Review of Singapore Airlines flight Sydney Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ220
Class Economy
Seat 55K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 08:35
Take-off 04 Apr 10, 08:05
Arrival at 04 Apr 10, 14:40
SQ   #5 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 630 reviews
By GOLD 544
Published on 4th November 2021

Trip Report: Singapore Airlines SQ220 Sydney - Singapore

Flight Details:
Airlines: Singapore Airlines
Flight :SQ 220 SYD-SIN
Reg : 9V-SKI
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841
Departure Sydney [Gate 57] : 08.05
Arrival Singapore: 14.40
Flight time : 8h 25m
Distance : 6,305 kilometers or 3,404 nautical miles.

TRIP VIDEO:Singapore Airlines SQ220 Sydney - Singapore


This report is 2010 trip to Singapore. No wifi, not HD days. I had booked ticket through website and checked online.


Arrived at airport early by taxi. Dropped bag, took boarding pass and immigration form. Filled the form and joined the immigration queue. Completed the security check and was in the duty free area in no time.

photo img_14a

Empty area. time for planespotting

photo img_2

Flights had not started arriving.

photo img_4

Emirates departure to Dubai

photo img_7photo img_3

One World tails

photo img_6

View of One World partners

photo img_8

Walking towards next pier.

photo img_5

Not much crowd as flight had not started boarding.

photo img_9

Air side view- Korean Air arrives from Seoul.

photo img_10

Singapore Airlines A380 9V-SKI preparing to operate flight SQ220.

photo img_11

Qantas arrives

photo img_12

Singapore Airlines in view.

photo img_13

Flight Schedule

photo img_15

Walking towards Gate 57

photo img_16photo img_18

Getting upgraded .. more shops.

photo img_19

view from passage to other pier.

photo img_22


photo img_20

Korean air receiving catering

photo img_23photo img_24

Virgin Australia

photo img_25photo img_26

Side view

photo img_30photo img_31

Virgin Australia tail

photo img_32photo img_33

Catering getting loaded.

photo img_27

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600

photo img_34photo img_37

Pushback to remote bay

photo img_40photo img_42

British Airway

photo img_43

Emirates Boeing 777 Boeing 777-300ER

photo img_45photo img_46

Arrive at gate.

photo img_48photo img_49

United Departing

photo img_53

Sat next to gate as departure got closer.

photo img_28

Catering loading

photo img_29


Gate 57 to board the Airbus A380.Boarding had commenced on time.

photo img_51

Separate boarding for economy on lower deck. Passport and boarding pass was checked.

photo img_52


Occupied assigned seat. Warm towels were distributed being autumn.

photo img_54

Window view

photo img_55


photo img_56


Pushback commenced on time. Air New Zealand arrives from Auckland.

photo img_60

British Airways afternoon departure to Singapore parked at remote bay.

photo img_61

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200ER afternoon departure parked in remote bay

photo img_62photo img_57

Pacific Blue from Samoa.

photo img_58

Qantas parked near cargo terminal

photo img_70

LAN Airbus A340-300

photo img_71

Vietnam taxing to gate.

photo img_63

Qantas Airbus A330-200 to Perth

photo img_65photo img_67

taxi towards runway

photo img_68photo img_69

Waiting in holding area

photo img_72


Cabin view after departure

photo img_74

Royal National Park - Bundeena

photo img_78

Sydney Airport

photo img_80

Attaining cruising altitude

photo img_81photo img_83

Seat POcket Material

Seat pocket material - safety card, sickness bag, krisshop

photo img_85

Reading magazine - Kirshop, Krisworld, Silberkris

photo img_86photo img_87


photo img_88

Aircraft fleet information

photo img_90

Inflight Entertainment System

Flight information

photo img_92photo img_93

Inflght Service

Crew began drinks series.

photo img_95

Economy menu

photo img_97photo img_99

Flight information

Flight information

photo img_100photo img_101

Flight details

photo img_102

Singapore Airlines A380 Safety Card

photo img_104photo img_106

Back of card

photo img_105


photo img_107

Flight map

photo img_108


Breakfast was served after an hour. Selected noodles for breakfast.

photo img_110

Scramble egg and sausage with baked beans

photo img_111

Top view of breakfast

photo img_112

Window view

photo img_113

Economy cabin

photo img_114photo img_115

Stair to upper deck

photo img_117

Upper deck economy

photo img_119

Seat spacing and leg rest

photo img_120

Side view of cabin

photo img_121

Flight leaving Australia shore.

photo img_124photo img_131

Passengers resting after breakfast

photo img_134photo img_135

Flying close to Indonesia

photo img_136

Drinks - Singapore Sling and Sprite with peanuts

photo img_137

Flight Path

photo img_142

Flying towards Singapore

photo img_144

2 more hours of flying

photo img_146photo img_147

Lunch Service

Lunch was served with 1.30 hrs

photo img_150

Teriyaki chicken with rice

photo img_151

Front view of lunch

photo img_152

Over Indonesia

photo img_153


photo img_155

On descent towards Singapore

photo img_157

Captain announced approach and cabin was ready for arrival.

photo img_161

Indonesian island

photo img_163

Crew checking and window shades drawn up.

photo img_164

Approach towards Singapore

photo img_166

Singapore port bound ships

photo img_167


Landed smoothly on runway 02L

photo img_168

Taxi towards Terminal 3

photo img_169photo img_171

Arrived on time at Terminal 3,

photo img_172

Immigration and EXit

Disembarked and headed to immigration. Immigration was quick, Luggage was out and was out soon.
Hope you enjoyed this trip report. Thanks for reading.


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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Sydney - SYD


Singapore - SIN



Singapore airlines provided good service. Arrival and departure was on time. A satisfactory trip.

Information on the route Sydney (SYD) Singapore (SIN)


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