Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Mulhouse / Bâle Frankfurt in Business

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1203
Class Business
Seat 4D
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 01 Oct 21, 11:15
Arrival at 01 Oct 21, 12:15
CL   #36 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 152 reviews
By GOLD 301
Published on 19th December 2021


Another routing with my new friend Mother Lufthansa :)

I wanted to go to Sicily in order to visit Catania and climb the Etna mountain. I had planned to leave a Friday and be back on Monday, leaving a day for Catania and one day for the Etna.

Sicily is also known as "Isola del Sole", the island of the Sun. But for this specific week-end it won't be the case. Weather forecast is really clear: thunderstorms around the region and rain chances at 100% and the tour company where I booked my Etna tour calls me to inform me they will cancel it since the visibility will be close to 0.

In those conditions, I don't see myself spending 72H in a room waiting for a ray of sunshine between two thunderstorms. LH offers full flexibility on their tickets (but no refunds) and so I moved my return flight to Sunday morning.

The routing looked like this:


  • LH Cityline - Affaires - CRJ 900 - EuroAirport > Francfort You are here
  • LH - Affaires - A321 - Francfort > Catania Coming soon
  • LH - Affaires - A321neo - Catania > Munich Coming soon
  • LH Cityline - Affaires - CRJ 900 - Munich > Francfort Coming soon

My father dropped me off on time for my flight and for a short stay at the lounge.

euroairport basel mulhouse freiburg

This is the kiss and fly parking, 20 minutes are free of charge:

photo img_4134_resultat

The terminal:

photo img_4135_resultat

Quiet this morning:

photo img_4136_resultatphoto img_4137_resultat

Security checks are done in no time, it is virtually empty.

photo img_4139_resultatphoto img_4140_resultat

There are more people at the middle security check also know as the EasyJet check point:

photo img_4141_resultatphoto img_4142_resultat

I had to buy cigarettes for my brother first:

photo img_4143_resultat

And making my way to the lounge:

photo img_4144_resultat

Police controls for flights outside Schengen:

photo img_4145_resultat

eap skyview lounge

There was a bit of wait to enter the lounge:

photo img_4146_resultat

Once checked in I head upstairs:

photo img_4147_resultatphoto img_4148_resultat

There are two hotdishes:

photo img_4150_resultatphoto img_4151_resultat

The cold food offer:

photo img_4149_resultatphoto img_4152_resultat

Soup of the day:

photo img_4153_resultat

Dips for the bread:

photo img_4156_resultat

Cheese and salads:

photo img_4157_resultatphoto img_4158_resultat

Cakes and a general view:

photo img_4154_resultatphoto img_4155_resultat

Olives and butter:

photo img_4159_resultat


The great thing here is the terrace where you can spend lots of time to spot.
Air Tarmac as known as Helvetic has flown last week only once to Santorini and Larnaca. It is behind the beautiful A320neo from Air Astana that did a sport charter flight:

photo img_4161_resultat

Enter Air 738 to PRN:

photo img_4162_resultat

Sun Express 737-800:

photo img_4163_resultat

EasyJet - DHL:

photo img_4164_resultat

SmartLynx A320:

photo img_4165_resultat

OS Star Alliance livery:

photo img_4166_resultat

Double A321 Wizz:

photo img_4167_resultat

Air Astana goes back to Astana:

photo img_4174_resultat

The first of the two Wizz A321 takes off:

photo img_4175_resultatphoto img_4176_resultat

Followed by the second:

photo img_4177_resultat

TK 737-MAX8:

photo img_4178_resultat

AF is delayed… again. A common thing unfortunately.

photo img_4179_resultat

Air Arabia A320:

photo img_4180_resultatphoto img_4181_resultatphoto img_4182_resultat

The second Wizz A321:

photo img_4183_resultatphoto img_4184_resultat

And the  320neo Air Astana:

photo img_4185_resultatphoto img_4187_resultatphoto img_4188_resultat

Gulfstream Oman Sultanate:

photo img_4190_resultat

And my CRJ:

photo img_4191_resultatphoto img_4192_resultatphoto img_4193_resultat

Meaning it is almost time to head to the gate:

As I left I had a quick look on what was on offer on the first floor:

photo img_4168_resultatphoto img_4169_resultatphoto img_4170_resultat

The drinks:

photo img_4171_resultat

That was my "micro" selection:

photo img_4173_resultat

back airside

The airport is really quiet:

photo img_4195_resultatphoto img_4196_resultat

My plane:

photo img_4197_resultatphoto img_4198_resultat

the flight

The boarding started on time and priorities, as almost usual on LH are strictly enforced:

photo img_4199_resultatphoto img_4200_resultatphoto img_4201_resultat

The "Instant Porte" in french in the text :)

photo img_4202_resultatphoto img_4203_resultat

After a warm welcome, this is the cabin:

photo img_4204_resultatphoto img_4205_resultat

Side views:

photo img_4206_resultatphoto img_4207_resultat

Safety Card:

The pitch is good for me:

photo img_4213_resultat

Next to us:

photo img_4214_resultat

Fwd view:

photo img_4215_resultat

SmartLynx again:

photo img_4216_resultatphoto img_4217_resultat

Ciao EAP!

photo img_4218_resultat


photo img_4219_resultatphoto img_4220_resultat

And BA:

photo img_4221_resultatphoto img_4222_resultat

Air France eventually left an hour late:

photo img_4223_resultat

Helvetic again:

photo img_4224_resultatphoto img_4225_resultat

Line up:

photo img_4226_resultatphoto img_4227_resultat

And take off:

photo img_4228_resultatphoto img_4229_resultat

 AMAC, Basel Aviation amongst others:

photo img_4230_resultatphoto img_4231_resultat

Hésingue and Hégenheim:

photo img_4232_resultatphoto img_4233_resultat

As we head to Germany some nice views of the EuroAirport:

photo img_4234_resultatphoto img_4235_resultat


photo img_4236_resultatphoto img_4237_resultatphoto img_4238_resultat

Soon enough the tray arrives:

photo img_4239_resultatphoto img_4240_resultat

I took water and coffee to go with:

photo img_4241_resultat

It was salmon on a bed of betroot tartare. It was really great. The dessert was great too but I couldn't tell what it was. Then water is offered:

photo img_4242_resultat

Top of descent:

photo img_4243_resultatphoto img_4244_resultatphoto img_4245_resultat

Almost there:

photo img_4246_resultat


photo img_4247_resultatphoto img_4248_resultat

The airport:

photo img_4249_resultat

And landed:

photo img_4250_resultat

ERJ 190:

photo img_4252_resultatphoto img_4253_resultat

And pax bus to the terminal:

Next part is coming soon :)

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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.5

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Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Frankfurt - FRA



To sum it up it was a nice and enjoyable flight with a nice meal, a nice crew. They weren't in a hurry despite the short duration of the flight.

EAP and FRA did their job and so did the lounge.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next part to come soon.

Information on the route Mulhouse / Bâle (EAP) Frankfurt (FRA)


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