Review of Avianca Brazil flight São Paulo Rio De Janeiro in Economy

Airline Avianca Brazil
Flight O66008
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 23 Jul 12, 12:55
Arrival at 23 Jul 12, 13:55
O6 16 reviews
By GOLD 3794
Published on 15th November 2013
Hi everyone!

So this is it, KevinDC convinced me to write a FR in English. For that, I chose one of my favorite flights: a domestic flight in Brazil, where my father has lived since 2008.
Previously written in French :

In the summer of 2012 my father and my stepmother decided to take me to Rio de Janeiro and they wanted some kind of special flights for me. Avianca Brasil, quite an unknown airline in the world but also in Brasil. And for the airports, nothing better than Congonhas and Santos Dumont ! I already knew CGH but this was going to be my first time in SDU and I was pretty excited.

Avianca Brasil is a small airline owned by Avianca Colombia, which does some domestic flights in Brazil with A319 and Fokker 100. Most Brasilians don’t even know that this airline exists.

We tried unsuccessfully to do online check-in in order to have a window seat. Usually airlines ask for a ticket number or the confirmation number, here you have to give your passport number to begin.
photo avianc10

Then you have to give your first name, last name, birth date, address, phone and a lot of other personal data.
After giving all this information about you, you have to answer a marketing survey about your favorite restaurants or your favorite sports. After doing this, you can access the online check-in and change your seat. But to confirm the change, you have to give your passport number, your first and last name, your address, your phone…again…
So, I gave up and we called the service center to change our seats.
photo avianc11

That was quite unbelievable!

We took a taxi to Congonhas Airport, it’s a 20mn drive with the usual traffic. We first went to the TAM check-in because my stepmother had a TAM flight to Rio 30mn before us. She has to go to Rio for work once a week and the government takes care of her flights.
photo p1080310photo p1080312

After leaving our bags at the Avianca check-in, we were heading for the security checkpoint. At first we have to cross this hall where the restaurants and stores are.
photo p1080314

Then, we had to go upstairs to find security and the access to the gates
photo p1080311

And here we are
photo p1080313

The traffic in CGH is mainly GOL and TAM. Sometimes you can find an Azul or an Avianca aircraft but that’s only if you’re lucky.
photo p1080315photo p1080318photo p1080319

Sao Paulo – Rio is one of the busiest air-route in the world. Sao Paulo has 3 airports and Rio has 2. Between Congonhas and Santos Dumont there is an average of one flight every 10 minutes. There are about 220 flights between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro every day! And I’m not kidding.
By the way, try to find the only flight that isn’t Gol or TAM. But it doesn’t really count because they do flights for TAM.
photo p1080317

photo img_0511

There’s free wifi in the airport…only if you can find the right one!
There are so many networks; the picture shows 2/3rd of them. And when finally I had the right one, they asked for passport number, name, birth date, boarding pass number, e-mail address etc… I gave up.
photo img_0511

The A319 in front of us is leaving
photo p1080325

Immediately replaced by my stepmother’s A319 for SDU. PT-TMC operating JJ3326
photo p1080320photo p1080322photo p1080324

Now that she’s boarding, my father and I are going to our gate where our A319 is about to arrive
PR-AVD with an all-economy class configuration for 132 passengers

We are boarding when PT-TMC is leaving
photo p1080327

And I discover this beautiful cabin with a nice combination of colours.
photo p1080326

And surprise!! There are PTVs!
photo p1080330photo p1080331

The pitch is pretty good and there’s a footrest
photo p1080333

Still Gol and TAM in here
photo p1080335photo p1080334

Our winglet, not very original
photo p1080336

photo p1080337

A Gol B738 is taking off
photo p1080338

As well as an Airbus of TAM
photo p1080339

A last TAM before we take off
photo p1080332

Even though there are PTVs, the security announcements have been done by the FAs

This square is the memorial of the TAM flight, which crashed here in 2007. I was in Brazil, coming back in Sao Paulo from Belem when it happened. What a sad day.
photo p1080340

The end of the runway is very close from the buildings and the roads
photo p1080341photo p1080344

Take off a bit late! Flight time will be 40mn

Just after taking off, we heard the FAs doing things in the galleys.

Now we are out of Sao Paulo
photo p1080347photo p1080349

The PTVs were blocked on this screen during the whole flight. Nothing to do about it but during the return flight we had the same entertainment program as a passenger on an A330 of Avianca Colombia. Pretty impressive for a 40mn flight.
photo p1080348

In flight
photo p1080350

And here is another surprise! We had a hot meal! Ok it’s not the best food ever but it wasn’t bad at all. Some croquettes with cheese, fish, and meat in it and a pudding for dessert.
photo p1080351photo p1080355

Barely served and we already began our descent onto Rio de Janeiro
photo p1080354photo p1080353photo p1080356

Crossing through some clouds
photo p1080411

To find ourselves above the clouds again
photo p1080412

photo p1080410photo p1080414

Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport
photo p1080413photo p1080418

I’m not on the right side for the approach and we are not doing the impressive one anyway, which is the southern approach.
photo p1080420

Corcovado far away
photo p1080417

A 270 degree turn to find ourselves ligned up for the runway
photo p1080415photo p1080421

Santos Dumont
photo p1080424

photo p1080422photo p1080419

Landing on time. Definitely not a kiss landing and we understand why when we leave the runway; we are very close to the sea
photo p1080416photo p1080431

Bem-vindo a Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont !
photo p1080428photo p1080423

The traffic is more varied than in CGH. Here is an Azul
photo p1080425

My stepmother’s plane
photo p1080426

Another Avianca Brasil
photo p1080429

A B737 of Gol
photo p1080432

Overview of SDU with the Pao de Açucar in the background
photo p1080427

The winglet of our neighbor is way more fancy than ours.
photo p1080430

And that’s the end of this FR. Hope you enjoyed.
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Avianca Brazil

Cabin crew8.0

São Paulo - CGH


Rio De Janeiro - SDU



On-time Performance: Departure was a bit late but it had no impact on the arrival time.

Onboard Comfort: A good and comfortable seat. Footrest, PTV, something for coats and for glasses and a good pitch. I don’t ask more for 40mn.

Cabin crew: A little bit aloof but there were 4 and they had to serve hot meals and drinks to 132 passengers in less than half an hour. At least they were smiling.

Whatever the quality, the meal gets 7.5. It’s not usual to have a hot meal during a 40mn flight, especially in Europe and North America. It was quite good, not exceptional but having that during a short flight like that is always nice.

I’ve tested Avianca Brasil, TAM and GOL. My conclusion is that Avianca Brasil is way better than the two other. They have good service and recent aircraft with modern cabins.

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The airline with the best average rating is Azul with 8.2/10.

The average flight time is 0 hours and 58 minutes.

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  • Comment 92943 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5757 Comments

    Thanks for sharing your first report in English! It's so well written :-)
    How crazy that you had to put all that info online just to check-in! Appart from those IT issues, everything else seems great. A hot meal in Y on a 40 minute flight! Wow...that might even deserve a 10...considering that in the US we don't even get meals in First class on flights less than 2 hours. Awesome aerial pics! Thanks again for taking the time to translate and I look forward to more from you.

  • Comment 92951 by
    indianocean BRONZE 7222 Comments

    Your gr8 FR reminds me an Avianca Brazil pilot who regularly uploads a lot of videos of his fights from the cockpit on youtube. There are just amazing.
    My favourite is SAIL. Just search: Rodrigo David.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Comment 92966 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Fantastic report and pictures, especially those of Rio and Santos Dumont. Your flight on Avianca was much better than my TAM one from Congonhas to Belo Horizonte. On the outbound we received a hot sandwich and on the return at night a small cheese plate. My hat off to Brazilian carriers for providing decent service on such short flights.

    Then again, not everyone in Brazil can afford to fly except for the upper middle class and above. So in a way is a luxury compared to taking the bus.

  • Comment 96241 by
    Nishan 1 Comments

    Nice report !! Avianca Brasil if always my #1 choice when I travel from Rio to SP or vice versa. About the internet at the aiport I type anything on this database info page.


    Passport: EE9999999
    And more. Works without problems.

  • Comment 124526 by
    Echika 4 Comments

    I'm so fanatic about the airports. Very interesting randomly to see how is like the otherside of the world via window of the flight. Appreciate all your posts!!

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