Review of Thai Airways flight Chiang Mai Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 103
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 10 Nov 13, 09:55
Arrival at 10 Nov 13, 11:15
TG   #19 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 382 reviews
By 4561
Published on 17th November 2013
After 5 fantastic days in Chiang Mai, we had to move and head to our next destination, Chiang Rai.

Our taxi/guide that we used during our stay was on time to pick us up and take us to Chiang Mai International Airport.

He dropped us off in front of the terminal building and bid us farewell.

We walked in and had our bags go through the x-rays before anything else. We then headed towards the Thai Airways counters to check in.
photo P1060775_zps4f114bff

Check-in took a little bit of time as I asked if the agent cook check us in all the way to CEI our final destination for the day. After checking the minimum connecting time and asking permission from the supervisor, she tagged our bags to BKK and CEI.
photo P1060777_zps77c51663

We were given our cards for BKK and CEI and we made our way upstairs to go through security and wait by the gate.
photo P1060779_zps2c190e69

Before reaching security you have a few boutiques.
photo P1060780_zps413dc7f5

The Thai Airways gate area is not too full and we'll understand why when boarding.
photo P1060781_zps5fa6ab6aphoto P1060782_zps22330c21

As a real internet junky I try to connect my computer to the wifi and to do so, I need to go to the Black Canyon Café to get the appropriate passwords.
photo P1060783_zps80646e34

Next to the café is the Thai Airways lounge.
photo P1060784_zps9a6e40bb

We start to board our 747-400
photo P1060785_zpsead78d31

And it is a long trek to the gate…
photo P1060786_zpsbddcd3af

Oh Sawasdee Krup !
photo P1060787_zps650b4af7

You again ?!
photo P1060788_zps499b12b1

Oh but who is this waiting for me ?! My first Star Alliance special livery aircraft, HS-TGW
photo P1060789_zps2d85549aphoto P1060790_zps4f51fa3c

So a quick explanation, if the boarding area didn't seem too full when we boarded it is because Chiang Mai also has an international boarding lounge and passengers bound for an international destination on Thai Airways are also boarding from the international area.

Now back inside the aircraft. We are greeted at the door by 2 Thai Airways flight attendants. On domestic runs they don't west their traditional thai uniforms, they wear the western one.

We are shown to the other side of the aircraft and we cross the galley and turn right to our seats. The cabin is in the corporate colors of pink, purple and yellow.
photo P1060791_zps2b9a7e67

We set ourselves on our seats for the next 1 hour and a couple of minutes !
photo P1060792_zps316e64d6

Legroom is a little tight but OK for a short trip… can't be too nice for a long overseas flight…
photo P1060793_zpse1188335

People continue to board the 747
photo P1060794_zps336922de

While we're waiting for everyone to board, here is what's inside the seat pocket.
photo P1060795_zpsad93d644

We're seated near over the wing.
photo P1060796_zps7b17592b

I took a picture of this Thai Airways add about Japan routes, I find it really beautiful !
photo P1060797_zps2eb94d2d

Every seat is equipped with PTV but we'll only have the airshow playing.
photo P1060801_zps5970b991photo P1060799_zps6879a06b

Plane is still not fully boarded, so I take other pictures of our wing and the Air Asia Airbus arriving from Malaysia.
photo P1060803_zps6b5e7d36photo P1060804_zpscc1ca75a

The safety video is played on all screens
photo P1060805_zps840516e7
photo P1060810_zps04b610ce

We taxi to the runway and witness the departure of the PG flight to BKK.
photo P1060806_zpsd27a7d8dphoto P1060808_zpsdb8ec374

We've lined up with the runway and we start our roll for take off.
photo P1060812_zpsef9faedbphoto P1060813_zps13c9c644
photo P1060815_zps73e69043photo P1060816_zpsc66f7482photo P1060817_zps525504ab

We do a turn and you can see the airport in the distance.
photo P1060818_zps69b98aed

As soon as they can the crew starts the service and hands us a box.
photo P1060821_zpsdd6ab7cf

Here is what the box contains, a sausage sandwich, a small glass of tropical juice.
photo P1060822_zpsf11aecbaphoto P1060823_zps1e428587

We continue our flight to Bangkok with the stunning Landor designed orchid logo for Thai Airways.
photo P1060824_zpsdd9e7e86

Chiang Mai is behind us and we are jetting fast towards Bangkok.
photo P1060825_zpsdc3e7e77

We go past Don Mueang.
photo P1060826_zpsdfac5d02
photo P1060828_zps284d97a1

And we start to descend towards Suvarnabhumi.
photo P1060827_zpsb5bf9057

Here is Greater Bangkok
photo P1060829_zpsbbc88682

We do another turn and head towards the sea before turning back towards BKK.
photo P1060831_zps1c6a7ed6photo P1060832_zpse3c55b05

And we continue our descent.
photo P1060833_zpsaeca67a4photo P1060834_zps1a2d499bphoto P1060835_zps1cfa0c95photo P1060836_zpsb00d0a12

And TG 103 is on the ground !
photo P1060841_zpsb859b27f

We taxi to our domestic gate and while we're moving towards it we meet up with a lot of Thai Airways planes
photo P1060843_zpsfe9fc95bphoto P1060844_zps7347c6db

We'll park near this Bangkok Airways Airbus 319.
photo P1060845_zps17a79eda
photo P1060846_zpsa800a14d

We're not parked yet and everyone is already up, lockers all open, bags down, the crew has to get down the aisles and request people to sit down as we have a couple of meters to go before we park.

We go through the galley on the right hand side of the aircraft.
photo P1060847_zps9e286114

A couple of pictures of the First Class cabin.
photo P1060848_zps61606e17photo P1060849_zps632370e0

We exit the aircraft and walk to our next gate for our flight to Chiang Rai.
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Chiang Mai - CNX


Bangkok - BKK



Good flight on Thai Airways.

Great service but the offer is not as complete as on board Bangkok Airways.

Information on the route Chiang Mai (CNX) Bangkok (BKK)

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