Review of JetBlue Airways flight Washington Orlando in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B62323
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 06 Jul 18, 15:41
Arrival at 06 Jul 18, 18:11
B6   #2 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 49 reviews
Published on 19th February 2022


Hola Amigos!

Welcome to this FR on my trip between Washington DC to Bogotá. 

So the Masters came to an end, and I had to go back home. Since I only booked a one-way trip to DC in Delta links below: 

…I had to look into new tickets back to Bogotá. The cheapest option turned out to be JetBlue out of DCA (my favourite airport in the DMV), it also let me try two new routes and know a new airport I had never been to (MCO). And bought the ticket was.

So the rout back was as follows: 


  • B6 Washington DCA - Orlando MCO You are here
  • B6 Orlando MCO - Bogotá BOG Not available

at REAGAN national airport

I spent all morning finishing details to hand back my flat, having breakfast with some friends and that was it. Since I was carrying two pieces of baggage I had to grab a car, which took me in no time to the airport.

photo dscn2295

Check in was a mess. My baggage was overweight and the lady at the counter did not budge in spite of my "help me" look. I had told her before that I was moving back to Colombia and so on…but she didn't care much. So I had to rearrange my bags, try to carry with myself the most I could, and then I had to just throw a lot of my clothes to the bin…there should be some special bin at airports where one could place this clothes so they may be recycled.

Of course B6 was playing by the book, but I expected a more collaborative attitude from the people at the counter, that's what supposedly set them apart from other airlines. Oh well…

Now a view to that day's flights 

photo dscn2296

Its weird to think that these gorgeous views are no more…at least to the non-flying public

photo dscn2297-55098

It wasn't the busiest time of day

photo dscn2298photo dscn2300

While the terminal is an architectural wonder…truth is it is a bore. Without more to do, I went to wait for my flight at the gate area. While passing through TSA the agent asked me if all was OK…maybe it was a mix of throwing my stuff, carrying more things than expected, and maybe sadness for ending my stint in the District…idk.

photo dscn2302

And then it was time for one final burrito before leaving…

photo dscn2304

Boarding eJetblue's embraer 190 - the junglejet

JetBlue's 190s are getting old. And it shows. Nonetheless, they are still quite confortable and their IFE is mainly functional. I was happy that I didn't miss the quarter final match between Brazil and Belgium. What a match!

To our right…another B6 Junglejet

photo dscn2313-61458

Seat pocket had some rubbish

photo dscn2314


Cabin ready…off we go

photo dscn2316

Taxi and take off

We taxied to RWY1…there was some congestion so it would take some time while we took off. But I didn't really mind, I was enjoying the football match.

Nice job Red Devils

photo dscn2332

Now it was time to leave… And fortunately I got the cool views this time :)
Lots of mixed feelings leaving behind all these places with so much meaning now. 

Now some views of IAD. Not a place to miss…I can't believe I never went to the Udvar-Hazy Center, duh.

photo dscn2339


photo dscn2340

We flew within the continent towards ATL and then to the ocean….and then back in, like an S. We must have been avoiding some storm…

photo dscn2345-75565photo dscn2347-49220

IFE and my free Apple juice

photo dscn2341-60007

We then went into the ocean…odd

Our odd routing

photo dscn2350-98194

And stormy it was

photo dscn2354-27294

Now into Central Florida…

Arrival to Orlando

Some Alanis to set the mood…

In hindsight…the amout of British planes in MCO was just mesmerising, other than that MCO's traffic did not seem too interesting.

And so… our first leg back home had come to an end.

photo dscn2390

AT ORLANDO international

MCO was a bore…not much to do or see…or eat.
I waited for my flight to Bogotá, and sincerely…I just wanted all to end. 

photo dscn2391

Bonus track: MCO-BOG

The MCO-BOG segment was not worth a FR for itself. It was a night flight so not many pictures were taken, and I slept through basically the whole of the flight. B6s IFE on the pre-refurbrishment fleet is a bore outside of the US so it wasn't worth staying awake, my PTV was in a crappy state anyway.

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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Washington - DCA


Orlando - MCO



B6 did its job. Back in 2018 its hard product started to feel old and it was staying behind Delta...The check in experience was so crappy I didn't feel too much love for them. At least the seat pitch was supergood.

DCA was okay. It is conveniently distanced from the city and it has unbeatable views when taking off.

MCO was a bore. Tick on the list...not going out of my way to score another visit.

Thanks for reading amigos, saludos!



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