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Airline LATAM
Flight LA2485
Class Economy
Seat --
Flight time 12:15
Take-off 20 Mar 19, 00:35
Arrival at 20 Mar 19, 06:50
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Published on 26th March 2022


Hola amigos!

This a series on a trip I made to Chile back in 2019. 
One of the cool things about transatlantic travel is the options that you may chose from. You can chose because of price, or you can chose because you like the airline, the plane you'd travel, and whatnot. 
(Reasonably priced) options were AZ through FCO, AF/KL through their respective hubs, AV through BOG and the direct flights on LA and IB.

I was a bit intrigued by AZ, but I ended up discarding it because (as usual) it was rumoured it might stop flying (leaving me without a trip), AF/KL and IB didn't feel much of a novelty and AV is on my black list. So, LA was left…from BOG its hard to score a long haul on LA, so it was an interesting change. The best thing is that I could chose direct flights to SCL or stopping in GRU or LIM. I decanted for the LIM flight, because it was on the 767. I'm fool for old plane types, so this was a non brainer.

My final schedule ended up being MAD-LIM-SCL-MAD. Allowing me to fly twice on the 789 and on the venerable 767.

And now, let's get in on!

at madrid ADOLFO suarez-barajas airport

Along the many awesome things in Madrid, is the fact that MAD is conveniently and cheaply connected to the city.
I left my flat with enough time to reach the airport 3 hours before EDT, and I made it nicely on a fairly empty train. 

photo dscn2456

I was only bringing my carry-on. So there was no need to pass through the check in desk. But I still wanted my souvenir boarding passes. The airport was basically empty at this time, so everything was brisk and nice.

I was at the Neptuno Lounge less than 30 minutes after leaving the Metro. Unbeatable.
The lounge was not too full. 
I picked some stewed pork and a San Miguel to drink it down. Just what I needed before the 12 hour flight to Lima.  

As my boarding time was closing in, I moved through the empty terminal to our plane

To my surprise, our ride for this flight was going to be CC-CZT. An old acquitance of mine in which I flew for the first time to Lima back in 2003. Now talk about coincidences!

photo dscn2482

In contrast to the general emptiness of the terminal, our gate was a bit crowded. I feared for my bag.

photo dscn2483

ONBOARD cc-czt

While I love the 767, it is evident that it is aging. But LATAM had made a good job keeping it up. Compared to the bigger twin-aisle jets, it felt quite small, but cozy.
I managed to score some space for my bag and suits on the racks. But it was quite a hassle, this was the most evident sign for me that this plane belonged to another time.
The seats were confortable and still felt up to date, great for this flight! 
(sorry for the shaky photos BTW, my camera is quite lame in dim lighting)  

oh…this retro touches

photo dscn2488

Airy, bright, and with a little nip and tucks for this old guy.

photo dscn2490

Each seat had a pillow and an industry-standard blanket. Now, I know I'm asking too much, but back in the day LAN had one of the best blankets I could remember.

photo dscn2495

We were also given headphones, of questionable quality.

photo dscn2496

The IFE system wasn't the most recent, but it still did the job. Notice that it still has LAN's old branding.

photo dscn2493photo dscn2498

Seat pocket contains:

photo dscn2497

The IFE also had these massive controls that are more and more falling out of use

photo dscn2500

ENROUTE to lima

As we pushed back the safety video was played. 

photo dscn2501

We taxied to RWY 36L in no time. The plane's CF6s roared and we were on our way to South America.

The map was so old school, basically the same as when I flew CZT for the first time! 

photo dscn2499

I chose one of my favourite shows to chill while we were given our dinner.

photo dscn2504

Soon, the crew handed out menus. Top notch detail compared to the competition!

Back then, LATAM had recently implemented a new food service format. More of the main dish, no starters or salad, and a small dessert.

I went for the chicken. This was one of the best meals I had on a plane ever, hands down. 

Done with the food, the cabin was darkened

photo dscn2525

I found on the IFE a whole album by Bonobo. Since this flight it became one of my favourite albums.

photo dscn2524

A couple of ZZZ after… it was breakfast time. This time I went for the omelette. Again, it was great. 

photo dscn2527photo dscn2528

We were almost there…the flight went by painlessly

photo dscn2531

The cabin was getting ready for landing

photo dscn2533

We landed as the sun was coming over the Andes.

We taxied past the terminal

photo dscn2553

Meaning we would go for a hard stand.

photo dscn2554

Just like my first time in 2003, I had the chance to descend the 767 through stairs. While the cabin felt small compared to other planes crossing the Atlantic…once you stand beside the beast you can feel its real size.

The ride to the terminal was short, but it allowed for some interesting views.

photo dscn2565photo dscn2566

Finally…I was greeted back to South America by Lima's amazing weather.

photo dscn2567
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Cabin crew10.0

Neptuno - 4S


Madrid - MAD


Lima - LIM



Compared to Avianca, Latam is hands down the better south american airline. I hope they are able to keep it up through these tough times.
The 767 felt so intimate compared to other widebodies, but it showed its age in details such as storage space. The IFE was reaching the end of its useful life.
The crew was nice, and the food was plentiful and delicious. The best catering I've had on a Y class longhaul.

MAD was a breeze at the late night, mixed with the lounge it was just perfect.

I will address LIM in my next FR.

Thanks for reading, saludos!

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  • Comment 599193 by
    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 960 Comments
    This a series on a trip I made to Chile back in 2019

    Kiéeeeee...???? You came to Chile and you didn’t tell me??? I would have waited for you with an asado!!! Your loss. XD
    AF/KL and IB didn't feel much of a novelty and AV is on my black list. So, LA was left...

    What a dystopian world we’re living in... :O
    I feared for my bag.

    The real fear starts when you arrive in Chile! hahah
    This was one of the best meals I had on a plane ever, hands down. 

    Estoy asombrado también!

    Bueno, es tarde para decirlo pero “Bienvenido!” Estaré esperando el siguiente fr! Gracias por compartir!!
    • Comment 599194 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 508 Comments
      Kiéeeeee...???? You came to Chile and you didn’t tell me??? I would have waited for you with an asado!!! Your loss. XD

      A la próxima te aviso y te tomo la palabra en lo del asado!

      What a dystopian world we’re living in...

      We'll see how things are after the Pandemic.

      The real fear starts when you arrive in Chile! hahah

      ...being from the neighbourhood, I have a sense of how things roll over there ;)

      Estoy asombrado también!

      It seems LA had a very different product on their longhaul and medium haul flights. Again, with the crisis who knows if its still like that.
    • Comment 599195 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 508 Comments
      Y gracias por la bienvenida :) Chile siempre es un buen lugar para visitar.

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