Review of ITA Airways flight Milan Rome in Economy

Airline ITA Airways
Flight AZ2037
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:44
Take-off 04 Dec 21, 11:59
Arrival at 04 Dec 21, 12:43
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By BRONZE 2089
Published on 9th December 2021


Hello everyone,
After my graduation in Architecture in July 2021 I apply for a Master’s Degree at Milan Politecnico. The application was successful and therefore I move to Milan on 10th September.

The 8th December is a national religious feast in Italy and this year it falls on Wednesday. Moreover in Milan there's a local feast on 7th December. This means that universities, schools and workplaces would be closed even on Monday 6th.
Having this elongated weekend I decided to visit my family from Saturday 4th to 8th December.

Usually high speed train is the most convenient way to travel between Milan and Rome. It takes around 3 hours and the cost ranges between 50€ and 100€, depending on offers. I check both Trenitalia's (State-owned rail company) and Italo's (private rail operator) websites, but the price was 210€ and 190€ respectively.
I gave a look to Alitalia ehm ITA Airways and the price was 146€. Since I live quite close to Milan-Linate Airport (5km from my home) I decided to go for this option. The price included only the cabin baggage, which is quite a drawback for me, but the lower price made the choice mandatory.

photo prenotazione

To be honest I was quite curious to try the new italian flag carrier ITA Airways. Being italian and knowing how things go in our Country I still have more than one doubt about the entire operation, but I hope this would end the permanent crisis of italian flag carrier. Finger-crossed for ITA.

Just to give some stats:
First time with ITA Airways
Second time flying on LIN-FCO route (first report here)


photo lin-fco-1


ITA gives the possibility to check-in through its website 24H before the flight departure time. The evening before the flight I logged in on the website and printed my boarding pass. The seat choice costs 7€ so I decided to put my fate in ITA's hands. Obviously they assigned me an aisle seat. I'll try to change it in a window seat at the airport

The BP is identical to Alitalia's older one. The IATA code is also the same, AZ.

photo lin-fco-3

I live in the eastern part of Milan, near Udine metro station, 5 km from Linate Airport. I usually see planes taking off from my home.
To get there from my house the only option is taking the metro to Lambrate station and than taking 2 buses to the airport. The predicted travel time is around 35-45 minutes.  The alternative is to get a car sharing ride, which takes around 15 minutes and the car can be left at the airport parking. 
With the flight taking off at midday I planned to be at the airport around 10, in order to change my seat and to print my BP. I left home around 9 am and found a car sharing quite close. 

Forlanini Avenue, which connects the city to the airport. Road were not so busy, despite being Saturday.

photo lin-fco-4

Around 9:30 I arrived at Milan-Linate Airport, dedicated to Enrico Forlanini (1848-1930), an aviation pioneer.

Being close to the airport I think the car sharing is a very good option. I spent less than 10€ and I arrived at the airport in around 20 minutes. The only risk is not to found a car close to the departing point. If leaving from the airport is very easy, because there's a big parking lot for car sharing.

photo lin-fco-5

The car sharing lot is located on the 6th level of the parking, which gives and interesting view of the apron…

photo lin-fco-7

…and the city skyline

Milan is the only city in Italy with such an amount of skyscrapers

photo lin-fco-6

I got inside the terminal and went ITA check-in counters. I already had my BP on my phone, but I asked to change my seat into a window one.

photo lin-fco-10

The plane was full, so it was not possible to change my seat. The agent also checked my European Covid Certification and printed my BP. I really like to keep them instead of having just the digital version.

ITA definitely has to change their graphic, I think (and hope) this is temporary…

photo lin-fco-11

Having around one hour and half before the boarding, scheduled for 11:20, I proceded straight to the security checkpoint

The area had been renovated recently. It's very big and equipped with many screening lanes. It took around 10 minutes to clear the check.
As usual, the passage throught the duty free is mandatory

photo lin-fco-12photo lin-fco-13

The new departure lounge, inaugurated in June 2021, still smelled new

photo lin-fco-14photo lin-fco-15

FIDS showing my flight to be on-time and confirming the gate printed on the BP, A19

photo lin-fco-16

I went upstairs to buy a present for my parents and found a large window on the apron

The airport looked a bit "empty"
Maybe because of COVID, maybe because of ITA's crisis, which used to bring 60% of LIN's trafic

photo lin-fco-17

British Airways A320, Air Dolomiti E-195 in Star Alliance livery, Lufthansa A320neo and ITA A319 in Alitalia's old livery

photo lin-fco-18

So lovely

photo lin-fco-19

Italian style even for hangars

photo lin-fco-20

LEGO-made model of Milan Cathedral

photo lin-fco-21

My gate set for departure, 40 minutes before boarding time

photo lin-fco-22

Meanwhile our plane landed

photo lin-fco-25photo lin-fco-23

I'm gonna miss this livery…

photo lin-fco-24

The plane just docked at the gate with some birds in the background

photo lin-fco-26

Our plane for today
ITA Airways Airbus A319-100, EI-IMV, delivered to Alitalia in January 2013 (8.9 years old) and transferred to ITA Airways in October 2021
Formerly named "Filippo Tommaso Marinetti"
The plane is equipped with 144 seats in flexible C-Y configuration

photo lin-fco-27photo lin-fco-28

Another ITA Airways A320 with a disappearing livery

photo lin-fco-29photo lin-fco-30

Lufthansa A320 departing to Frankfurt

photo lin-fco-31

Iberia A321 just landed

photo lin-fco-32

AirDolomiti E-195 taking off to Zurich

photo lin-fco-33

Pilatus PC-12 taxiing on the main apron

photo lin-fco-34

ITA Airways A320 in the newest Alitalia livery

photo lin-fco-35

Boarding was called at 11:30, ten minutes after scheduled
The operation was quite quick since Covid Certificates had been already checked

photo lin-fco-36photo lin-fco-37


photo lin-fco-0photo lin-fco-39

Going down the jetway

photo lin-fco-40photo lin-fco-41

Door shot
This ITA Airways logo was used before the airline started operation on 15th October 2021

photo lin-fco-42

Even if the system assigned me an aisle seat (25D), the last row was empty and I took 26F
The view from my seat as boarding operation was about to end

photo lin-fco-43

The plane was full

photo lin-fco-44

Leaving the stand at 11:51, perfectly on time

photo lin-fco-45

CityLife district in the distance
The "straight" tower has been designed by Arata Isozaki while the "curved" one by Daniel Libeskind

photo lin-fco-46

Taxiing towards RWY36

photo lin-fco-47photo lin-fco-48

We'd depart towards north
Snowy Alps in the distance

photo lin-fco-49

And there we go…

photo lin-fco-50photo lin-fco-51

Perfectly on time we got airborne

photo lin-fco-52

Linate apron and terminal with Milan Idroscalo visible in the background
This 1.6sqkm-artificial lake had been built in 1930s as a seaplane airport

photo lin-fco-53photo lin-fco-54photo lin-fco-55

Mondadori (the largest publishing company in Italy) and IBM headquarters
The first one was designed by brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer

photo lin-fco-56photo lin-fco-57

Idroscalo and LIN in the background while heading south to Rome

photo lin-fco-58

Linate Airport

photo lin-fco-59

Passing through a thick layer of clouds…

photo lin-fco-60

…to emerge in the daylight

photo lin-fco-62

Another layer of clouds…

photo lin-fco-63

Finally in clear sky
If someone asks me why I love flying I'll show this pictures…

photo lin-fco-64photo lin-fco-65

20 minutes into the flight a drink was served
I went for an orange juice, quite good in quality
No snack was given

Monte Argentario, in Tuscany

photo lin-fco-66

35 minutes after leaving Milan the captain invited the crew to prepare the cabin for landing

photo lin-fco-67photo lin-fco-68

Lazio coastline north of Rome
I think we'd land from north on RWY 16R or 16L

photo lin-fco-69photo lin-fco-70photo lin-fco-71

Flaps extended

photo lin-fco-72photo lin-fco-73

Last moments on air

RWY16R for us
Usually it's used for heavies, however since the pandemy began the number of them at FCO definitely decrease…

photo lin-fco-74

At 12:43, 27 minutes before scheduled, we touched down at Rome "Leonardo da Vinci" International Airport

photo lin-fco-75

Vueling A320 and ITA Airways A330

photo lin-fco-76

Delta Airlines A330 bound to New York JFK, parked at the satellite terminal
So happy to see some heavies again

photo lin-fco-77

Etihad Airways Boeing 787 parked at the satellite terminal

photo lin-fco-78

Air Canada Boeing 787 and Emirates Triple-7

photo lin-fco-79

The satellite terminal hosts gates E31-44
At the moment its the sole gate area which handles all non-Schenghen flights at FCO

photo lin-fco-80

We parked at gate E11, inside the newest pier opened in 2016

Before the pandemy the gate area E11-24 was used for non-Schenghen flights, but now it's dedicated to Schenghen operations too

photo lin-fco-81

In order to avoid people rushing the disembarkation was made row-by-row, starting from the first one
Since I was in the last row it took around 3/4 minutes to leave the plane

Another ITA Airways A319

photo lin-fco-82

After leaving the gate at 13:00 I started a 800-metre-long walk to Terminal 1, where my parents were waiting for me
It took me around ten minutes, since the passage through the main shopping area is mandatory

44 minutes from Milan to Rome and 15 minutes from plane to car. It sounds so strange to say…

photo lin-fco-87

The baggage reclaim area of Terminal 1 it's partially under refurbishment since a new area of the terminal opened a few days before. I will see it in a few days since the biggest part regards the departure area. 

I found my parents outside Terminal 1 and we drove home. In general the airport didnt' seem to be busy, even if it was Saturday

See you for the return flight…

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ITA Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Milan - LIN


Rome - FCO



Linate Airport is very easy to be reached and its services are really good. Definitely a pleasant airport for its medium scale.

About ITA the impression is not that good and not that bad, maybe after the return flight I'll be able to give a more detailed comment. In general the flight was good, 40 minutes passes really quickly.

FCO always gives me good impressions. The airport is improving itself in a tangible way and the newer parts really merge well with the older (refurbished) ones.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est ITA Airways avec 6.8/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 0 heures et 57 minutes.

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  • Comment 588581 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 960 Comments
    my graduation in Architecture in July 2021

    210€ and 190€

    That’s abusive!
    the new italian flag carrier ITA Airways

    I’m so sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to fly Alitalia. It was a brand I knew since I was a child. I went to a school managed by an Italian Catholic order and the priests always talked about Alitalia and I was curious.
    Milan-Linate Airport, dedicated to Enrico Forlanini

    So, why isn’t it called Milano-Forlanini? :O
    So lovely

    Looks cute among the big ones! XD
    Italian style even for hangars

    Those buses don’t have an aisle in the middle. They have a catwalk! XD
    LEGO-made model of Milan Cathedral

    Some people have much free time, don’t they??
    I'm gonna miss this livery

    Indeed, it’s gonna be missed, even though they weren’t flying to Chile as of late.
    the last row was empty and I took 26F

    You’re a role model to me, Carlo. Lol
    The first one was designed by brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer

    I’m no architect, but those archs are sooooo Niemeyer!! It looks much like Itamaraty palace.
    Thanks for such an interesting report. Too sad to hear about Alitalia’s demise. Best wishes for ITA!
    • Comment 588583 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments
      You're welcome, I'm very happy to have finished my first university and I'm loving the new one in Milan

      After pandemic trains in Italy became more expensive but if someone travels regularly good offers can be found. I'll go to Rome for Christmas and I pay the train 68 euros for round trip.

      Alitalia was part of many italian's heart, maybe becuase it lasted 74 years so for most people existed since forever ahaha

      Most airports in Italy are referred to the town they're located. Linate is a small town near Milan, it's like Fiumicino or Ciampino for Rome, Caselle for Turin etc.
      And they're also dedicated to important Italians like Leonardo Da Vinci for FCO, Guglielmo Marconi for BLQ, Galileo Galilei for PSA.

      About the seat, I had to ask to the crew since they have to know perfectly where all passengers are seated, due to Covid. A guy change its seat without informing them and he got a light reproach...

      I really appreciate you like this report! Thank you so much and wishes you a 2022 full of flights
  • Comment 588661 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Hi Carlo, thanks so much for sharing these reports on the "new" ITA!

    About ITA the impression is not that good and not that bad,

    I haven't seen many reviews on ITA yet, but it doesn't seem to be a big departure from Alitalia experience. I'm not seeing anything really new or fresh...and I guess it doesn't help that the cabins and liveries are still AZ

    I'm gonna miss this livery…

    Me too, though I'm not sure how I feel about the ITA livery. I'd need to see it in real life to know if I like it or not.

    I'm curious to see what ITA longhaul is like. Alitalia had good food in J--it will be interesting to see how ITA compare.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 588664 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments
      Thank you! I'm a bit proud to be among the first to report ITA here.
      Unfortunately the visual process from Alitalia to ITA will be long and it will take months to upgrade liveries and cabins.
      Consider that Alitalia switched to its last livery in 2015 and there are still planes carrying the older one

      I've never tried AZ on long haul tbh, maybe I did once when I was younger but cannot remember. I know their service was really appreciate, fortunately food is an italian skill :)

      About the livery, a blu and tricolored livery has been shown in pictures, but I'm not vrry sure, it's heavy compared to newer most-white liveries
      We'll discover in the next months!

      Wish you a 2022 full of flights

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