Review of Helvetic Airways flight Mulhouse / Bâle Santorini Island in Economy

Airline Helvetic Airways
Flight 2L306
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Embraer E-195-E2
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 28 Aug 21, 08:05
Arrival at 28 Aug 21, 11:50
2L   #51 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 49 reviews
By GOLD 311
Published on 18th November 2021

INTRO - helvetic airways

In the last days of June 2021, Helvetic Airways announced a new base at Basel / Mulhouse EuroAirport, with two E195 E2 to operate a range of routes starting July 4th.

The timing was really strange, how can an airline start a vast range of scheduled flights within 2 weeks without any advertisement? 

The first aircraft HB-AZI arrived on June 25th and immediately after flights were announced: Jerez on Friday, Santorini on Saturday and Larnaca on Sunday. More flights were supposed to be added shortly.

In fact, they started flying to JTR and LCA as planned. Jerez was never flown. And that was it. The second Embraer never arrived, more flights were never scheduled.

The aircraft stayed mostly on storage from Monday to Friday and flew once Saturday, once Sunday. Once the aircraft flew to ARN and back, one to BUD, once to BRN and that's it.

At the end of the summer season, LCA was also almost dropped, September and October saw only 2 flights to Cyprus. Beginning of the winter timetable the aircraft was flown to BRN and is in storage there. This is what I call a big fail.

About Helvetic, they operate a fleet of 4 E190, 8 E190-E2, 4 E195-E2. 3 of the 4 E190 are stored for the time being. The last one hasn't flown since Nov 09th

About the E190-E2 : they all are wet leased to Swiss and fly

About the E195-E2 : two are stored in BRN, one in ZRH. The last one flies only for  Helvetic and his last flight was November 02nd 

why this flight

A week before the flight, I checked the price and a one way ticket costs 150€ + 10€ for a seat selection. I was looking at this flight for a long time and the price was always the same. As I really wanted to check it out, I booked a ticket, added a flight with Aegean to ATH, a night in Athens and an EasyJet flight back home.

I would have loved to stay in Santorini but hotels there are too expensive in the summer.

When booking the flight, I checked the seat map and only two seats were pre-booked. I thought I would not pay for a seat since the flight looked empty. When checking in online, the seat map was still only showing two pre booked seats and the whole cabin was empty. I selected 3A.


  • Helvetic - Embraer E195-E 2 - Bâle / Mulhouse > Santorin - Economy You are here
  • Aegean - A320 - Santorin > Athènes - Business Coming soon
  • EasyJet - A319 - Athènes > Bâle - Mulhouse - Economy Coming soon


My father dropped me off at 06H15 the airport was quiet:

photo img_2136_resultatphoto img_2137_resultat

See you soon!

photo img_2138_resultat


photo img_2139_resultatphoto img_2140_resultat

No that much people today:

photo img_2141_resultat

I went to the check in since I wanted to have a paper boarding pass and to be sure about how many people would be on the flight. 21 pax were booked for 135 seats… Very low load factor :(

photo img_2156_resultat-32698photo img_2157_resultat

Security was a breeze:

photo img_2142_resultatphoto img_2143_resultat

My BP:

photo img_2144_resultat-99988-97440

Duty free:

photo img_2145_resultatphoto img_2146_resultat

Gate 40 today:

photo img_2147_resultatphoto img_2149_resultat

Nobody at border controls:

photo img_2150_resultat

The appron:

photo img_2152_resultat

Starbucks was closed:

photo img_2153_resultat

This way for me:

photo img_2154_resultatphoto img_2155_resultat

My flight:

photo img_2160_resultat

Corendon to RHO:

photo img_2161_resultatphoto img_2162_resultat

le vol

Boarding started on time via bus:

photo img_2163_resultatphoto img_2164_resultat

Here is the beautiful E195-E2

photo img_2165_resultatphoto img_2166_resultatphoto img_2167_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_2168_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_2169_resultat

A warm welcome was given and this is the cabin that looks really nice:

photo img_2170_resultatphoto img_2171_resultat

The safety card:

photo img_2174_resultatphoto img_2175_resultat

Together with a COVID Card:

photo img_2183_resultatphoto img_2184_resultat

USB ports are available:

photo img_2278_resultat

Side view:

photo img_2177_resultat

The pitch is more than adequate:

photo img_2178_resultat

Front view:

photo img_2185_resultat


photo img_2179_resultat

The recline is good:

photo img_2180_resultat

We are 20 minutes early but can't go right now since we need to land at our assigned time slot at JTR, the airport being fairly small. In the meantime a cup of water is offered:

photo img_2187_resultat

Then we start our taxi:

photo img_2182_resultat

2 738 Enter Air:

photo img_2181_resultat

Wizz A320:

photo img_2192_resultatphoto img_2193_resultat

Runway 15 today:

photo img_2195_resultatphoto img_2196_resultatphoto img_2197_resultat

And off we go:

photo img_2200_resultatphoto img_2201_resultatphoto img_2202_resultat

Nice views:

photo img_2203_resultatphoto img_2204_resultat

Runway 26:

photo img_2205_resultat

Saint Louis:

photo img_2206_resultat


photo img_2209_resultatphoto img_2210_resultatphoto img_2212_resultat

Above the clouds:

photo img_2214_resultat

I paid a quick visit to the loo:

photo img_2188_resultatphoto img_2189_resultatphoto img_2190_resultat

This is the Helvetic Breakfast box:

photo img_2215_resultat

The box is smart and looks good, but it isn't that much for a flight over 3H30…

photo img_2217_resultat

I took a coffee and orange juice to go with:

photo img_2216_resultat

Close up of the meal:

photo img_2219_resultat

Muffin, bread, butter and jam:

photo img_2220_resultatphoto img_2218_resultat

It was really nice, though on the small side. But it was free. And this is what matters :)

photo img_2223_resultat

Another lav visit allows me to visit the front galley and take the aircraft doors in picture. You will notice that the doors on the E2 are slightly different than on the E1

photo img_2224_resultatphoto img_2225_resultatphoto img_2228_resultat

The galley:

photo img_2229_resultatphoto img_2230_resultat

Overflying the Adriatic Coast:

photo img_2231_resultatphoto img_2232_resultat

I went to the back to get different views:

photo img_2234_resultatphoto img_2235_resultat

Behind the wing:

photo img_2236_resultatphoto img_2238_resultat

At the back the pitch isn't that good anymore:

photo img_2239_resultat

Rear Galley and doors:

photo img_2240_resultatphoto img_2241_resultatphoto img_2243_resultat

This screen is only for the cabin crew and shows the ETA:

photo img_2242_resultatphoto img_2248_resultat

Jump seat and intercom:

photo img_2246_resultatphoto img_2247_resultat

Here you see the whole cabin, with all passengers.

photo img_2244_resultatphoto img_2245_resultat

A second drink service is performed, I took another coffee:

photo img_2249_resultat

Only alcoolic drinks are to be paid for.
Overflying Kalamata:

photo img_2251_resultatphoto img_2252_resultat

And arriving around JTR:

photo img_2255_resultatphoto img_2256_resultatphoto img_2257_resultat

Quelles falaises !

photo img_2258_resultat

JTR in distance:

photo img_2260_resultatphoto img_2261_resultatphoto img_2262_resultat

Last turn to align with the runway:

photo img_2263_resultatphoto img_2264_resultatphoto img_2266_resultat

Final approach:

photo img_2268_resultatphoto img_2269_resultat

Must be a nice place to spot arriving aircrafts:

photo img_2270_resultatphoto img_2271_resultatphoto img_2272_resultat

ATR Sky Express:

photo img_2273_resultat


photo img_2275_resultat

A321neo Aegean:

photo img_2276_resultatphoto img_2277_resultat

Private Jet:

photo img_2279_resultatphoto img_2280_resultat

Wizzair from VNO:

photo img_2282_resultat

Paxbus for us:

photo img_2284_resultatphoto img_2285_resultat

This bird is really beautiful, sad it is not flying enough :(

photo img_2286_resultatphoto img_2287_resultatphoto img_2289_resultat

On arrival, only PLF are checked, no additional controls:

photo img_2290_resultatphoto img_2291_resultat

No stop here:

photo img_2292_resultatphoto img_2293_resultat

And I am outside, but not for a long time since my flight to Athens is in a couple of hours :)

photo img_2294_resultat
See more


Helvetic Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Santorini Island - JTR



I was happy to be able to take this flight, I'll come back to Santorini another time :)

The cabin is nice, bright and comfortable. The crew was equally nice. Sad that for a nice bird like this that there is no Wifi.

The catering was on the light side, but is free of charge and was good.

Nothing special to mention about EAP and JTR that were perfect.

Stay tuned for the next piece with Aegean :)



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  • Comment 586958 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5589 Comments

    Hey Stephan, wow that's a cool route! EAP seems to be really well served for a secondary airport--I guess its international status serving 3 countries make it a much more important market. I love Santorini, how great to have a nonstop from your home airport, even if it is a bit on the expensive side.

    Was row 1 technically Business class on this flight since the seatmap only shows 1 seat on either side? If so it's weird that they don't have a curtain separating the cabins.

    The pitch is more than adequate

    Yes, luckily you were up front in a row that can be used for Business gets much tighter in the back

    In the meantime a cup of water is offered:

    A nice the US you can sit on the tarmac for 45 mins in the "penalty box" when there are ground delays and even in F/J the FA's usually don't budge.

    > The box is smart and looks good, but it isn't that much for a flight over 3H30…
    The differences in perspective between Europe and the US. To me, that box looks we get a tiny bag of pretzels or biscoffs on a 6h transcon haha
    Look at it this was, on a 3h Y flight, the catering is way better than your recent short flights in J with AF/KL

    And, of course the catering is much better than if this were a SWISS-branded flight where everything is now BOB. Overall a pretty impressive service from Helvetic on a very nice looking aircraft!

    Fantastic views on arrival! I need to go back to Greece. Went three years in a row and haven't been back since the pandemic. Maybe this summer when I'm back in France...Aegean have nonstops from TLS, which might be fun to try.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 586995 by
      Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 14287 Comments

      Hi Kévin, Thanks for thte detailled comment !

      Actually no there was no business class sold on that plane, I don't know why the seats have been blocked.

      You're right, in the US you can wait for hours before someone would bring you someting to drink ^^

      And right also, on a transcon on the majority of the airlines, you would never get a box like this. But for Europe, it's still on the small side :)

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