Review of Alaska Airlines flight Seattle Portland in Domestic First

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS135
Seat 03A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 30 Oct 21, 12:45
Arrival at 30 Oct 21, 13:45
AS   #9 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 73 reviews
By GOLD 182
Published on 18th November 2021

Report No: 2021-1002

Dear folks,

Welcome to this brand new Flight-Report series which I would cover a trip onboard Alaska Airlines to Portland, Oregon onboard their Domestic First cabin. This series would cover three different aircraft types, three different bands of catering and visit to three different Alaska Lounge's across their network. 

The second flight in this series would be a short Alaska Airlines flight onboard their Boeing 737-800 from Seattle to Portland. This review would also include a visit to the Alaska Lounge in the North Concourse of Seattle Tacoma Airport

Here is the routing for this series;


  • AS 1 Washington Reagan to Seattle ( Domestic First ), Airbus A321neo Past
  • AS 135 Seattle to Portland ( Domestic First ), Boeing 737-800, Alaska Lounge SEA Concourse N You are here
  • AS 554 Portland to Los Angeles ( Domestic First ), Boeing 737-900ER, Alaska Lounge PDX Coming soon
  • AS 6 Los Angeles to Washington Reagan ( Domestic First ), Airbus A321neo, Alaska Lounge LAX T6 Coming soon

Loads for this flight

Domestic First : 100%
Premium and Main Cabin: 75-80% 


After arriving at the C concourse from my previous flight from Washington Ronald Reagan Airport, it was time to check the FIDS in order to verify the boarding gate for my flight to Portland.

photo 20211030_104018-min

As the flight was going to depart from N gates, I decided to head to the Alaska Lounge in the North Satellite concourse.

photo 20211030_104414-min

The only way to go to the North Concourse is to take the people mover over there.

photo 20211030_104524-min-91345

The Alaska Lounge is located a level above of the gate level in the North Concourse

photo 20211030_104839-21002


As a oneworld Emerald member, I also had opportunities to go to the British Airways Lounge and the American Airlines Admirals Club in Seattle, although I decided to stick with the Alaska Lounge on this occasion.

photo 20211030_104936-min

At the entrance, my boarding pass was scanned and I was welcomed by the agents and the agents have gave me a brief overview regarding what's available in this lounge.

photo 20211030_104953-min

The lounge looks fresh and modern and the furniture is super comfortable.

photo 20211030_105132-min-98662

At the time I arrived at the lounge, they were switching breakfast offerings with rest-of-day offerings.
Some cookies

photo 20211030_105909-min

There were two types of soup available that day. Nachos and guacamole was also available

photo 20211030_111915-min

There was a stand where you could have crafted your own salad

photo 20211030_112244-min

Soft drinks are available and self-service. Tea & coffee are also available. The espresso machine was broken that day, however,

photo 20211030_112238-min

One of the best things about the Alaska Lounge's are that there are coffee stations where a barista would craft the espresso speciality of your choice. That day, I have opted for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

photo 20211030_114812-min

Of course, pancakes are also available throughout the day

photo 20211030_112336-min-72179

There is also a bar available for alcoholic drinks

photo 20211030_105349-min

Here are my selections for the day

photo 20211030_110124-minphoto 20211030_112449-min

Although I didn't do that much spotting at the lounge, the lounge has spectacular views where you could watch the movement in the apron.
At that time, this American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER had arrived from London Heathrow. 

photo 20211030_112143-min


When it was close to boarding time, I have left the lounge and headed to my gate which was N9 for the day. The walk from the lounge to the gate was approximately 2 minutes.

photo 20211030_115637-min

Boarding was made with the respect of priorities on time and I have boarded the aircraft with First Class.

photo 20211030_115729-min-59569

As there was a wheelchair in the aisle, we were asked to wait a couple of seconds at the jet bridge, later on we were asked to board and was welcomed by the friendly crew.

photo 20211030_120457

This aircraft was equipped with the old Alaska Airlines seats which are definitely more comfortable than those in the A321neo.

photo 20211030_133012-min

There is plenty of legroom which allowed me to stretch my legs during the flight.

photo 20211030_120732-min

Each seat in First Class was equipped with power outlets and USB ports.

photo 20211030_121129-min

The seatback pocket content was same as the previous flight, however, the safety card was of course the Boeing 737-800 version.

photo 20211030_120857-min

Boxed still water was present at each seat in First Class during boarding. This is the only service item onboard this short flight. Alaska Airlines does not serve anything else than water on flights shorter than 350 miles.

photo 20211030_120746-min

The aircraft was not equipped with the Sky Interior design, thus had the old style of overhead panels.

photo 20211030_120754-min

Our neighbor was this Alaska Boeing 737-800 that was going to head towards Denver that afternoon

photo 20211030_120826-min

Also, some Alaska 737's still have the "Proudly All Boeing" sticker, although after the Virgin America merger, they now have Airbus aircraft in their fleet.

photo 20211030_121236

Replacement masks were available at the wall in front of the first row.

photo 20211030_122919-min

As the flight wasn't full, boarding has completed on time and shortly later the cabin crew, greeted myself, told me that there would be no service on this flight, thanked me for being a oneworld Emerald member and had a small chat with me. They have also congratulated, a recently promoted million miler which was seated in First Class.

photo 20211030_123832-min

Later on, we started our push back and the safety demonstration was performed by the crew.

photo 20211030_124026

And, it was time to do some spotting.
Starting with this Alaska Boeing 737 in the Toy Story 4 livery

photo 20211030_124108

More Alaska aircraft in concourse C

photo 20211030_124115-min

This 737-900 was going to head to Ontario, CA that day as AS 420

photo 20211030_124215-min

While taxiing, I have spotted that this Qatar Airways bird has recently landed to Seattle.

photo 20211030_124508-min

More Alaska birds, this time at the North concourse

photo 20211030_124618-min

N593AS from a different angle

photo 20211030_124645-min

Some Alaska regional jets

photo 20211030_124730

This one had just arrived from Santa Rosa, Sonoma County as AS 2129

photo 20211030_124742-min

Delta aircraft at concourse B

photo 20211030_124757

And here is the international concourse which is concourse S

photo 20211030_124843-min

Delta wide-bodies at the South concourse

photo 20211030_124849

Delta Connection Embraer that had just arrived from Redmond/Bend

photo 20211030_124859-min

Qatar Airways 777-300ER getting a rest before returning back to Doha

photo 20211030_124905-min

Lufthansa A350-900 which would head to Frankfurt that afternoon

photo 20211030_124912

Alaska Airlines 737 parked near the hangar

photo 20211030_124927

Korean Air A330 parked at gate S1

photo 20211030_124938

Another Alaska 737 parked near the hangar

photo 20211030_125000

Icelandair 757 at a remote stand

photo 20211030_125002

And after a taxi that took 5-10 minutes, it was our time to take-off

photo 20211030_125618

We were going to take off towards the north.

Sea-Tac airport from the air

photo 20211030_125935-min

And Boeing Field BFI from the air

photo 20211030_130005-min

After takeoff we have made a U turn as Portland is located towards the south.

photo 20211030_130015-min

Downtown Seattle

photo 20211030_130024-min

Seattle Tacoma Airport from different angles

photo 20211030_130153-minphoto 20211030_130157-minphoto 20211030_130227

Just after take-off internet wasn't available, although, the personal device entertainment system worked.

photo screenshot_20211030-125910_samsung-internet

However, shortly later, the Wi-Fi system also worked.
Alaska offers free texting on all flights for everyone which I benefitted during this flight.

photo screenshot_20211030-130111_samsung-internetphoto screenshot_20211030-130121_samsung-internet

Other than the scenery and texting, there wasn't much to do on this flight.

photo 20211030_131626

Beautiful scenery while we were descending

photo 20211030_132252

A military ship

photo 20211030_132351-min

Vancouver, WA

photo 20211030_132441-min

And after a 31 minute flight, we have touched down at Portland International Airport.

photo 20211030_132618

The terminal looked empty that day

photo 20211030_132705

An Alaska Dash 8 in the Oregon State University Beavers livery

photo 20211030_132710-min

Alaska 737 at concourse C

photo 20211030_132724

And after a very short taxi, we were getting closer to our parking position which was gate C9.

photo 20211030_132740

Our neighbor 737 was going to head to Palm Springs as AS 1342 that afternoon

photo 20211030_132816

The jet bridge

photo 20211030_132823

Shortly after we have stopped, the seatbelt signs were switched off and it was time for gathering my belongings and leave the aircraft. At the exit door, the cabin crew individually thanked every passenger for flying with Alaska.

photo 20211030_132833


The first shot from the terminal

photo 20211030_133256-min-12954

As construction was going on, there was a detour to the baggage claim area

photo 20211030_133403-min

If I'm not wrong, they are rebuilding concourse A to allow more jet bridges and more parking positions.

photo 20211030_133453-min

After a walk that we could count as an exercise, I was finally landside

photo 20211030_133637-min

And the nice thing is that the walk to the light-rail ( tram ) was 1 minute from the concourse exit.

photo 20211030_133708-min

Tickets must be purchased before boarding and validated at the station. A tram ticket valid for 2 hours would cost $2.50 which would allow enough time to go to downtown Portland.

photo 20211030_133739-min

And as soon as the tram departed, the journey has come to an end.

photo 20211030_134003-min

As well as this Flight-Report.
The series would be continuing with the next report that would be published shortly.
Once again thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Cabin crew9.0

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To conclude this report, I could say that the flight experience on the short hop was pretty decent with an attentive crew, comfortable seats and a nice view. The lounge experience at Seattle was also quite decent for US standards with friendly lounge staff, very comfortable seating, a great beverage selection and a decent food selection.

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