Review of SAS flight Stockholm Oslo in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK885
Class Economy
Seat 30F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 14 Mar 18, 17:35
Arrival at 14 Mar 18, 18:20
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Jett Tyler
By GOLD 724
Published on 14th September 2021

A NordIC Transit on a far Global picture!

Back in March 2018 I did this insane trip to New York for 3 days, where I flew to Stockholm (for one day) then carried on via Helsinki. I then flew back to London Heathrow on what would become my only BA 747-400 flight. I then proceeded to continue and for the next twelve hours flew back to Stockholm on a connecting BA flight, before flying back to London Heathrow via Oslo Gardermoen on a pair of SAS Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-800!

BA and American wanted me to pay a good £600 for two direct flights. I paid about £520 for the seven flights I've just mentioned.

photo img_8506

Another SAS Scandinavian Airlines Boeing 737-800(WL) parked at Stockholm Arlanda.

My total trip line-up looked like this:

- SK1530 (LHR-ARN) Airbus A320-neo (March 9th) *TRIP REPORT PUBLISHED*
- AY802 (ARN-HEL) Airbus A320-ceo (March 10th)
- AY005 (HEL-JFK) Airbus A330-300 (March 10th) *TRIP REPORT PUBLISHED*
- BA114 (JFK-LHR) Boeing 747-400 (March 13/14th) *TRIP REPORT PUBLISHED*
- BA778 (LHR-ARN) Boeing 767-300 (March 14th)
- SK885 (ARN-OSL) Boeing 737-800 (March 14th) *THIS REPORT*
- SK815 (OSL-LHR) Boeing 737-800 (March 14th)

A photo of all the aircraft on this entire trip. Note- The BA 747 I flew was G-BYGG, the last BA 747 delivered.

Getting A Little SAS-y!

Getting the best of both worlds I flew the LHR-ARN leg on the then new Airbus A320-neo. Coming back I took the detour via Oslo, so I could get two flights on the Boeing 737-800. SAS is becoming another European Airline to leave behind a legacy of Boeing 737 and/or McDonnell-Douglas DC9/MD80 aircraft in favour of EU born & bred Airbus A320 family! Just encase of any equipment changes, I did the via Oslo to ensure the likely hood of having one Boeing 737 was on my flight log if it ever became too late for another trip.

photo img_7337photo img_7338

Getting off my BA 767, I headed through immigration at Stockholm, and then proceeded from Terminal 5 (where BA fly to) over to Terminal 2 where Scandinavian Airlines fly from. I recall there was a long que, it took me about 45 minutes to get through security. Luckily I had a good 4 hours turn around at Stockholm Arlanda, so I didn't need to be in panic mode that time!!!

Getting airside I managed to enjoy the sights of some Nordic aircraft, including a TUI Nordic Boeing 767-300(WL) with a UK registration!

photo img_8508photo img_8494

2016-2018 could be argued as the height of Norwegian's operation in Europe, they had it all- and they lost it all in 2020.

photo img_8498

Scandinavian Airlines has operated a wide variety of short haul jets since the 1960s, including the Boeing 737-NG.

My flight this evening was to be operated by LN-RCZ, a Norwegian registered aircraft. Named the "Glitne Viking" this aircraft entered service with SAS Scandinavian in 2001. It was originally a Swedish registered aircraft (SE-DTS) before going to the Norwegian registration. It was retired from service in December 2020, having entered storage due to the pandemic on March 21st 2020. The aircraft is currently stored at the Pinal Airpark, Arizona now owned by Spectre Air Capital as N763PB. At the time of writing I don't know if the plane will be scrapped or sent to fly with another airline.

photo img_2643

The flight was going to be a full evening flight full of business travellers and day trippers. As I don't hold status with Star Alliance (I fly them the least compare to OneWorld & Skyteam), I spotted a few more planes, waiting for the que to die down a bit.

photo img_8501

LN-RGI, another Boeing 737-800(WL) of Scandinavian Airlines, the Airbus A320-neo is taking over in Denmark and Stockholm, though Norway seems to be the Boeing 737s final main base with many routes domestic and international still showing them.

photo img_8495

Stockholm sees many short haul and long haul operations from SAS's fellow Star Alliance members- including SWISS.

I took my seat which was 30F after I got on the Boeing 737-800. SAS decided to board us using an open board if you were seated in the rear part of the aircraft. Which was great for some external shots of the Boeing 737, however I had taken off my jumper in the warm terminal, and I wasn't going to hold up the aircraft by getting my jumper in the middle of the Airport Apron! It was bitterly cold!

photo 49010367_2290826124273801_2595612989407100928_n

The cabin felt a darker tone compare to the A320-neo, which was partly influenced by the dark blue colours on the cabin seat.

photo 49135381_2290826130940467_2866760854693478400_n

Everyone was boarded and we left quite prompt and on time. Which is what you mainly want from an airline when you have a 1hr 20m connection in another airport. We flew out across Sweden and Norway which were both covered in snow, not uncommon for that area even during the Spring, then again Helsinki and New York also got snow during this trip… UK always lagging in the snow department!

photo 49522515_2290826240940456_7711813766530203648_nphoto 49693424_2290826114273802_8506208353502887936_n

I'm that far back you can see both the wing and the tail plane wing in my GoPro shot!

The flight time was only 45 minutes, which is similar flying time between London and either Edinburgh or Amsterdam- my most flown routes.

SAS didn't offer a full buy on board service on this short flight, but I was able to get a complimentary tea with some biscuits, which I paid 3EUR (about £2.60p at the time), which is standard price in the aviation industry. I had a pre-ordered item on my following flight which was just shy of 2 hours, so I wasn't after anything big anyway.

photo 29214351_966511780163061_6699557259820662784_n

I went to the toilet, and after I was done I had a quick chat with two of the cabin crew, turns out they would get another round of me as they were going to be flying to London from Oslo on another Boeing 737, the same flight I was to catch. One of the cabin crew got another packet of the biscuits from the trolley and gave them to me for free, which was really nice of them!

photo 29215941_966511916829714_3511701025125826560_n

We started our decent into a snowy Oslo Gardermoen. Arriving into Oslo went without any hassle or delay, and we parked up on stand. As with Stockholm- it was out the back and onto the open apron in the freezing cold… having again neglected to get my jumper out again, I love doing this to myself…

photo img_2644photo 49098686_2290826210940459_1411397309404545024_n

I entered the Oslo Airport, and with that it was onto the non-Schengen Area so I could get my Boeing 737 to London! But I'll hold that back for another Flight Report!

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Cabin crew9.5

Stockholm - ARN


Oslo - OSL



SAS Scandinavian Airlines- Good service on this short flight. I am looking forward to flying with them again. Hopefully I'll get another Boeing 737 flight before they retire to an all A320-neo fleet!

ARN/OSL- Both airports were good for service, though ARN was a bit on the slow side at security, but it was a busy period. Oslo provided a good connection. Both had many offerings at the time if you wanted to buy anything from a drink at a café or a last minute gift.

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