Review of LOT Polish flight Toronto Warsaw in Business

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO46
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 07:35
Take-off 03 Nov 21, 23:55
Arrival at 04 Nov 21, 12:30
LO   #39 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 219 reviews
By GOLD 908
Published on 5th November 2021


I arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport ca. 3 hours before scheduled departure and had a quick look at the nice and convenient interactive check in area map that shows where each airline is located and how long current waiting times are: 

photo img_7557

LOT counters had just opened and there was nobody in front of me in the dedicated priority lane.

photo img_7559-96646photo img_7562

Security was quite quick as well and soon I was airside to walk the long way to the E gates at the end of Terminal 1 pier. On the way some nice Air Canada evening action could be seen.

photo img_7566photo img_7568

Next was a visit to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge on the upper floor.

photo img_7569-23315photo img_7584

The lounge is huge and offers a lot of seating in different layouts and styles. In general the lounge is nice and roomy with very high terminal ceilings. However it also feels quite worn and outdated with almost no seat having power plugs to charge your devices etc.

photo img_7570photo img_7572-81403photo img_7577-47034

Due to Covid no self-service buffet was available and you had to order your drink and food choices from the service staff at the buffet. Food actually comes in a lat of single use paper and plastic and does not create a very premium atmosphere.

Around 45 minutes before scheduled departure I left the lounge and made my way to the boarding gate. Unfortunately our LOT Dreamliner for tonight's flight was parked at a position where it was impossible to take some photos. Boarding started about 10 minutes later in quite an orderly manner with priority boading via a dedicated lane first.

Door 2L was used today and I was greeted by a friendly cabin crew and directed left into the small and cozy Business Class section consisting of just 18 seats spread over 3 rows. Some shots of my nice and very roomy window seat 2A:

photo img_7585photo img_7587

Quickly I was approached by one of the very friendly flight attendants who offered to take my coat and hang it in the wardrobe which I appreciated.

Waiting on my seat was a big blanket and pillow, some bed linen and an amenity kit.

photo img_7586

The amenity kit has a nice and clean design however contents are rather cheap and miss any cosmetics like hand cream etc.

photo img_7609photo img_7610

Waiting on the center armrest was a first disinfection towel.

photo img_7588

Legroom on those seats is huge and the forward are provides a lot of welcome stowage area. Some LOT branded slippers were also waiting there.

photo img_7597photo img_7598photo img_7600

Headphones have already been placed in the seat area as well. They were ok but not of the highest quality.

photo img_7611photo img_7612

The center armrest also has some nice stowage section which had a bottle of water and was also issued with some small lights. In the night this armrest can slide up to provide more privacy as a separator to your neighbour. The light can also be turned off.

photo img_7589photo img_7603photo img_7629

Soon I was approached by a flight attendant welcoming me to LOT Business Class and offering welcome drinks of water or orange juice from a silver tray. No alcohol was offered and she mentioned some US & Canada regulations as a reason for that. Not sure if that is true or just an excuse for cost savings.

photo img_7592

Boarding came to an end soon and the seat next to me stayed empty. In total 9 passengers would travel in Business Class tonight. The cabin felt quiet and comfortable. Although the seats are comfortable and provide masses of space this cabin layout also misses privacy as no separating walls etc. are available.

photo img_7596

Next the flight attendant came by and verbally described the three warm main course choices for dinner service after take off: fish, chicken or beef. I decided for the beef. She also explained that continental breakfast would be served 1hrs30mins before landing and if she should wake me up for breakfast which I confirmed. Sadly no printed menus have been distributed throughot this flight which is rather stange and rare for longhaul Business Class.

A flight time of 7 hours 30 minutes was announced while we pushed back and a safety video started to play on the monitors.

photo img_7601photo img_7605photo img_7604

We soon powered into dark skies and started our journey direction North heading to Quebec.

photo img_7606

About 15 minutes after take off the seatbelt sign was turned off and a hot towel was distributed - nice to see this is still part of the service in Business Class.

photo img_7613

Then inflight service started with the distribution of tablecloths. During the whole flight never a trolley appeared in the cabin - all meals and drinks were individually served from the galley. At the same moment I was asked for some first drink choices for aperitif service.

photo img_7614

I started with a Gin Tonic and some nuts.

photo img_7617

Very soon the starter tray was served that also included a separate salad. Both tasted fine only the cold and packed bread roll was almost inedable.

photo img_7618photo img_7619photo img_7620

Once finished I asked for a glass of white wine where I was offered a choice of 3 different ones. Main course was also served soon once my starter tray has been cleared away. The service was nice and restaurant style with a nice big main course plate and really cute porcelain salt & pepper shakers.

photo img_7621photo img_7622

Next the flight attendant came by with a tray offering different cake style desserts and cheese. I decided for some cheese and a nice tatsung small chocolate cake with cranberries. It was served with a nice tasting peppermint tea.

photo img_7624

Some kind of Baileys finished my meal:

photo img_7627

The whole meal service was already finished 1 hour 30 minutes after take off which is perfect for such a rather short night time flight. Still the service did not feel rushed and was very nice. Quickly the cabin lights were turned off and I put my seat into bed mode. Actually the benefit of this open style seat is that there is a lot of space in the foot area and also to the sides it does by far not seam that cramped as other Business Class beds. In the end it was really fine for me and I managed to have ca. 4.5 hours of quite good sleep.

When I woke up we had already reached Norway near Stavanger and cabin was prepared for breakfast service.

photo img_7630

Unfortunately there was no hot towel service before the meal - only another disinfection towelette was offered from a tray.

Soon a cold breakfast tray was served and drink orders taken. The meal was quite good, especially the yoghurt and fruits. However again the cold bread was inedible and I was missing some kind of croissant and jam for breakfast as well.

photo img_7632photo img_7633

I had some tea and orange juice with the breakfast.

photo img_7635photo img_7636

Once the tray has been cleared away I ordered an espresso to end the flight which was served in a very nice cup with a cute small glass of water. It also tasted fine.

photo img_7639photo img_7638

We soon left cruising altitude and started to descend into Warsaw through cloudy and grey skies.

We landed slightly ahead of schedule and parked at a gate next to some narrowbodies.

Good Bye LOT.

photo img_7649

Thanks for reading,

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew9.0

Toronto - YYZ


Warsaw - WAW



This LOT Business Class longhaul flight was a really nice experience: the seat is very roomy and comfortable and the friendly cabin crew provided a nice and relaxed atmosphere on board. The food was also tasty for most parts - only this cold packaged dry breads are almost inedible.
Also it was disappointing to not receive a printed menu in longhaul Business Class. Apart from that most service components did almost feel and look like in pre-covid days which is nice to see.

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    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5264 Comments

    But why don't they warm the bread?
    Beside that and the missing menu, it's once again a very impressive service with a lot of attention to details in the catering. I am impressed by the beautifully presented main course, very few European airline are doing plating and it's very nice to see LOT doing this kind of effort.

    • Comment 585341 by
      FlyAlex GOLD AUTHOR 77 Comments

      Thanks. I also cannot understand why they serve such bad cold and dry bread. For sure ist still is some kind of covid protection or cost saving measure. Maybe they bought 10,000s of those breads and now have to use them until gone :D

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