Review of Olympic Air flight Kos Island Athens in Economy

Airline Olympic Air
Flight OA223
Class Economy
Seat 12D
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 18 Sep 21, 10:55
Arrival at 18 Sep 21, 11:40
OA 15 reviews
By GOLD 306
Published on 24th September 2021


After a great sunny week of holidays on Kos it was time to head home. I reached the small but recently totally renewed terminal of Kos in the late morning. 

photo img_6924

There were two check in counters for Olympic Air and waiting time was only ca. 10 minutes.

photo img_6926-68507

Security was quite fast and soon I was airside where some I passed throug some crowded shops before I arrived in a totally crowded any way to cramped waiting area (especially during Covid times).

photo img_6927-46700

I walked around a bit and had some views on the apron including this Smartwings Boeing.

photo img_6929

Finally boarding started and a bus brought us to our waiting Olympic Dash 8 pasing an easyjet Airbus.

photo img_6930

Boarding was via front and rear entrance and quite quick.

A disinfection towel was provided at the entrance door.

photo img_6943

I was surprised to see a Business Class sign on the front seats as I did not know Olympic provides such a cabin. At least on domestic flights they do not offer this cabin class to my knwoledge so I suppose it is for some of their very rare International hops.

photo img_6938

I reached my seat where pitch was very tight and the seat was worn as the whole cabin in general.

photo img_6969

Cabin ended up very full for this hop to Athens.

photo img_6945-53089

Some views outside.

photo img_6941photo img_6944

Soon we started to taxi away while a manual safety demonstration was conducted.

photo img_6947

We powered into the air for this 45 minutes flight across the Aegean sea.

photo img_6948photo img_6954

Ca. 10 minutes into the flight a free bottle of water was provided  to every passenger but no small snack although Olympic mentions to provide one as a current service feature on their webpage (also as part of their covid service).

photo img_6957

Flight progressed smoothly with some nice views outside.

photo img_6958photo img_6962

We approached Athens and touched down on time.

photo img_6965photo img_6966photo img_6968

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An unspectacular short hop but still nice and on time. A small candy or something similar would have been nice in addition to the water.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5530 Comments

    Interesting that pax in Y on OA get nothing in these flights, while pax in Y on mainline A3 metal get a small snack/candy on domestic flights.

    I was surprised to see a Business Class sign on the front seats as I did not know Olympic provides such a cabin.

    I believe this is relatively new. Flights with Business class service are surprisingly Domestic flights...looks like it's on ATH-JTR/JMK. I'm guessing the reasoning was to have consistency with the mainline A3 flights on the same routes since these destinations are rather premium high-yielding destinations

    Haven't seen a review on that service yet, however.

    Thanks for sharing!

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