of Taiwan, in Taitung and Kaohsiung), but they seem to worry that their minibuses could roll down the zero slope of the tarmac, and they have put wheel blocks.

photo P1080347a

Some plane spotting through the tinted glass of the bus windows on the way: a GE ATR72 (not mine)

photo P1080350a

BR MD-90 in front of a CI A330

photo P1080351a

… before reaching this ATR-72

photo P1080354a

A reminder for the readers who already forgot: we are in Taipei Songshan

Why this warning? Do these things pop outside without a warning?

photo P1080365a

The CI A330 taxies under the flight recorders

photo P1080367aphoto P1080370a


photo P1080371a

The seat pitch is OK if your size is Taiwanese, but the wrong thing is this seat support in the middle of the window seats, making it impossible to slip a standard carry-on luggage underneath. I used some of my neighbor's leg space.

photo P1080372a

The commonplace safety card. The safety demonstration is in Mandarin only, ending with We just made the safety demonstration - please refer to the safety card for details . That is minimal, but then they do not really expect to have foreigners on this flight.

photo P1080373-374a

The windows are dirty and badly scratched. I tried to do my best. Takeoff runway 10, with the iconic Taipei 101 Tower in the background.

photo P1080381aphoto P1080383a

The floodable parks alongside the Keelung River

photo P1080386a

The river zigzags at the east end of TSA's runway.

photo P1080388a

The window and my camera's sensor are both dirty, which does not help, but this is the reason for flying: the expressway towards Hualien is completely jammed on Saturday at 9am.
photo P1080392a

But we fly above the road traffic

photo P1080398a

The meanders of the river which ends at Fulong, at the north-east end of Taiwan

photo P1080399a

Yilan, on the north of the east coast, does not have a lot of industry, but a lot of vegetable fields, because it has the dubious privilege of being the most seismic city in Taiwan. Vegetables resist a lot better than factories to earthquakes.

photo P1080406a

The coast south of Yilan, beyond Su'ao, is part of my visiting goals of the day.

photo P1080411aphoto P1080414a

I need to make a brief photographic pause, while the FAs distribute an oshibori and 25cl of mile tea or energy drink, such as this one. I did not expect more on a flight which lasted 35 minutes according to both the schedule and my watch.

photo P1080416a

Once the FAs have disappeared in the galley, I go back to my photographic tasks.

photo P1080417a

The Qingshui cliffs are famous in Taiwan, because this is one of the few places where the rock is of good quality. Small wonder: it is marble. You can see the road which has been carved into the cliff halfway up.

photo P1080418a

It is well worth driving there

photo P1080583aphoto P1080585a

Flying and driving complete each other to discover these cliffs. On the other hand, forget about the train: most of that section of the track is in tunnels.

photo P1080568aphoto P1080572a

A typical example of the Taiwanese rivers which turn into devastating torrents in case of typhoon.

photo P1080421a

From the road, it is interesting too

photo P1080551aphoto P1080565a

Another one, alongside which there are quarries

photo P1080423a

There it is from ground level

photo P1080606a

This bridge marks the entrance of the Taroko gorges. The Taiwanese are very proud of them: they start a few kilometers from the sea and continue all the way beyond 2,000 m elevation. The road keeps going to a pass which is the highest point of the Taiwanese macadam, at 3,275 m elevation.

photo P1080424a

You would not expect a bridge addict to skip this one!

photo P1080542a

We are descending to Hualien Airport. Hualien airport is also a military airbase. Do not take any picture from the air or on the ground

photo P1080425aphoto P1080426a

HUN airbase has two parallel runways approximately one kilometer apart, connected by a superelevated taxiway

photo P1080429a

You can see it here on the left; the runway for military use only is in the background, at the foot of the mountain.

photo P1080430a

Right turn above Hualien

photo P1080431aphoto P1080432a

And lien up on runway 03R

photo P1080433a

The runway is indeed bordered with shelters for jet fighters: F5s and F16s which are too far and too much in the dark for pictures, but nevertheless easy to identify.

photo P1080434a

A picture without aiming while the staff was not looking

photo P1080435a

It was easier while walking in the terminal

photo P1080436aphoto P1080438a

If you have not understood that there is marble in the vicinity of Hualien, this terminal is a reminder!

photo P1080437a

HUN's terminal is incredibly oversized – I'll talk about it in more details on the FR of the return flight.

photo P1080439a

I only needed to take a taxi to the train station, because that is where the car rental agencies are. Since I inserted the tourist bonus in the middle of this flight report, time is up for the conclusion.
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TransAsia Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Taipei City - TSA


Hualien - HUN



A flight on time, efficient and smiling FAs who wasting little time to distribute the drinks, and advantage in a country where using an electronic equipment on board is prohibited. I do not penalize the seat support since I managed to squeeze my day pack. Having a window seat on the right hand side which provides an excellent view by fair weather was a significant plus. The flight was so short that I did not have time to feel if the seat was comfortable or not. Given the short duration of the flight, having a small drink only was acceptable.

Information on the route Taipei City (TSA) Hualien (HUN)


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