Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Montreal in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL671
Class Economy
Seat 31J
Flight time 07:40
Take-off 16 Nov 13, 15:20
Arrival at 16 Nov 13, 17:00
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By 7457
Published on 19th November 2013
Welcome to a special Fligh Report on the amazing MD11.

Some of you already knew how much I was eager to fly on this beautiful plane before its retirement.
As KLM is the last airline operating it for passenger flights, it was the only option, and the available destinations were also limited: YUL everyday or YYZ and SFO on select days.
I kept on checking airfares, taking into account that I had trips planned until the end of the year, and therefore had to do a return flight in 48H, so when flying just flying I was waiting for promotional offer.
As I had been to Montreal two times already, it wasn't too bad to only spend a night there.
In June, it happened and I found a great flight combination for a good price.

I booked it right away, the (original) routing was to be:

CDG-AMS: AF1740 / A321 (Nov 16th)
AMS-YUL: KL671 / MD11 (Nov 16th)
YUL-DTW: DL6113 / E145 (Nov 17th)
DTW-CDG: AF377 / A340 (Nov 17th)

Finally I was about to fly the MD11, as well as the A340 I had never taken on AF before (only on Ac and LA).

However, it turned out the routing would change, you'll see in the next part…

I won't report the CDG-AMS flight, as I already have published many, both on AF and KL.
Just a word on the crew who was great: friendly, smiling, some female FAs were wearing their red gloves and the captain made a welcome speech in the aisle, facing the passenger (pititom would have been thrilled!)

No FR, but nevertheless, here are a couple of original pictures of this flight

TAM 77W vacating the runway as we took off

photo DSCF6060

Our shadow on the clouds

photo DSCF6061

Giant wind turbines close to Schiphol right as we came out of the clouds

photo DSCF6062

And landing on the Polderbaan

photo DSCF6064


So there I was in AMS, with about one hour before boarding.

I headed to the lounge, Schiphol was already Christmas themed.

photo 20131116_140556

I was welcome in the Crown Lounge by a friendly agent, to whom I asked she could print me a real boarding pass (as I had a home printed one). The following discussion was held:

Agent: But this is a boarding pass Sir.
Me: I know but it's for my collection, and this flight is special it's operated by a MD11, so I want a souvenir.
Agent: Yes it has become a rare airplane. So you collect boarding passes. Are you a spotter too?
Me: Yes.
Agent: Oh that's nice to hear! Of course I will print you a new boarding pass, but I'm sorry it won't be a KLM blue one, we changed system and now we only have white ones.
Me: Oh don't worry!
Agent: There is you boarding pass, welcome to the lounge and enjoy your flight on the MD11 sir!

Well, that's KLM at its best. Let's hope the cabin crew will be as friendly…

The Crown Lounge had been reported a couple of times already, so I will just add a few pictures.
I've never seen so many people in it, so taking pictures was difficult.

Only the smoking section was empty here it is

photo 20131116_142851

The food offering was limited

Some cheese biscuits and a vegetable salad

photo 20131116_141223

Cold cuts of ham and cheese

photo 20131116_142308

My selection, with a glass of the infamous Cremant instead of Champagne, but hey a girl has to have some bubbles right? ;-)

photo 20131116_141442

The cheese biscuits as well as the cheese slices were good, however the salad was bad, I didn't finish it.

After a while I decided to head to the gate in order to have time to take pictures of the plane.

On the way I passed this DL A330 that was parked next to a waiting lounge

photo DSCF6065

(And don't you see something special in the background?)

How often can you get this kind of winglet view? Schiphol is really unique for avgeeks!

photo DSCF6066

Then I walked really fast to my gate as I was so excited.

And there she is!!! How I love this plane.

photo DSCF6067

Today Audrey Hepburn (PH-KCE) would take me to YUL. As I love the actress it was all the more special!

photo DSCF6068

Close up of the General Electric CF6-80

photo DSCF6069

A view form the other side

photo DSCF6070

To quote KevinDC: Three holes are way better than two ;-)

There was another security screening at the gate, SkyPriority was enforced so I jumped eveybody, which caused some angry looks…

I finally boarded, from the jetbridge, a view to the Schiphol terrace, where I often stood watching the MD11

photo DSCF6071

The nose of our aircraft

photo DSCF6072

Ooooooh give to mama!!!!

photo DSCF6073

I was welcomed with a smile and proceeded to my seat

photo DSCF6074

The view from

photo DSCF6075

I was kinda disapointed to be so close to the wing, on every seat map I checked, 31J seemed further back.

The pitch was average

photo DSCF6085

The flight was completely full, as often on KL.

Right on time we pushed back, the purser made all the announcement in Dutch, English and perfect French.
She told us, there was a problem with IFE system, that they were reseting it, and asked us not to touch any button.

The engines were started, and some smoke came out

photo DSCF6076

Again, I show the unique jetbridges of Schiphol, passing over the aircraft's wings (though not used on this EY A330)

photo DSCF6077

Flaps were extended and spoilers were tested

photo DSCF6078

After a very quick taxi, we reached the Aalsmeerbaan

photo DSCF6079

And we took off, here's the video, I usually don't take any, but I wanted to remember that flight!

Never before I had experienced such a powerful take off!
Also, notice how steep the aircraft was right after rotation.

Entering the clouds

photo DSCF6081

Exiting the clouds with a strong bank on the right.

photo DSCF6083

I was amazed by the speed of the aircraft, it's not often you can realize it on an aircraft, but really you could see how quick we left the clouds behind

In no time we reached our cruising altitude and leveled off

photo DSCF6084photo DSCF6086

In the mean time, my IFE went on, but only the moving map was available

photo DSCF6088

The purser then made an announcement that the system seemed to work again, but that we would have to be patient and wait a little bit each time we pressed a button and to not press again if didn't work the first time.
In the end, the systemn worked just fine for the rest of the flight.

A refreshment was served, with the really delicious bites ;-) They're actually smoked almonds.
I ordered a Ginger Ale

photo DSCF6089

They also handed a postcard picturing the Milkmaid was handed, I thought it was a paper menu (a novelty as KLM didn't use a provide paper ones)

It was almost that actually ;-)

photo DSCF6090

A first word on the FA serving my row: she was cold. Efficient but not friendly, without being rude or anything, but she sure didn't make you feel welcome or anything.
It was bad luck, as I saw many smiling and friendly FAs on this flight, but they were serving other rows…

The collected remains of the refreshment and then passed out hot towels.

The meal was then served. I don't know why I forgot to check the meal section of the IFE.
I found out much later they were serving Dutch specialties of chicken sausages or beef meatballs.

As a result, when the FA announced a beef or chicken choice, I went for the chicken ang got this

photo DSCF6093

On a side not, they changed the cutlery which are now thick plastic ones

photo 20131116_172501

So, my meal consisted in chicken sausage with mashed potatoes.

I'm not a difficult person when it comes to food, but this was not good!
It was eatable, but really barely.

The starter (coleslaw with pineapple chunks and raisins) and dessert (profiteroles) were good though.

This meal was the first disapointing one I had on KL.

In the meantime, we had started to cross the Atlantic

photo DSCF6092

Coffee, tea or digestive were offered by the same cold FA, I went for the Amarula (a bit like Baileys but better, East African will confirm…)

photo DSCF6094

After everything was cleared by the FAs, I went to stretch my legs.
In the galley, I asked a FA who looked more friendly if it was possible to visit the cockpit after landing.
She said yes and that I just had to ask any FA as I deboarded.

I also took the opportunity to take a pic from a window of the 4L door (which was badly scratched and tinted)

photo 20131116_182118

You can see the smaller downward winglet typical of the MD11

Then I went back to my seat, and watched an episode of Modern Family and Criminal Minds as I didn't find any movie that I liked on the IFE. The selection was good, but it was mostly blockbusters that I wasn't interested in.

I also listened to some music, the CD jukebox is really good, they had the great Caro Emerald.
I discovered a song perfectly suited for KevinDC (and many other here): Liquid Lunch ;-)

Both my seat neighbours were sleeping, so trapped in my seat I took pictures of details

The overhead bins

photo DSCF6096

A close up on the winglet

photo DSCF6097

Then en ice cream along with water was distributed by the crew.
I wasn't hungry at all so I didn't take it, just the water.

This mid flight snack is nice, but 2 hours after lunch and 2 hours before the arrival snack, that's too much for me.

Shortly after that, we entered the american continent, with first sights of snow

photo DSCF6098photo DSCF6099

One hour before landing, the arrival snack was offered, it was either a pizza or a hot pecan cake

photo DSCF6100

That was really good, except the cake made a lot of crumbles!
I asked a passing FA for a second one and she gave it to me with smile.

The sun was slowly setting, and it offered a very nice ligh effect on the forward window that was partially frozen

photo 20131116_215314

The captain made an announcement about 35 min prior to landing to announce that we were beginning our descent

As we made a nice turn, a vortex appeared, generated by the strakes one can see on the engine

photo DSCF6107

As we neared the airport, flaps were deployed

photo DSCF6109

And deployed a little more

photo DSCF6112

Finally, we touched down very softly, and we slowed down nice and gently

photo DSCF6117

We reached our parking stand very quickly 10 minutes ahead of schedule, and stopped next to this LX A330 that was close to depart to ZRH

photo DSCF6118

As I about to exit the aricraft, the FA to whom I had asked to see the cockpit, asked me to follow her.

The copilot welcomed me and shook my hands, I told him I was impressed by the powerful take off, and he actually said, they used the minimum power today. I don't even imagine what full thrust take off must have been like!

He also said he'd miss the MD11 as it was a very nice aircraft to fly.

I asked if I could make some pictures, and he offered to turn back the screens on for the picture, though I said no

photo DSCF6119

Priceless !

photo DSCF6120

See more



Cabin crew6.5

KLM Crown Lounge - Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Montreal - YUL



Well it was another pretty good flight with KL, although a more friendly FA would have been nice as it was a special flight for me.
Cabin was pretty confortable except for the legroom.
Well, the FA who served me deserved a 4/10 but the other friendly FAs and the pilot have to make me increase the grade.
The meals were the true disapointement, though it's a bit my fault as I didn't read the menu.
IFE was good with a lot of choices, even if I didn't find any movie to my liking, it's a matter of taste.

A special mention to the Crown Lounge agent.

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  • Comment 93297 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5655 Comments

    You finally got to take that MD11 flight before they are retired! It's a beautiful aircraft, but the cabin does look old. The seat pitch tends to be tight on KLM in Y, luckily I get free Economy Comfort. Too bad you got an unfriendly FA; that's rare on KL. I've never heard the song liquid lunch but I ave done many liquid lunches, and dinners...LOL. How awesome that on your first and last MD11 flight you got to visit the cockpit. Definitely makes it a flight to remember! See you soon for the rest of the flights!

  • Comment 93299 by
    marathon GOLD 9855 Comments

    A nice to read FR in nostalgia+geek mode. I had never noticed this double winglet of the MD11. The lounge staff grade is either a mistake, given the friendly welcome, or something wrong happened in the lounge that you did not report? Thanks for this report !

  • Comment 93305 by
    Chibcha SILVER 460 Comments

    Awesome TR, the MD11 is one of the coolest planes around. It's a shame I probably won't be able to fly one before they're retired.

    Thanks for sharing, saludos!

  • Comment 93318 by
    Papoumada BRONZE 6276 Comments

    Congratulations for having fulfilled your dream !

    Your offer us a comprehensive report full of passion and nostalgia.

    Eager to read your inward journey.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Comment 93325 by
    lagentsecret 12449 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    A great aircraft for a great flight and great memories

    What a shame not having one of these delicious chicken with anise on this special flight ;)

    See you soon for the return journey

  • Comment 93337 by
    Flysim 517 Comments

    A flight you definitely won't forget,

    I would have been really happy of the lounge agent as well. Some may consider this situation random but trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle !

    Audrey Hepburn, definitely could not have been another ride for you ! ;)

    Except the flight attendant who served you and not that good catering, this flight sure was a great experience. Nice cockpit post-flight visit to make it way more special :D

    See ya and looking forward to see the return trip

  • Comment 93385 by
    rsman 400 Comments

    Thanks for this FR. I am very desapointed by the main hot food

  • Comment 93406 by
    East African 1538 Comments

    Very nice FR which soon will become collector!
    Thumbs up to the agent but thumbs down to this visually appalling salad at the lounge!
    The MD11 wing view picture is unique with this special winglet.
    Surprinsingly, KLM offers onboard both Baileys and Amarula, but of course as you've said, the latter tastes much better ;-)
    What a nice reward to be granted a visit to the flight deck at the end!
    It seems that you have more surprises to come...

  • Comment 93418 by
    indianocean BRONZE 7174 Comments

    The pitch is not average, it's horrible. I feel bad for you!!!
    Let's say that MD-11 was the only reason to fly KLM. I cannot see what else.
    Bye bye Audrey.
    Thank you for sharing

  • Comment 93460 by
    momolemomo GOLD 7500 Comments

    I would love to fly the MD11. You're lucky !
    Audrey Hepburn, pure class !
    The pitch looks very bad, it must have been very uncomfortable.
    I'm trying to book my next long-haul flight on KLM, I miss the smurfs.
    it turned out the routing would change -> Sounds interesting :)
    Thanks for this report.

  • Comment 93483 by
    A380B77W 4301 Comments

    Thanks for this very nice report :)

    The MD-11 becomes very rare, you're lucky to take it before his retirment (retrait in french ^^) of service !

    But, in the tri-jets, I prefer the DC-10 and his old cockpit ^^

  • Comment 94765 by
    flyingjapans 1352 Comments

    Thank you for this FR,

    It was really a good idea to fly to America over the week end to catch one of the few MD11 left.

    Too bad the crew wasn't that great on this special flight.

    When will we be able to read the next leg?

  • Comment 95001 by
    Alex Portation 783 Comments

    Thanks for this FR

    A first FR in English. That's fun !! :-D

  • Comment 352362 by
    KLM777300ER 24 Comments

    Great trip report, I had a few really enjoyable flights on the KL MD11 to MIA, YYZ and SFO. Might dig out the pictures and do some FRs now :)

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