Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Munich in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL1791
Class Economy
Seat 16F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 03 Jan 22, 07:45
Arrival at 03 Jan 22, 09:10
KL   #30 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 927 reviews
Published on 8th January 2022

Hi Folks,

At first I did not intend to write a new report about this flight given that I did the same leg the previous week, however given that a Boeing 737-8800 with KLM's new cabin was in use for today's flight, I opted to do so, so let's go on with the report.

The day prior of my flight I received a call from our operation department whether I was available with another colleague of mine to bring back one of the aircraft to their maintenance department. They wanted me to do it as soon as possible as the maintenance is located at a visual airport with a not so good weather forecast for that week. They also informed me that they will send me home as soon as the flight was done and would compensate my parking fees given that I was not able to reach the airport by public transport in time, so I agreed. 

The booking confirmation followed up within five minutes after my approval and I was booked on KLM's earliest flight to Munich at 7.45 am.


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Before departing to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, I checked in online, received my boarding card and took all my stuff with me for an hour ride to the airport. I arrived around 6 am, which gave me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to clear security as I did not need to go to the check-in counter to verify my documents. 

Our flight would depart from the D-Pier, which was a first for me for a schengen departure, but security was quite busy and took about 25 minutes to clear for me. Partly due to the fact that they needed to verify some contents of my bags as there was some electronics in.  

photo 20220103_061947

With about an hour to spare prior to our departure, I grabbed a coffee and a toast with the large starbucks, which was apparently the place to be in Schiphol and it was very crowded, though sitting down gives you a great view of the apron.

photo 20220103_063354

With about 20 minutes to departure, I proceeded to the D-pier for Schengen flights, which require you to go up by one level and would connect you to that pier to be seated in a specially sealed waiting room to separate you from non-schengen arrivals.

photo 20220103_071420

Though walking distance was limited as D59 would be our gate and it was the first in line.

photo 20220103_071436

Today's flight would be performed by PH-HSE, which is a 10,6 year old Boeing 737-800 that was newly delivered to Transavia Holland in 2011 before making a move to KLM's fleet in 2017 to fulfill KLM's need to expand. This aircraft is currently equipped with the new cabin configuration KLM is slowly implementing into their 737 fleet.

photo 20220103_071518photo 20220103_071521

Boarding was done by groups which to my surprise was kindly followed by all passengers only to discover that I was bumped off of my seat and was relocated to an emergency seat as those were not occupied at the moment. No complains as it would mean tons of legroom for me. Upon boarding, we were kindly greeted by two flight attendants who gave us some alcoholic wipes to clean our hands and other dirty surfaces may we find them. A card was added to the table to not place luggage below the seat.

photo 20220103_072316

View from my seat when one of the flight attendants made an announcement to not wear our seatbelt yet as the aircraft was still fueling for it's flight.

photo 20220103_072330

The new cabin looks clean and nice, however the seats were also quite narrow. I must say that they were not as uncomfortable as the iron boards being used by Lufthansa, but were still a lot to be desired. Business class and Economy comfort seats are included with an adjustable headrest.

photo 20220103_073017

Cabin is also fitted with USB ports to charge your portable devices. No power sockets are available, so it may be tricky to charge a notebook/laptop.

photo 20220103_072504

The captain thanked us for our quick boarding and we were being pushed back from our gate about five minutes ahead of schedule. 

photo 20220103_074344

The Boeing Sky Interior does look nice and the load on this flight was much better in comparison to last week. I'd say the load was about 90% in Economy and 100% in Business. The load was understandable as most of them were returning from holidays and there was a peek of longhaul flights arriving about 2 hours prior to our departure mostly from Asia.

photo 20220103_074614

Seats were equipped with an individual air vent and a reading light.

photo 20220103_074706

An old colleague of the -HSE.

photo 20220103_074806

An A350-900 of China Airlines which would be departing to Taipei in the afternoon. Though I've tried them on their A340 and B747 in the past on their Amsterdam-Bangkok leg, I'd still like to try them on their A350. Shame they canceled their Amsterdam-Bangkok-Taipei route years ago in favour of a direct route Amsterdam-Taipei. Might just need to take a detour in better times :).

photo 20220103_074903

Taxi time took not more than five times for our departure as Runway 24 was in use and we were airborne exactly on time.

photo 20220103_075109photo 20220103_075259

Sunrise was happening about 30 minutes into flight and would give me finally an option to create some nice photographs.

photo 20220103_081011

By this time food service also reached my seat and was handed a sandwich with a spread of beemster cheese and eggs and asked for a coffee to be served alongside it. The friendly flight attendant asked whether I wanted something more, which I respectfully declined.

photo 20220103_081940

Despite being a 10 year old, the aircraft did almost have no signs of wear and was properly maintained. The seat is equipped with a rather small table that has a bar to hold your phone, a separate cupholder and a literature pocket.

photo 20220103_082502photo 20220103_081103

Instructions on how to open the emergency door could be find on the seat in front of you and above the emergency door. Instructions were also given to us on how to open the door prior to departure and if we were willing to be responsible to open these doors in case it was necessary to do so.

photo 20220103_081118

The wet wipe that was given to us upon boarding.

photo 20220103_082539

The literature in the seat pocket contained a safety card, sickbag and KLM's magazine which was still the same as the previous reports about Africa. This edition covers the months December & January, so there should be a new one by February.

photo 20220103_082518

The battle between the dark and light was finally over with the light being victorious this time. The wing is definitely looking neat in that sunshine.

photo 20220103_082632

Close up.

photo 20220103_082711

While we've had the blueish light for departure and would return upon landing, the flight was performed with somewhat of a pinkish atmosphere lightning.

photo 20220103_082654

Wi-fi was also availabe with acceptable rates. You will receive 30 minutes of free internet for the needs of messaging. 8 euro for the entirety of it's flight to use the internet for browsing and/or 12 euros for the entirety of the flight to be able to stream videos.

photo screenshot_20220103-082430_chrome

About an hour into the flight, the pilots checked in with us to thank us for flying with KLM and to announce that we are currently descending into Munich Airport and that we should be on ground in roughly 10 minutes from now meaning that we would be 15 minutes ahead of time in Munich.

photo 20220103_083428

Close to touchdown.

photo 20220103_084639

Touchdown with an absolute smacker!

photo 20220103_084845

A row of holiday charters with AlbaStar being the oddball here while preparing for a flight to Hannover. Not really a destination I would consider for holidays :).

photo 20220103_085205

Disembarking went orderly, though with negligence to the explained disembarking procedure with a distant walk for some border control by the German border police to verify our vaccination status and whether we filled in the Einreise form (German PLF), which I was exempted off being flight crew and being less than 24 hours in the country.

photo 20220103_085813

The row for our checks took quite a while and luggage for our flight was already fully on belt despite not having any luggage myself. Bavaria is quite strict by letting foreigners enter their country, while those passengers could easily enter Germany via a different province where no checks are performed by their fellow border police guards.

photo 20220103_090413

Thanks for joining.

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Cabin crew9.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Munich - MUC



Flight attendants were friendly and chatty like they usually are with KLM and the new cabin is looking very neat. The only downside are the missing headrests and missing power sockets to charge larger devices.

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  • Comment 591600 by
    Plainfreak 42 Comments

    Thanks for the report! Quite odd (I think is the best word), those paper notes about not placing luggage under the seat. Were these collected before take-off? Is this because cabin crew try to be in the cabin less due corona?

    • Comment 591640 by
      ThomasDutch SILVER AUTHOR 553 Comments

      Cards were collected by flight attendants shortly before pushback, yet people were still ignoring these markers and did take a few belongings with them to their seat. Flight attendants remained in cabin throughout the entire flight unless some work was to be done in the galleys for them that is.

  • Comment 591679 by
    ChrisB GOLD 1205 Comments

    Thanks for the report!
    The new cabin looks definitely better than the old one but such a shame not to have fitted headrest across each row...
    Are the seat reclining?

  • Comment 592199 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5654 Comments

    Hi Thomas, nice to see a report on a 738 with the new cabins! They look so much nicer than the old cabins and the USB power is a nice addition! Would be nice if they added some streaming IFE now.

    With the slimmer seats, the legroom in the exit rows looks enormous now! How funny that they placed printed paper signs in the exit row not to store bags under seats. First time I've seen that! I guess KLM have a lot of US passengers who are used to being able to store bags under seats in Exit Rows (only place I know if that allows it).

    Thanks for sharing!

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