Review of Singapore Airlines flight New York Singapore in Premium Eco

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ23
Class Premium Eco
Seat 39G
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 18:40
Take-off 16 Dec 21, 21:40
Arrival at 17 Dec 21, 05:20
SQ   #4 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 632 reviews
By 1405
Published on 11th January 2022
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I was so excited to fly onboard the world's longest flight from JFK-SIN in premium economy! I booked this flight in October 2021 and paid $1,200 from JFK-SIN-PNH r/t. Didn't seem like a bad deal :)

Check In

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Check In took about 1.5 hours. The check-in agents were very thorough in checking for arrival documents–frequently referring to a 3-inch ring binder with all the specific requirements by country. After speaking to the check-in agent, I found out that Cambodia was one of the more stringent countries to visit (requiring a COVID Certificate bearing a wet-ink signature from a doctor and stamp of testing facility, my physical vaccination record, and a valid visa).  They have had to deny boarding to would-be travelers who didn't meet the documentation requirements (including me a few days earlier).

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Premium economy passengers get priority baggage but no extra baggage allowance compared to Y

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The departure board

photo img_8928

The boarding area didn't look too busy at all!

photo img_8912-2-64973

SQ 23 here we come!

photo img_8917-2

The beauty that would be taking us nearly 10,000 miles across the world!

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SIA uses biometric boarding which was a first for me. No boarding pass or scanning of passports necessary–very easy!

On board

photo img_8935

The kind of aisle I love walking down ;)

photo img_8938-66208

First glimpse!

photo img_8946

Nice legroom at 38 inches of pitch

photo img_8942-43528

I like the contrast of the orange pillows against the gray seats. Gives a modern feel to the cabin. Seat width is 19.5 inches. You can see the personal reading lights, leg rest, and tethered remotes at each seat…

photo img_8951

… as well as a coat hook,  foot rest, 2 USB ports, a water bottle holder, a 110v AC power outlet, headphones, and a 13.3 inch PTV! Seats felt well equipped. Look at all of this legroom!

photo img_8957

Headphones are NOT noise-cancelling. Quality wasn't anything to write home about but it did its job :)

photo img_9089

There was also a cleaning kit at every seat which had a mask, sanitizer, and wipe

photo img_8947-68718

Looking forward

photo img_8964

Water bottles were distributed 10 minutes after take off

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Meal carts came around the cabin about an hour after departure. Here was todays menu:

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I chose the pan fried fish with choo chee curry sauce. The fish was really flavorful (albeit a little dry) and had a good kick to it. The portions were quite generous. Haagen Dazs ice cream is always a treat. Notice the real silverware.

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Trays were collected shortly thereafter. Flight attendants asked passengers to lower their shade and the cabin lighting shifted to a pale orange for sleep.

photo img_8984photo img_8975

Bathrooms were kept in pristine condition for the entire flight. Lavatory amenities included: lotion, comb, and tooth brush kit.

photo img_8983

Snack bar in the galley

photo img_8985

I chatted with Corrine (left; chief stewardess; 23 years) and Nurul (right; flight steward, 3 years) who explained that the sarong kebaya colors corresponded to the Singapore Dollar currency in terms of rankings (blue ($2) > green ($5) > red ($10) > purple ($1,000))

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I slept for about 6.5 hours and awoke to the smell of pizza drifting throughout the cabin…

photo img_8999

The pizza had a thick crust and was crispy–hooray! Soggy pizza crusts are one of my pet peeves haha

I explored the IFE and counted 311 movies and 225 TV series that were available for viewing. Plenty of options abound!

photo img_8980-3

Singapore Airlines also provided complimentary WiFi on the flight which was surprisingly decent. It was much appreciated.

photo img_9091

While I was playing around with the IFE, Corrine came by and offered me two SIA card decks. Thank you Corrine!

About 3.5 hours prior to arriving in SIN, the cabin lights started to change and the smell of delectables began to waft throughout the cabin…

photo img_8993

The breakfast menu…

photo 0b706210-c382-4560-84f1-0375a7682037

I ended up choosing the fried egg noodles with pork. Generous portions and very tasty!

photo img_9025-75292

Shortly after meal service, the cabin was prepped for landing and we soon began our descent into Changi. Thanks for reading!

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I really enjoyed Singapore Airlines. Although the flight was long, I felt well taken care of and my stomach was kept happy throughout the flight, The flight attendants were the perfect balance between attentive but not overbearing. I especially appreciated the gift and hospitality by Corrine and Nurul. It is easy to see why Singapore Airlines consistently ranks among the world's best carriers :)



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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5654 Comments

    Hi Toosoun, great report on the world's longest flight! Wow, $1200 is a really good deal for Premium Economy all the way to PNH, especially for SQ!

    I found out that Cambodia was one of the more stringent countries to visit (requiring a COVID Certificate bearing a wet-ink signature from a doctor and stamp of testing facility, my physical vaccination record, and a valid visa).

    Wow, that is a very specific requirement. It's so difficult to manage so many different entry requirements these days, especially when they change constantly. Glad it sounds like you were able to be re-booked with no issue.

    The Premium Economy seats themselves look quite nice with standard 38" pitch and 19.5" width; however, being that there are only 2 cabins (Business and Premium Economy) on this aircraft, the 2-4-2 config, paired with the large size of the W cabin makes it look dense compared to W on most carriers. I would have almost expected SQ to go with a more spacious 2-3-2 config with wider armrests on this aircraft. Nevertheless, it's a MUUUUCH nicer way to spend 18h than Economy!

    I explored the IFE and counted 311 movies and 225 TV series that were available for viewing. Plenty of options abound!

    Wow, that is impressive.

    Food looks fantastic as well! Overall a great experience for a really good price (thanks to the low demand, I imagine).

    Thanks for sharing!

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