Review of ITA Airways flight Rome Milan in Economy

Airline ITA Airways
Flight AZ2092
Class Economy
Seat 20F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:53
Take-off 08 Dec 21, 17:25
Arrival at 08 Dec 21, 18:18
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Published on 9th December 2021


Hello everyone,
After my graduation in Architecture in July 2021 I apply for a Master’s Degree at Milan Politecnico. The application was successful and therefore I move to Milan on 10th September.

The 8th December is a national religious feast in Italy and this year it falls on Wednesday. Moreover in Milan there's a local feast on 7th December. This means that universities, schools and workplaces would be closed even on Monday 6th.
Having this elongated weekend I decided to visit my family from Saturday 4th to 8th December.

Usually high speed train is the most convenient way to travel between Milan and Rome. It takes around 3 hours and the cost ranges between 50€ and 100€, depending on offers. I check both Trenitalia's (State-owned rail company) and Italo's (private rail operator) websites, but the price was 210€ and 190€ respectively.
I gave a look to Alitalia ehm ITA Airways and the price was 146€. Since I live quite close to Milan-Linate Airport (5km from my home) I decided to go for this option. The price included only the cabin baggage, which is quite a drawback for me, but the lower price made the choice mandatory.

photo fco-lin-2

To be honest I was quite curious to try the new italian flag carrier ITA Airways. Being italian and knowing how things go in our Country I still have more than one doubt about the entire operation, but I hope this would end the permanent crisis of italian flag carrier. Finger-crossed for ITA.


photo fco-lin-1

before the flight

The evening before the flight I checked-in through ITA Airways' app, which still had some issues, especially with the frequent flyer log-in
In general it works normally

photo fcolin-3

Since boarding was planned for 16:25 I asked my family to bring me at the airport no later than 15:15
We left home around 14:45 and we found no trafic on the ring road motorway, due to the fact that the 8th December is a national feast in Italy

Perfectly in my plans we arrived at Rome "Leonardo da Vinci" International Airport at 15:14
ITA Airways operations are handled at Terminal 1, which was the original hub of Alitalia
At the moment it hosts other european airlines like Aegean, Air Europa, Air France, Vueling, Ryanair and many others…

The terminal has been recently extended with a new portion that contains a bigger security checkpoint and a duty free to access the departure lounge. It's part of an expansion plan that will bring a new pier by Spring 2022

photo fcolin-4photo fcolin-5

The FIDS is part of a very long screen wall with advertisments and artistic images

photo fcolin-6

Having a bit of spare time I went to the check-in desk to get my BP printed

photo fcolin-7

The agent sent me to a SkyPriority desk and this resulted in a red BP, typically given by Alitalia and now ITA to premium passengers
My ID and European Covid Pass were checked too

photo fcolin-8

Having nothing to do landside I made my way to the security check-point, still smelling new for the recent opening

photo fcolin-9

Even if there was no queue the control took around 10 minutes
My lane was a bit crowded and things got a bit messy

Time to visit the new duty free area, opened just one week before (1st December)
It has been described as the largest Aelia Duty Free shop in the world, spanning 3.000 sqm

photo fcolin-10photo fcolin-11photo fcolin-12

The new departure lounge, linking piers A1-10 and A31-59, will feature shops and additional bus gates

photo fcolin-13

Having around 40 minutes before boarding (scheduled for 16:25) I went straight to boarding area E, where my flights would depart from
The gate would be showed at 15:50

Boarding area E used to host all extra-Schenghen flights, but since the beginning of the pandemy it's mainly used by Schenghen operations
And this applies also to the massive shopping lounge

Anyone who flew at FCO before 2015/16 maybe remember how the airport was anonymous. Now its facilities are, in my opinion, at the level of the best European and global hubs

photo fcolin-14photo fcolin-15photo fcolin-16

Luxury planes

photo fcolin-17

A bit of spotting, very difficult due to the lack of large windows

Ryanair Boeing 737s and Vueling A320 parked at gate A1-10

photo fcolin-18

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 at the satellite terminal (Gates E31-44)

photo fcolin-19

My gate was showed on the screens at the exact time: E11, the one I disembark 5 days before

Pier E11-24

photo fcolin-20photo fcolin-21

The idea of putting pianos inside the terminal is so nice and gives the departure lounge a warm and familiar feeling

photo fcolin-22

After grabbing a coffee I sat in front of the gate waiting for the boarding time, 16:25, but nothing happened
Ten minutes after scheduled a pre-boarding started while passengers where allowed to get onboard with a twenty minutes delay

photo fcolin-23

More than 20 minutes after the scheduled boarding time ITA Airways sent me this message

They should change their name's settings…

photo fcolin-24

Time to go back to my (second) home

photo fcolin-25


photo fcolin-26photo fcolin-27

Our plane for today
ITA Airways Airbus A320-200, EI-DTA, delivered to Alitalia in December 2008 (13.0 years old) and transferred to ITA Airways in October 2021
Formerly named "Ada Negri"
The plane is equipped with 171 seats in flexible C-Y configuration

photo fcolin-28

Door shot…

photo fcolin-29

…and fuselage shot

photo fcolin-30

I made my way to seat 20F, automatically assigned by the check-in system
The row was empty since the plane was not full as LIN-FCO

photo fcolin-31photo fcolin-32

At 17:12, twelve minutes after scheduled departure, we pushed back
The crew didn't explain the cause of this small delay, but nobody seemed to care about it

photo fcolin-33photo fcolin-34

British Airways and ITA Airways A320s
The latter is EI-DSZ, still painted in AirOne livery
AirOne became part of AZ Group in 2008 and ceased its operations 2014

photo fcolin-35

Pier E11-24 taxiing to RWY25

photo fcolin-36

Air Europa Boeing 787 parked at pier A1-10

photo fcolin-37

ITA Airways triple-7

photo fcolin-38

Almost 25 minutes after scheduled we started our take off run

photo fcolin-39

Crossing RWY16R/34L

photo fcolin-40

Focene, a coastal town near FCO

photo fcolin-41

As announced before by the Captain we passed through a light turbolence
Fortunately it was not so shaky

Twenty minutes into the flight lights went on for a drink service

photo fcolin-42

Orange juice for me

photo fcolin-43

Immediately after the beverage service the Captain announced that we'd began shortly our descent into Linate Airport

Another thick layer of clouds, another light turbolence

photo fcolin-44photo fcolin-45photo fcolin-46

Finally the city appeared below us

photo fcolin-47photo fcolin-48

Fields were painted white since a light snow felt in the morning over Milan

photo fcolin-49photo fcolin-50

The runway was surrounded by a thin layer of snow

photo fcolin-51photo fcolin-52

At 18:18, less than ten minutes after scheduled, we touched down at Milan-Linate Airport
Landing was a bit bumpy and the brake rough

photo fcolin-53

Remote stand for tonight, fortunately my coat is cold-proof

photo fcolin-54

Disembark was called row-by-row and due to the double exit it was faster that a few days ago
Even if the snow on the ground had already melted (2°C when we landed) it still covered stairs and airport vehicles

photo fcolin-55

We were bussed to the terminal in a couple of minutes
Having no hold baggege I went straight to the exit

photo fcolin-56

Since I live quite close to the airport I tried to grab a car sharing, but the parking lot was empty
There were just two, but one was booked and the other one "out-of-service"

Airport view from the multi-level parking. Love this snowy atmosphere

photo fcolin-57

I took two buses to Lambrate Station where I got the metro to go home (one stop from there). It took me around 45 minutes
Since the bus started from the airport it was empty and it was possible to take a seat

I got off the terminal at 18:30 and I arrived home at 19:50. Considering I lost around 20 minutes trying to find a car sharing it's a reasonable amount of time from plane-to-home. Such a comfortable airport…

See you at the next report!

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ITA Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Rome - FCO


Milan - LIN



I really appreciate all the efforts that Aeroporti di Roma is making to improve FCO. Now both landside and airside feel very modern and efficient. I look forward to see the new pier in the next months

About ITA Airways the overall experience it's pleasant, nothing bad nothing excellent. What makes me feel "strange" is the sensation. Alitalia had a lot of economical troubles and this operation is told like the solution for all of them. I hope it will be, since I think that my Country must have a solid flag carrier, also considering we're a touristic Country.
I think that chaning name, colours, uniforms, fleet can solve some problems, but mind have to change radically. Or ITA will represent the most famous quote by "The Leopard" by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa: "If we want everything to stay as it is, everything has to change"

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  • Comment 588575 by
    ChrisB GOLD 2747 Comments
    Thanks for the very comprehensive report.
    I was always happy to fly Alitalia, there doesn't see that many changes since ITA except the snack disapeared just the drinks..
    Lookint forward to fly with ITA and really a shame for the latest alitalia livery i really like it
    • Comment 588576 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 80 Comments
      Thank you!

      They also change their orange juice. The original was red and now it's orange LoL

      I really hope they get stronger than the previous here. The livery is a pity, the Landor one was amazing, but I trust in the ability of one of the many designers we have in our country or somewhere else. Wish you to try it soon ;)
  • Comment 588669 by
    AR142 6 Comments
    Excellent report Carlo! It must've been an experience landing in snow

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