Review of Iberia flight Madrid London in Business

Airline Iberia
Flight IB3160
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 16 Jan 22, 09:00
Arrival at 16 Jan 22, 10:35
IB   #39 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 274 reviews
By GOLD 768
Published on 1st May 2022


Hello and welcome to the second of three segments in this series of pandemic-era flight reviews taking us back to the US after spending the Holidays and New Year 2022 in France with family and friends. 
As explained in the previous flight-report, this routing is a bit odd due to some cancellations and schedule changes on the original routing of TLS-MAD-ORD-SAN. Though backtracking to London looks odd on a map, there wasn't really a better way of getting to SAN from TLS being that BA had pulled down the TLS-LHR schedule so much since the beginning of the pandemic that neither of the one or two daily BA flights connected to SAN, or the connections were too short for my liking (i.e. less than an hour).

There is a small Madrid tourism bonus from our overnight in the Spanish capital at the end of this review for anyone interested. 


Originally booked as TLS-MAD-ORD-SAN
Re-booked as TLS-MAD-LHR-SAN
Reports in this series. 


photo routing

check-in & lounge

The morning of the flight we arrived a little over two hours before the flight. The huge Terminal 4 check-in area was mostly empty. 

photo img_9138photo img_9139

We made our way to the Business class check-in area, where there were only a few people in the queue ahead of us. 

photo img_9140photo img_9141

Check-in was quick as I'd already uploaded all required Covid documentation online. I will say that Iberia's online document upload feature has consistently been buggy in my experience, and it's often been easier just to show all document at check-in at the airport. I would later find out that none of the documents uploaded to Iberia were communicated to British Airways, who were operating the second leg of this itinerary. To be continued in the next review!

There was no wait at all through the Fast Track security lane as we were the only ones going through at that moment. 

photo img_9142

The security agents were super friendly and helpful with getting my son through as I had my hands full.

photo img_9143-20443

From the security checkpoint we headed directly to the underground train station as our flight to London, a non-Schengen destination, would be departing from the T4S Satellite gates

photo img_9145photo img_9146-24880

It was very quiet on the train to T4S as there are very few non-Schengen flights at this early hour. 

photo img_9147

The entrance to the Iberia lounge in T4S is located inside the duty free store in the centre of the terminal. 

photo img_9149photo img_9150

Oops…Where R U going 😉

photo img_9151

At the entrance we were greeted by an agent and self-scanned our boarding passes for access. 

The T4S lounge is large and was pleasantly empty this early in the morning.  

photo img_9152photo img_9153photo img_9154

Though there were plentiful seating options, we chose a table near the buffet so the kid could eat breakfast and have room to play on the table. 

photo img_9155photo img_9156-96406

There was a decent selection at the buffet including fruit, yogurts, cereal, pastries, and hot breakfast items like scrambled eggs, sausage, tomatoes, and potatoes. 

There's another café/bar area on each end of the lounge.

photo img_9162

Where there are great views of aircraft lined up at the gates. 

photo img_9163

Our aircraft to London was the first aircraft parked closest to the lounge. Convenient for us!

photo img_9164

The other end of the lounge, where there were only maybe 3 or 4 passengers. 

photo img_9169

Qatar Airways 787-8 Departing

photo img_9168

The Iberojet A330neo still parked in the same spot as the day before when we'd arrived at MAD.

photo img_9170


Being that our gate was right next to the lounge, we weren't in any rush as it would be a quick walk.

photo img_9171

Boarding had already begun when we arrived at the gate. With Business class tickets we were able to go through the the priority lane and skip ahead of the rest of Economy boarding…

photo img_9172

…though a long queue had already built up in the jet bridge. 

photo img_9173

Our aircraft was looking good in the beautiful soft light of sunrise.

photo img_9175photo img_9176

Our flight was set up to have the maximum six rows of Business class from the time of booking. I assume this is typical for the route as premium demand must be high on this important IAG hub-to-hub route.

photo ib-mad-lhr-seat-map

Short-haul Business class on Iberia narrow-bodies, like most European carriers, consists of seats with more legroom and blocked middles. The seats are the same Collins Aerospace Pinnacle model found on sister IAG carrier, British Airways. Seats

photo img_9177

Seats in the Business class section have better legroom than Economy with 31-32" seat pitch, better padding, adjustable headrests, and both USB and AC Power for each passenger. By comparison, seats in Economy are simple Recaro slimline seats with only 28-29" seat pitch, no headrests, and USB power only. 

photo img_9178photo img_9182photo img_9179

Iberia Mainline A320 family aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi available for a fee. 

photo img_9180

Lucky for me, I would end up having the whole row of three seats to myself.

photo img_9186photo img_9187

 A quick check of our seat map on ExpertFlyer during boarding showed there would only be three empty seats in the Business cabin, including the seat next to me. 

photo ib-3160-ef-seat-map

Though it's never fun getting up so early, the beautiful sunrise makes it worth it. 

photo img_9181

the flight

Boarding wrapped up on time despite a full flight

photo img_9184photo img_9185

We pushed back from the gate a few minutes early.

photo img_9188photo img_9189photo img_9190

There's that Iberojet A330neo again

photo img_9191

That's one loooooooooooooooong terminal. 

photo img_9192

As temperatures were below freezing that January morning, we required a quick de-icing of the wings. 

The process was very fast and efficient with no wait at the icing pad and one truck on each wing.

No wait for takeoff and we were off. 

photo img_9200photo img_9201photo img_9202

Nice views of Madrid in the distance on this cloudless morning. 

photo img_9203photo img_9204

Well, cloudless except for what looks to be a thin layer of smog over the city. 

photo img_9206

This same time of year in 2021, flying in and out of Madrid, everything was covered in over 50 cm of snow following a rare winter storm. Now only the highest mountaintops have snow. 

We leave Spain over the Cantabria Coast, just west of Bilbao.

photo img_9219photo img_9217

The coastal towns of Santoña and Laredo–looks like a beautiful place to visit. 

photo img_9220

Breakfast was served shortly thereafter. I can't remember what the other option was, but I believe it was a cold plate. I had an omelette–still served with covers over plates per Covid protocol. 

photo img_9222photo img_9224

Once again, the child meal I'd pre-ordered for my 3-year-old son was once again more copious that the standard adult meal, hah. This seems to be a consistent thing, at least in short-haul Business class. 

photo img_9225photo img_9227

The further north we headed, the cloudier it became.

photo img_9228

Arriving over England as we began on descent into Heathrow. 

photo img_9234photo img_9239


Despite our early departure from Madrid, we were put into a holding pattern over London prior to landing. A holding pattern to land…just like the old days of pre-Covid time! The world really is healing!

It quickly became evident that we would end up arriving late into Heathrow. I was not worried as we had well over two hours before our flight to San Diego; however,  the passengers in the row behind had a rather short connection and began to worry. The cabin crew kept them updated about their connection based on information they were receiving from the flight deck and informed them of our assigned arrival gate as well as the location of their departure gate. A very professional cabin crew going above and beyond to keep passengers informed. 

Low ceilings and fog in the area definitely played a role in delaying our arrival. There was very little visibility, even close to the ground.

photo img_9240photo img_9242

Ah LHR, nice to see you again after a few years! Still as foggy as ever I see

photo img_9243photo img_9246

We taxied to Terminal 5A, the main building, where most European flights operate.

We arrived at the gate about 20 minutes late despite our early departure. 

photo img_9252photo img_9253

We headed right to the transit security checkpoint to get the lounge until our next flight. 

photo img_9254

Thank you for reading.

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Cabin crew8.5

Iberia Velázquez Premium Lounge - 4S


Madrid - MAD


London - LHR



Intra-European Business class is rarely very glamourous, but it was a good overall experience. Though I prefer the more-spacious recliner seats found in the US and elsewhere to the blocked-middle-seat concept in Europe, the seats were reasonably comfortable and featured both AC and USB outlets for every passenger. Having a row of three seats to myself helped boost comfort further. Cabin crew were very friendly, polite, and attentive--I've had consistently good experiences with Iberia cabin crews. Like most mainline Iberia aircraft, this plane was equipped with Wi-Fi for a fee; however, I wish Iberia would offer streaming entertainment on their mainline narrow-bodies as they do on both Iberia Express and Air Nostrum (Iberia Regional) aircraft. Though breakfast catering is never very exciting on any airline, Iberia short-haul catering is consistently good in my experience.

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    ChrisB GOLD 1952 Comments

    Hey Mate!
    Thank you for the nice report!
    Not too many people at the checkin counter which is always Nice.

    I like the IBE IA lounge XD
    And it is nice that it is so empty
    So nice that the lounge is so close from the aircrafts, and especially yours!
    Stunning shot of the fuselage, especially with that sun reflection...
    The breakfast seems nice and in fair portions, and with fresh fruits, which is a bit too rare.
    Of course it is not the same weather in london!!

    Very nice Madrid bonus especially the food part ahah

    • Comment 601757 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 5832 Comments

      Hey Chris, thanks for your comments!

      Not too many people at the checkin counter which is always Nice.

      It is, though my only complaint is that the check-in area is soooo huge at T4 that it can sometimes be hard to navigate to find the counters

      I like the IBE IA lounge XD

      It's the new cool lounge branding!

      Stunning shot of the fuselage, especially with that sun reflection...

      The only good thing about flights that early, pretty lighting haha

      Very nice Madrid bonus especially the food part ahah

      I live for Spanish jamon, so delicious

      Thanks for stopping by!

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