Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Mulhouse / Bâle Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1211
Class Business
Seat 3D
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 25 Sep 21, 07:00
Arrival at 25 Sep 21, 07:50
CL   #90 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 234 reviews
By GOLD 226
Published on 7th December 2021



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I left my car at the premium car park since there was an offer to park there for the price of the economy parking.

photo img_3777_resultat

Usually I am dropped off by my father or my mother, not used to park here :)

photo img_3778_resultatphoto img_3779_resultat

From the parking spot you need to go a level up:

photo img_3780_resultatphoto img_3781_resultat

Leading to the arrivals hall:

photo img_3782_resultat

The departure hall is another level up:

photo img_3783_resultat


photo img_3784_resultat

The terminal:

photo img_3786_resultatphoto img_3787_resultat

The controls are done in no time, here I am airside:

photo img_3788_resultatphoto img_3789_resultat

My brother asked me to buy him some cigarettes. Thanks god, I stopped smoking a long while ago and no more dependant to this.

photo img_3790_resultat

Gate 60 for us today:

photo img_3791_resultat

My CRJ spent the night in BSL:

photo img_3792_resultat

The lounge reopened, I take the opportunity to pay a visit, it was a long time since I went there last time.
This queue is not for controls or lounge access, just people buying a coffee:

photo img_3793_resultat

The lounge is this way:

photo img_3794_resultatphoto img_3795_resultat

Nobody at the controls that morning:

photo img_3796_resultatphoto img_3797_resultat

The lounge, at least!

photo img_3798_resultat

skyview lounge eap

The welcome was great as usual, I was so happy to be back here!

photo img_3799_resultat

The breakfast offer:

photo img_3800_resultat

In detail:

photo img_3801_resultatphoto img_3802_resultatphoto img_3803_resultat


photo img_3804_resultat

Drinks and diary:

photo img_3805_resultatphoto img_3806_resultatphoto img_3807_resultat

I only took a coffee, there is also an "on demand" offer:

photo img_3817_resultatphoto img_3818_resultatphoto img_3820_resultat

There is a wonderful terrace upstairs, that allows great spotting opportunities:

photo img_3808_resultatphoto img_3809_resultat

EasyJet - Enter Air and KLM Cityhopper:

photo img_3810_resultat

Smartlynx to Heraklion:

photo img_3811_resultat

The EasyFarm:

photo img_3812_resultat

A new friend:

photo img_3814_resultat

Corendon and my CRJ at the back:

photo img_3815_resultat

The terrace:

photo img_3816_resultat

the flight

Shorly before the flight, I head to the gate:

photo img_3822_resultat

Boarding started on time and was via the tarmac:

photo img_3823_resultat

I love this moment when you can walk to a plane:

photo img_3824_resultat

My bird:

photo img_3825_resultatphoto img_3826_resultat

Fuselage Shoot:

photo img_3827_resultat

After a nice welcome, here's the cabin:

photo img_3828_resultatphoto img_3829_resultatphoto img_3831_resultat

Side view, legroom and seat recline:

photo img_3832_resultatphoto img_3833_resultatphoto img_3834_resultat

Northern take-off today:

photo img_3835_resultatphoto img_3837_resultatphoto img_3838_resultat

There's no better place on earth at that moment:

photo img_3840_resultatphoto img_3841_resultatphoto img_3842_resultat

The Rhine river:

photo img_3844_resultatphoto img_3846_resultat

See you tomorrow EAP!

photo img_3847_resultatphoto img_3850_resultatphoto img_3851_resultat

The sun rises:

photo img_3852_resultat

Breakfast is served, it is a muessli, hot bread, butter and jam together with grapes:

photo img_3855_resultat

I am unfortunately not a great fan of muessli :(

photo img_3856_resultat

I took a coffee to go with:

photo img_3857_resultat

Chocolate is offered towards the end of the flight:

photo img_3858_resultatphoto img_3861_resultat

Beautiful views over Frankfurt:

photo img_3862_resultatphoto img_3864_resultatphoto img_3865_resultat

Very scenic approach:

photo img_3866_resultatphoto img_3867_resultatphoto img_3869_resultat

A last one :)

photo img_3870_resultat

FRA here we come:

photo img_3871_resultatphoto img_3872_resultatphoto img_3873_resultat


photo img_3874_resultat

We parked closed to a twin:

photo img_3875_resultatphoto img_3876_resultat

As almost always in FRA, pax bus for the CRJ's:

photo img_3877_resultat

My bird a last time:

photo img_3878_resultat

Heading to the lounge!

photo img_3879_resultat
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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Frankfurt - FRA



I really like the CRJ and the neutralized seat in business.

The crew had an hard time to serve all the passengers always keeping on smiling.

There is digital press available on the LH app.

The catering is not really my taste but the offer for such a short flight is still very impressive.

Nothing to say about the EAP or FRA that did more than their job.

And last but not least happy to see the lounge open again :)

Stay tuned for the next part :)

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