Review of easyJet flight London Prague in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U28997
Class Economy
Seat XXF
Aircraft Airbus A320neo
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 12 Apr 18, 18:20
Arrival at 12 Apr 18, 21:25
U2   #10 out of 18 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 748 reviews
By GOLD 418
Published on 27th October 2021

a business trip and a holidays for me!

Hello everyone and welcome to this series of a few days in Prague, where my partner was on business trip, staying at the hilton… So why not crushing in?! XD
I had to book my seperate flights of course but the rest was paid off! The best holidays XD 

We will see it but this trip is actually something to remember as it was the first time I flew on an A320NEO and B737Max8… during the same travel!
My partner flew BA on both ways, I went for U2 on the way out and CSA on the way back, as a Flying Blue member I wanted to take advantage of the free checkin luggage policy to bring wine; and also because it was just about 10eur more expensive than Easyjet. 


I used to print my own boarding passes, but this was before the time since I have been using their app.

photo 20190822_132747

at london - gatwick airport

Arriving a London Gatwick North terminal, where Easyjet now only operates, as well as some others like TUI and Virgin Atlantic. The terminal itself is ok, it is just a bit of a pain to get there as there some extra walking and taking the shuttle from the train station, located at the South terminal.

photo gatwick

the famous duty free… 

photo dutyfree

And the boarding happened with Easyjet priorities and by row groups.

photo gqte

onboard the a320neo

The door shot

photo porte

Aircraft: Airbus A320-251N
Registration: G-UZHE
Engines: 2x CFMI LEAP
Age: 3 Years
Layout: Y186
Observation: with the special NEO livery towards the rear of the fuselage

The usual registered welcome announces were played by the easyjet crew.
Speaking of crew, here is one that didn't want to be taken in picture oops sorry!

photo cabine-53667

This new aircraft had the new easyjet leather seats.. with the old pitch and ironing board design!

photo sieges

The safety card… The safety procedures explained in the old fashion way by the crew.

photo safety

After a short taxi from north terminal we reached the 26L runway edge with a glorious rainy british weather!

photo taxi

crossing the old 26R that is now a taxiway and getting ready for take off..

photo readyfortake

and the take off…
This is really at take off the first time on an A320Neo that you can realise how quieter the engines are!! The goold old CFM56 found on some A320s really sound like a hoover after this experience! 

photo tkophoto tko2


photo tko3

The flight schedule was about 2hours but effectively it was a bit shorter… we didn't queue much at gatwick, and soon after we were altready at our cruise altitude.

photo cruise

This is when the service started. I didn't get anything from the BOB, at least I don't remember doing so. I find the prices a bit high even for soft drinks.. 

photo bob

The destinations of Easyjet, even though the period when U2 was quickly expending, the network is still impressively vast.

photo map

The descent over Germany and the last rays of light.

photo cruise2

at prague - vaclav havel airport

Landing was very smooth and we arrived at pier B, of terminal 1, usually where non shenguen  flights arrive.
I am sorry for the poor quality of the picture, there were a lof of light reflections on this glass panel! 

photo 20190824_165233

Just like in Spain you arrive in the boarding hall..

photo arriv2e

A last pairs of gates before entering the Czesch territory..

photo securityphoto dehors
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Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu4.5

London - LGW


Prague - PRG



Easyjet: My first flight on an A320, which is always appreciated!
The cabin was brand new, the plane really quieter. I remember the service was extremly professional, not sure if that was a Neo thing?

LGW: A bit hectic to go to the North terminal as usual, the food court was crowded but at least a lot of services available

PRG: very efficient airport.



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